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Chapter 551: 1 Step, 2 Worlds

1 Step, 2 Worlds

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“Of course, I came to save you. However, how did you know I was coming to save you?” Ling Chen said confidently without reacting at all. As he spoke, he remembered the voice he had heard when he had just entered the dark world, “Are you here to save me?”

Could it have come from this girl?

However, that voice evidently wasn’t a girl’s voice.

The girl smiled cheerfully. She lifted her skirt as she lightly stood up. She was barely up to Ling Chen’s ribs, and she tilted her head back as she looked up, saying earnestly, “Because… I knew.

“Wah! Ling Chen, you’re so tall! You’re so much taller than me!” The girl shouted out something that was completely unrelated to what Ling Chen was asking. She lifted up her arms and stood on her toes, but was still far from how tall Ling Chen was.

“When you grow up, you’ll become taller as well,” Ling Chen said as he smiled.

“Grow up? How can I grow up?” The girl asked in curiosity as she looked at Ling Chen expectantly, waiting for his reply. She stood incredibly close to Ling Chen, less than half a body space away from him- so close that Ling Chen could easily pull her into his embrace. Her words, actions, and expressions made her seem quite intimate with Ling Chen, and did not seem like a stranger at all, nor did she suspect that Ling Chen could be a bad person. Perhaps within her pure mindset, there was no such thing as a ‘bad person.'

“You don’t have to do anything; you’ll grow bit by bit every day. After a year, you might be this tall,” Ling Chen motioned with his hands, “After another year, you’ll probably be around here. After 7 or 8 years, you’ll be quite tall.”

“Eh?” the girl’s mouth parted as a strange light appeared in her eyes, and she smiled, “I can grow taller after a few years? Hehe… Since Ling Chen said it, I’ll definitely grow bit by bit.”

Ling Chen was quite amused, hearing her words. People grew naturally day by day; this was common sense.

Of course, that was only to humans.

“Sha Sha, apart from your name, as well as knowing that I’d come to save you, do you really not know anything else?” Ling Chen asked seriously.

“Mmmmmmmhm! I don’t remember anything else,” the girl said as she smiled. It was as if she didn’t mind that she didn’t know anything except her name.

“Then… Then…” Ling Chen felt like smashing the ground. He had thought he finally found a way out, but it turned out that this ridiculously beautiful girl knew nothing. He thought for a moment, then asked, “Sha Sha, do you know how long you’ve been here.”

“I don’t know,” The girl replied with her ethereal voice incredibly decisively… It wasn’t that she didn’t know, but that there was no way of knowing. Without anything to serve as a reference, it was impossible to tell how much time had passed.

“Then have you been here the whole time without leaving?”

“Yep, yep! I wanted to leave, but I couldn’t. Afterwards, big brother Ling Chen came to save me.” The girl’s smile became even brighter.

“… What did you do by yourself then?”


“… And apart from sleeping?”

“Apart from sleeping? Hmm… Oh, when I’m not sleeping, I’m waiting for Ling Chen to come save me.”


Ling Chen was sure that even if he spoke with her for 3 days and 3 nights, he would not be able to obtain any useful information from her. He scratched his head as he looked at the Lunar Scourge. He suddenly thought of something and showed the girl his right wrist, “Sha Sha, do you know what this is?”

Ling Chen had entered the dark world and come to the crystal ball, within which the girl resided, because of the Lunar Scourge. The Lunar Scourge had brought him to this girl, and the girl had confidently told him that she knew he would come and save her… Could it be that there was some sort of connection between this girl and the Lunar Scourge?

The girls’ gaze fell on the Lunar Scourge. After looking at it for a while, she leaned forwards to take a closer look. She raised her eyebrows as her lips opened and closed, and she slowly spoke, “Lunar… Scourge…”

Ling Chen felt quite excited as he hurriedly asked, “Sha Sha, have you seen it before?”

“Nope,” Shadissika said as she shook her head, “Why does Ling Chen say that?”

“You haven’t?” Ling Chen frowned, “Then how do you know its name?”

“Its name… eh? Is ‘Lunar Scourge’ its name? What a strange name. Look, Ling Chen, its name is carved here. You can see it if you look closely.” The girl stretched out a snow-white finger as she pointed at the words ‘Lunar Scourge’ carved on the edges.

