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Chapter 575: Heaven’s Secrets Absolute Formation (2)

Heaven’s Secrets Absolute Formation (2)

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Modlawls123

After the Skyfall Dynasty’s entire army passed over the Heavenly Star Line, they did not immediately attack the new city as the attacking forces had expected. Instead, they turned around and quickly formed a formation. In just a little while, they had formed a long defensive formation! 3 million players glared at the attacking forces in the north, their gazes filled with enmity… those gazes were ones that knew they would soon be destroyed.

“What’s going on? What are they doing?” Flame Shadow yelled out in shock. They were obviously not attacking the city, and with this defensive formation… it looked like they were defending the new city behind them against the attackers in front of them. This was impossible!

“Interesting,” Long Tian Yun coldly laughed as his expression darkened. “Looks like I need to personally go and meet the 3 Heavenly Kings. Call the 3 Heavenly Kings for me and say that I want to talk to them. I’m sure they have things to say to me too.”

Long Tian Yun personally went to the front of the army, and Skyfall, Against The Sky and Judging Sky also came out from within their army, facing each other across the Heavenly Star Line that had not yet disappeared.

“Heavenly King Skyfall, what are you doing?” Long Tian Yun said in a menacing tone while sitting on his tiger.

“Hoh! Isn’t this Alliance Master 3~~~? Can’t Alliance Master 3~~~ tell what we’re doing?” Against The Sky spoke sarcastically. Before he could finish speaking, he couldn’t help but laugh. Behind him, millions of Skyfall Dynasty players laughed while the Yan Huang Alliance and other guild’s players all pursed their lips, their faces reddening as they struggled not to laugh. They looked like they were in immense pain from holding it in.

The nickname ‘Alliance Master 3’ had quickly spread around the entire virtual world after the mass streaking event, and was reserved just for Long Tian Yun. This nickname contained a humiliation that no man would be able to endure, and was the greatest humiliation Long Tian Yun had ever suffered in his entire life. This nickname spread incredibly quickly within China, especially among male players… the high and mighty Long Tian Yun, who most people didn’t even have the right to look up at, was ‘Alliance Master 3’, and was inferior to them in their manliness- the satisfaction and amusement that the men received was simply too refreshing!

However, very few people in the world dare to say this nickname in front of Long Tian Yun. Once they did so, they would attract Long Tian Yun’s hatred. And yet, Against The Sky had called out this nickname so loudly in front of millions of players, meaning that Long Tian Yun would feel irreconcilable hatred for him from now on… before, the Skyfall Dynasty and Yan Huang Alliance often fought in the dark, but acted peaceably in public. No matter if it was the Yan Huang Alliance or Skyfall Dynasty, neither of them wanted to go to war if it was not necessary. However, the Skyfall Dynasty was fated to be destroyed today, so was there any need to worry about going to war? He might as well gain some satisfaction from humiliating a person he didn’t like.

“You’re… seeking… death!!”

It was as if Long Tian Yun had been stripped naked in front of the whole world. He became so angered that he felt as if all of the blood within him was burning up. He venomously stared at Against The Sky who did not seem scared at all. He grinned as he met Long Tian Yun’s gaze- it was as if the angrier Long Tian Yun became, the better he felt. All 3 of the brothers knew the meaning behind the name ‘Skyfall Dynasty’. They all hated the Long family, and after suppressing this hatred for so many years, they finally got to vent it out.

“Young master you must stay calm. They’re clearly trying to make you lose your cool and make a rash decision,” Flame Shadow hurriedly reminded Long Tian Yun.

“Oh? Lose his cool?” Judging Sky said, his face full of surprise. “Doesn’t the entire world know of the nickname ‘Alliance Master 3’? Why would you lose your cool over my second bro calling it out? Hm? Alliance Master Long, what’s wrong with your face? Why has it become as red as a monkey’s ass? I remember that your face should be quite white… whiter than your little brother 3 down there!”

“Hahaha… hahahaha…” Against The Sky burst out into laughter, and started laughing so hard that he bent over backwards. He almost couldn’t breathe from laughing so hard, and the Skyfall Dynasty’s players were once again sent into laughter. The laughter of millions of people travelled for over 10 miles in all directions.

