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Chapter 563: Dazzling Red Lotus

Dazzling Red Lotus


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The burning fire covered Xiao Qi’s body and grew faster and faster. At the same time, a wave of heat quickly spread out from her. The players below Xiao Qi all stopped fighting and raised their heads as they watched the expanding ball of crimson red flames. The air around them had suddenly become incredibly hot; the heat was simply blistering, causing their skin to go red.

“What… What’s going on?”

The sudden rise in temperature made it difficult for Yun Feng to breathe. He took a deep breath, and the hot air made his organs feel like they were boiling. What was even worse was the temperature was still quickly rising every second. Around them, no matter if it was the Yan Huang Alliance’s players or the defenders, all of them started to panic due to the unbearable heat as they watched the flame in the sky. They all began to retreat in fear, trying to get as far away as possible. They had been lost in their bloodlust and disregarded their own lives. However, the pain of being burnt to death was worse than death at the hands of their enemies.

As the temperature continued to rise, the area that was affected also increased. More and more players started to panic, and more than half of them started to stare up at Xiao Qi. Every person knew this girl in the flaming gown was the source of this terrifying heat. As they felt themselves suffocating from the heat, they all knew that this heat was most likely preparing for something even more terrifying.

“What’s going on over there?”

Seeing the strange reactions coming from the center of the battlefield, Long Tian Yun frowned.

“From the information we received, that region has become incredibly hot, to the point that it’s unbearable. Everyone there feels like they’re being roasted in an oven,” Flame Shadow quickly replied.

“Hot?” Long Tian Yun looked up at Xiao Qi as he coldly harrumphed, “Hmph, looks like she’s going to use some big move. Tell everyone there to disperse. Based on how strong her normal attacks are, if she uses an ultimate skill, it might cause hundreds, if not thousands, of deaths.”

“Thousands? How could there be such powerful Fire Magic?” Cang Yan said hatefully.

“Just because you haven’t seen it before doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist! Moreover, with how densely gathered the players are in the center of the battlefield if she uses an AOE ultimate skill, it’s likely she will be able to kill at least a thousand people. Flame Shadow, prepare 3 crossbow bolts! Since Ling Tian hasn’t appeared, we’ll give this gift to her. I’m determined to kill this strange little girl today!”


After giving a loud cry, Xi Ling suddenly left Xiao Qi and flew towards the south. Without Xi Ling, with the flames around her body, Xiao Qi remained in the air without falling. Xi Ling quickly left, then dived towards Yun Feng within the crowd. Yun Feng only felt a gust of heat, and before he had realized what was happening, he was lifted up by Xi Ling into the sky as they flew towards the south. After reaching Yun Meng Xin and Li Xiao Xue, Xi Ling dropped the bewildered Yun Feng as she landed in front of them, anxiously looking at Xiao Qi in the air; by now, no one could stop Xiao Qi. Under such circumstances, Xi Ling couldn’t protect everyone, so she did her best to protect the people who she knew.

“What’s going on? What’s Qi Qi doing?” Yun Feng crawled up from the ground as he breathed raggedly.

“Xi Ling, what’s happening to Qi Qi?” Yun Meng Xin worriedly asked.

Xi Ling did not reply. She spread out her crimson-golden wings as a semi-spherical red barrier formed. It spread out and covered Yun Feng, Yun Meng Xin, Li Xiao Xue, Mu Bing Yao, as well as the silent Sword Emperor who was 10 steps away.

At this moment, the sound of the air being torn apart resonated as 3 crossbow bolts shot towards Xiao Qi. By the time she saw them, the dark gray arrows were less than 10 meters away from Xiao Qi, and a surprised ‘Ah’ sounded out from Yun Meng Xin’s mouth.


The 3 crossbow bolts all seemed to hit Xiao Qi. However, the result this time was completely different than before. The crossbow bolts didn’t pass through her body and continue flying, nor was Xiao Qi sent flying, and there weren’t any damage figures. Xiao Qi, surrounded by the flames, continued to hover in the air, while the crossbow bolts strangely disappeared the instant they touched her body.

Anything that touched the unbelievably hot Vermillion Bird’s Origin Flames would be instantly incinerated.

Long Tian Yun, who had been waiting for Xiao Qi to be killed again, was completely dumbfounded. In that instant, he thought there was something wrong with his eyes. At this moment, an incredibly loud bird’s cry sounded out; they were evidently more than 10 miles apart from each other, and yet it sounded like it was coming from right next to his ears, causing his body to tremble.

