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Chapter 558: Xiao Qi’s Return (1)

Xiao Qi’s Return (1)

Translator: Mr Voltaire

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Yun Meng Xin already knew what Li Xiao Xue had just said. Back then she had revealed her true appearance because she wanted to use her looks to make Winter of That Year and Hundred Miles of Ice promise not to divulge the secret of the new city. However, unexpectedly, not only did Winter of That Year promise not to tell anyone about the new city but had even volunteered to stand guard. What shocked her, even more, was that Winter of That Year was powerful enough to defeat even Cang Yan easily.

However, it was just that…

There was no night in the Mystic Moon world. Although it was nearly midnight in the real world, the sun still hung in the sky within the virtual world. As the battle became more and more intense, it seemed as if the sea of people in front of the new city had started to rise in temperature and boil. Both sides brimmed with bloodlust. They didn’t know how long they had been fighting for, and some even forgot why they were there. The only thing on their minds was to kill the people in front of them. The piercing yells of their commanders were utterly drowned out by the roars and shouts of the attackers and defenders.

Within the chaotic battle, corpses piled up incredibly quickly, as there were more and more casualties. Fervor and bloodlust now replaced the nervousness within everyone's hearts, and they all gave up retreating and evading, as they used their strongest skills against any enemies. As such, the corpses gathered more and more quickly, greatly surpassing the speed at which the bodies disappeared and returned to the main city.

Many of the people who died decided not to go back to the main city immediately, but stared at the individual who killed them, remembering their face, and watched until that person was killed. Only then did they leave. The corpses began to take over the battlefield, but the fighting did not slow down at all.

There was more and more equipment gathering on the ground, but not a single person picked them up.

In China’s history, there had been very few battles on a scale of millions of people. However, within the virtual world, it was incredibly easy to gather people- simply sending an announcement on the guild channel would ensure that almost all people heard the call to gather. This was the same for the actual transport: a single teleport scroll could transport a person thousands of kilometers in a single instant. As such, it was not that rare to see battles with millions of people in the virtual world. Once such battles reached their climax, they were no less intense than massive battles in the real world.

The Yan Huang Alliance’s army had started to completely suppress the Disillusion Alliance and Snow Moon Loulan’s players, who were unable to even breathe. The Yan Huang Alliance had now completely surrounded the defenders, totally blocking off any retreat. They could neither advance nor retreat. However, not a single person attacked the city; they all reveled in the slaughter of the defenders. After all, the Yan Huang Alliance’s Alliance Master had ordered that before destroying the city… They were to engage in a banquet of massacre!

The Disillusion Alliance and Snow Moon Loulan’s players knew that they wouldn’t survive, and were filled with bloodlust. The more they were forced into dire straits, the less fear they felt. No matter if it was man or woman, all of them gave off an air of bloodthirstiness as they disregarded their lives and charged at the Yan Huang Alliance’s players. Since they had to die, they would each take down another person with them.

If this were in the real world, the green grass would have long since been dyed red with fresh blood, which would have created streams and rivers. The stench of blood and gore would have reached up to the heavens.

In the north, some of the guilds continued to watch, and none of them made a move. The heaven-shaking roars and yells hadn’t stopped at all for the past hour or so, making them feel as if they were going to go deaf. However, not a single one of them had become accustomed to that scene or those sounds. Every scene deeply shook their hearts. They never thought that the battle for the new city, which should have been incredibly simple, would turn out like this. If Long Tian Yun had directly ordered the Yan Huang Alliance to destroy the city, it would have been almost obliterated by now. However, the fighting continued while the new city was left untouched, and was almost forgotten.

“The Disillusion Alliance and Snow Moon Loulan are almost finished. What a pity,” one of the bosses of the guilds said in a low voice as he shook his head. The Disillusion Alliance and Snow Moon Loulan had evidently moved out all of their forces. What did it mean for every player in a guild to go down a level and drop their equipment? They would suffer an incredibly heavy loss. After this battle, it was likely that the Disillusion Alliance and Snow Moon Loulan would take a long time to recover. However, the losses to the Yan Huang Alliance would be quite insignificant.

“They know they were facing the Yan Huang Alliance, and yet they continued to defend it. Isn’t that the same as suicide? It doesn’t matter too much about the Snow Moon Loulan... Even if they were disbanded, it wouldn’t matter much to Li Xiao Xue. However, the Disillusion Alliance is different.”

“When do we act?”

“Of course when the Yan Huang Alliance starts to destroy the city. We’ll help them with that. Afterwards… to whose hands the City Creation Token falls will depend on their abilities. At least for now, it’s best that everyone just stands by. If someone makes a move now and draws the attention of the Sword Emperor…”

Thinking to there, the 10 or so bosses of the large guilds gathered together shuddered as they looked at where the Sword Emperor was… An hour had passed, but the Sword Emperor was still within the Yan Huang Alliance’s backline. The aura she gave off was that if a god blocked her, she would kill a god; if a Buddha blocked her, she would kill a Buddha. She didn’t have any allies, only 5 swords, and yet she hadn’t died after such a long time... because no one could approach her without dying.

