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Chapter 552: Heavy Pressure

Heavy Pressure

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Apart from her name, it seemed that this girl also knew of other things. After all, she obviously knew what a pinky promise was. After the big pinky finger and little pinky finger entwined, then shook for a bit, the girl let go with great satisfaction. She pointed towards the blue crystal ball, “Ling Chen, I’ll tell you a secret. This crystal ball contains very powerful magic; if you tell it where you want to go, it will point you in the right direction. It’s true! Ling Chen, as long as you tell it where your home is, it will tell you how to get home. Quickly try it out.”

Ling Chen’s brain froze as he looked at the crystal ball dumbly without doing anything for a while.

After entering this dark world, he had encountered many strange and wonderful things, including the white-haired girl next to her. Her beauty, her background, the place where she resided, were all completely mystical, and if this crystal ball could really do what Sha Sha said it could…

This would be much too fantasy-like!

Standing in front of a crystal ball, telling it where you wanted to go, then having it point out the way for you… This seemed like something that would only happen in a children’s story book. Only kids younger than 3 would believe such a naïve plotline.

However, apart from this, what other option did Ling Chen have?

Since there was only Sha Sha here, and no one else, Ling Chen was afraid of losing face. He stood in front of the crystal ball, adjusted his emotions, then grimaced as he said, “I want to… Return to where I was before I came here.”


A strange scene appeared. Just as Ling Chen spoke, the crystal ball suddenly lit up, as the blue motes of light around the crystal ball became denser. Following that, a 2-meter wide ray of blue light shot out from the bottom of the crystal ball, extending as far as Ling Chen could see, creating a blue road of light in this dark world.

“It’s this! If you follow this path, Ling Chen will be able to return to where he wants to go.” Sha Sha said as she pointed at the road of blue light.

Ling Chen stared at it, and his jaw almost fell to the ground.

It… actually succeeded!

What the heck?

Can this be any more fake?

“Ling Chen, let’s quickly go. I want to go home with Ling Chen; that’s what we agreed on.” As Ling Chen stared in shock, Sha Sha became incredibly impatient. Only when the little hand vigorously pulled on Ling Chen’s hand did he robotically nod his hand, and he held Sha Sha’s hand as he stepped onto the blue road.

“Sha Sha, how did you know that the crystal ball was magical?”

“Hmm… I don’t know, I just knew it was.”


“Ling Chen, when will we get home?” She began to call his name more and more affectionately and seemed very eager to go to this ‘home.' It was as if Ling Chen’s home was her home.

“I don’t know; it might take a long time, because my home is very far away from here,” Ling Chen replied. After entering the dark world, it had taken him a long time to reach the blue crystal ball. If the blue road under his feet were taking him back the same way, it would take the same amount of time… And with a girl by his side, perhaps it would take even longer.

“As long as I’m with Ling Chen, it doesn’t matter how long it takes!” The girl loudly said as she looked in front of her.

As they walked forwards, the parts of the blue road that they had already walked on disappeared. This way, even if they stopped to rest, they wouldn’t have to worry about going the wrong way. After walking for a while, Sha Sha suddenly stopped walking, but she didn’t let go of Ling Chen’s hand.

“Are you tired?” Ling Chen turned to face her as he asked caringly. Deep down, he didn’t want this girl who he had just met to endure any pain or suffering.

“No…” Sha Sha shook her head, giving Ling Chen an adorable smile. She used her left hand to slightly lift up her white dress, showing her bare feet, “I’m not wearing any shoes, so my feet are a bit cold. Ling Chen, can you pick me up?”

Sha Sha’s voice and expression, which were filled with hope and expectancy, almost melted Ling Chen’s heart. He couldn’t resist at all, nor did he hesitate as he picked her up, causing her to whoop in joy. She comfortably nestled in his arms and leaned against his chest… He didn’t even consider looking for a pair of shoes in his bag. Sha Sha’s arms were around his neck, and a smile of happiness that could melt mystic ice that had been frozen for 10,000 years was on her face.

As for Ling Chen, both his soul and body felt incredibly satisfied. From the instant he had seen Sha Sha, he had wanted to hug her and kiss her. It was natural for anyone to desire beautiful things, and Sha Sha’s charm was something that Ling Chen could not resist.

Hugging this snow-white girl, a sense of peace and satisfaction blossomed within Ling Chen’s heart, just like when he carried Shui Ruo. He looked at the girl’s face, which even the heavens would be jealous of, and walked forward. With a girl in his arms, his footsteps didn’t become heavier but instead became even lighter.

On the way here, his only companion had been the darkness. However, now, he had a pure white girl affectionately holding on to him. It was the same journey, but the difference was like heaven and earth. Ling Chen reveled in the sensation of holding this girl, and almost wished that the road would go on for longer so he could continue holding this girl.

For Ling Chen to feel this way, this girl was incredibly charming…


North of the new city, dark clouds covered the sky, and the atmosphere was so dense that the players almost couldn’t breathe.