A red light appeared above Xiao Qi, as a gigantic red shadow suddenly appeared. It had 2 wings and looked beautiful and majestic, giving off an overwhelming sense of might. It was the image of a bird, and it had a phoenix-like head, eagle-like claws, snake-like neck and phoenix-like tail feathers. It was covered in crimson red feathers, which all burned with an intense flame.

It was evidently the Vermillion Bird’s Phantasm!

The image was a thousand meters long, and it gave a majestic cry, flapping its wings as it slowly faded and disappeared. Although it had only appeared for a brief instant, it made a lasting impression in every person’s mind. The moment the Vermillion Bird’s Phantasm disappeared, the flames around Xiao Qi’s body suddenly flooded upwards, then began to fall around her, looking like a blossoming flower. When it had fully blossomed, it looked as if there was a flaming lotus in the sky with Xiao Qi at the center.

This incredibly beautiful scene made the onlookers forget to breathe, and all of them looked up with their mouths wide open as they stared at the flaming lotus. They even forgot about the rising heat. Within their vision, there was only a single layer of petals, which contained 9 individual petals. A second layer then blossomed, followed by a third, a fourth, and a fifth; with every extra layer that blossomed, the flaming lotus doubled in size. In the end, it had grown from a small lotus into one that covered the entire sky.

Through the binoculars, Long Tian Yun saw the flaming lotus appear, and the battlefield fell silent. However, no one noticed this terrifying silence, because the flaming lotus drew their attention in the sky. When the flaming lotus was all he could see through the binoculars, he put them away and suddenly found that the flaming lotus’ petals were right in front of him.

The binoculars in his hands fell to the ground as Long Tian Yun’s eyes widened in fear and shock, causing him to stumble backward; he was 10 miles away from the battlefield and was definitely safe. Even if someone tried to approach him here, they would be stopped by countless Yan Huang Alliance players. He never thought the flaming lotus would extend here.

Long Tian Yun felt no fear when he was killed by the Sword Emperor because he didn’t care about his level, nor did he care about dying. However, currently, he felt absolutely terrified. This scene, which surpassed anything he had seen before, completely destroyed any mental defense he had, and he fell to the ground as an incredibly hot heat wave rushed towards him. As the flaming petals spread out over him, he could hear himself screaming in fear.

The flaming lotus was now fully formed, and its petals stretched from the Azure Forest Village to in front of the new city and spanned 20 miles. All of the Yan Huang Alliance, Disillusion Alliance, and Snow Moon Loulan’s players were underneath the gigantic, flaming lotus. It only took the flaming lotus, from beginning to end, a few seconds to grow.

Finally, the red lotus disappeared as every part of the red lotus became crimson red flames as it began to burn mercilessly. The beautiful, dream-like red lotus disappeared, and replacing it was a sea of flames that spanned 20 miles. At the center, the flames were hundreds of meters tall, as if they wished to break through the heavens.

In front of the new city, Yun Feng, Yun Meng Xin, Li Xiao Xue and Mu Bing Yao’s expressions froze as they looked at the sea of flames around them. No matter if it was in front, to their sides, or above them, there were only intense flames and nothing else.

They could no longer see any people because the sea of flames devoured all of them. Yet, there were pitiful cries; under the Vermillion Bird Clan’s most powerful skill, the Dazzling Red Lotus, the weak players didn’t even have time to cry out before they were completely obliterated.

Around them, the red barrier that Xi Ling put up completely separated them from the flames and heat, preventing them from taking any damage. Within the Dazzling Red Lotus’ range, only they had survived. Everyone else… was burnt to a crisp.

The flames burned for more than 10 minutes, and they stared in shock for more than 10 minutes, during which no one spoke. Apart from the sounds of the flames burning, there was no other sound. When the wind blew, and the flames died down, at a glance, there was not a single person there. The sea of players which had extended for nearly 10 miles had completely disappeared and not even corpses were left. The equipment that the players had dropped and filled the ground was also gone.

The vast grassy plains had also disappeared, replaced by a large area of scorched earth, and white smoke billowed everywhere. The ground had even sunk down a bit.

Everything was gone. There were no traces of battle on the battlefield that had been extremely chaotic just 10 minutes ago. It was as if they had been transported into a different world within that red light.

Added together, there were more than 2 million players from the Yan Huang Alliance, Disillusion Alliance, and Snow Moon Loulan, and they were all dead! Two million players... all of them! There had never been such casualties in all of China’s history before.

“Am I… dreaming?” Yun Feng muttered as he blankly stared in front of him.

No one replied. Even Li Xiao Xue, who was able to maintain her cool in all circumstances, was so shocked that 2 million players had been simultaneously insta-killed, that she lost her ability to think.