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Chapter 588: Soldiers At The City Walls

Soldiers At The City Walls

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Modlawls123

The battle raged on with mad killing happening everywhere. From above, the intense and desperate battle stretched as far as the eye could see. Li Xiao Xue did not give any more orders, and instead watched on with a terrifyingly calm gaze. After their initial shock, Long Tian Yun and the other leaders gradually calmed down and silently watched the battle progress… because no one could control this sort of situation anymore. With such a large and chaotic battlefield, even if someone had the power to topple the heavens and flip the earth, they wouldn’t be able to control the situation. As such, they could only watch on.

On the platform, the only person who could maintain their cool was Li Xiao Xue. Yun Meng Xin and Xiao Qi’s faces paled. Although they had been watching the battle unfold for a long time, the sudden desperation and intensity of the battle gave them a great shock, making it difficult for them to accept what was happening. Upon seeing such a scene, they felt as if they were seeing a mountain of bones and sea of blood.

Su’Er’s eyes were tightly closed, and there was still red light hovering around the Heavenly Star, maintaining the Yellow Springs Struggle Formation. By now, her consciousness had already become hazy, and she couldn’t sense anything other than her own body. She was barely holding on with her willpower.

In just an hour, under the frantic attacks of the defenders, the attackers had lost nearly 2 million players while the defenders had lost around 700,000 players. They now had less than 500,000 players remaining. The region of the battle shrank, but remained just as intense.

Against the Sky and Judging Sky had both died in battle in succession, and Yun Feng had also died twice. However, they would always immediately rush back to the battlefield. Skyfall and Xiao Qiu Feng had each died once as well. Their strength was undeniable, but in the end, they were not invincible gods, and they could not retreat as they wished like the Sword Emperor. Only Mu Bing Yao, Winter of That Year and Hundred Miles of Ice had not fallen, but their minds and bodies were incredibly fatigued.

No one noticed a hazy dot appear high in the air that was difficult to see with the naked eye. The figure swept his eyes around the battlefield with a calm expression, as if what he saw was not a purgatory of death, but a group of ignorant children playing pretend. His gaze fell on Su’Er as he gave a light sigh.

“What a silly child… even if you blame me, I can’t watch on as you harm yourself…”

After speaking with a voice filled with pain, he stretched out his hand and gently swept it out. The Heavenly Star in Su’Er’s hand fell to the ground as she fell backwards.

“Su Su!” Yun Meng Xin and Xiao Qi rushed up, catching Su’Er’s strengthless body.

Su’Er’s face was deathly pale, and she breathed shallowly. Her body was covered with sweat, and she had lost consciousness. The Yellow Springs Struggle Formation had been deactivated the moment she fell unconscious.

“Let her have a good rest.” Upon seeing that Su’Er had fallen unconscious, Li Xiao Xue let out a breath and then looked back towards the battlefield with a trace of worry in her gaze.

The hazy figure in the sky gave a light sigh and disappeared.

Although the Yellow Springs Struggle Formation had disappeared, the players remained just as berserk and full of bloodlust. The savage slaughter continued, but the pace of the battle had once again slowed. The players slowly regained their rationality, which spelt the beginning of a crisis for the defenders, who were at a numbers disadvantage. The attackers, who held an overwhelming advantage in numbers, started to form orderly ranks again, using their numbers advantage to devour the groups of defenders. They formed small encirclements, separating and dispersing the defenders.

Li Xiao Xue gave a heavy sigh.

Without Su’Er’s Heaven’s Secrets Formations, no matter how intelligent she was, she would not be able to affect the situation. This was not like in the real world where she could use time, place, people, and strategies to twist things her way; the rules in the virtual world were set, and they were not things that mere players could change. Su’Er’s were already incredibly heaven-defying.

Li Xiao Xue did not give any more orders, because the situation was now beyond her control. The battlefield began to fall back into order, and the remaining defenders were quickly devoured by the attacking forces. In the end, they were completely dispersed, and their numbers fell down to less than 100,000 players.

However, the other side still had more than 4 million players.

Regardless, within the virtual world, 3.5 million players holding out against more than 10 million players was a miracle that had never happened before. Li Xiao Xue was certain that even if the Skyfall Dynasty and Battle Alliance were completely destroyed, they would still be the victors. Their fame and reputation would explosively rise because of this event.

However, no one knew that the one who had truly created this miracle was a weak girl holding a horsetail whisk.

“Meng Xin.” Li Xiao Xue turned to look at Yun Meng Xin. Out of everyone, the person who could not accept defeat was Meng Xin. The new city behind them contained far too much of her hard work, hopes, and dreams.

Yun Meng Xin sat at one side of the platform, allowing Su’Er to lean against her as she finally rested. Hearing Li Xiao Xue’s words, she looked up, understanding the intention in her look. However, there was not any despair within her eyes as she gently smiled, “It’s fine. Before Qi Qi and Su Su returned, I wouldn’t be able to accept the new city, which contains all of our sweat, blood, and tears being destroyed… however, now, no matter what happens, I won't’ be afraid. I have such amazing sisters who are working hard with me; what do I have to fear? Rather than the new city, they are my pride and joy.”

She gave a beautiful smile that could even topple a city, causing even Li Xiao Xue to space out for a moment. Li Xiao Xue carefully looked at Yun Meng Xin’s face as she marvelled, “Meng Xin, you’re truly a woman who all other women envy. Even if you have nothing else, simply because of your looks, 99.9% of men would be willing to give up everything for you. Most of the remaining 0.01% are homosexual, and the remaining ones are insane. If you wanted to, you would be able to obtain the city behind you with just a few words, and anything else you wanted. However, you’re evidently not that sort of person, otherwise Qi Qi and Su Su wouldn’t be such good sisters with you, nor would Ling Tian care so much about you.”

Yun Meng Xin smiled, and did not say anything.

Despite only exchanging a few words, they felt much better about the impending demise of the new city. Li Xiao Xue held her communication device as she calmly said, “Bing Yao, Yun Feng, Heavenly King Skyfall… please come back. Perhaps we can only use that method…”

Under the vicious assault from the attackers, the surviving Skyfall Dynasty and Battle Alliance players were slowly being completely wiped out. Yun Feng, Xiao Qiu Feng, Mu Bing Yao, the 3 Heavenly Kings, Winter of That Year, and Hundred Miles of Ice all retreated to the platform as they watched the final remnants of the defender’s army being destroyed. However, there was not any despair in their hearts, for they knew that being able to last until now was already incredible.

In fact, this was one of the greatest miracles in the virtual world.

After the final defender died, there were no more obstacles in front of the attackers. Long Tian Yun and the other leaders came to the front of their respective armies, bringing their 4 million players to the walls of the city. However, in contrast to Li Xiao Xue and the others, none of them were able to smile. All of their faces were as dark as the bottom of a pot, especially Long Tian Yun’s – he looked like he had just eaten a pot of hot dung.

The Skyfall Dynasty and Battle Alliance had been wiped out, but the attackers had lost 11 million players! They never thought that such a thing could happen, nor could they accept it. Behind this massive figure was a massive loss in terms of strength and resources. As for the Yan Huang Alliance, they had lost 2 million players in their first wave, and all of their equipment had been destroyed. They had also lost 5 million players in the second wave… whenever he thought of the losses, Long Tian Yun felt like coughing up blood.

This sort of loss almost exceeded the gains in obtaining a player city!

The Yan Huang Alliance had always been high and mighty, and all of the deaths they had suffered in the past added together wouldn’t be as much as what they had suffered today.

The soldiers were now able to go to the walls unopposed, and the thing they desired most was right in front of them. Looking at the ‘losers’ on the platform, Long Tian Yun could not smile at all. He ground his teeth as he finally spoke, “Good, good, Heavenly King Skyfall… good, good, Li Xiao Xue…”

“Haha, Alliance Master Long, you look quite disappointed. Apologies, but we’re not going to let you take the city so easily. All of you had 15 million players in total, but now you have less than 4 million remaining. After you obtain the City Creation Token and build your own city, will you forget this number?” Li Xiao Xue said as she smiled, evidently mocking him.

Long Tian Yun’s chest heaved as an unsightly cold smile appeared on his face, “Our losses were indeed quite great. However, big miss Li, I’m sure that you spent much more than us in setting up this formation… heheheh, at the very least, we’re the winners in the end. It’s a pity that despite all of your struggling and your expenditures, you’re still going to lose the city!”

Upon hearing Long Tian Yun’s words, Li Xiao Xue and the others smirked. Expenditures? Haha… the attackers would never believe that the formation came from a single girl and had nothing to do with Li Xiao Xue. Apart from Su’Er’s strength, they had spent nothing at all.

The ones who had truly suffered loss were the Skyfall Dynasty, Battle Alliance, Disillusion Alliance, and Snow Moon Loulan.

Li Xiao Xue smiled as she replied, “Then I’ll have to disappoint you. Out of the Li family, only I participated in this battle, and I didn’t spend a single cent. What might disappoint you even more is that… back then, I decided that if we couldn’t protect the city, we would give up on the new city and take back the City Creation Token. Even if you killed me, you wouldn’t necessarily be able to obtain the City Creation Token. As for who I’ll give it to, that’ll be up to me… at the very least... it won’t be you.”

Long Tian Yun’s face darkened as he wildly laughed, “Really now? You think you can just take it back? Alright, do it then. I want to see if you can take it back faster or if I can destroy the city faster… all players, heed my orders, destroy the city!!”


Long Tian Yun finally lost his patience as he suddenly gave the order to destroy. The massive army roared in response as 4 million attackers charged towards the platform and the wall of vines.

In the east, somewhere no one noticed.

“Aiya, looks like I need to act. Yola, do you want to come with me?”

The woman slightly raised her head as her red hair blew in the breeze. She was wrapped in tight red clothes, and had a slim waist and a full bottom. Her 2 slim and long, snow-white legs were exposed, giving off a succubus-like air.

“Big sis, are we really going to go? If you act, it’s more than likely that you’ll be exposed,” the girl called Yola replied.

“Of course, being exposed isn’t good. However, if that despicable man found out that I sat by and didn’t do anything, it would be even worse. 4 million players… should I play with them slowly or quickly get rid of them… aiya, I hate making choices… eh?” The woman in red suddenly paused as she looked over and smiled, “Looks like I don’t need to make this decision. That despicable man still likes to play the hero and arrive at the last moment. He’s so annoying that I want to tie him up and smack his ass… come to think of it, he owes me his ass 3 times now.”

The eyes of the woman in red narrowed as she smiled and folded her arms around her bountiful breasts, looking like she was going to stand by and watch.

Beside her, Yola started sweating as she heard the ‘owes me his ass 3 times’.