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Chapter 554: A Single Emperor Ravages the Army

A Single Emperor Ravages the Army

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: MindLitUp

Each man has a goddess within his heart; Long Tian Yun’s goddess was Yun Meng Xin. Ever since he saw Yun Meng Xin’s appearance that year, he had vowed to make her his own. As time passed, Yun Meng Xin’s beauty became even more breathtaking, and Long Tian Yun desired her even more… However, Yun Meng Xin had expressed her determination towards him, with every word filled with disgust and hatred.

If anyone else had said those words, Long Tian Yun would have wildly laughed. However, hearing it from Yun Meng Xin’s mouth… No one could bear such a bad taste in their mouths.

Long Tian Yun’s face became slightly pale, and he felt so angry that he wanted to cough up blood. He subconsciously gritted his teeth as he spoke in a slightly trembling, sinister voice, “Good… Good! You… Forced me to this! Haha… Hahaha… It looks like you’re still hoping that Ling Tian will come and save you. It’s impossible for him to come, and even if he did, a hundred, or even a thousand Ling Tians would be unable to help you! Even he would have to die here… All players, heed my command!!”

Everyone could hear the fury in Long Tian Yun’s voice, and as he roared out the “All troops, heed my command,” every Yan Huang Alliance player’s heart tightened as their blood began to boil.

“…Before, our goal today was to destroy the city at all costs,” Long Tian Yun did not lose his rationality, and instead, became so furious that he started to laugh. He began to speak slowly, and his eyes became as venomous and sinister as a snake, “But now, I’ve changed my mind. We’ll save the fun in destroying the city for last. What I want you all to do now is quickly kill all of these people blocking our way. Don't spare a single one of them! Understood?!”

Long Tian Yun shouted as loudly as he could, and his voice traveled quite far. Through the guild channel, his orders were transmitted into every Yan Huang Alliance player’s ears.

Before destroying the city, he wanted to massacre all of these defenders!


The simultaneous reply from the players made it feel as if the world was shaking. 2 million voices shouting out as one made it seem like lightning and thunder were raining down from the nine heavens.

“Then what are you waiting for?? Kill!!”


As the thunderous shouts sounded out, countless horses galloped through the grassy plains. Innumerable Paladin Shield Bearers rode their large, powerful steeds, raising their heavy shields as they rushed at the front of the Yan Huang Alliance’s army. With 200,000 heavy cavalry moving out, it felt as if even mountains could be moved. The land shook, and they brought with them a terrifying momentum as they mercilessly charged towards the Disillusion Alliance’s players. Behind them, Berserkers began moving out as well, causing the earth to tremble. Following them were Slayers and Shadowless, then the Archers and Elementalists. Finally, at the back were the Summoners and support Mages doing their summons and buffs.

2 million players were split into hundreds of teams. Each team had their own formation, and they all moved out as one! The aura and momentum they had was simply astounding.

Seeing this, the Disillusion Alliance’s player’s pupils contracted as they felt their bodies weaken, and their feet and legs started to tremble. Seeing the heavy cavalry in front of them, although they were quite far away, they could already see themselves being sent flying in an instant and completely broken through. Most of their faces paled, and some people at the front involuntarily took a step back, as their entire bodies trembled.

The Yan Huang Alliance’s heavy cavalry were famous throughout the entire world. Under the assault of ten thousand cavalries, even a mountain would be shattered. None of the large alliances could talk about them with a calm face, and those cavalry had almost doomed even Ling Chen. After Shield Bearers completed their second profession upgrade and became Heavy Shield Guardians and Paladin Shield Bearers, the might of heavy cavalry increased exponentially. Over 200,000 heavy cavalry facing enemies, which numbered just over 100,000, was simply overkill. The Disillusion Alliance’s players felt as if their souls were sent flying in fear.

Long Tian Yun had given them the order to kill these defenders as quickly as possible. No one within the Yan Huang Alliance dared to disobey Long Tian Yun’s commands, and in order to accomplish this as soon as possible, none of them held back.

Yun Feng’s expression fell, and even Li Xiao Xue deeply frowned, while Winter of That Year and Hundred Miles of Ice looked incredibly shocked. They were all thinking the same thing. If they rushed over like this, these 230,000 players would be destroyed in an instant.

Yun Feng gritted his teeth and stepped forwards as he roared, “Don’t panic! The Yan Huang Alliance’s heavy cavalry isn’t as terrifying as you think! Hunters quickly set up horse traps. Shield Bearers, Warriors, retreat; Marksmen and Archers advance, and prepare to shoot the first row of cavalry!”

