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Chapter 582: Xiao Hui Evolves

Xiao Hui Evolves

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This sort of speed posed no threat to Ling Chen. Just as he was about to react, a furious cry came from Xi Ling from above as a crimson red line of flames shot down from the sky, accurately smashing into the Purple-Winged Cloud Leopard’s body.


The Purple-Winged Cloud Leopard’s body was flipped over by the attack as its entire body started to burn up. It howled pitifully as it rolled around in pain, ‘120,000’ damage figures continuously rising up from its body. Upon seeing this, Ling Chen’s jaws dropped.

… If he saw correctly, that [Red Laser] just dealt more than 3 million damage!

“No less than expected from the Golden Crow’s flames. It is able to deal Saint Destroyer grade damage while still at the Mysterious God grade… the reputation of the strongest attacker in the Forgotten Continent is well-deserved!” Qi Yue gasped in shock and admiration.

Just this simple attack caused the Heaven’s End Grade Purple-Winged Cloud Leopard to lose more than 1/3 of its HP! Moreover, the red flames did not disappear, continuing to consume the Purple-Winged Cloud Leopard’s HP. After being attacked by a holy beast like Xi Ling and losing 1/3 of its HP, the Purple-Winged Cloud Leopard was scared out if its wits. It howled as it ran up the mountain while still covered with flames, hoping that the freezing temperature at the summit would extinguish the flames that caused it so much pain. To Xi Ling, attacking Ling Chen was absolutely unforgivable. She continuously rained down flames towards the Purple-Winged Cloud Leopard.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

The large region became a sea of flames, but in the end, the Purple-Winged Cloud Leopard was not to be underestimated. Even if it was in a pitiful state, it was still incredibly fast, dodging all of Xi Ling’s attacks. Finally, Xi Ling gave another furious cry as she spread her wings, a ring of red fire shooting towards where the Purple-Winged Cloud Leopard was escaping. It grew larger and larger as it flew through the air.


In the distance where the Purple-Winged Cloud Leopard was running, a sea of flames that reached tens of metres high instantly erupted. The flames spanned a distance of over a thousand metres. The flames devoured everything it touched, including the Purple-Winged Cloud Leopard. Cries of fear and pain sounded out from within the flames… until everything became silent again.

“Ding… the LV60 Heaven’s End Grade Boss ‘Purple-Winged Cloud Leopard’ has died. Because you have dealt damage to it, you have received proportionate rewards. Fame+5350, SP+5350.”

“Ding… congratulations you have levelled up to LV50, HP+20, MP+20, Strength+5, Agility+1, Spirit+1.”

“Ding… you have levelled up to LV50 and have therefore fulfilled the conditions to enter the Forgotten Continent’s royal city, the ‘Forgotten Continent’. The beginning phase of your journey in the Mystic Moon has concluded, and your true journey in Mystic Moon has begun. You can now head to the Forgotten City and find your profession trainer to complete your second profession upgrade. If you have a hidden profession, you need to find certain items or fulfill certain criteria to upgrade your profession. After rising to a certain level or fulfilling a hidden condition, your profession will automatically be upgraded.”

“Ding… because you have reached LV50, have Physical Attack Power greater than 2,000, and all of your profession’s skills’ levels are more than half of the maximum level, [Ling Tian Battle Soul] will automatically be upgraded to [Ling Tian War God]. HP+500, MP+200, Physical Attack Damage+150, 4 Primary Attributes+20, SP+300, [War God Technique]’s maximum level has been increased to LV20, [Ling Tian Slash] has been upgraded to [Heaven Destroying Slash], [Ling Tian Burst] has been upgraded to [Boundless Desolation], [Four Corners Star Formation] has been upgraded to [Eight Direction Annihilation], [Battle Soul Possession] has been upgraded to [War God’s Fury], and the War God’s 2 ultimate skills have been unlocked: [Extinguishing The Heavens and Destroying The Earth Tempest] and [Disdaining The Heavens and Scorning the Earth, I Am Emperor].”

“Ding… under the effects from Holy Spirit Beast Xiao Hui’s ‘Holy Spirit’s Gift’, the skills [Heaven Destroying Slash], [Boundless Desolation], [Eight Direction Annihilation], [War God’s Fury], [Extinguishing The Heavens and Destroying The Earth Tempest], and [Disdaining The Heavens and Scorning the Earth, I Am Emperor] have all been raised to LV4.”

“Ding… because you have reached LV50, have Comprehension greater than 15, and have unlocked more than 5 Feng Chen Murdering Heart Curses, you have received the right to succeed as the Feng Chen Sect’s Sect Leader. [Feng Chen Curse Zanni] has been automatically upgraded to [Feng Chen Sect Leader], Constitution+50, Agility+100, Spirit+100, Movement Speed+15. The skill [Feng Chen Technique] has been increased to max level. [Broken Shadow] and [Vanishing Shadow] have been raised to LV5 with their maximum levels raised to LV10. You have also unlocked a new shadow technique: [Burning Shadow].”

