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Chapter 586: Vermillion Bird’s Heart

Vermillion Bird’s Heart

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Without a doubt, Xi Ling was the most extreme attack-type pet. The power of the Heaven’s End Grade Xi Ling already greatly surpassed Ling Chen, and despite being a pet, she was able to even insta-kill Lord Grade Bosses of a similar level. Now that Xi Ling was Mysterious God grade, no matter if it was her strength or the range of her attacks, they were completely shocking. For normal monsters around the same level, no matter how much Defence or Fire Resistance they had, they would undoubtedly still be insta-killed. As for Lord Grade Bosses of a similar level, a single Solar Laser was enough to insta-kill them without giving them a chance to even struggle.

Just the Golden Crow alone was the most powerful attacker out of the 5 Saint Destroyer beasts. It essentially represented the extremes of attack power within the Forgotten Continent. Within Xi Ling was not only the Golden Crow’s flames, but also the Vermillion Bird’s soul flames as well as the ancient Phoenix Clan’s flames. The 3 sovereigns of flames were all mixed within Xi Ling’s body.

Compared to her attack power, her lifeforce was incredibly pitiful. Despite being a Mysterious God grade beast, her HP was only 10% that of Xiao Hui’s. However, with her attack power, how many enemies could attack her before they were insta-killed? Moreover, there Xiao Hui was protecting her as well.

“Phoenix’s flames, Vermillion Bird’s flames… I understand that she has the Vermillion Bird’s flames because she was reborn from the Vermillion Bird’s soul flames, so her lifeforce is filled with the Vermillion Bird’s soul flames. However, the Phoenix bloodline… this is simply incomprehensible.” Qi Yue’s voice sounded out in Ling Chen’s mind. She knew much more than Ling Chen about the Phoenix Clan. The Phoenix Clan had gone extinct 10,000 years ago and was never mentioned again. Who would have thought that the Phoenix bloodline would reappear after 10,000 years?

After thinking for a while, Qi Yue spoke tactfully, “In that case, there’s only one explanation. Xi Ling does not possess only the Golden Crow’s bloodline or the Phoenix’s bloodline, but a mixture of both. No wonder why she was able to use the flames of the nine suns but also have it look so different to the Golden Crow’s.”

“But aren’t the Phoenix and Golden Crow 2 different tribes? They can mate?” Ling Chen looked at Xi Ling as he wondered.

“It’s indeed possible. After reaching their level and grade, they’re able to freely transform into their human form. Just like the little Xi Ling in front of you, she’s in her human form, right? If little master wants, you can mate with her,” Qi Yue said as her tone became racy.

Ling Chen: “!@#$%......”

“It’s just that as a Saint Destroyer beast, the Golden Crow is restricted by the Mystic Moon world’s rules. There has only ever been one Golden Crow in existence. As such, the Golden Crow uses the flames of the nine suns to give birth to the Golden Crow of the next generation. This process is extremely slow, and when the Golden Crow of the next generation is birthed, the previous Golden Crow will immediately die. The Phoenix Clan was not too large or too small. They also possessed a single Saint Destroyer Grade Phoenix as their leader. It was just that the Phoenixes were too proud and looked down on all other beings. They would never allow their bloodline to be mixed with something else and have impurities. As such, they never mate with other clans. In fact, this is a rule that they’ve never dared to disobey for the punishments are incredibly severe.”

“That means that there was a single Phoenix that broke this rule and mated with the Golden Crow, giving birth to Xi Ling?” Ling Chen asked.

“That’s right… and that Phoenix was actually the only Saint Destroyer Phoenix, the Clan Leader of the Phoenix Clan,” Qi Yue said slowly.

“What?” Ling Chen was quite shocked, “How do you know that?”

“It’s very simple. It’s not too difficult for demons, devils, and spirits to take human form, but for beasts, they must be at least at the Saint Destroyer grade – this is not an exception even for the Phoenix Clan. If the Phoenix wanted to mate with the Golden Crow, they would both have to be in their human forms. There was only ever one Saint Destroyer Grade Phoenix, so the answer is quite evident.”

“Wait!” Ling Chen suddenly cut in as he looked at Xi Ling, “But isn’t Xi Ling only at the Mysterious God grade? Why can she turn into her human form?”

“… I’m not sure. Perhaps it’s because of some mutation brought by the fusing of the Golden Crow and Phoenix’s bloodlines. After all, the Phoenix Clan Leader and the Golden Crow were both Saint Destroyer grade existences and were both sovereigns of fire. Their mating was an act that defied the heavens, so their offspring might not be bound by the rules of this world,” Qi Yue explained.

“The Clan Leader broke one of the Phoenix Clan’s greatest taboos – if this matter was spread, this would cause an uproar within the Phoenix Clan. As such, no matter if it was the Phoenix Clan’s Clan Leader or the Golden Crow, they protected this secret with their lives and gave birth to little Xi Ling in secret. Afterwards, the Phoenix Clan faced a great catastrophe and went extinct. No one knows how the Golden Crow died. It’s possible that it died together with all of the Phoenixes after that catastrophe. Afterwards, Xi Ling was finally born, but she was quite unlucky in that after she was born, she was discovered by the Demon Beast Clan. Because she was too young and did not possess enough strength, she was sealed by the Demon Beast Clan within their Demon Beast Silk until she met little master.”

Ling Chen carefully thought about what Qi Yue had said and then spoke in a soft voice, “Perhaps that’s the truth.”