Yun Feng understood just how terrifying these heavy cavalries were, but also knew their weaknesses. His strategy was the best way of dealing with them. However, less than 40% of the Disillusion Alliance’s players had completed their second profession upgrade, and less than half of the Archers who had done their second profession upgrade were Hunters. With the few Hunters laying traps, and the very few Marksmen in the army, it was almost impossible to stop this heavy cavalry.

The ground shook more and more, and the heavy cavalry came closer and closer. The Marksmen and Archers at the front of the Disillusion Alliance’s ranks prepared to shoot, but their hands were all trembling. Cold sweat beaded their foreheads, and they could only wait in fear for the impending nightmare.


At this moment, the shrill cry of a bird sounded out from above, piercing through the sounds of the heavy cavalry’s galloping. This sound traveled into every player’s ears, and they all looked towards where they heard the sound originate. In the east, a gigantic gray bird was flying towards them at an astonishing speed. It seemed as fast as lightning, and in the blink of an eye, it had traveled from the distance to be right in front of them.

“That’s… one of the Celestial grade pets on the Pet Rankings, the Lightning Falcon!” Yun Feng shouted out in shock, “I remember that it’s master is… is…”

In just a moment, the Lightning Falcon reached the space above the two armies. It suddenly gave a long cry as it pulled its wings against its body, and quickly dropped down towards the ground, towards the massive army of heavy cavalry.

As it pulled its wings in, the person standing on its back was revealed.

“Sword… Sword Emperor!”

“It’s the Sword Emperor!”

“It’s Lord Sword Emperor!”

The gray cloak, as well as that sharp aura that made one feel as if there was a sword pressed against their neck… Apart from the Sword Emperor, who else could it be? The Yan Huang Alliance began to yell out, and some players even forgot to charge. They looked up and stared with their mouths wide open as they gaped at this legend who was said to have betrayed the Yan Huang Alliance. They watched as the Sword Emperor dove towards the heavy cavalry, and came closer and closer…

This scene looked like a tiny fish charging towards a gigantic shark.


The expected collision didn’t occur. Just as the Lightning Falcon was about to ram into the heavy cavalry, it drew a beautiful arc and it flew back towards the sky. At the same time, a silver flash swept out in front of the heavy cavalry and drew out a 30-meter long silver line.

Chi chi chi chi chi chi…

The sound of a sword piercing through flesh rang out as the silver light, like a deathgod’s scythe, pierced through 20 or so players’ heads… These players were the ones who had been charging at the front.

The heavy cavalry had incredible might, and once they started charging, there was almost nothing that could stop them. However, they had a fatal weakness: once the cavalry at the front faltered, the ones behind them would fall into chaos. The reason was, very simply, because they were all charging at full speed. If the front fell, the people at the back would be unable to stop, and would also be tripped. This would cause a chain reaction, and the faster they were charging, the greater the chain reaction would be. Once this sort of chain reaction started, the consequences would be dire.

This sort of disastrous event could start with a single person falling over.

After being hit by the Sword Emperor’s attack, although the front-line (who were all Paladin Shield Bearers who had completed their second profession upgrade and had powerful Defence) were still inta-killed. After dying, their corpses and horses heavily fell to the ground, causing the cavalry behind them to look on in shock. They were unable to stop in time and were tripped up by the corpses and horses on the ground; the players screamed and were thrown into the air, then heavily fell to the ground.

The chain reaction began, and the cavalry behind them began to flip and fall, causing the organized formation to tumble into utter chaos. The falling of the players and horses also affected those next to them, and soon, there was a mass of players and horses on the ground, as they all stampeded over each other.


The Lightning Falcon, which had flown into the air, once again dropped down, and a new sword appeared in the Sword Emperor’s hand. As she slashed out with it, another silver sliver swept out, piercing into the frontlines of the cavalry to her side, as heavier cavalry were killed. As they dropped, the troops behind them also fell into chaos.

The Lightning Falcon once again moved. Its speed was not something with which this cavalry could contend. When it found a new target, standard swords appeared in the Sword Emperor’s left and right hands, then turned into silver meteors as they flew towards the left and right.




The Sword Emperor sent out sword after sword, which flew out like a monstrous deathgod’s scythes. Each sword took at least 20 lives, and each time they would attack the ones at the front. In a mere 10 breaths of time, before everyone could recover from the Sword Emperor’s appearance, she had traveled from the east to the west, as 20 or so rays of silver light swept towards the cavalry.

Because of how fast they had been charging, the cavalry fell into complete and utter chaos. Players stacked on players, and horses stacked on horses, while countless people cried out and screamed.