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Chapter 567: Su’Er’s Return (1)

Su’Er’s Return (1)

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Modlawls123

The Battle Alliance’s ferocity made them seem like an army of tigers and wolves. Although it was 600,000 against over 1 million people, it didn’t seem like they were at a disadvantage at all. However, this sort of stalemate could only last for a very brief period of time. Once the attackers’ reinforcements came, no matter how powerful the Battle Alliance’s army was, they would be instantly annihilated.

Xiao Qiu Feng stood at the front of the women, his body like a solid and immovable boulder. As he looked at the battlefield, there was not a trace of emotion within them. He knew clearly the consequences and the price the Battle Alliance would have to pay for participating in this battle. However… despite this, he wouldn’t regret, nor would he take any steps back. If he didn’t have the courage and determination to protect those closest to him, what was the point of the Battle Alliance being tens, or even hundreds of times more powerful?

“Their reinforcements have finished preparing and are rushing over. At the very latest, they’ll be here in 15 minutes. Also, the Yan Huang Alliance has equipped its entire alliance. Long Tian Yun is infuriated, and when he attacks again, he’ll bring many times the number of people he brought the first time.

Yun Feng turned to Xiao Qiu Feng as he frowned, “Qiu Feng, do you have any solutions… such as reinforcements?”

“None,” Xiao Qiu Feng expressionlessly replied. To defend against tens of alliances joined together as well as the Yan Huang Alliance… how could such reinforcements exist? Added together, the Yan Huang Alliance and the other attackers had nearly 1% of China’s entire population!

“And yet you still dare to come? Are you seeking death?” Yun Feng asked.

Xiao Qiu Feng calmly looked at him, “Aren’t you also seeking death?”

“Hah!” Yun Feng laughed. “Me being an idiot isn’t too big of a deal. However, the famous Cold Magistrate lost all reason for his little sister. We both knew that we were coming to our deaths, even someone with a negative IQ wouldn’t have done such a thing. And yet, both of us came like idiots. That’s fine- if the Battle Alliance and Disillusion Alliance are wiped out from the virtual world after tomorrow, at least we’ll go down together, hahaha.”

Xiao Qiu Feng: “……”

After hearing their hot and cold exchange, Yun Meng Xin and Li Xiao Xue could only sigh and marvel inwardly. Yun Meng Xin clasped her hands together in front of her chest. As she looked at the 2 men, she said silently, “Big brother, big brother Xiao, thank you all.”

Li Xiao Xue frowned as she silently looked ahead of her, her face flashing with a look of indecisiveness. She still hadn’t used her trump card, and even with the support from the Battle Alliance, she didn’t dare to use it. This was because against such powerful enemies even if she used her trump card, she wouldn’t be able to change anything. All it could possibly achieve is give them a bit more breathing space, but the consequences of doing so would be severe.

Like Yun Meng Xin, her greatest desire was for Ling Tian to hurry up and come.

The attackers’ reinforcements were now 10 miles away, and an unstoppable force was about to reach them. Every person’s hearts clenched.


An unknown place.

Within the special space, a fairy-like young girl in green clothes was silently standing on the ground with her eyes closed. Her arms were spread apart, as if she was sensing something. Hazy spots of light flew all around her. After spinning around her body, they seemed to be attracted by something and entered into her body.

At that moment, a look of pain appeared on her face. Her expression twisted as she struggled. Her expression became more and more intense, as if she was trying to wake herself up from a nightmare. After a short while, the girl in green suddenly opened her eyes as a look of deep worry and fear appeared on her flawless face.

“Master!” She hurriedly cried out as she ran.

Top of a giant tree.

The tree was 30 or so metres wide, and there was a strange space at the top. A celestial-like old man stood there with his eyes closed against the breeze. He opened his eyes after hearing the girl’s voice, revealing a pair of extremely aged eyes as he gave a sigh and turned around, “Su’Er, you must have felt a great sense of unease, right?”

The girl in green vigorously nodded as she walked over and said hurriedly, “Master, I felt that something was happening with my sisters over there, and that it’s something important. My senses told me that if I don’t go, a terrifying outcome will happen that I will regret my whole life. So… So…”

After receiving the inheritance of the Heaven’s Secrets sect, the thing that she trusted the most were her instincts and gut feelings.

“Indeed,” Daoist Tian Qing nodded as he flicked the horsetail whisk in his hand. A green orb flew out and floated into Su’Er’s hands, “Su’Er, I knew that something has been on your heart. As such, I’ve recorded the experiences of the people you’ve been worried about. This time, your sisters are in a great crisis. Have a look.”

Su’Er touched the green orb against her forehead and closed her eyes. The green orb flashed, and in a moment, everything that Yun Meng Xin and Xiao Qi had experienced after she left flooded into her mind. The development of the new city… The Fairy Clan and Dwarf Clan’s hope… Yun Meng Xin’s hard work… Xiao Qi’s inheritance from the Vermillion Bird… the near completion of the new city… the great crisis… everything appeared within her mind.