Chi chi chi chi chi chi…

The 4 flying swords looked like a meat grinder as they ended another 10 or so Yan Huang Alliance player’s lives. After seeing the Sword Emperor draw near, the surrounding players didn’t think even to attack, and all rushed back in fear.

At that moment, the Sword Emperor suddenly slowed down, and her body unnaturally swayed as she stumbled back by 2 steps. She fell on one knee, as her arms dropped to her sides and the 4 silver swords fell from the air.

Just as the surrounding players stared in shock, a gigantic gray shadow appeared next to the Sword Emperor. The Sword Emperor stabbed the ground with her sword and jumped onto the Lightning Falcon, which gave a cry as it shot into the air.

In the distance, Long Tian Yun put down his binoculars as he picked up his communication device, saying in a low voice, “All Marksmen, shoot that gray bird.”

While in battle, to be able to receive orders everyone had their communication devices on. Long Tian Yun’s voice sounded into every Marksman’s ears. They all looked up as they shot towards the gray shadow.

Marksmen’s specialty was shooting enemies high in the sky. Before the Lightning Falcon could rush to its highest altitude, it was faced with a wave of arrows. It spread its wings, protecting its owner on its back. It took most of the arrows, and right before it reached safety, it was unable to hold on anymore. The Lightning Falcon cried out as its HP was cleared out, and it fell, then turned into a gray light that returned to the Sword Emperor’s Pet Space.

The Sword Emperor’s body tumbled through the air as a second wave of arrows shot towards her. Without the Lightning Falcon, despite being the Sword Emperor, she was unable to defend herself completely, and could only wait for death.

n this sort of situation, unless she had heaven-defying HP or Defence, she was doomed to die. However, the Sword Emperor was the Sword Emperor. Although she was completely exhausted, she wouldn’t be done in by these ordinary players so easily. Her hand suddenly moved as a sword appeared and hovered beneath her feet. She jumped high off this sword, causing the arrows to miss. The sword then flew up, and the Sword Emperor stood on the sword as she quickly sped to the south. No matter if it was the speed or altitude, the Yan Huang Alliance’s players could only stare in absolute shock. Flying on a sword was something that only happened in xianxia movies, and yet, it was occurring right in front of their eyes.

Seeing the Sword Emperor speed away, Long Tian Yun coldly harrumphed and smashed the binoculars in his hands to the ground. Cang Yan didn’t say anything as he hurriedly handed Long Tian Yun another pair.

“Xiao Xue, how many people do we still have?” Yun Meng Xin did her best to remain calm, but her voice slightly trembled.

Li Xiao Xue fell silent for a moment before sighing and replying, “The Disillusion Alliance has lost 60,000 players, and the Snow Moon Loulan has lost 38,000… Moreover, the speed at which they’re dying is becoming faster and faster.”

The Yan Huang Alliance’s casualties weren’t any less than the Disillusion Alliance’s and the Snow Moon Alliance’s. However, the Yan Huang Alliance could afford these losses, while the Disillusion Alliance and Snow Moon Loulan couldn’t. With almost the same casualties, the Yan Huang Alliance was drawing closer and closer to their goal, while the defenders were coming closer and closer to annihilation. The more people died, the faster the remaining players would die. Before, it was 2 people facing 20 people on average. However, now, it was 1 person facing 19 people on average. The speed at which they were dying became faster and faster.

Yun Meng Xin’s body swayed as her body felt incredibly light, “Has there… been any news from Ling Tian?”

“…No. Tian Tian has remained by his side the entire time. If he wakes up, she’ll let me know immediately.”

Yun Meng Xin looked up towards the sky, unable to look at the bitter battle anymore. She absentmindedly muttered, “Xiao Xue, do you think I was wrong? You told me that Ling Tian might not appear, but I… I bet that he would come back. Because of that, I dragged in big brother and your Snow Moon Loulan. And now, the result… The city won’t be able to be defended, and I even dragged down you and big brother, I…”

“No, of course you weren’t wrong,” Li Xiao Xue smiled and shook her head, “If I were you, I would have done the same thing. The new city is something we might protect. Even if there’s only a 1 in a billion chance of it surviving, as long as it stands, we need to protect it. Meng Xin, what you did was right. Not only are you not in the wrong, but you also made an outstanding decision… Eh?”

As she spoke, Li Xiao Xue looked up in the air, and immediately saw the Sword Emperor shooting towards them.

The Sword Emperor shot towards the south on her sword, flying above where Li Xiao Xue and Yun Meng Xin were after leaving the battlefield. Her unshakeable self suddenly swayed as she finally couldn’t hold on anymore, and fell.


The Sword Emperor fell heavily on to the ground but immediately got up, looking around her. After only seeing Li Xiao Xue, Yun Meng Xin, and Mu Bing Yao, she relaxed and heavily leaned against the wall of vines, not moving at all as her chest heaved.

Long Tian Yun was entirely correct- simultaneously controlling 5 swords took a massive toll on the Sword Emperor’s mind, and she had reached her absolute limit. After the Lightning Falcon died, she had used the remnants of her Sword Intent to reach this place. If she had left any later, she would have died there. However, in this state of utter exhaustion, she would not be able to fight for a long time.