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Chapter 587: Yellow Springs Struggle Formation

Yellow Springs Struggle Formation

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Modlawls123

2 hours prior…

10 or so hours had passed since the Yan Huang Alliance’s first wave had attacked the new city. Following this, the other attackers, who had been lying in wait, had finally moved out as well, forming the largest attacking force ever seen in China’s virtual gaming history. An army of such a scale looked simply unstoppable, but they were faced with the Skyfall Dynasty, who had suddenly joined the defenders, and Su’Er.

This battle, which should have been easily won, was now tied up in a shocking stalemate because of Su’Er’s return.

It was almost impossible to keep count of the casualties, and everyone knew that it would be an incredibly mind-blowing number. Despite having 15 million attackers, they simply couldn’t beat back the 3.5 million defenders. This massive battle of attack and defence went from night to dawn and then from dawn to midday without any pause at all or orders of retreat. The defenders had nowhere to retreat to, and the attackers could not retreat no matter what. Once they retreated, they would be filled with humiliation that could never be washed away.

What caused all of this was the strange and miraculous formation that covered the entire battlefield. The formation continuously controlled the battle, giving the defenders countless opportunities and making the attackers suffer bitterly. It was only because of this formation were the defenders able to contend against a force that was 5 times greater than theirs. The Yan Huang Alliance and the other attackers desperately looked for the weak points in the formation, and despite sending out more and more people, they couldn’t find anything at all.

After fighting for such a long time, both sides were in a state of severe mental exhaustion. The pace of the battle slowed down, but with such large forces, the number of people dying each second was still astronomical. Su’Er’s formations still affected the battlefield. As for Su’Er, she had fallen into a very dangerous state.

Su’Er was holding Heavenly Star with her eyes closed, a calm expression on her face as she continuously controlled the formation. However, there was not a trace of blood in her face, and her hands holding the Heavenly Star had long since started to shake. Beads of sweat constantly rolled down her forehead.

Xiao Qi stood beside Su’Er, continuously wiping her sweat while also trying to convince her to stop and rest. However, Su’Er, who had always been obedient and found it difficult to refuse others, determinedly stayed silent and persisted. Although she knew the consequences of overusing the Heaven’s Secrets power, the new city behind her contained the hopes and dreams of countless people. She was willing to give up her life for this.

During this period of time, the Sword Emperor had left the battlefield twice to recover, yet Su’Er had not stopped at all. She knew that once she stopped controlling the Heaven’s Secrets Formation, the defenders would immediately be overwhelmed by the attackers and collapse in an instant.

Li Xiao Xue knew this too, so although her heart ached seeing Su’Er like this, she didn’t try to force her to stop.

It was approaching Noon, and they had unknowingly guarded her for almost an entire day. Ling Tian, who they had been calling out to in their hearts, still had not appeared, but the new city still had not been destroyed yet. The first wave of attackers had been obliterated by Xiao Qi, and the second wave had been stopped by Su’Er’s amazing formation and willpower. However, she was reaching her limits.

Su’Er was just a girl… a girl who everyone recalled as weak and tender – she wasn’t a god.

“Little Su Su,” The way Li Xiao Xue spoke to Su’Er changed. The Su’Er she saw today completely changed her impression of her. She truly liked and respected this girl from the bottom of her heart, “You’re so amazing. If the new city can really overcome this disaster, you’ll become the author of this miracle. Since we’ve persisted until now, let’s make a final struggle.”

Li Xiao Xue turned and looked at Xiao Qiu Feng and Skyfall. There was not a trace of weariness in her eyes, and although her voice was hoarse from speaking, there was still an air of confidence within it, “Heavenly King Skyfall and Alliance Master Xiao, immediately give the order for people not to use ultimate skills with long cooldown times so they can keep them and use them at a moment’s notice.”

By now, Skyfall and Xiao Qiu Feng understood that every order from Li Xiao Xue was incredibly important. They immediately relayed her order. Li Xiao Xue turned and looked at the battlefield littered with corpses as a hazy and profound look appeared in her eyes, “No matter if we win or lose, this battle is fated to go down in history.”

“Su Su, shrink down the formation and try to make it so that the formation mostly covers our own players. Cancel the current formation and prepare to activate… the Yellow Springs Struggle Formation!”

Su’Er slightly lowered her hands, and just this simple action took her an enormous amount of her strength, causing her body to slightly sway. The light around the Heavenly Star did not change, and the new formation was not immediately activated. Su’Er’s white lips parted as she asked with a slight sense of hesitation, “Do we really… have to use that?”

“Mm,” Li Xiao Xue nodded, “We’ve already given it all, and many miracles have happened. As such, no matter what the result is, we’ll leave it to the heaven’s will… even if we lose, we have to make the other side suffer a heavy loss in exchange for their victory.”

Su’Er did not say anything else and raised up the Heavenly Star again. The formation quickly shrank and changed. In the next instant, a large formation of light flashed on the battlefield and then disappeared. Compared to the formation from before, this one was a third of the size, and it didn’t extend to the northernmost parts of the battlefield. The light of the formation… was now blood-red!

The Yellow Springs Struggle Formation was the cruellest formation out of Su’Er’s 12 Heaven’s Secrets Formations. Once the formation was activated, the Physical Attack Power and Magic Attack Power of everyone within the formation were doubled while their Physical and Magic Defence and Resistances fell to 0… there was also a mental effect: the formation would bring out all of the violence that resided within people…

Yellow Springs Struggle Formation… a cruel formation that allowed people to give a final struggle with one foot already in the Yellow Springs of death!

This was a Heaven’s Secrets Formation that Li Xiao Xue did not want to use because once this formation was activated, it would mean that their final struggle had begun. However, at this moment, she had no other choice - Su’Er couldn’t last for much longer. Li Xiao Xue was incredibly intelligent and dabbled in many things including medicine. Moreover, she was an esper herself. From Su’Er’s complexion, she could tell that she had depleted all of her mental energy, and was now consuming… her lifeforce!

As such, she decisively made this decision.

“Heavenly King Skyfall and Alliance Master Xiao, give the order… disperse the defensive formation and form an attacking formation. All professions… including Shield Bearers, are to give up on defending and attack at all costs!”

With the Yellow Springs Struggle Formation activated, once Li Xiao Xue’s orders were spread, the battlefield became a terrifying purgatory of death.

The defenders gave up on their goal of defending the new city and roared as they unleashed all of their ultimate skills with their boosted Attack Power. With millions of players unleashing their ultimate skills and with everyone’s Defence lowered, in just a few seconds countless attacking players were annihilated, leaving behind innumerable corpses.

This beautiful attack felt like a sharp blade had stabbed into the attackers, causing Long Tian Yun and the other leaders’ faces to fall. Following this, the Yellow Spring Struggle Formation’s effects on the players’ minds manifested, causing all players to possess a frantic desire to cut their enemies into a thousand pieces. Boundless hatred swept out from the players, igniting like a flame that shot to the heavens. Everyone’s expressions changed as their faces became savage as a beast’s.

The attackers forgot their goal of destroying the new city, and the defenders forgot their duty to protect the new city. They couldn’t even hear the orders of their leaders anymore. Their entire world became one of killing… they had never felt such strong killing intent before!

The 2 oceans of players madly leapt at each other, and everyone had frenzied expressions on their faces as they roared. Their killing intent and hatred could be felt in the air, and the slaughter became countless times as intense as before.

The earth shook as the sky darkened and the wind began to howl.

There was only a single thought in everyone’s minds- madly attacking their enemies. Behind every player and under their feet were masses of corpses, and beside them, numerous people fell every second. While their Attack Power had been greatly boosted, their Defence had plummeted; every one of their attacks would cause enemies to fall like stalks of wheat that had been cut.

The battlefield spiralled out of control and fell into utter chaos. Every second, countless players died. The entire battlefield was like a massive meat grinder, and under the effects of the Yellow Springs Struggle Formation, the players only had attacking on their minds. The only thing that both the attackers and defenders could think of were their enemies dying.

On the platform, Xiao Qiu Feng and Skyfall looked at each other and nodded. They jumped off the platform and rushed into the battlefield. Now that the situation had become like this, there was no need for them to give orders anymore.

The 2 Heaven Ranking experts were like 2 indestructible blades that pierced into the battlefield. The ‘Cold Magistrate’ Xiao Qiu Feng was at the front, whirling his heavy sword around as he roared. Wherever he passed, no one even saw how he attacked, but the players he passed would fall in droves. The ‘Apocalypse Judge’ Skyfall followed behind him. In just this short period of time, he had already summoned 20 powerful monsters that ripped into the enemy’s lines.