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Chapter 556: 5 Sword Emperors

5 Sword Emperors

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: MindLitUp

When Long Tian Yun’s body fell from the sky and landed in the center of the battlefield, all of the players on both sides saw it clearly. The incredibly chaotic battlefield fell deathly silent, then erupted into yells and screams.

“Alliance… Alliance Master?!”

“The Alliance Master died… died… The Alliance Master died!!”

No matter if it was the Yan Huang Alliance’s players or the defenders, this scene was simply too much. This was especially so for the Yan Huang Alliance’s players- seeing Long Tian Yun’s corpse nailed to the ground, they stared with their mouths wide open, and completely spaced out. They even forgot about the enemies in front of them. The players from the Disillusion Alliance and Snow Moon Loulan were also flabbergasted, and couldn’t believe their own eyes until they heard the yells in their ears.

“Long Tian Yun’s dead! Everyone, look! The Yan Huang Alliance’s Alliance Master has died! What do we need to be afraid of? What are we still waiting for? If we defeat them, we’ll become a legend!!”

Long Tian Yun’s corpse, as well as the yells in the ears, caused the defenders’ hearts to beat as they felt their blood heating up rapidly. They waved their weapons as they charged towards the shocked Yan Huang Alliance, and cut down many of their enemies while they were still spaced out.

The Yan Huang Alliance allowing their Alliance Master to be killed despite facing 200,000 players with 2 million players was a humiliation that they would never be able to wash away. Long Tian Yun’s death caused the players, as well as many leaders, to become completely dumbfounded. The Yan Huang Alliance’s players’ morale greatly fell, and were suppressed, and eventually beaten back by the defenders.

“Holy crap… so goddamn amazing!” Winter of That Year gulped down saliva as he rubbed his eyes, feeling complete and utter respect towards the Sword Emperor. The Sword Emperor had executed Long Tian Yun with a single strike and had completely disregarded the 2 million players around her. Even to a super expert like Winter of That Year, she was a legendary existence.

“His appearance has caused the tides of this battle to turn in our favour completely,” Li Xiao Xue sighed in awe, “However, why would he help us? Is it because of Ling Tian?”

She knew that on that night at the Long family’s residence, Ling Chen had been saved by the Sword Emperor. After that night, the Sword Emperor betrayed the Long family and Xuanyuan family, as well as the Yan Huang Alliance, and disappeared. This was the first time the Sword Emperor had appeared in public after that night.

“There might be some friendship between him and Ling Tian,” Yun Meng Xin said emotionally. She was unable to calm down after seeing this unexpected scene. She tightly gripped her clothes, her palms full of sweat.

“Friendship?” Li Xiao Xue started to feel suspicious. She had spent a great deal of time and resources to investigate the Sword Emperor, but even she did not know the Sword Emperor’s true identity, nor why the Sword Emperor was always wrapped up. She simply couldn’t understand why this mysterious person would never show their appearance. However, what she could confirm was that the Sword Emperor had cut off all emotions, never spoke, and only followed orders, like a robot. The Sword Emperor had been around for almost 10 years… How could the Sword Emperor have a ‘friendship’ with Ling Tian?

Li Xiao Xue quickly went through the information she had on the Sword Emperor in her mind, and thought back earlier and earlier, back when Ling Chen was still in the Long family. Suddenly, a long-forgotten name surfaced in her mind.

“Could it be that… the Sword Emperor is…”

“Meng Xin, do you think the Sword Emperor’s a man or a woman?” Li Xiao Xue suddenly asked.

“Of course he’s a man,” Yun Meng Xin replied, feeling that it was a strange question.

“No one’s seen the Sword Emperor before, so how do you know he’s a man?” Li Xiao Xue continued to ask.

Yun Meng Xin gave her a sideways glance, “Since the Sword Emperor appeared, he’s remained at the top of the Heaven Rankings. How could such a powerful person be a woman?”

Li Xiao Xue didn’t say anything else and gave a smile that didn’t seem like a smile. She sighed in awe as she thought to herself, “What an amazing man. At such a young age, he made a girl whose heart was so cold fall so in love with him. If this interesting guess of mine is correct, then… You fickle man, out of all the women by your side, which one can compare to her regarding how much they love you and are willing to give up for you…”

In the distance, the leaders of the large guilds were covered in sweat, and some even trembled. When Long Tian Yun’s corpse rose to the sky and then they nailed it to the ground, their hearts almost jumped out from their throats. Long Tian Yun had brought 2 million players and yet had died so pitifully. If they attacked the city… Who would be able to escape from the Sword Emperor?