Ling Chen almost smacked himself in the head. So she had been reading the words engraved on the Lunar Scourge!

“Ling Chen,” The girl looked up at him. With how tall she was, she could only fully tilt back her head. Otherwise, she could only see his chest, “Since you’ve found me, why don’t you take me away from here? I don’t like this place, so Ling Chen, can you take me away from here as soon as possible?”

“Alright… but how do I take you away from here?” The desire in the girl’s voice caused his heart to tremble. This girl’s looks were simply too enchanting- even if she were an evil demon, he wouldn’t be able to refuse her. Ling Chen looked around him, but could only see mist. He had no idea how to exit from there.

“It’s very simple!” The girl stretched out her white and tender hand, “You just need to hold my hand and walk forwards. If you keep walking and walking, you’ll be able to talk me away from here. It’s true.”

Hold her hand… Keep walking… Was it that simple?


Ling Chen could only nod and agree, then hold the girl’s outstretched little hand… Immediately, an incredibly soft and supple feeling was transmitted from his palm into deep within his heart, then spread throughout the rest of his body. This caused his heart and body to tremble inadvertently. He hurriedly loosened his grip, afraid that he would accidentally destroy this little hand. However, after he loosened his grip, the small hand held onto him tightly, as if she was afraid that he would let go.

The feeling in his palm caused Ling Chen almost to lose control of his mind, and he didn’t talk anymore. He decided to unconditionally believe what the girl had said about the ridiculously simple way to exit, so he gently held her hand and walked out…

The instant he took that step, the white world, and light blue mist suddenly disappeared. In front of him was boundless darkness.

“Wah! Wow! We’re out! I finally came out!”

Ling Chen stared in front of him as the girl’s joyful cheers sounded out. The movement of the girl’s hand told him that she was happily jumping up and down, but she didn’t seem like she was going to let go- instead, she began to hold on even tighter.

Ling Chen could see some faint blue light out of the corner of his eye, and blue motes of light floated around in the air. Ling Chen turned around and saw the blue crystal orb. The crystal orb looked exactly as it had when Ling Chen had first seen it, and there was still mist swirling around within it.

The crystal orb looked around 1 meter in diameter, but he had just been inside and had seen how large it was. Holding the girl’s hand, he walked out in a single step… In just that one step, he had walked out from the world within the crystal ball to this dark world.

What was this space? Why were there so many things in here that could only appear in fantasy movies? These things couldn’t be explained with science!

“Ling Chen, you’re so awesome; you took me out so easily. This is great! You’re so powerful!”

Ling Chen looked over and saw the girl’s eyes filled with tremendous appreciation and worship. Facing the girls’ smile, much of the confusion within Ling Chen’s heart disappeared as he smiled and asked, “Sha Sha, how did you know I would be able to save you by doing that?”

“I don’t know how I know; I just know.” The girl continued to grin.

Ling Chen didn’t quite know how to respond to this. He looked up in front of him, and said in anguish, “Even though we came out from that place, but even I can’t exit from here.”

“Does Ling Chen want to go home?” Sha Sha asked.


“Then will Ling Chen take me with him?”

Ling Chen was a bit surprised, then smiled, “If Sha Sha’s willing, then, of course, you can.”

This girl was quite mysterious, and Ling Chen knew nothing about her. She seemed to know nothing about him, but it appeared that she did not mind at all. Taking this girl home… Once this thought appeared, it took root within Ling Chen’s heart and became something that he could not get rid of. If he could keep a girl like this by his side, the world would gain a beautiful, resplendent pearl… Beauty like this was irresistible to anyone… Including Ling Chen.

“Really? Yay!!” The girl once again started to cheer, her smiling face looking like millions of blossoming flowers. Looking at her, Ling Chen almost spaced out again. The girl raised her other hand high in the air as she held out her pinky finger, “Ling Chen, you said this yourself. Ling Chen’s an adult, so you need to keep your promise, and you can’t go back on it!”

Ling Chen laughed. He stretched out his pinky finger and hooked it with the girl’s pinky finger, “If I can find my way home, I’ll definitely take Sha Sha home and won’t go back on my word!”