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Chapter 590: Slaughter (1)

Slaughter (1)

Translator: Mr Voltaire

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What had just happened was completely beyond the imagination of any of the people present. There had been many experts in the virtual world, and everyone had always respected and admired these experts for how powerful they were. They would sometimes even imagine the limits of these experts’ power. However, they would never imagine that a player could shake and shatter the earth with a single strike.

Shaking and shattering the earth was something that only nature could do, and a human should not possess such power… much less a player. Before, Xiao Qi’s Dazzling Red Lotus had completely stunned everyone. Although this attack caused less casualties, it was even more shocking. This sort of attack would even be able to destroy a small mountain.

At the centre of the crater stood a white figure. Snow Cherry, in her normal form, was small and cute, while in her mount-state, she looked mighty and awe-inspiring. Her fur was completely snow-white without even a trace of impurity, and her 5 flame-shaped tails were close to her body. On her back was a person wearing a demonic, dark golden mask with the Twilight Spear and Great Ravager in his left and right hands respectively, giving off an intense sense of bloodlust. His sinister gaze passed through the Evil God’s Mask, coldly falling on the large attacking force.

Everyone who met his gaze felt like they were suffocating.

“Big brother Ling Tian… it’s big brother Ling Tian!” On the platform, Xiao Qi was the first person to yell out emotionally. She ran to the edge of the platform as she yelled towards Ling Tian, “Big brother Ling Tian! Big brother Ling Tian! Su Su, big brother Ling Tian has come back! Hurry and wake up! He’s really back!”

“It really is Ling Tian!” Yun Feng rubbed his hands together in excitement, his dim eyes once again burned with fire as he looked at Ling Chen in the distance. He had not seen his mount or most of his equipment before, but that golden mask, the 2 unique weapons, and that domineering aura… how could it be anyone else?

“Ling Tian…” Yun Meng Xin clasped her hands together as her eyes became misty. She looked at the hazy figure as she said in a soft voice, “Great… Great…”

There were still 4 million attacking players while Ling Chen was by himself. Facing that gigantic army, he looked as small as a grain of sand in front of a mountain. However, looking at him, Yun Meng Xin felt all of her worries and fear disappear without a trace. It was as if with him here, no matter how powerful their enemies were or how grave the dangers were, even if the sky fell and earth shattered, he would protect them all.

“Really? Did he choose to arrive at this time to play the hero?” Li Xiao Xue smiled as she also slightly relaxed. Looking at his figure, as well as the crater and fissures below him, a strange light appeared in her eyes.

“Ling Tian, eh? After his adventures in the East Ocean Continent, there hasn’t been any news about him for a long time… hm? Could that white fox under him be that Cherry Blossom God Representative who he subdued in the East Ocean Continent?” Skyfall said in a low voice. Before as the 3 Heavenly Kings, the 3 brothers had been quite interested in Ling Tian. A few months ago, he had caused a disaster in the East Ocean Continent by catching the Moon God Representative to be his pet. This had sent the entire world into a frenzy and had shocked all of the large guilds. All of the guilds that had offended Ling Tian in the past became deeply fearful, and the Skyfall Dynasty continuously tried to track Ling Tian’s actions, wanting to befriend him. They never thought that they would meet him under such circumstances.

To Skyfall, Against The Sky, and Judging Sky, Ling Tian was like a myth or a legend. His arrival drew all of their attention, but after seeing Li Xiao Xue, Yun Meng Xin, and the others’ reactions, they became quite surprised. Just then, they had been incredibly melancholic and depressed at their loss, but currently, Yun Feng, Xiao Qi, Yun Meng Xin, Mu Bing Yao, and the others all looked delighted, without a trace of fear or worry anymore on their faces. Even the calm and collected Li Xiao Xue was grinning, as if Ling Tian’s appearance meant that the crisis was over.

Indeed, Ling Tian was incredibly powerful, but he was facing 4 million players! Even if they allowed Ling Tian to attack them without retaliating, he would not be able to kill them even in 3 days and 3 nights. Why did these people react in such a way?