“The pain from being imprisoned for 10,000 years is not something that people who have never experienced it can imagine. In those 10,000 years, I’m sure Xi Ling wanted to escape from there every day. Her gratitude towards little master for saving her is just as strong as her desire to leave there. Afterwards, in order to save her, little master risked his life to go to the Lava Purgatory to find the Vermillion Bird. This gratitude slowly developed into something else. As such, little master, you should accept Xi Ling’s goodwill. She has evidently decided to devote all of her time repaying you; this isn’t something she has forced herself to do, but something she enjoys doing. Even if little master wants to mate with little Xi Ling, I’m sure she’d be willing, hehehe,” Qi Yue said as she flirtatiously laughed.

Ling Chen wisely chose not to reply.

“Hehe, this is great!” After becoming Ling Chen’s pet again, Xi Ling was incredibly delighted. The smile on her face bloomed like a flower, “I’ve become stronger than before, and I can help master more.”

“That’s right!” Xi Ling suddenly thought of something. She stretched out her arms and a soccer ball-sized object covered by a crimson-red light appeared within her palms, “Big sister Vermillion Bird said that if I decided to return to master’s side and found master, I should give this to master. This is big sister Vermillion Bird’s heart; she said it can help master.”

When mentioning the Vermillion Bird, a trace of sadness appeared within Xi Ling’s eyes. After all, her life had been saved by the Vermillion Bird’s death.

“The Vermillion Bird wanted to give this to me?” Ling Chen received it in shock. This crimson red ball was unexpectedly heavy and he almost dropped it. After getting a solid hold on it with great difficulty, Ling Chen looked at its description:

[Vermillion Bird’s Heart]: The core of the guardian beast’s heart. It contains the most power out of any other part of the Vermillion Bird’s body. Not only does it contain immense power, but it can also absorb Nature energy to go through rebirth. However, apart from the Vermillion Bird, other creatures will find it incredibly difficult to control its power.

The Vermillion Bird’s Heart! It was evidently the same sort of thing as the White Tiger’s Heart. They both came from guardian beasts, and they are the cores of their hearts. They were both where the guardian beasts’ energy was most concentrated, the only difference being the attributes of the power they contained.

Although Ling Chen didn’t know what they did, things that come from the bodies of guardian beasts definitely were not ordinary. Ling Chen put away the Vermilion Bird’s heart and bent down as he smiled at Xi Ling, “I’ll look after it properly. I didn’t do anything for the Vermillion Bird, yet I received such immense favour from it. Now that you’ve returned to my side, I don’t know how to thank it. It’s just that even if I want to thank it, it would be impossible.”

“That’s not for sure,’ XI Ling said as she smiled and looked up.

“Hm?” An expression of surprise appeared on Ling Chen’s face. “Could it be… that the Vermillion Bird didn’t die?”

However, the Vermillion Bird’s heart was in his hands- that was the core of its heart. Without its heart, how could the Vermillion Bird still be alive?

“Master will know when he’s met big sister Qi Qi… ahh!!!” After saying half of her sentence, Xi Ling suddenly remembered something and yelled, as her smile was replaced with a panicked expression.

“Qi Qi has returned as well?” If Xiao Qi had also returned safely, that would also be a great surprise. However, Ling Chen immediately noticed Xi Ling’s strange expression and hurriedly asked, “Xi Ling, what’s wrong?”

“Oh no, oh no!” Xi Ling stretched out her hand and grabbed Ling Chen’s arm as she worriedly shook it while on the verge of tears, “After meeting master again, I was so happy that I forgot the most important thing. Master, we need to go quickly! There are lots of people attacking the new city, and although Qi Qi’s defeated some of them, there will be many more of them attacking soon. There aren’t many people left, and it’s impossible for them to hold out. They’ve all been looking for master and waiting for master to go to them.”

“What?!” Ling Chen’s expression suddenly fell.

He hurriedly opened his communication device and immediately saw countless messages asking him to immediately go to the new city… the earliest one was more than 20 hours ago!

Ling Chen deeply breathed in as he calmly asked, “Xi Ling, from when you left to now, how long has it been?”

“I don’t know,” Xi Ling shook her head. “It’s been a long time. Because I once had a Contract with master, I could still trace master, so I flew directly from the new city to here. I flew for a very long time.”

Ling Chen did not dally as he turned and yelled, “Snow Cherry, come back.”

A thousand metres away, because Snow Cherry hadn’t received any instructions from Ling Chen, she had obediently waited in the air the entire time. Upon hearing Ling Chen’s yell, she rushed over at her full speed and arrived in the blink of an eye. Ling Chen jumped on and took out the last Spatial Orb in his bag.

“Ling Chen, are you alright?” Shadissika immediately leapt into Ling Chen’s arms, looking anxious and scared. Her eyes were drawn over to Xi Ling in red and gave a soft “Eeh?” Xi Ling was also looked at her in curiosity, and after locking gazes, they looked towards Ling Chen with a questioning gaze.

“Who is this girl?” Qi Yue asked. It was the first time Qi Yue had seen this snow-white girl.

“This is a girl who I met behind the mysterious door. There are some things I want to ask you about her, but the situation is urgent, so we’ll talk about it later,” Ling Chen quickly replied to Qi Yue. He put his arm around Shadissika, “Sha Sha, we’re going to go to another place. It will be quite chaotic there, and when everything has settled down, I’ll introduce some good friends to you… Xi Ling, Xiao Hui, Snow Cherry, let’s go!”

As the Spatial Orb shattered, Ling Chen disappeared within a flash of white light. The instant he disappeared, a dense killing intent emanated out from his body.

… No matter who you are, and whether you’ve succeeded or not, everyone who has participated in attacking in the new city should prepare themselves for terrifying retribution!