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Chapter 581: Meeting Xi Ling Again

Meeting Xi Ling Again

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However, the Purple-Winged Cloud Leopard was not to be underestimated. Just as Ling Chen let out a breath and started to smile, a purple light flashed as a wild gale rushed towards him. As Ling Chen’s pupils expanded, the Purple-Winged Cloud Leopard, which had been rolling 30 metres away, was suddenly right in front of him. By the time he had realised what he had seen, the massive front paws were less than half a body length away.


Ling Chen was hit heavily as he was sent flying like a bale of hay. He felt utterly shocked inwardly… from when the Purple-Winged Cloud Leopard had hit the ground to when it had rushed in front of him, its speed was so fast that he couldn’t react in time… it had essentially teleported! The attack it just unleashed was many times faster than its first attack and was slightly faster than even when it had been chasing behind him.

Back then, its wings had been glowing, meaning that it had used a skill to increase its speed. Evidently, Ling Chen’s attacks, which had made it suffer greatly, had completely enraged it.

Just as Ling Chen’s body fell to the ground, an icy and dangerous aura swept towards him from behind. The Evil God’s Mask had once again saved him, but the Purple-Winged Cloud Leopard, who had been sent flying by the Evil God’s Mask, once again sprang towards him. It was as fast as lightning, and with its berserk speed, it covered tens of metres in 0.1 seconds. Ling Chen didn’t have time to think, much less turn around, before he released a silver light from the Lunar Scourge.

“Moon Shadow!”

“Ding… the Libra Orb’s effects have been activated, [Moon Shadow]’s cooldown time has been reset.”

The dangerous aura disappeared, and the Purple-Winged Cloud Leopard’s body froze in mid-air. Ling Chen turned around and found that its sharp paws were less than 3 centimetres away from his forehead. Upon seeing this, Ling Chen’s body erupted into cold sweat. The Evil God’s Mask could only protect him once every 10 seconds; if he was hit by that attack, he would have died without a doubt.

“Now you know how powerful it is!” Qi Yue’s voice contained a hint of schadenfreude; she knew that Ling Chen wouldn’t stand a chance against it in a straight-up fight. Within the Lunar Scourge, she had been continuously observing Ling Chen and had seen him face many powerful bosses. They had all completely suppressed Ling Chen in terms of stats and skills as well as levels and grades, but this was the first one that had an overwhelming speed and agility advantage over him. The Purple-Winged Cloud Leopard was the first creature to be able to continuously hit Ling Chen with its attacks.

Within the Forgotten Continent, its speed was inferior to only that of the Eight-Winged Heaven Tiger’s- it indeed lived up to its reputation!

Ling Chen did not waste any words as he rushed up towards the frozen Purple-Winged Cloud Leopard and furiously attacked it. After 4 rounds of attacks, Moon Shadow’s effects expired. The Purple-Winged Cloud Leopard gave a roar of pain as it heavily crashed onto the ground. However, it bounced back like a spring and accurately jumped several meters towards Ling Chen’s position.


The impact from a Heaven’s End grade beast caused the ground to crack, as stones and sand flew into the air. Ling Chen appeared 15 metres high in the air- the Twilight Spear’s Moment of Elegance allowed him to successfully dodge its lightning-like attack. These 2 simple attacks from the Purple-Winged Cloud Leopard demonstrated to Ling Chen just how terrifying it was.

The Purple-Winged Cloud Leopard had not used any skills the entire time, and every time it attacked, it was simply leaping at Ling Chen. However, with this sort of speed, agility, and explosiveness, it didn’t need any attack skills. The number of beings under the heavens that could dodge its attacks could be counted on a single hand. For an immature Purple-Winged Cloud Leopard to be so monstrous already, it was inconceivable to imagine what a matured Purple-Winged Cloud Leopard would be like.

Ling Chen quickly fell from the air, and before the Purple-Winged Cloud Leopard could attack again, he activated his second Moon Shadow to once again freezing the Purple-Winged Cloud Leopard. However, this time he wasn’t lucky enough for the Libra Orb’s effects to activate. Instead of attacking it like last time, Ling Chen took two steps forwards and unleashed a Moon Flare.

The incredibly bright and piercing light stabbed into the Purple-Winged Cloud Leopard’s eyes, causing a scream of pain to erupt from its throat. At the same time, its aura that was locking onto Ling Chen wavered because of the loss of its sight and the immense pain. At that moment, Ling Chen activated Vanishing Shadow and disappeared.

Once Moon Flare’s effects ended, the Purple-Winged Cloud Leopard regained its sight and let out a howl of fury. Its piercing eyes looked around, but they couldn’t find Ling Chen. It could not detect Ling Chen at all within the range of its senses. The Purple-Winged Cloud Leopard’s aura became berserk as it continuously roared in anger.

Ling Chen was squatting on the ground 20 metres to its right, not daring to move.

“Hmm? Little master isn’t going to fight with it anymore?” Qi Yue asked mockingly.