“The true main character has finally arrived,” Xiao Qiu Feng said as he folded his arms and calmly looked ahead of him. “Let me see if you’ll show the world again just how terrifying Ling Tian is.”

The attacking forces stood there in shock, looking at Ling Chen in fear and surprise. Not a single person dared to advance.

Ling Tian, who they thought would not appear, had arrived.

All of them knew just how powerful Ling Tian was. The strength he displayed in the East Ocean Continent was enough to shock the entire world. He had charged into the East Ocean Continent by himself and made an enemy of everyone there. However, he hadn’t suffered any losses or taken any injuries and had instead annihilated their 3 top guilds by himself. He had even destroyed a main city and made the East Ocean Continent’s Moon God Representative his pet!

Everyone in the world acknowledged him to be a heaven-defying player, and most people were now saying that he was comparable to the Eve of the west. With such a person standing in front of them, and adding on that earth-shattering attack he had just unleashed… although he was alone, no one dared to approach.

During this period of strange silence, Winter of That Year and Hundred Miles of Ice had rushed behind Ling Tian and stood next to the Sword Emperor, preparing to take her away. Suddenly, their bodies trembled as they suddenly looked up towards Ling Chen. At that moment, Ling Chen also quickly turned around and looked at Winter of That Year and Hundred Miles of Ice.

When the 3 people’s gazes met, all 3 pairs of eyes started to violently tremble.

None of the 3 people said anything, but their hearts beat furiously.

“You’re… Ling Tian? Why are you…” Winter of That Year stared at Ling Chen, wanting to see through the Evil God’s Mask to see just what he looked like. Even the stony-faced Hundred Miles of Ice looked incredibly shocked.

“Take her somewhere safe first. We’ll talk about this after all of this is over. I’m sure there’s lots for us to talk about,” Ling Chen calmly said.

Hundred Miles of Ice and Winter of That Year looked at each other and gently breathed in. They didn’t say anything else as they brought the Sword Emperor towards the platform.

“Ling Tian, you’re finally back!”

Long Tian Yun’s cold voice sounded out from the back of the army.

“I’ve waited for you for a long time! I want you to see how your new city will be annihilated so that not even a speck of dust remains! Today, even if I can’t obtain the City Creation Token, I will completely destroy this city!” Long Tian Yun’s voice was filled with savageness and madness. The memory of Ling Chen gripping his neck with his bloody hands had left him with a great trauma, and he now had a deep-rooted fear towards Ling Chen. Only by defeating him and killing him could he get rid of this trauma! Otherwise, it would affect him for the rest of his life.

Long Tian Yun personally gave the order as he yelled, “Brave warriors, we’ve already cleared out all obstacles, and victory is right in front of us. There is no longer anyone who can stop all of you. Let alone a single Ling Tian, even a hundred, or even ten thousand Ling Tians would not be able to stop you. Together with you are 4 million brothers and sisters! Charge!!”

After Long Tian Yun’s command, the other leaders also gave the command to attack at full force. Although they completely feared Ling Tian, they had no other choice. In an instant, the silent army once again became filled with life as they gave roars that seemed to shake the earth and deafen those who heard them.

From above, the large army seemed to stretch as far as the eye could see, and Ling Tian, standing by himself, almost could not be seen in comparison.

“Is he really going to try to stop them?” Skyfall asked as he frowned. “And from how you look… it looks like you think he can stop them! He’s not facing a few thousand, or tens of thousands of players, but 4 million players! Ling Tian is indeed ridiculously strong – I would believe it if you said he was going to fight with them for a day and a night. However, how can he stop them from attacking the city by themselves? Even if he kills 100 people every second, that sort of attack will simply be like tickling to them. How could he stop such a massive force from advancing?”

“I believe that he can do it.” Yun Meng Xin replied without giving any sort of answer.

“Even if other people can’t do it, big brother Ling Tian definitely can do it! Because he’s big brother Ling Tian, there’s nothing he cannot do!” