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Chapter 579: Purple Winged Cloud Leopard

Purple Winged Cloud Leopard

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“Ling Chen what is that? It’s all sparkly and so pretty.”

Shadissika stretched out her snow-white hand and pointed near Ling Chen’s feet. Ling Chen looked towards the direction she was pointing in and saw 2 piles of crystals. The first time Ling Chen had come here, these 2 piles of crystals had caught his attention. They looked like ice, but were clearer than most ice crystals and gave off a faint light. Back then, he had only looked in appreciation and hadn’t paid them much mind. That was because this is the summit of the Godchild Peak and there is snow and ice everywhere. Thousand year and ten thousand year mystic ice that couldn’t be seen anywhere else could be found here.

“It’s ice; hasn’t Sha Sha seen it before?” Ling Chen asked as he smiled.

“Ice… although I can’t remember when, I feel like I have seen it before and I know its name, but in my memories, the ice didn’t look so nice,” Shadissika said as she stared at the ice crystals. “Ling Chen, can you help me take a few? I really like them.”

“Haha, if you like them just take them all.” Ling Chen walked over to the 2 piles of ice crystals and took one at the top and then gave it to Shadissika. Shadissika gave a bright smile as she started to cheer and play with it. Ling Chen then put the rest of the ice crystals in his bag. Ice crystals were incredibly ordinary items here, and there was an abundance of them… however, although bags could store things, they could not keep things cool. After leaving the Godchild Peak, the ice crystals would quickly disappear.

After opening his communication device and looking at the time, Ling Chen’s heart thumped. Within the dark world, he had no idea that a whole day and 2 nights had gone by. Tian Tian must be worried sick.

Ling Chen looked at the young girl in his embrace as he felt quite complicated… ever since he had picked up Shadissika, she had refused to come down. She had been brought out by him from a strange world, and seemed to have lost all of her memories. What would she do if he logged off?

“Sha Sha, do you want to come home with me? I’ll introduce you to a few big sisters.” Ling Chen swayed the girl’s body… a pure girl like this could only be given to Yun Meng Xin to be looked after. He still needed to look for the Lunar Scourge’s other God Orbs, and he didn’t know what sort of places he had to go or how much danger he had to face. He couldn’t always keep her with him like this.

“Mm, okay, okay! I want to see what Ling Chen’s home is like!” Shadissika happily laughed.

“Snow Cherry, let’s go.”

After being summoned, Snow Cherry appeared and quickly turned into her mount form. Ling Chen carried Shadissika onto Snow Cherry’s back and introduced the beautiful Nine-tailed Snow Fox to her.

Suddenly, the roar of a wild beast sounded out. The roar sounded quite close and was absolutely deafening. It contained an immense pressure, causing Ling Chen’s body to involuntarily shiver. At the same time, the ground underneath him started to tremble as the layer of ice above him started to shake, causing ice crystals and snow to fall.

Ling Chen could clearly feel an extremely dangerous aura lock onto his body. This aura felt incredibly hateful and berserk, and it came from beneath him.

“Ah… Ling Chen, what’s happening? What’s going on?” Shadissika pressed her soft body against Ling Chen in fear as she cried out.

“Don’t worry, we’ll be fine soon. Hold on tight.”

Shadissika’s hands clung onto Ling Chen, and with a slight thought, Snow Cherry dashed into the air like a streak of lightning, traversing 50 metres until she reached the layer of ice. To Ling Chen, anywhere related to water was advantageous. Snow Cherry’s body entered into the ice layer and directly flew upwards, breaking through the surface in no time at all.

The surface of the ice layer was still the same, and although it had been half-covered by snow, the fissure within the ice was still present. Ling Chen did not stop at all and urged Snow Cherry quickly towards the edge of the summit. Only when they reached the summit did he stop and turn around… at that moment a massive sound came from below them as the layer of ice exploded. Countless ice shards were blown high into the air, some reaching 100 metres high in the air, as a golden shadow leapt through and landed on the summit.

It had 4 short but powerfully built limbs, and a thick tail that was almost as long as its body. It had a tiger-like head with a protruding nose. Its 4 paws were incredibly large, and its claws firmly gripped into the ice. Its body was a golden colour, and it was covered by a cloud-like pattern. As it appeared, a pair of oval eyes locked onto where Ling Chen was.

That appearance… it was a leopard!

It was about 2 metres long and was larger than most fully-grown leopards. However, it was still much smaller than most of the extremely powerful monsters Ling Chen had encountered in the virtual world. However, the might and sense of danger emanating out from it caused Ling Chen’s heart to tremble. The pressure this beast gave off was greater than even that of a Celestial grade beast, and thinking back, Ling Chen was shocked to realise that this sense of pressure was no less than the one he felt from the Mountain Giant!

