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Chapter 570: Please Let Me Join You!

Please Let Me Join You!

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Su’Er’s description caused everyone to be dumbfounded. Within the virtual gaming world, player professions were related to swords, sabres, spears, bows, daggers, staffs, elements, pets… even angels and demons. However, none of them had ever heard of a profession that communicated with the heaven’s will.

Moreover, what was the heaven’s will?

The heaven’s will was a term thought up by humans. It didn’t have a physical form, so to those who thought it existed, it existed; to those who thought it didn’t exist, it didn’t exist. If they believed in it, it existed for them; if they didn’t believe in it, it didn’t exist for them. Moreover, whether one believed in it or not, there was no difference. At the very least, it was just something that may or may not affect a person’s mindset. However, what was agreed upon was that even if the heaven’s will existed, it was not something that people could change or affect. The so-called term ‘heaven-defying’ came from this. The heavens could not be defied, nor could one change his or her fate. The so-called ‘defying the heavens and changing one’s fate’ was a mere fantasy.

Upon hearing that Su’Er’s profession was related to the heaven’s will, everyone was dumbstruck, then everyone started nodding as they formed their own ideas on what she meant.

“Oh, is it like a Spiritualist, who use spirit talismans and spirit energy? Apparently under certain circumstances they can wield mighty power,” Yun Feng said. “I seem to have heard of a hidden profession like that in a game before, and it caused quite a ruckus.”

“No, I feel that it’s a variant of the Mage profession,” Winter of That Year said. “That was evidently lightning just then. Anything concerning the elements should belong to Mages.”

“But that lightning and Mages’ lightning are different…” Su’Er tried to explain.

“Conjurator?” Xiao Qiu Feng guessed. Xiao Qiu Feng had remembered that in a certain movie, a conjuror had also held a horsetail whisk and had summoned rain and lightning.

They could not believe, nor accept that Su’Er’s profession was something that truly communicated with the heaven’s will.

Su’Er became quite frustrated, causing her face to become light pink. When she tried to explain again, she suddenly remembered what Daoist Tian Qing had told her: “Su’Er, don’t try to explain to other people your power. The Heaven’s Secrets Sect’s power is not something people of the secular world can understand. No matter how much you explain it, they won’t understand it or believe you. For those who do understand… they might instead cause trouble for you.”

As such, Su’Er did not try to explain anymore, and let them guess all they wanted.

“Little Su Su, what’s your profession’s name?” Li Xiao Xue asked in curiosity.

“Heaven’s Secrets Sect Sect Leader,” Su’Er replied.

“Eh?” Li Xiao Xue was quite shocked. “Sect Leader?”

“Mm, it used to be ‘Heaven’s Secrets Sect Disciple’, but before coming back my master gave me this horsetail whisk and I became the ‘Heaven’s Secrets Sect Sect Leader.’ It’s really all the same,” Su’Er said as she smiled. After going from Disciple to Sect Leader, apart from having the horsetail whisk, none of her stats or abilities had changed. To her, it was essentially all the same. She didn’t see anything wrong with just saying this.

“Heaven’s Secrets Sect Sect Leader… what a strange name. It doesn’t give any hint as to what sort of profession it is,” Winter of That Year muttered “Why would there be such a strange profession name?”

Xiao Qi hugged Su’Er’s soft body from behind and swayed from side to side as she cried out, “Sect Leader! Sect Leader! It sounds so cool! It’s definitely an amazing profession. That Heavenly Star Line’s so powerful- look, they’re not moving anymore!”

Outside of the Heavenly Star Line, each of the leaders stood with dark expressions and tightly furrowed eyebrows. They had ordered a few men to act as cannon fodder to try stepping over the line from different places. However, no matter if they walked, jumped, or crawled, as long as they crossed the line, they would be struck to death by the lightning. They then found a few flying-type pets and tried to cross in the sky… but similarly, both the player and pet were struck by lightning, deader than dead.

“What the friggin’ hell is this? Why have I never seen or heard of something like this before?” Black Flames Wild Gale roared.

“Have you heard about a skill that can destroy 2 million players and their equipment in an instant?” Mo Gu Lin replied as he picked up a rock and threw it over the line. There was no reaction.

It seemed that non-living things could pass, but living things could not.

Elsewhere, Long Tian Yun was much calmer.

“Hmph, this is quite interesting. They didn’t use it before and only used it now; looks like this is their trump card. However, it’s evident that this thing won’t last for too long, and will quickly disappear. My guess is that it won’t last for more than 15 minutes. I wonder if they have anything else even bigger.” Looking at the traces of light, Long Tian Yun coldly laughed, “Flame Shadow, note down its characteristics and investigate what sort of defensive item it is when we return. If we can obtain it, it’ll be good for us to use when we need to protect something.”

“Yes… young master, since it’s an item, the line shouldn’t extend for too far. Why don’t we try going around it?”

“Go around it? Has your head been kicked in by a donkey?” Long Tian Yun glared at him. “From the Azure Forest Village to the new city, it’s only these plains where there are no monsters. Everywhere else, the monsters are all at least LV60; are we going to go through those areas to become fodder for those monsters? If we could attack from anywhere else, would those idiots behind us not have attacked from there?”

