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Chapter 557: The Desperate Battle

The Desperate Battle

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Behind the battlefield, south of the Azure Forest Village, a platform had been constructed, which was tens of meters tall. The revived Long Tian Yun returned to the Azure Forest Village and was now standing on the platform, watching the situation. The Yan Huang Alliance’s frontline was currently engaged in a vicious battle; the defenders were filled with vigor, and it was the Yan Huang Alliance’s frontline that found themselves beaten back. Moreover, the center of their army was in even more chaos, and Long Tian Yun gripped his binoculars as he stared at the unstoppable Sword Emperor massacring within the army. She was a single person wielding 5 swords, killing at least 10 or so people every second. It was as if she wasn’t a person, but an invincible army.

By now, the Yan Huang Alliance’s players’ spirits were completely broken by the Sword Emperor. Although their soldiers extended as far as the eye could see, almost no one dared to step up. Wherever the Sword Emperor rushed to, the players there would panic and retreat.

Seeing this, Long Tian Yun’s frown became deeper and deeper, and his eyes repeatedly twitched.

After following him for so many years, he knew just how powerful she was. However, this Sword Emperor, who had gone missing for many months, seemed extremely unfamiliar. She killed him without any hesitation, and the frightening sword manipulation she displayed was something that he had never seen before.

If it weren't for her attire, as well as that unmistakable sword intent, he would have found it difficult to believe that this Sword Emperor, and the Sword Emperor he knew before, were the same person.

“Alliance Master, what should we do? We can’t stop the Sword Emperor, and if we keep going like this…” Cang Yan put down his binoculars as he spoke in fear. He hadn’t dared to fight the Sword Emperor in many years, and he didn't even dare to keep looking at her.

Long Tian Yun coldly replied, “Within the virtual world, stamina is unlimited. However, the Sword Emperor is using her sword intent to perform sword manipulation, while her sword intent is supported by her mental energy. Wielding a single sword requires powerful sword intent, and simultaneously wielding 5 swords… the mental energy expenditure every second must be enormous. I’m sure she’s unable to last very long. However, Those trash at the front are actually retreating!”

Long Tian Yun picked up his communication device and opened the guild channel as he calmly and coldly spoke, as if he hadn’t just died in front of them, “You’ve all disappointed me greatly; a battle that should have been easily won has become such an ugly battle. What are you all doing?!”

As Long Tian Yun’s voice sounded in the Yan Huang Alliance’s player’s ears, they all hesitated for a moment.

“Use your brains and think! We have 2 million people while they only have 200,000 people, one tenth of what we have! Fight them 10 to 1! Yes, I died, but does that mean you all died?! Let alone dying once, so what if I die a hundred times? I’ll just immediately revive and take some time getting back!

“Your job is to kill all of these people, not worry about my life or death! 2 million people being suppressed by 200,000 people... Just how long are you all going to lose face for my Yan Huang Alliance?”

Long Tian Yun’s words had the effect of a bucket of cold water being poured on this chaotic army. The players, who had been sent into chaos because of Long Tian Yun’s death, suddenly realized that this was just the virtual world; after dying, one would respawn. Moreover, they had a 10 to 1 advantage.

In battles in the real world, the chief of an army’s death would be a massive blow to the soldiers, and could even destroy their fighting spirit. Many instances in history where the army with fewer soldiers had won were when they had killed the enemy’s king, causing the enemy to fall into disarray. However, in the virtual world, such a thing didn’t exist because even if the chief died, they would be able to respawn. Even if their morale was decreased by a bit, it simply couldn’t compare to real life.

The Yan Huang Alliance’s frontline regained their morale and started to shift their focus from their Alliance Master’s death to the enemies in front of them. They all gave battle cries as their attacking and defending became more vigorous, causing the battle to become even more intense.

“The other side’s attacks have become fiercer. It looks like the effects from Long Tian Yun’s death are gone,” Li Xiao Xue said as she frowned. That beautiful scene had only lasted for an instant. After all, the difference in strength between the armies was simply too vast. The suppression of the Yan Huang Alliance was merely a brief illusion, and after that dream was destroyed, they couldn’t hide from cruel reality.

The Yan Huang Alliance’s commanders all regained their cool, and started to organize efficient formations quickly… With 10 times the number of players their enemies had, formations were almost unnecessary. However, the hidden fury within Long Tian Yun’s voice caused them to feel fearful and ashamed, so they vowed to quickly destroy these people who had forced them to such a state.

Under their massive numbers advantage, the Yan Huang Alliance’s attacking line became twice as long, then started to surround the defenders. They attacked them from 3 sides and started to close in on them. Under the assault from 3 sides, the Disillusion Alliance and Snow Moon Alliance’s players felt many times more pressure. They started to fight one against two, one against three, one against four. Their casualties began to grow as their numbers, which were not big, to begin with, began to dwindle.

