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Chapter 553: Meng Xin’s Hatred

Meng Xin’s Hatred

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: MindLitUp

The atmosphere suddenly became heavier, and the Disillusion Alliance’s players looked back, waiting for Yun Feng’s reply. Right from the start, all of them thought that Yun Feng’s actions were entirely irrational. Yun Feng and the Disillusion Alliance weren’t just an unaffiliated faction. Rather, they had strong connections with the Yan Huang Alliance and the Long family. Within the virtual world, the Disillusion Alliance had always been a subsidiary guild of the Yan Huang Alliance. For Yun Feng and the Disillusion Alliance to come stop the Yan Huang Alliance, all of the players in China would soon know about this… This was equivalent to the Disillusion Alliance completely cutting ties with the Yan Huang Alliance.

If this new city was incredibly important to him, and doing this gave the new city a chance at survival, it would be worth it. However, everyone knew, clear as day, although the Disillusion Alliance was quite powerful, they were nothing compared to the Yan Huang Alliance. Not only would they be unable to protect the new city, but the entire Disillusion and Yun family would also be dragged in as well. It was not worth it at all and was an incredibly stupid move.

As such, the Disillusion Alliance’s players all hoped that Yun Feng would decide to leave, and not stubbornly stay.

Yun Feng’s face became bright red. Long Tian Yun was blatantly using the Yun family’s safety to threaten him, making him so angry that he felt like exploding. He knew clearly that Long Tian Yun wasn’t threatening him like this because he feared the Disillusion Alliance. In fact, even if there were another Disillusion Alliance, it would make no difference to them- except that it would cost them a bit more time.

Long Tian Yun was just trying to show him, and Yun Meng Xin, the Long family’s unparalleled might, and power. If Yun Feng crumbled under Long Tian Yun’s threats towards the Yun family today, he would live his entire life under Long Tian Yun’s shadow, and would never be able to lift his head in front of him. If Yun Feng decided to stay here and defend the city, Long Tian Yun would have ample reason to act against the Yun family.

Yun Feng didn’t retreat, nor did he allow himself to retreat. He gripped his fists together as he furiously replied, “Long Tian Yun, what I’m doing today is simply my actions, and has nothing to do with the rest of the Yun family. There’s no need for you to threaten me with my family. Since I’ve come here today, I won’t leave! Even if my strength can’t help Meng Xin much if you want me to run away in front of my little sister, hmph! Even if you threaten me with the whole world, I wouldn’t do it!”

“Well said! You’re a real man!” Winter of That Year loudly praised him. His impression of this person, who he had only met today, became a hundred times better.

“Really now? It looks like you’ve decided to embark on a path of foolishness. I’ve given you a chance, so if anything happens that you can’t accept, don’t blame me,” Long Tian Yun said as he coldly smiled. He then looked at Li Xiao Xue, “Big miss Li, your appearance here isn’t very surprising either. This city is larger than the largest city my Yan Huang Alliance constructed by many times. The only people in China who would have such finances are your Li family. Moreover, I heard a few months ago that Meng Xin and big miss Li had become quite close.”

“What? Are you also going to tell me that if you want my Li family to prosper, we’ll prosper, and if you want us to be destroyed, we’ll be destroyed?” Li Xiao Xue’s upturned eyes narrowed as she smirked, speaking in an amused tone.

“No, no, no. With your Li family’s finances, I’m sure no one in the world can mess with your Li family. However, I just received an interesting piece of news… I heard that the Skyfall Alliance canceled your partnership. Haha! This is quite a big piece of news, and its timing is quite coincidental too. Before, I was worried that the Skyfall Alliance might stop us; that would be a big problem.

“However, it seems that this won’t be an issue… Instead, it’s going to become your problem. You should know that the Skyfall Alliance desires the City Creation Token no less than any other faction. Big miss Li, it seems that the Skyfall Alliance canceling your partnership has forced you to bring out these women you’ve kept hidden. However, it’s a pity that no matter if it’s men or women, as long as they’re enemies, my Yan Huang Alliance will not show any mercy.”

Long Tian Yun raised his head as he looked to the south as he said in a meaningful tone, “Training so many women definitely isn’t easy. If it was all destroyed in an instant, wouldn’t that be quite the pity? Moreover, to construct a city of such a shocking scale, your Li family must have invested quite a bit. If this was all destroyed, I’m sure that even an incredibly rich big miss like you wouldn’t be very happy about it. To avoid all of this unhappiness, big miss Li, I have a business proposal for you. I’m sure you’ll be interested.”

“A business proposal? The thing I, Li Xiao Xue, loves most, are business proposals. However, young master Long, you should know that I never do deals that aren’t beneficial to me,” Li Xiao Xue replied while smiling. Facing Long Tian Yun and the 2,000,000 players behind him, she was the only one who remained completely calm.

It wasn’t as if the new city was beyond salvation. She still had one last card up her sleeve… Apart from herself, no one knew about this.

“Of course, I know about this. Naturally, I wouldn’t bring shame upon myself to propose a deal that was not beneficial to big miss Li,” Long Tian Yun said proudly. He stretched out his hand and pointed towards the south, “Big miss Li, do you mind telling me how much money your Li family has invested in this city?”

Li Xiao Xue raised an eyebrow as she realized what this ‘business proposal’ was going to be. The amount of money that she had invested so far was unbelievably cheap. The land belonged to the Fairy Clan, and humans had no authority over it. As long as they received permission from the Fairy Clan, they could use the City Creation Token there. As such, this cut out the time and money required to apply to the Royal City for permission to build there.

Moreover, they had saved a massive fortune on the workers. They had the world’s best workers and engineers – the Dwarves. Their talent, abilities, efficiency, and passion were things that ordinary high-leveled builders could not compare to. As for their expenses… All they wanted were 3 meals per day. Most of the resources they required for building had come from the Fairy Forest, and some especially important resources were taken from the Fairy Realm. As such, Li Xiao Xue only needed to buy the materials that could not be found within the Fairy Forest from the main cities.

Up until today, they had spent only 3 billion gold. Even an idiot wouldn’t believe such a thing.

Of course, Li Xiao Xue wouldn’t tell the truth. She replied without hesitating, “This city’s a bit big, so all up, we only invested a small 100 billion.”

“100 billion? Very well!” Long Tian Yun slowly nodded as he slowly replied, “My Yan Huang Alliance is willing to spend 10 billion gold to buy this city, as well as the City Creation Token.”

Hearing Long Tian Yun’s words, everyone fell deathly silent, with strange expressions on their faces.

Calmly offering 10 billion gold to buy something that someone else had spent 100 billion gold on, as well as such time and effort, was ridiculously arrogant and shameless. Even the Yan Huang Alliance’s players thought the same thing as everyone else…

What the hell?!

Yun Feng’s face became ashen, and Winter of That Year’s eyes almost shot out fire. And yet, Li Xiao Xue giggled, “Little lord Long, with your business mind and aggressiveness, it’s a pity that you didn’t go into business. If you went into business, I’m afraid that your esteemed face would cover all the toilets in the world. It’s hard for me, Li Xiao Xue, not to be moved by your incredible offer. However, you’ve asked the wrong person—my Li family is only an investor, and doesn’t actually own the city. Instead, it’s Meng Xin, so if you want to buy the city, you’ll have to ask

“Really, now?” Long Tian Yun nodded, and his tone became gentler when he looked at Yun Meng Xin, “Meng Xin, what do you think of this business proposal?”

Yun Meng Xin remained silent and didn’t even look at him.

“Before coming here, I was waiting for you to come and find me and give me the City Creation Token. I thought that you would stop refusing me—after all, if you did that, this wouldn’t have happened, and you would at least own half of the new city in the future. Within the Yan Huang Alliance, you would have a position equal to mine. Your Yun family would also share in your glory, and surpassing even the Li family would be possible.”

Long Tian Yun gave a long sigh as he said sorrowfully, “However, you’ve once again disappointed me. I’m quite unhappy with this new city, and you’ve made me quite displeased. However, you, Yun Meng Xin, possess a charm that makes my heart softer. As such, even though I brought so many people here, I still made that proposal. Meng Xin, this is your final chance. I hope you won’t disappoint me…”

“You don’t need to say anymore!” Yun Meng Xin, who had remained silent this entire time, coldly spoke, and cut off Long Tian Yun, “You’re but a cowardly and vile bandit, and yet you dare to shamelessly make yourself seem like the pitiful and righteous one. I feel that it’s humiliating to even talk to someone like you! Long Tian Yun, do you not feel ashamed of yourself?” Long Tian Yun’s initial threats made Yun Meng Xin feel quite frustrated. After Heart’s Dream was destroyed, she started to hate him. Now, seeing that her sweat, blood, and tears were about to be destroyed by him, Long Tian Yun had become an evil demon that deserved to be cut into pieces by thousands of knives. Her hatred towards him had reached the extreme. Facing Long Tian Yun, it was the first time in many years since she lost control of her emotions.

Those present all stared with their jaws wide open, staring at Yun Meng Xin with comical expressions. They never thought that the incredibly elegant and goddess-like Yun Meng Xin would be able to vent like this. After quite a while, Winter of That Year yelled out, “Well said! This guy’s simply a bandit who has no face and no ass. And what, he’s trying to look all indignant like a saint? Pshaw.”

Long Tian Yun’s face, which had maintained an elegant expression, was now twisted in anger. The number of times he had been scolded or cursed at could be counted on a single hand. With his background and status, who would dare to say such words to him? To be insulted like this by the woman who he vowed to have, he felt incredibly furious, “You…”

“You can stop spouting nonsense.” Just as Long Tian Yun said a single word, Yun Meng Xin coldly cut him off, “Your shameless and despicable stealing and destroying already make people hold you in contempt, so why try to seem like a good person hypocritically? Do your worst; even if this city is destroyed, I won’t give you a single brick or tile!”