“Shut up!!!!” Skyfall, who hadn’t spoken this entire time, suddenly roared out. His loud and coarse voice caused Against The Sky, Judging Sky, and all of the other players to stop laughing. Skyfall turned around and looked at Judging Sky and Against The Sky angrily as he chided them, “Second bro, third bro! I’m very disappointed in you both. How did father raise us? In order to be a true man and do great things, you must act with dignity and honour. Even if he is the enemy, we can’t trash-talk him in public! But what did you do? You called Alliance Master Long ‘Alliance Master 3’ in front of so many people. Did you not know that the meaning of this nickname is that Alliance Master Long’s ‘little brother’ is only 3 centimetres long?!”

Skyfall’s expression was both sorrowful and furious, “As a man, how humiliating would it be to have a ‘little brother’ that’s only 3 centimetres long? To any man, this would be incredibly shameful- in fact, with such a length, they wouldn’t even deserve to be called a man! Alliance Master Long is the heir of the Long family, and is a dragon among men. He only has this tiny, little, shortcoming, and yet you mocked him for this, calling him ‘Alliance Master 3’ in public? Aren’t you essentially yelling that Alliance Master Long’s ‘little brother’ is only 3 centimetres in public? How could you say such a thing in public? This is simply too wrong! How is Alliance Master 3… no, no, Alliance Master Long supposed to maintain his dignity?”

“Alliance Master Long is a man! How could you be yelling that his ‘little brother’ is only 3 centimetres long in public? Don’t you feel ashamed?”

“In future, neither of you are allowed to say that Alliance Master Long’s ‘little brother’ is only 3 centimetres long, got it?”

“If anyone dares to say Alliance Master Long’s ‘little brother’ is only 3 centimetres long, I, Heavenly King Skyfall, will become enemies with them!”

“The Skyfall Dynasty’s 3 million brothers and sisters: did you hear that? In the future, no one is allowed to say that Alliance Master Long’s ‘little brother’ is only 3 centimetres long, especially not to Alliance Master Long, understood?”

“Friends from the Yan Huang Alliance, you’re not allowed to say that Alliance Master Long’s ‘little brother’ is only 3 centimetres long in public as either, alright?”

“To dare to say that Alliance Master Long’s ‘little brother’ is only 3 centimetres long in public- this is an outrage!”

“Even if Alliance Master Long’s ‘little brother’ is only 3 centimetres long, you shouldn’t say it out in public!”

“Although Alliance Master Long’s ‘little brother’ is only 3 centimetres long…”

“How could you publicly say that Alliance Master Long’s ‘little brother’ is only 3 centimetres long? What would you do if more people found out, hm?”




Skyfall’s eyes were open wide and his spittle flew out as he roared at Judging Sky and Against The Sky. Every single sentence he shouted out would include something along the lines of Alliance Master Long’s ‘little brother’ is only 3 centimetres long. Judging Sky and Against The Sky lowered their heads in shame, fearfully repenting, “Yes, yes, big brother’s right. In the future, we’ll never publicly say that Alliance Master Long’s ‘little brother’ is only 3 centimetres long, even though Alliance Master Long’s ‘little brother’ really is only 3 centimetres long. However, we shouldn’t say that Alliance Master Long’s ‘little brother’ is only 3 centimetres long. If more people found out that Alliance Master Long’s ‘little brother’ is only 3 centimetres long, then how shameful would that be for Alliance Master Long, whose ‘little brother’ is only 3 centimetres long?”

The Skyfall Dynasty’s players resisted the urge to laugh, to the point where they thought they were going to suffer internal injuries. Every single person’s face and body uncontrollably trembled as they desperately held in their laughter. On the platform at the back, everyone was extremely amused, and Winter of That Year smirked as he looked ahead and said, “These famous 3 Heavenly Kings… why are they all acting like hooligans?”