“Fight my ass! With such an obscene speed, how am I supposed to fight it?” Ling Chen angrily retorted. What was the fastest speed on earth? Teleportation. However, if he faced an enemy with teleportation, he would not have to fear at all because teleportation was a type of skill. With Moon Grief, his enemies would not be able to use any of their skills. Moreover, if the enemy wasn’t fast enough, it would be hard to say who would hit who first even if they teleported behind him. However, the Purple-Winged Cloud Leopard surpassed him in speed, senses, reaction time, and explosiveness. These sorts of things couldn’t be sealed off with Moon Grief.

Even if this was a powerful player, Ling Chen wouldn’t have minded. With his Attack Power, he would be able to insta-kill any player. However, this was a Boss! Even if Ling Chen activated Soul Sacrifice, he might not be able to kill it even if he hit it 100 times, while it would take a single hit from the Purple-Winged Cloud Leopard to insta-kill him. The Evil God’s Mask couldn’t protect him every time, nor could he use Moon Shadow whenever he liked. If he continued to face the Purple-Winged Cloud Leopard head-on like this, the chances of him dying were above 90%!

After perfectly hiding his presence with Vanishing Shadow, even the Cherry Blossom God Representative was unable to detect him, much less the Purple-Winged Cloud Leopard. After rampaging around, the Purple-Winged Cloud Leopard still could not find Ling Chen. It took a few steps forwards as it suddenly raised its head, its aura, which had been calming down, once again became berserk. Its grey-green eyes stared into the sky.

The Purple-Winged Cloud Leopard’s actions caused Ling Chen to feel slightly confused, forcing him to also look over. He immediately saw the white shadow 1,000 metres away, causing his face to fall. The Purple-Winged Cloud Leopard’s ear-splitting roar sounded out as it spread its purple wings, its body blurring as it shot towards the white dot.

Evidently, that was Snow Cherry and Shadissika.

Ling Chen’s heart trembled, and he immediately deactivated Vanishing Shadow and yelled, “I’m right here!!”

This sudden yell successfully attracted the Purple-Winged Cloud Leopard’s attention onto him. Its body suddenly froze as it looked back before it let out a roar and rushed towards Ling Chen… it was Ling Chen who had taken the Chilling Crystal Chalcedony, so its target was naturally Ling Chen.

Ling Chen frowned as he concentrated and watched the Purple-Winged Cloud Leopard come closer and closer… Looks like I have to kill it! If I really have to do it… I still have the Shura’s Death Domain and Lightning Attraction!

With the Purple-Winged Cloud Leopard’s speed and the fact that they were only about 100 metres or so apart, it would be upon him in a blink of an eye. At that moment in the distance, a piercing bird’s cry sounded out. This cry caused Ling Chen’s body to tremble as a look of disbelief appeared on his face. The Purple-Winged Cloud Leopard’s body also trembled as it paused and looked up. This bird’s cry contained an overwhelming sense of might, and the Purple-Winged Cloud Leopard’s body and soul trembled uncontrollably at the sound.

As for Ling Chen, this cry sounded incredibly intimate, and it caused him to feel delight from the bottom of his heart. He was incredibly familiar with this cry, because no one would be able to forget this beautiful cry after hearing it. He quickly looked up, searching for where this cry had come from. When he looked towards the south-east, he saw a beautiful red shadow. He immediately yelled out in joy, “Xi Ling!! Xi Ling!! Is it you?”

Crimson red feathers covered her body, and the body was also decorated by some golden feathers. The first time Ling Chen had seen Xi Ling, he had been deeply amazed by her beauty. The crimson figure in the sky was much larger than he remembered, but apart from Xi Ling, who could possess those beautiful feathers?

A bird cry filled with joy gave Ling Chen his answer. Xi Ling started to fly faster, and she reached the air above Ling Chen in an instant. Her beautiful body spiralled above him in the air as her cries of joy sounded up to the heavens. Ling Chen looked up at Xi Ling and couldn’t help but laugh. The weight within his heart finally disappeared… the Vermillion Bird had fulfilled its promise, and Xi Ling really had come back.

“How miraculous, she actually revived and came back. The Vermillion Bird burned its soul flame for her... could it be because of its reverence towards the Golden Crow?” Qi Yue said in astonishment before muttering, “Her grade also rose from Heaven’s End to Mysterious God… with enough time, it’s possible that she’ll become a Saint Destroyer grade beast again.”

Some distance away, the Purple-Winged Cloud Leopard, which had been floating in the air, fell to the ground. The Purple-Winged Cloud Leopard, which had seemed so violent and domineering before, now lay with all 4 limbs on the ground shivering. Its grey-green eyes lost their berserk look, and were instead filled with respect and fear. When its constricted eyes looked over to Ling Chen, it seemed to remember its duty. The look of fury reappeared as it sprang towards Ling Chen… however, under the suppression from Xi Ling’s pressure, it was no longer as agile, becoming 3 to 4 times slower than before.