In other words, this ordinary-looking leopard was most likely a Heaven’s End grade Boss!

As Ling Chen thought about the situation, he felt quite confused. Before the leopard had jumped out, there had been no change to the ice layer, which meant that the leopard had always been beneath the ice layer. If it had always been below the ice layer, why hadn’t it reacted at all the first 2 times he had come here? The Ice Demon Beast claimed that she had been here for countless years, and she treated this place as her home. If she had discovered the leopard, she most likely would have eaten it. Why did it suddenly jump out this time… and the aura it was giving off was as if Ling Chen was its most hated foe, on the level of killing its father.

With Ling Chen’s current strength, he is able to easily defeat Celestial grade Bosses near his level, but while he might be able to defeat low-level Heaven’s End grade Bosses, he would only be able to run away from those near this level. He had only defeated that Mountain Giant with Tian Tian’s help.

Facing this large leopard that seemed to have come from nowhere, Ling Chen only had a single option…


Without hesitating at all, Snow Cherry turned and spread her wings, gliding along the cliff face as she flew downwards. Normally, if he met such a strong Boss, he would at least try fighting it. However, he absolutely could not do this right now because he had Shadissika with him! The Evil God’s Mask could reflect fatal attacks for him, but Shadissika would instantly die. Moreover, once she died, she would be permanently dead.


Snow Cherry descended extremely quickly, causing the wind to howl in their ears. With Snow Cherry’s Movement Speed, normal creatures were unable to catch up to her at all. Just as Ling Chen was able to relax a bit, the sound of a gale came from above.


Ling Chen looked up and saw the leopard’s grey-green eyes. On its back were 2 purple wings that looked mismatched on its body. The wings gave off a cold light… as if they were made from crystals.

Within the sound of this wild gale, the 2 grey-green eyes came closer and closer to Ling Chen, and in an instant, the 100 metres distance shrank to 50 metres and then to 10 metres.

What the hell? Leopards can sprout wings?

This is ridiculous!!!!

With Ling Chen mounted on her, Snow Cherry’s Movement Speed was 345, a speed that can be described to be as fast as lightning. And yet, they were still unable to shake off this leopard and were being caught up to by it. Ling Chen frowned as he unhesitatingly activated [Broken Shadow].


With Broken Shadow activated, Snow Cherry’s speed skyrocketed, shooting off like a bolt of lightning. A white shadow blurred as she disappeared off into the distance.

Under the extreme speed, the wind howled and screamed in his ears, making it difficult for Ling Chen to even sit properly on Snow Cherry’s body. He was actually almost thrown off. He tightly hugged Shadissika, protecting her small head with his arms as he breathed out. With Broken Shadow activated, Snow Cherry’s Movement Speed was 3450. Not even a god would be able to catch up to her. Broken Shadow was an escaping skill that had never failed Ling Chen before, and no matter how powerful an enemy was, he would be able to escape from them in an instant. They wouldn’t be able to even catch the dust he left behind.

“Sha Sha, don’t worry. It’s fine now.”

Ling Chen patted Shadissika’s arm as he comforted her and then casually looked behind him… just this casual glance almost caused him to fall down from Snow Cherry’s back.

He could still see the leopard, and it was only about 30 metres behind him! Despite activating Broken Shadow, this leopard was still giving chase. On its back, the crystal-like wings were giving off a bright crystalline light.

Ling Chen desperately wanted to rub his eyes.

What the hell was going on!!

He had activated Broken Shadow! Broken Shadow!! And yet this leopard was still keeping up with them!

What the hell was going on?

Could it be that this leopard had a rocket in its ass?

After feeling extremely shocked, he quickly calmed down. He noticed the leopard’s shining wings and realised that though it was fast, it shouldn’t normally be this fast. Ling Chen guessed that this explosive increase in speed was probably some sort of skill it used.

If that is the case then it probably can’t use that skill for very long, so it is still possible to outrun it!

Ling Chen continued to rapidly descend. He was no longer restricted by the coldness, and with gravity on their side, they were able to travel extremely quickly. As they descended, the temperature gradually began to rise.

After Broken Shadow’s effects ended, Ling Chen immediately cast a second Broken Shadow. He turned around to find that the leopard was still right behind him, and didn’t seem to be any further away. With 3450 Movement Speed, they traversed around 200-300 metres every second, meaning that the gap between them was almost nothing.