“Ding… you have unlocked the new Feng Chen Murdering Heart Curses: [Deity Curse], [Irreconcilable Hatred Curse], [Love Magnet Curse] and [We’re All Sheep Curse]. The success rates of all Feng Chen Curses have all greatly increased.”

Ling Chen received a portion of the EXP from the Purple-Winged Cloud Leopard’s death, leveling him up from LV 49 to LV50. LV50 was the point when all players could do their second profession upgrade. Because both of his professions were quite special, he had wondered how he would upgrade his professions. He could find Xiao Feng Chen for his Feng Chen Curse Zanni profession, but who did he have to meet for his War God profession?

Who would have thought that these 2 professions would have both automatically upgraded as soon as he hit LV50!

Of course, level wasn’t the only condition for upgrading the professions. Ling Chen had unknowingly fulfilled all of the other conditions, allowing his 2 professions to simultaneously be upgraded instantly.

Every profession upgrade was a massive power spike for players, and Ling Chen was no exception. After both of his professions were upgraded, Ling Chen received massive stat increases, and more importantly, he unlocked more powerful skills.

The mountain in front of him continued to burn, but Ling Chen’s focus was no longer on that. Xi Ling had returned and both of his professions had been upgraded- he felt incredibly delighted. Just as he was about to hurriedly look at his new skills, the system announcements once again sounded out.

“Ding… your pet ‘Xiao Hui’ has levelled up to LV50…”

“Ding… your pet Xiao Hui is requesting to leave the Pet Dimension.”

A strong wave of energy came from the Pet Dimension, and Ling Chen immediately let out Xiao Hui. The instant Xiao Hui appeared, an intense purple light pierced into Ling Chen’s eyes, causing him to subconsciously shield his eyes with his hand. When his eyes had adjusted to the light, he found that the light was coming from Xiao Hui’s sharp horn. The light slowly covered Xiao Hui’s entire body… this purple light was the same as the one from the White Tiger’s lightning.

Xiao Hui’s entire body was bathed in the lightning, and he didn’t move at all as the sounds of lightning became louder and louder.

What… What’s going on? Ling Chen took a step back as he looked at the strange scene in front of him.

“Ding… your pet Leng’Er has levelled up to LV50, MP+100, Magic Attack Power+20, Defence+10, Favorability+2, and has unlocked [Soul Lock]. Special ability [Summon Undead] has levelled up to LV2.”

“Ding… your mount-type pet ‘Snow Cherry’ has levelled up to LV50, HP+1000, MP+300, Physical Attack Power+100, Magic Attack Power+60, Defense+50, and has entered into her five-tail form. [Murdering Soul] can now be used, and [Godly Fox Sky-Toppling Dance]’s effects have changed.”

Leng’Er and Snow Cherry also levelled up to LV50, resulting in some changes in their stats and skills. Ling Chen didn’t have time to have a look at their changes- his eyes were fixed on Xiao Hui who was covered with purple lightning… as he watched, he thought of something: This light looks more and more like the White Tiger’s lightning. Could it be that when the White Tiger had passed those skills to Xiao Hui, it also gave some of its power to Xiao Hui that could only be released after LV50?

According to the White Tiger, the Azure Dragon, and the Vermillion Bird, White Tiger and Black Turtle’s power were all birthed from the Holy Qilin. That meant that their power could once again go back to the Holy Qilin. Could it be that after receiving some power from the White Tiger, Xiao Hui was… evolving?!


The light suddenly expanded, but Ling Chen immediately realised that it wasn’t the light from the lightning that was expanding… but that within the light, Xiao Hui’s body was slowly growing… it was a slow process, but it was observable by the human eye. As his body became bigger, his 4 limbs became longer and thicker, and the horn on his head also grew longer… Ling Chen’s heart started to beat faster- perhaps his guess really was right.

Xi Ling’s attention was also attracted by Xiao Hui’s change. She hovered in the air as she silently watched him.


A loud crack of lightning sounded out as the lightning around Xiao Hui’s body suddenly disappeared, revealing Xiao Hui’s body. He was still grey, had a sharp horn, and a short tail. Overall, he didn’t look too different. However, his body shape had greatly changed. Before, he was only as tall as a basketball, but now he was as tall as Ling Chen’s knee.

After the changes took place, Xiao Hui looked quite happy, wagging his tail as he walked over to Ling Chen. His eyes shone as he affectionately rubbed against Ling Chen. Apart from the increase in body size, not much had changed.

“Ding… your pet Holy Spirit Beast ‘Xiao Hui’ has become Heaven’s End grade, and all of his stats have greatly increased. Passive Skills [Eye of the Holy Spirit] has levelled up to LV4, [Holy Spirit’s Aura] has levelled up to LV11, and a new Passive Skills have been locked: [Holy Spirit’s Sacrifice], [Holy Spirit’s Pearl], as well as the special skill [Purple Qilin Light].”