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Chapter 580: Chilling Crystal Chalcedony

Chilling Crystal Chalcedony

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When climbing the mountain, Ling Chen had been greatly restricted by the temperature. Each step he had taken was with great difficulty. Now, not only was he not affected by the temperature at all, but he was also rapidly flying downwards with Snow Cherry. The speed at which he had ascended could not be compared at all to the speed at which he was descending. Back then, it had taken Ling Chen more than a month to climb to the summit of the Godchild Peak, while right now, by the time the third Broken Shadow had almost ended, Snow Cherry was almost halfway down the mountain. There were barely even any traces of snow around.

At that moment, Ling Chen heard Qi Yue’s voice in his head.

“Little master, where did you go during this time? Why couldn’t my consciousness come out from within the Lunar Scourge? I couldn’t even detect your presence.”

There was a sense of deep shock contained within Qi Yue’s face. While within that dark world, Ling Chen couldn’t contact Qi Yue, and Qi Yue’s mind couldn’t even leave the Lunar Scourge, let alone contact Ling Chen. She realised that Ling Chen had most likely entered into a special region that had a powerful isolating force. However, she couldn’t think of any sort of place in the Forgotten Continent that was like that.

“I’ll tell you later! Can’t you see there’s a leopard behind us?” Ling Chen inwardly roared.

“Oh?” Qi Yue seemed to only just notice the leopard that was relentlessly chasing after them. She paused before crying out in shock, “It’s a Purple Winged Cloud Leopard!”

“Purple Winged Cloud Leopard? You’ve seen them before?”

“No, but I’ve heard of them,” Qi Yue replied. “They’re not very famous in the Forgotten Continent. Who would have thought that after 10,000 years, the Purple Winged Cloud Leopard Clan still existed? I thought that they had long since become extinct. I’m sure that there are still records of it though. ‘Star-chasing tiger and wind-pursuing leopard’ were names that everyone knew back then.”

“‘Star-chasing tiger and wind-pursuing leopard’?”

“The ‘star-chasing tiger’ refers to the Moon God Clan’s holy guardian beast. It’s one of the Forgotten continent’s 5 Saint Destroyer Beasts, the Eight-Winged Heaven Tiger. It’s said that its speed is extremely fast and can chase after the stars and moon. There’s no creature in the heavens that can rival its speed. As for the ‘wind-pursuing leopard’, that refers to the Purple-Winged Cloud Leopard behind you. When travelling at its fastest speed, it can rival that of the wind.

“However, this Purple-Winged Cloud Leopard cannot fully exhibit the maximum speed of a Purple-Winged Cloud Leopard because it’s not yet mature and is only Heaven’s End grade. Mature Purple-Winged Cloud Leopards are Mysterious God grade, and even if you activate Broken Shadow, they’ll still be able to easily catch up to you. Despite this, it’s already quite amazing you’ve been able to stay ahead of this Purple-Winged Cloud Leopard for so long.”

This monstrously fast Purple-Winged Cloud Leopard was not yet mature?!

Ling Chen couldn’t help but feel dumbfounded. Tt seemed that there were all sorts of miraculous things in this world. He had thought that his speed after activating Broken Shadow was one of the fastest in the world, exceeding anything comprehensible by humans. He thought that apart from Xiao Feng Chen, nothing could catch up to him. Tt seems that he had simply been a frog in the well.

“Little master, where did you discover this Purple-Winged Cloud Leopard? Why is it chasing you? Although Purple-Winged Cloud Leopards aren’t very well-natured, they’re not so easily enraged, nor would they attack humans for no reason.”

“Why is it chasing me? I want to know as well!” Ling Chen said as he gnashed his teeth. “It was hiding under the ice layer at the summit, and didn’t react at all the first 2 times I came here. I don’t know what went wrong with its brain for it to suddenly run out and relentlessly chase after me.”

“From what I know, because of their incredible speed and power, they’re often tasked with guarding or protecting things. Unless one’s overall strength far surpasses theirs, with the Purple-Winged Cloud Leopard’s speed, no one is able to steal the things they protect. Little master, did you steal something that it was protecting?” Qi Yue asked.

“How is that possible? Apart from snow and ice, there’s nothing at the summit of the Godchild Peak! Even if there’s some amazing treasure, it’s definitely buried under the thick ice. Xiao Hui can’t come out at the summit, so even if I wanted to find it, I wouldn’t! How would I be able to steal it? I’ve been to the summit 3 times and all I took were some… ice crystals…”

Ling Chen suddenly paused as cold sweat appeared on his forehead and he weakly spoke, “It can’t be those ice crystals right… they’re all over the Godchild Peak…”

“What ice crystals? Show me!”

Ling Chen immediately took out one of the ice crystals that he had taken from in front of the mysterious door and looked at its description:

Chilling Crystal Chalcedony: Mystic ice that has existed for over 100,000 years that has absorbed the aura of True Gods from the ancient times. Cannot be melted even by fire, and is incredibly tough and durable. Contains boundless chilling qi, but does not feel cold at all. Has great affinity with living creatures. Consuming one will immediately increase one’s level by 3 levels, and the chilling qi will gently change the consumer’s body, giving them a permanent 40% Resistance to Water. If combined with armour, it will become virtually indestructible, and if combined with equipment, it will become incredibly tough and durable. It will also gain a powerful freezing effect.

“This… this is the legendary item that was supposedly left behind by gods, the Chilling Crystal Chalcedony!” Qi Yue cried out.