“Maintain the formation, stand your ground! Even if we die, we can't die for nothing! Drag 1 down with you, and it’ll be worth it! Drag 2 down with you, and you’ll be a hero!!”

Yun Feng rushed to the front and dashed left, and right there within the Yan Huang Alliance’s ranks. Even Ling Chen had praised Yun Feng's strength in the past. As the Alliance Master of the Disillusion Alliance, even if he wasn’t on the Heaven Rankings, he was still in the top 100. By now, he had killed tens of the Yan Huang Alliance’s players.

Although he rushed to the front, he didn’t lose his rationality and kill recklessly. He efficiently killed enemies while also paying attention to his safety. After all, if he died, the Disillusion Alliance would fall into chaos for a while.

Less than half an hour after the Yan Huang Alliance had started to formally attack, the Disillusion Alliance and Snow Moon Loulan were beaten back. They had been fully suppressed and didn’t have an opportunity to breathe. Although she knew that this was the only result, Yun Meng Xin felt quite anxious. Her beautiful hands turned white as she clutched her clothes seemingly trying to rip her clothing.

Winter of That Year looked over to Winter of That Year, and couldn’t stand it anymore. He pulled Hundred Miles of Ice as he yelled, “Boss, let’s go!”

Hundred Miles of Ice nodded and prepared to rush up with Winter of That Year. They were standing here to protect Yun Meng Xin and Li Xiao Xue, to prevent any Yan Huang Alliance players from suddenly rushing over here. However, seeing this situation, they were unable to stand by and watch. Although they weren’t powerful enough to turn the tides of the battle, they could at least kill a few of the enemies.

“Wait!” Li Xiao Xue stopped them, before pulling out a few golden pieces of equipment, and handed them over to Winter of That Year and Hundred Miles of Ice, “You haven’t upgraded your equipment after reaching LV50. Yun Meng Xin asked me a long time ago to find some equipment suitable for you. These are all Gold grade equipment, and although they’re not good enough for people of your strength, but they’re compatible with your professions… Good luck.”

Comparatively to the Copper grade equipment they had, these sets of Gold equipment were like godly equipment to them, making them much more powerful. The two of them did not refuse and quickly donned the equipment. Winter of That Year gripped his new Gold grade Bow as he said earnestly to Yun Meng Xin, “Big sister goddess, even if the new city is destroyed, at least we still have the people. As long as the people haven’t died, the new city can be rebuilt, and hope will not be lost. As such, no matter what happens, you must stay strong… The fairies, Dwarves, and all of us will be with you to build an even bigger city. Don’t worry… Even if I can’t protect the new city… I’ll protect you!”

After saying this, Winter of That Year didn’t stay any longer and rushed towards the battlefield.

“Many thanks,” Hundred Miles of Ice spoke 2 short words before also rushing off.

Hundred Miles of Ice and Winter of That Year were like 2 sharp swords stabbing into the body of the Yan Huang Alliance’s army, giving them great pain. Once a Heaven Ranking expert’s strength matured, they would be able to take down a thousand people by themselves. The Emotionless Swordsman Hundred Miles of Ice was naturally one of those people. He rushed into the Yan Huang Alliance’s army, and wherever his golden sword passed, players would fall. He couldn't clear out massive waves of players like the Sword Emperor, but the speed at which he killed was still quite frightening.

Compared to Hundred Miles of Ice, Winter of That Year was much more shameless.

With his range as a Marksman, Winter of That Year started to shoot at the enemy’s frontlines, where they couldn’t attack him. When players started to run towards him, he would immediately flee. His incredible speed made even the Shadowless completely flabbergasted. When the players gave up chasing him, he would instead start chasing them while shooting, all the while maintaining a safe distance. If you don’t move, I’ll shoot you. If you chase me, I’ll shoot while running. If you run, I’ll chase you while shooting. Rather than being shot to death, the people who died from his assaults were more so killed from anger.

With Winter of That Year and Hundred Miles of Ice joining the battle, only Mu Bing Yao was left behind to protect Yun Meng Xin and Li Xiao Xue. With the Frozen Heart Man-Eater, who was ranked fifth on the Heaven Rankings, standing there, no one dared to come near.

“Meng Xin, what do you think about Winter of That Year and Hundred Miles of Ice?” Li Xiao Xue suddenly asked as she watched the battle that was becoming more and more desperate.

“They’re my, as well as the new city’s, benefactors,” Yun Meng Xin replied sincerely.

“They’re very mysterious. I’ve tried to investigate them, but I couldn’t find anything. It was as if these 2 people suddenly appeared in the world,” Li Xiao Xue said, “However, they bear no ill will towards us, and are very reliable. If we can make it past today, let’s ask them to stay in the new city. I’m sure that with your invitation, they won’t refuse. After all…” Li Xiao Xue gave a smile that didn’t seem like a smile, “That little brother Winter of That Year is infatuated with you.”

Yun Meng Xin: “……”