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Chapter 568: Su’Er’s Return (2)

Su’Er’s Return (2)

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Modlawls123

In front of the new city, battle cries reached the heavens, and countless players were mashed together like a pot of congee. The attackers’ reinforcements had finally arrive, and charged onto the battlefield. The Battle Alliance’s army was already at a numbers disadvantage, and facing this massive hammer, they were forced back as their casualties rapidly increased.

At that moment, Winter of That Year and Hundred Miles of Ice, who had died from Xiao Qi’s Dazzling Red Lotus, finally came back with some bad news.

“The Yan Huang Alliance’s second wave has already reached the Azure Forest Village, and there are 2 million of them! Behind them are a third wave and fourth wave… eh!! W-W-W-Who is this girl?” Upon seeing Xiao Qi, Winter of That Year’s expression of seriousness instantly disappeared as a look of deep fear appeared in his eyes as he pointed at Xiao Qi while trembling.

Beside him, even Hundred Miles of Ice’s face twitched a few times.

Killing 2 million players with a single skill… alright, that was borderline acceptable.

Being insta-killed by her… that wasn’t much better either.


Why the hell were their equipment… including their underwear, completely razed off?

When they had respawned, there were naked men all around them, and outside of the revival point, countless people stared at them in fright as if they had just seen aliens.

That scene was simply unforgettable. Right now, they were wearing the crappy equipment they had stored in their bags.

“She’s my good sister… did you say that the Yan Huang Alliance has already come?” Yun Meng Xin asked worriedly.

“He’s right. The Yan Huang Alliance’s second wave has already set out from the Azure Forest Village and will arrive here shortly,” Li Xiao Xue said as she put down her communication device. She looked at the people around her and then looked at the battlefield in front of her as she slowly shook her head, “Meng Xin, we’ve done our best. Even if we lose the city, there’s nothing for us to regret. I’m sure that no one in the world would be able to change the current situation… not even Ling Tian.”

One Disillusion Alliance, one Snow Moon Loulan, and one Battle Alliance. Those groups made up all of their forces. It was a powerful force- after all, the Battle Alliance was one of the 10 biggest guilds in China. However, their enemies’ strength was simply too great. Many of the powerful guilds in China were all desperate for the City Creation Token- this meant that after the new city was exposed, they had to face many of China’s most powerful guilds. These guilds would even destroy each other for the City Creation Token, but before the new city was destroyed, they had to work together.

Combined, there is no power in the entire world, let alone within China, that could stop such a force. This was because just the Yan Huang Alliance alone was the largest guild in the world.

Yun Feng, Xiao Qiu Feng, and Mu Bing Yao fell silent because they knew that this was reality. Yun Feng and Xiao Qiu Feng had burned all of their bridges in coming here, and had come willing to die.

Yun Meng Xin stood there in shock as if she had been struck by lightning, her eyes dim. Li Xiao Xue’s cruel words were a truth that she didn’t want to acknowledge or admit. She looked towards the new city, towards the wall of vines that the Fairy Clan had painstakingly put up, the Dwarves who were working hard within the new city, and the things that Ling Tian had given her… she felt as if a needle was being driven into her heart.

“I… don’t… want this…”

Her tender lips started to bleed from biting them, and she lowered her head as tears finally began to fall. Her dreamlike voice was completely drowned out by the yells from the battlefield, and only Winter of That Year, who had superhuman hearing, heard her words. He gritted his teeth and tightly clenched his fists together as unnatural strands of black gas began to appear on his forehead.

Hundred Miles of Ice sensed something, and his body stiffened as he turned to look at Winter of That Year. When he saw the black gas, he deeply frowned and grabbed Winter of That Year’s arm, using his strength to dig his fingernails into Winter of That Year’s arm. Under immense pain, Winter of That Year looked at Hundred Miles of Ice with a complicated look and let out a light sigh as the black gas around his forehead disappeared. Hundred Miles of Ice let go, but his pleading look didn’t disappear, his eyes telling Winter of That Year, “Even if you do that, you won’t be able to change anything.”

Dust flew up in the north. The Yan Huang Alliance’s second wave had finally arrived, pushing the Battle Alliance’s army further into despair. At that moment, a snow-white glow appeared in front of Yun Meng Xin. Through her hazy vision, she saw an extremely cute girl in green clothes. The appearance of the girl made Yun Meng Xin think that she was seeing things through her tears. However, when the girl leapt into her embrace, and called out “big sister Meng Xin”, she finally realised that the girl was actually there.

“Su’Er… is it really you?”

“It’s me, it’s me. I’m back. Big sister Meng Xin, I missed you so much, wuuu…”

Su’Er tightly hugged Yun Meng Xin as she wept. Only in front of Yun Meng Xin and Xiao Qi would she cry like this. Li Xiao Xue took a small step forwards. She couldn’t help but give a wry smile: after splitting up for so long, they had all come back on the day Yun Meng Xin was facing this crisis. Was this a beautiful coincidence or an arrangement by fate?