Su’Er stood in shock for a moment as her expression fell and tears appeared in her eyes. She anxiously said, “Master, my sisters are facing a great crisis. I… I need to go and help them. Otherwise, big sister Meng Xin will collapse… Master, please send me there, I need to go!”

Daoist Tian Qing looked at her silently for a moment before raising his head, a look of deep reluctance in his eyes. However, in the end he gave a heavy sigh, “Su’Er, after coming here, your progress has been unbelievable. Your mind, soul, and heart are all incredibly pure, and without even going through any formal inheritance rites, the Heaven’s Secrets power has been naturally drawn towards your body.

“At this place, your Heaven’s Secrets power has quickly developed, and once you return to the mortal world you’ll be unable to come back. Although it won’t stop your progress, it’ll greatly decrease the speed at which you’ve been growing. In just the few months that you’ve been here, not only have you completed the inheritance, but also the heaven and earth spirit energy you’ve gathered has greatly benefited me by increasing my lifespan by at least 60 years. As such, I’m quite reluctant to let you leave.

“However, everything must come to an end. Since the heaven’s will has decided that you should leave, no matter how reluctant I am to let you go, I won’t stop you. To most people, the heaven’s will is but a myth, but to us, it is of great significance. We cannot disbelieve it, nor can we go against it.”

Daoist Tian Qing once again sighed and looked at Su’Er kindly, “Su’Er, after returning you’ll definitely use the 36 Absolute Formations. The Elementary and Intermediate Formations can change the laws of nature, while the Advanced Formations can change a person’s fate. However, your foundations are too shallow, and right now you can only use the 12 Elementary Formations. Although they’re Elementary Formations, try not to use them for too long. Use them appropriately, for what they consume is your heart energy. Once you’ve used up all of your heart energy, they’ll begin to consume your life force and fortune. Do you understand?”

Su’Er lightly nodded, her face was full of shock and dismay, but she continued to silently listen to Daoist Tian Qing speak.

“Here, Su’Er, take this.” Daoist Tian Qing walked forward and gave his horsetail whisk to Su’Er.

“Eh? Master, this horsetail whisk…” Su’Er felt bewildered upon receiving this horsetail whisk.

“This horsetail whisk is called [Heavenly Star], and is one of our Heaven’s Secrets Sect’s 3 supreme treasures. It has belonged to the sect leader of every generation. Take it, for from today onwards, you are the sect leader of the Heaven’s Secrets Sect. Perhaps the title of sect leader is just a name to you, but to me it’s the fulfilment of my greatest wish.”

The horsetail whisk was white and gave off a starry light. Su’Er would never forget back then how Daoist Tian Qing had painstakingly looked after her in order to make her the sect leader of the Heaven’s Secrets Sect… although even now, she still doesn’t know what that title encapsulated. However, in order not to disappoint Daoist Tian Qing, she did not refuse. She accepted the horsetail whisk and gratefully said, “Thank you master, I’ll look after it well.”

“Look after it? Haha,” Daoist Tian Qing warmly laughed. “With this horsetail whisk, your Heaven’s Secrets power will continue to grow, and it’ll increase the range and strength of your Formations when casting the 36 Absolute Formations. Moreover, it has a protection similar to a contract with the Heaven’s Secrets and can protect what you want for a long time. You can use it immediately.”

Su’Er carefully held the horsetail whisk as she quickly read through its description. When she saw its skills, her eyes lit up as a look of joy appeared on her face. She tightly gripped the Heavenly Star in her hands.

“Back then, during the prime of the Night Demon Clan, the Heaven’s Secrets Sect, Feng Chen Sect, and Earth Fiend Sect held great status and power. Now, the Night Demon Clan has almost been eradicated and hides in the darkness, while the Heaven’s Secrets Sect, Feng Chen Sect, and Earth Fiend Sect have also declined. The Continent has forgotten about the Feng Chen Sect and Earth Fiend Sect, but not the Heaven’s Secrets Sect because humans can never get rid of their selfish and greedy hearts.

“Su’Er, if you use the Heaven’s Secrets 36 Absolute Formations, your identity will be revealed and will cause you great trouble. Countless people will want you to reveal Heaven’s Secrets to them. Also, selfishness, covetousness, and avarice are the greatest taboos for our Heaven’s Secrets Sect. Countless excellent disciples have died because of these… however, I feel for you, this warning should be unnecessary.”

“Master, I’ll definitely remember your words.” Su’Er once again nodded.

“In that case, I’ll send you to where you want to go. You must feel incredibly worried, haha,” Daoist Tian Qing gave a warm laugh, and cast aside his reluctance to see her go. He took out a white talisman and ripped it. He then threw the shreds towards Su’Er, and as a flash of light erupted, Su’Er disappeared from in front of him.