Dying wasn’t too bad- after all, this was a virtual game, so after they died, they could revive later, by other players. Moreover, in such a massive battlefield, only very few people saw their Alliance Master’s death. After being revived, the Alliance Master would be able to shout into the guild channel, and most people would never even know that the Alliance Master had died. However, after Long Tian Yun had died, his corpse was lifted up and dropped in the center of the battlefield.

This had the effect of pouring cold water over all of the Yan Huang Alliance’s players and substantially decreased their morale, greatly impacting the situation. At the same time, as the Alliance Master of a large guild, after dying in such a manner, how would he be able to maintain his face and reputation?

Seeing the dead Long Tian Yun, the faces of the bosses of the large guilds became ashen. Thinking to the 2 words ‘Sword Emperor’, their necks shrunk back and they felt as if there was a cold wind blowing against their backs. All of these big bosses viewed their reputation and face as more important than their lives. After all, the fights for the ‘first guild’ and ‘only city’ were all for fame and reputation. They would all rather die a hundred times any other way than die in humiliation like Long Tian Yun.

“Alliance Master, Long Tian Yun has died. Perhaps this is a good opportunity- should we…”

“Opportunity my ass! Hold your breath and wait here! Didn’t you hear Long Tian Yun’s orders from before? They’re not just attacking the city; they’re trying to kill all of those defenders! In other words, this is their conflict; only someone who’s mentally ill would go and invite trouble on themselves!”

“Yes, yes, yes…”

Long Tian Yun’s death brought a tremendous shock to the Yan Huang Alliance. The Sword Emperor, who had just killed Long Tian Yun in a single strike, jumped down from the Lightning Falcon into the Yan Huang Alliance’s army… Right in the center of 2 million players.

Apart from the Sword Emperor, who else would dare to jump within an army of millions of enemies?

Most of the Yan Huang Alliance’s elites had admired the Sword Emperor as their idol and thought of the Sword Emperor as an invincible legend. When meeting the Sword Emperor, they would scarce dare to breathe loudly. To be able to join the Yan Huang Alliance that the Sword Emperor was part of, they felt incredibly honored. They never thought that one day they would fight against the Sword Emperor. Seeing the Sword Emperor descend from the sky, although many allies surrounded them, their hearts all trembled. They couldn’t feel any safer, only a cold chill. Watching the Sword Emperor jump down, not a single person attacked- instead, they all hurriedly retreated.

By the time the Sword Emperor landed, there was a ten or so meters region of empty space around her. Surrounding this area were countless eyes filled with fear, and all of the players’ hands trembled as they gripped their weapons.

Clang! Clang!

2 silver swords appeared in the Sword Emperor’s hands, similar to the ones with which she had killed Long Tian Yun. The Sword Emperor moved, and a gray blur moved like divine lightning, disappearing from everyone’s view. Following this, 10 or so damage figures rose up, and 10 or so cries sounded out. The gray blur once again moved, whirling with both swords. No one could see the Sword Emperor’s attack patterns clearly- this was because every time she struck, the swords in her hands essentially vanished, and in a moment, another ten players had died.

The fact that the Sword Emperor could attack more than 10 times in an instant was already common knowledge within China.

As the cries sounded out, seeing their allies fall, the Yan Huang Alliance’s players finally realized what was happening. The Sword Emperor was no longer part of the Yan Huang Alliance, and was instead their enemy, and had even just killed Long Tian Yun. The Sword Emperor was a terrifying enemy, but they had to raise their weapons towards the Sword Emperor. After all, if the Sword Emperor didn’t die, they would be the ones dying.

The Yan Huang Alliance finally started to surround the Sword Emperor and attack. A sea of players that extended as far as the eye could see swarmed towards a single target. They believed that with so many people, even the Sword Emperor would die under such an assault.