“The Skyfall Dynasty possesses a deep hatred towards the Yan Huang Alliance, and has never seen eye to eye with Long Tian Yun. However, for the development of the Skyfall Dynasty, they couldn’t destroy their cordial relationship with Long Tian Yun. However, they’re fully prepared for death, so they have to enjoy themselves at least. At the same time… they’re doing this to calm themselves down.” Li Xiao Xue’s gaze became serious as she picked up her communication device and said in a low voice, “Heavenly King Skyfall, the defensive line is about to disappear. Please meet us here at the platform.”

Xiao Qi had unwittingly bared Long Tian Yun’s greatest humiliation to the world, and this was capitalised on by the 3 Heavenly Kings. They boldly humiliated him again and again, causing Long Tian Yun to feel as if his internal organs were burning up. His darkening face slowly became purple, and just as everyone thought he was going to explode, he suddenly started to laugh.

Long Tian Yun’s gaze actually became gentle as he looked at the 3 Heavenly Kings and spoke slowly, “So it’s like that. You actually came to help the new city that was about to be destroyed. Moreover, you’re willing to destroy the entire Skyfall Dynasty for it, hahahaha… I’m very curious as to what sort of benefits the Li family has given you for you to do such a thing for the Li family.”

By now, Long Tian Yun became completely certain of the Skyfall Dynasty’s goal.

“Benefits? Heheh,” Skyfall smirked. “There aren’t any benefits at all, nor do we need to receive any benefits. It’s simply because you piss us off, hahaha… second bro, third bro, we should be going so that we don’t worry the big miss Li. We’ll have many more opportunities to talk with Alliance Master 3 – ahem – Alliance Master Long in the future.”

“Alliance Master 3, I should also tell you that I know an amazing hospital for males. Without any surgery, or any need to stay at the hospital, you’ll be able to increase your length by 4 centimetres by just following a treatment plan… heheh, that would be an amazing length for Alliance Master 3! Moreover, there’s very little pain and it costs very little, nor will it affect your day-to-day activities. The quality is guaranteed, and they’re incredibly professional. If you’re interested, you should hurry and go do it. Alliance Master 3, just let me know secretly when you want to do it.”

Skyfall reached out and dragged off Against The Sky who had a disgusting smirk on his face. Long Tian Yun darkly glared at the 3 Heavenly Kings as they walked off, raised his head, and then narrowed his eyes.

“Within 7 days, the Skyfall Dynasty will be wiped off from this world with not even a single fragment remaining…”

The low and sinister voice travelled into Skyfall’s ears. He paused for a moment, but he didn’t turn around, and instead continued to walk towards the platform.

At this moment, the traces of light in front of the attacking forces suddenly began to flash.

“The Heavenly Star Line is going to disappear in 5 minutes,” Su’Er said anxiously.

Skyfall, Against The Sky and Judging Sky all climbed up the platform and stood in front of the others. Li Xiao Xue went up and spoke seriously, “3 Heavenly Kings, I won’t waste our time with words of thanks. I’ll introduce these friends behind me momentarily. The defence line that’s holding the attackers back is about to disappear, and with how furious Long Tian Yun is, the instant it disappears he’ll immediately start attacking. As such, we need to immediately discuss tactics.”

“I understand,” Skyfall nodded. “Since we’ve completely offended the Yan Huang Alliance, we don’t have any path of retreat, nor will we hesitate. Since we’re your reinforcements, you can command the Skyfall Dynasty’s players however you like. That’s what big sister wants.”

“Good!” Li Xiao Xue nodded. “Right now, can Heavenly King Skyfall please order the Skyfall Dynasty to merge with the Battle Alliance’s army and quickly form a winged formation no shorter than the attacking force’s formation.”

Skyfall frowned. In a battle where they faced an overwhelming numbers disadvantage, they should be shrinking down their formation. In battles where one faced a numbers disadvantage, using a winged formation was a great taboo. This would increase the area of the fighting, allowing the other side to make full use of their numbers advantage.

However, Skyfall knew what sort of person Li Xiao Xue was. Although he knew that this was the worst possible formation under the circumstances, he didn’t protest and immediately gave the order. Xiao Qiu Feng also gave an order as the Skyfall Dynasty’s 3 million players and the Battle Alliance’s 500,000 players merged together. They then spread out in a gigantic winged formation.