It was great to have such sisters.

However, the men were feeling completely differently.

“Holy crap, yet another big… no, little beauty!” Winter of That Year was completely dumbstruck as he gulped down a mouthful of saliva, “So birds of a feather really do flock together. So there are even more beauties besides the ones I saw today. I’ve never seen a single beauty like this in all my life, and yet today I’ve seen so many.”

Hundred Miles of Ice was speechless.

The sounds of fighting and killing continuously sound out in everyone’s ears. After crying in each other’s arms for a while, Su’Er released herself from Yun Meng Xin’s embrace as her mysterious and pure eyes quickly scanned the chaotic battlefield. She vigorously wiped her tears as she held Yun Meng Xin’s hands, “Big sister Meng Xin, I already know what’s going on here. I know that behind us is our new home, and is the hope of big sister Meng Xin as well as the rest of us. As such, I’ll work hard with big sister Meng Xin to protect it.”

Just like with Xiao Qi, although Su’Er was that same Su’Er, she gave off a completely different feeling. Yun Meng Xin could no longer feel the sense of weakness and fragility that she used to have. Instead, there was a mysterious sense of reliability. It was as if she had truly grown up over these past few months.

Altogether, there are almost 8 million attackers, and including Yan Huang Alliance’s second wave, there are nearly 10 million of them. Under the assault of 10 million players, the Battle Alliance’s players had no opportunity to breathe, and would collapse in a few minutes. Before arriving, Su’Er was already familiar with the situation. She turned to Yun Feng as she hurriedly said, “Big brother Xiao, Big brother Yun Feng, can you help me immediately construct a 20-metre high platform? I have a way to make it so that they temporarily can’t come close to the new city.”

Under the assault from 10 million troops, wanting to defend against such a force was simply insane. Li Xiao Xue’s eyes lit up. She had been observing Su’Er the entire time, and immediately said, “Alliance Master Xiao, Yun Feng, immediately order people to construct that platform!”

Although Xiao Qiu Feng and Yun Feng felt quite confused, they immediately recalled 30 people to get the job done.

Platforms were used to observe and control the battle from a distance, and could be bought as completed items from the Forging Shop. It could be placed in one’s bag, taking up 5 spaces. It was just that setting it up required people and time. Under the experienced hand of the 30 Warriors from the Battle Alliance, the platform was quickly built. Su’Er stood on the platform and silently observed the battlefield., Yun Meng Xin, Li Xiao Xue, Mu Bing Yao, Yun Feng, Xiao Qiu Feng, Hundred Miles of Ice, and Winter of That Year all followed her up. Although this platform wasn’t very tall, the battle was on flat plains, making it easy to see everything.

Su’Er finally moved. She stretched out her hand as a horsetail whisk appeared within it. This would be Su’Er’s exclusive weapon in future, and the appearance of this weapon caused the people behind her to gape in shock.

“That’s… a horsetail whisk? The ones that daoists hold in TV shows!” Winter of That Year said with his mouth wide open.

“Why’s Su’Er holding that? What’s she doing? Could that be… her weapon?” Yun Feng’s were wide as he stared at Su’Er. He couldn’t imagine how Su’Er was going to make it so that these 10 million troops wouldn’t be able to approach the new city. No matter how he thought, this was surely an impossible feat.

After raising the horsetail whisk, Su’Er did not do anything for a while. Once she acted, not only the attackers, but also the Battle Alliance would not be able to come close to the new city. The result would be the completely annihilation of the Battle Alliance’s army.

As they watched, under the pressure of facing an army more than 10 times their size, the Battle Alliance lost many members every second. The defensive line continuously retreated, and the army was on the verge of falling apart. Su’Er bit her lips and finally lifted the horsetail whisk… at that moment, a red light flashed as a phoenix-like cry sounded out, piercing through the battlefield and sounding in every player’s ears.

A figure wrapped in flames slowly rose up into the air as the gigantic image of a bird appeared…

The Vermillion Bird’s Phantasm!

The Vermillion Bird’s cry, the Vermillion Bird’s Phantasm, and that crimson flame… were incredibly familiar! They had just seen it about an hour ago, and anyone who had seen it would never be able to forget it. This was because after hearing that cry and seeing that phantasm, 2 million players had been annihilated!

By now, the Yan Huang Alliance’s third wave had reached the Azure Forest Village. Long Tian Yun was personally leading this army, his entire body filled with unimaginable rage. Just as he appeared, he heard the bird’s cry and when he looked up, he saw a majestic and beautiful image of the Vermillion Bird in the air.

In an instant, Long Tian Yun’s soul nearly exploded. On the battlefield, the leaders of the various guilds felt their souls fly up into the air as their pupils became as small as the eye of a needle. Because of their fear they all did the same thing- they picked up their communication devices as they started screaming,

“Retreat! Retreat!! Everyone retreat!! Hurry up and retreat!!!!”