With so many enemies around her, the Sword Emperor stopped moving, as the 2 swords flew out of her hands and started to fly around her. They were 2 swords, but because of how quickly they were moving, the sound they singing out resembled a tornado. As they flew through the air, they instant took the lives of tens of players, leaving 2 trails of corpses. When the 2 swords flew out 30 meters, they didn’t fall but instead continued to move in an arc, causing more sounds of blades tearing through flesh.

At the same time, another 2 swords appeared in the Sword Emperor’s hands, and also shot out. It seemed as if the swords had their own lives and minds, and the 4 swords continuously took lives around the Sword Emperor.

At this moment, a fifth sword had appeared in the Sword Emperor’s hands. This sword was not another silver sword, but a Celestial grade sword that she had obtained from killing a Celestial grade Boss. It was the Sword Emperor’s true weapon.

With the sword in her hands, the Sword Emperor dove into the ranks of the completely shocked Yan Huang Alliance players, as illusory swords filled the space around her. Even the Shield Bearers, who had incredibly strong Defence, couldn’t take a single hit from the illusory swords. Around the Sword Emperor, the 4 silver swords flew around her within 30 meters, spinning and flying straight; piercing and slashing. The rate at which she killed her enemies was simply monstrous. It was as if another 4 Sword Emperors were controlling them! Anyone who dared to approach within 30 meters of the Sword Emperor was instantly killed.

A single Sword Emperor could face an army of 1,000 players; what about 5?

Wherever the Sword Emperor went, she left behind a mountain of corpses. Her jumping into the center of the army wasn’t her casting herself into a trap and was instead like a sharp and indestructible sword stabbing into the Yan Huang Alliance army’s heart.


Real world, Beijing.

Because Long Tian Yun had spread the information, this battle for the new city had been given quite a bit of attention. Almost every player was awaiting the result of this battle.

When news came that the Sword Emperor had appeared, Xuanyuan Dao had hurriedly turned on the screen, then searched for where she was. Ever since she had departed that night, he hadn’t received any news about her. Even until now, he didn’t know why she had done this. However, in the end, she was his flesh and blood, and after not hearing about her for so long, he couldn’t help but worry.

When Xuanyuan Dao finally saw the Sword Emperor, his body trembled as an expression of shock and disbelief appeared on his face… After a while, he reached out to rub his eyes with his trembling hands, again and again. He leaned in closer and closer to the screen, but simply couldn’t believe what he was saying.

Sword intent could be brought into the virtual world along with one’s mind, just like esper abilities. This was something most people knew. The Sword Emperor was so powerful because she was an expert in the way of the sword in the real world. The sword intent that one possessed within the virtual game was the same as the sword intent one had in the real world.

Seeing the Sword Emperor charge into the densely-packed crowd, as well as the 4 swords circling her as if they were alive, Xuanyuan Dao’s heart started to beat like crazy.

Xuanyuan had stepped into the early stages of sword manipulation. When one’s sword intent became strong to a certain extent, they would be able to manipulate the sword freely without even touching it. However, even within the Xuanyuan family’s thousands of years of history, very few people had mastered sword manipulation. No one had ever attained that level before the age of 40.

The Sword Emperor was not yet even 22 years old… And yet, not only had she mastered sword manipulation, she was simultaneously controlling 4 swords… no, including the one in her hand, that was 5 swords! 5 swords being controlled by her sword intent turned her into a terrifying killing machine, and the ease with which she controlled the swords showed that she was extremely proficient with controlling them like this.

Within the Xuanyuan family’s records, their progenitor lived to 300 years old, and at his peak, he was able to control 7 swords simultaneously. He was a legend that no one in the Xuanyuan family could compare to. After the progenitor passed away, out of the very few geniuses who mastered sword manipulation, the most they could control simultaneously was 2 swords. Moreover, despite controlling 2 swords without their hands, they weren’t able to wield a third sword with their hands.

And yet, the Sword Emperor was well and truly controlling 5 swords!!

Xuanyuan Dao still remembered that the last time he had fought with her, she evidently hadn’t achieved sword manipulation yet. In fact, her sword skills were slightly inferior to his, and less than half a year had passed!

“Is this real?” Xuanyuan Dao muttered to himself, feeling dazed. For her to reach this realm, as her father, he should have felt delighted. However, this sort of growth was simply too monstrous and unbelievable. His shock far surpassed his joy.

“During this period, just what happened to you?? Could it be that you truly have to cut off all emotions to reach the legendary pinnacle?”