Ling Chen’s mouth fell wide open… he had taken these ice crystals only because Shadissika had said they were pretty, so he took them for her to play with. Who would have thought that these ice crystals had such powerful effects! Eating one would instantly raise one’s level by 3 levels and could give 40% Resistance to Water! This was simply incomprehensible!

What’s more… after counting, Ling Chen found that he had 80 or so of these Chilling Crystal Chalcedony!

I’m rich… Ling Chen inwardly screamed.

This meant that the Purple-Winged Cloud Leopard was the guardian of these Chilling Crystal Chalcedony. After all, it had only appeared after he had taken the Chilling Crystal Chalcedony.

Suddenly, Ling Chen did not feel wronged anymore. Of course it would try to chase him down after he took 80 or so of these overpowered items from the Purple Winged Cloud Leopard!

Of course, now that he knew, that didn’t mean he would hand these Chilling Crystal Chalcedony to the Purple-Winged Cloud Leopard. Since he had obtained these overpowered things, they were now his. Return them? No way! Moreover, these Chilling Crystal Chalcedony had been left on the ground, and it wasn’t as if they had anyone’s name written of them. They were evidently ownerless, so he was completely justified in taking them away. It was the Purple-Winged Cloud Leopard, which had suddenly rushed out, who was the bandit.

After telling himself this, Ling Chen felt much better inside.

By the time the last Broken Shadow had nearly expired, the Purple-Winged Cloud Leopard was still right behind them. When Broken Shadow expired, it would catch up to them in an instant. Ling Chen looked down at the girl in his embrace as he gritted his teeth. He let go as he vigorously jumped off from Snow Cherry’s back, the Great Ravager and the Twilight Spear appearing in his hands as he shot towards the Purple-Winged Cloud Leopard.

“Snow Cherry, take her as far away as possible!”

“Ling Chen!!”

Shadissika cried out in fear and shock as Ling Chen’s body smashed into the Purple-Winged Cloud Leopard… they were travelling too quickly, and because of how suddenly Ling Chen had turned and jumped, even the Purple-Winged Cloud Leopard could not react in time… however, it did not need to react, because its goal was to kill Ling Chen. Ling Chen giving up escaping and suddenly attacking was what it wished for.


-26,500, -26,502, -90,800!

The sound of them crashing together at such a speed sounded like a massive explosion. In the next instant, the man and beast shot apart from each other as 3 bright red damage figures rose up in the air… two were dealt by Ling Chen himself and the third was damage reflected by the Evil God’s Mask. All 3 damage figures had been dealt to the Purple-Winged Cloud Leopard.

This incredibly powerful impact almost knocked Ling Chen unconscious, and he didn’t even know when he had fallen to the ground. By the time he crawled up, he realised that he was lying in a big crater and half of his HP was missing… evidently, his loss in HP wasn’t dealt by the Purple-Winged Cloud Leopard, but from falling to the ground. After a while, his mind finally became clear again. After some struggling, he was able to stand up. He thought to himself that this was how it must feel after being hit by a train. Some distance away from him, the Purple-Winged Cloud Leopard was in a much worse shape than him- its entire body had smashed into a mountain… the Evil God’s Mask reflected not only damage, but the impact and force.

Snow Cherry obeyed Ling Chen’s command, and had flown far, far away. After trying to detect her, Ling Chen found that she was 1,000 metres away in the air and was only a white dot in the distance. This allowed Ling Chen to relax… even now, he could still hear Shadissika’s shocked and fearful voice.

Since I can’t run away, I’ll have to kill you! Ling Chen’s eyes flashed murderously as he rushed towards where the Purple-Winged Cloud Leopard was. Just as he took a few steps, the ground under his feet suddenly trembled as the Purple-Winged Cloud Leopard launched itself towards Ling Chen like a bolt of lightning with a roar.

The Purple-Winged Cloud Leopard’s wings were no longer shining, but it was still incredibly fast. However, it was much slower than it was when it was chasing them- evidently, it couldn’t travel that fast whenever it wanted to. Ling Chen’s eyes narrowed into slits as he tracked the Purple-Winged Cloud Leopard’s trajectory… the, Purple-Winged Cloud Leopard’s body wasn’t very big, which meant that its attack range was not very big either. Ling Chen was confident that he wouldn’t be completely defenceless against this sort of speed and attack.


The gale-like Purple-Winged Cloud Leopard swept towards Ling Chen… but found that its target was only an afterimage. Although Ling Chen was not as fast as the Purple-Winged Cloud Leopard, his monstrous senses and his incredible explosive strength allowed him to perfectly evade the attack. Because he had evaded so well and with such perfect timing, his afterimage looked incredibly clear. His body had ducked underneath the Purple-Winged Cloud Leopard’s attack as he activated Soul Sacrifice and sent 2 heavy attacks towards the Purple-Winged Cloud Leopard’s hind legs: A Thousand Kilogram Rend with his left hand and a Ling Tian Slash with his right!

Boom! Bang!

-132,500, -220,850.

Even the Purple-Winged Cloud Leopard couldn’t receive Ling Chen’s furious attacks, which were buffed by Soul Sacrifice, so easily. As the 2 heavy explosions sounded out, the Purple-Winged Cloud Leopard, which was already travelling incredibly quickly, was blasted away by the 2 attacks like a rocket. It crashed to the ground after flying about 100 metres and could no longer maintain its balance as it started to roll down the mountain.