The grassy plains, which rarely had players pass over it, was filled with a sea of players. At a glance, this sea of players seemed to extend forever. Above the players, 3 incredibly large, golden flags were blowing in the wind. Each of them was many meters wide, and a single golden character was embroidered on each of them. Together, they spelled out ‘Yan Huang Alliance.'

With Long Tian Yun personally leading them, 2,000,000 Yan Huang Alliance players came to attack the new city.

Comparatively, the forces guarding in front of the new city seemed incredibly minuscule. The Yan Huang Alliance had 10 times as many players, and it was only a portion of their strength. On the other hand, the defenders had already brought out all of the forces that they could muster. What’s more, there were, even more, factions coming, looking for an opportunity to strike. With so many armies pressing in, before the battle, the defenders faced such massive pressure that they felt that they were going to collapse. No matter if it was the Disillusion Alliance’s players or the women of the Snow Moon Loulan, they were completely ready for death and had no fear in their hearts. However, when the massive armies arrived, they couldn’t help but feel their hearts tighten as the hands holding their weapons slightly trembled.

This scene caused Yun Feng and Li Xiao Xue to silently sigh. They had completely expected this. Facing such a view, very few people would be able to remain completely calm.

The Yan Huang Alliance’s army did not immediately attack the city. Instead, they all stopped in front of it. After a few minutes of silence, a person came out from the center of the army and unhurriedly moved towards the defenders. Next to him, there were tens of powerful elites wearing golden equipment.

That’s right, it was Long Tian Yun. His head was raised, his eyes as piercing as a cold knife. He was riding on a Mottled Tiger. This mount was gifted to him by one of the subsidiary guild’s leader and was one of the incredibly rare LV5 mounts in the world. Long Tian Yun was very pleased with this gift and often used it to travel. After all, only the king among beasts was fit to be the mount of the king among men.

After moving to an appropriate distance, Long Tian Yun stopped as he vindictively looked past all the people, towards Yun Meng Xin and the others. He then said in an arrogant tone, “I heard that Ling Tian has been traveling here and there recently, and went to the East Ocean Continent not too long ago. After coming back, he disappeared and hasn’t been seen since. Even now, he hasn’t appeared – it seems like he doesn’t plan on showing up. Meng Xin looks like you’ve been abandoned by Ling Tian.”

Long Tian Yun’s words were evidently targeting Yun Meng Xin, causing Winter of That Year’s anger to flare. He stepped forwards as he coldly laughed, “Hoh hoh! So the Yan Huang Alliance’s Alliance Master has been monitoring Ling Tian. Looks like you’re quite scared of Ling Tian, eh? Hehe, no wonder why you had the guts to come here- it was because you knew Ling Tian isn’t here.”

It was true that Long Tian Yun was quite afraid of Ling Chen, but of course, he couldn’t admit it. Long Tian Yun’s gaze fell on Winter of That Year as he started to wildly laugh, “Me? Afraid of Ling Tian? Hahahaha, if it were just me, of course, I would be scared of him. However, behind me is the Yan Huang Alliance, which can trample on anything under the heavens. Me being afraid of him is a hilarious joke, hahaha…

“However, not seeing Ling Tian here has made me much more at ease. Although he doesn’t have the qualifications to make me afraid, he’s still quite troublesome. If I wanted to kill him, I’d have to sacrifice quite a lot of resources, which I don’t want to do. However, I’m not very happy today. Ling Tian not coming was a surprise, but what makes me even surprised is…” Long Tian Yun’s tone became ruthless as his gaze fell on Yun Feng, and stared at him maliciously, “Yun Feng, can you tell me why you came here and brought so many people with you?”

Yun Feng’s eyelids jumped, but he looked right back at Long Tian Yun as he expressionlessly replied, “It’s as you see it- I’m here to stop you.”

“Hahaha…” Long Tian Yun coldly laughed as he narrowed his eyes and said in a cold voice, “It wasn’t easy for the Yun family to develop to its current position. To the rest of the world, you’re all incredibly high and mighty, but to me, you’re just a bunch of businessmen who have had a bit of success. If I want you to prosper, you’ll be able to prosper; if I want you to be ruined, you’ll be ruined; and if I want to destroy your family, it’ll be destroyed! After destroying you, a new ‘Yun family’ will immediately be established.”

Yun Feng’s fists were clenched together as his entire body slightly trembled. His teeth were in pain from him tightly gritting them together, feeling like they would break.

“For me to desire Yun Meng Xin is the best thing to happen to your Yun family. However, it’s a pity that you’ve all disappointed me,” Long Tian Yun shook his head in disappointment, “However, your Yun family is quite fortunate that my feelings towards Yun Meng Xin haven’t changed, and I quite appreciate you as well, Yun Feng. As such, even though you’ve disappointed me, I’ll still give you, as well as the entire Yun family a chance… Yun Feng, if you take your people and immediately disappear, I can pretend that I didn’t see you here today!”