“Yes, yes, my thinking was too simple. No less than expected from the Alliance Master, always so wise,” Flame Shadow hurriedly nodded.

Long Tian Yun looked down towards the traces of light as he said in a low voice, “I want to see how long you can last.”


“That’s right, Little Su Su, how long will your [Heavenly Star Line] last for?” Li Xiao Xue asked.

“Right now… only 2 hours,” Su’Er said, feeling a bit ashamed. She knew that when Daoist Tian Qing casted it, it would last for 24 hours.

“What? 2 hours?” Su’Er’s reply complete shocked everyone else. When Su’Er had told them that it wouldn’t last very long, they had thought that it would be a matter of minutes, and at most 10 or so minutes… who would have thought that it would be 2 hours?

A gigantic barrier that could prevent people from stepping over it for a whole 2 hours! That was simply too ridiculous!

“Mm.” Everyone’s reactions caused Su’Er to feel a bit shy as she said in a small voice, “Because I’m not strong enough, it’s fairly short.”

“It’s not short at all. It’s an unexpectedly long time,” Li Xiao Xue said as she gave a light smile. She had become quite interested in Xiao Qi after that incredibly shocking [Dazzling Red Lotus], and now she was even more interested in Su’Er. She walked a bit closer as she said in a soft voice, “Little Su Su, can you show me your profession’s information?”

“Mm, okay.” Although she was the Heaven’s Secrets Sect’s Sect Leader, Su’Er’s heart was still pure and didn’t possess any wariness towards the people around her, nor did she want to refuse them. She opened up her stats page, and showed it to everyone and said, “However, master told me that some of the profession’s abilities relate to ‘heaven’s will’, and that I can’t tell outsiders. As such, what you can see is only a portion of the profession’s power. Even if I wanted to show you the portion related to ‘heaven’s will’, I wouldn’t be able to. Only I’m able to see it.”

Everyone’s eyes were attracted to Su’Er’s stats page.

On the first page, Su’Er’s basic stats and information were listed out:

IGN: Su Su, Profession: Heaven’s Secrets Sect Sect Leader, Level: LV50.

HP: 3262, MP: 2360.

Strength: 207, Constitution: 211, Agility: 196, Spirit: 198.

Luck: ???, Comprehension: 8.

Hit: 196, Evasion: 196, Critical Chance: 10%, Pierce Chance: 10%.

After looking at Su’Er’s basic stats, everyone including Yun Meng Xin and Li Xiao Xue, who were not of a battle profession, couldn’t help but frown.

These stats… were simply too ordinary.

In fact, calling them ordinary would be polite. Frankly speaking, these stats were trash for a LV50 player!

Even a Summoner, who had the lowest HP, would have more than 3000 HP at LV50. However, Summoners also had extremely high MP values, while Su’Er’s MP was even lower than her HP.

Moreover, the distribution of her 4 primary stats were also quite strange. Normally, each profession focused on a single primary stat: Warriors focused on Strength and occasionally Constitution, Shield Bearers focused on Constitution and sometimes Strength, archers focused on Agility and sometimes Strength, and Mages focused on Spirit and sometimes Constitution… these were all common knowledge. In the virtual world, the most stupid thing to do was to raise the primary stats equally. If someone did this, they would without a doubt… become useless.

Looking at Su’Er’s primary stats – her Strength at 207, Constitution at 211, Agility at 196 and Spirit at 198: they had essentially been raised equally!

All of them were around 200, but none of them were very high. To any profession – Warriors, Shield Bearers, Archers, Assassins, Mages – these were trash stats.

There was something else that was strange- Su’Er’s Luck stat was???.

“Err… is there… something strange?” Seeing everyone staring at her stats page, Su’Er hesitantly asked.

“Ahem, no, Su’Er, can you show us your skills?” Li Xiao Xue asked.

“Mm, here you go.” Su’Er opened the second page.

On the second page were some of Su’Er’s profession’s passive abilities.

[Heaven’s Blessing]: Under any state, you will be immune to all attacks initiated by the other side. Any being that takes the initiative to attack you will have double the damage reflected back at them. Any being that kills you or participates in your death will have their Luck permanently reduced by 10, and you will not receive any penalties after dying.

[Heaven’s Light of Fortune]: Teammates in your party will receive +50% EXP, +50% drop rate of gold, items, and equipment, Luck+10, Critical Chance+15%, Pierce Chance+15%, and no penalties after death.

[Heaven’s Secrets Eyes]: ???? (Heaven’s Will Skill, cannot be viewed)

[Wheel of Fate]: ???? (Heaven’s Will Skill, cannot be viewed)

It felt as if the entire world had suddenly fallen silent. Pairs of eyes looked up at Su’Er, staring at her as if they were tigers and wolves eyeing their prey.

“AHHHH!!!!” Winter of That Year suddenly cried out as he leapt forwards and fell to his knees in front of Su’Er screaming. “Little sister Su’Er, the most powerful and beautiful little sister Su’Er, please let me join you! Please let me be your friend! Please look after me! Please boost me! I’m willing to be your loyal little follower. With a single sentence from you, I’m willing to go up mountains of knives and go down pots of oil without frowning even a bit. Please let me into your party, please let me into your partyyyyyyyyy!!!”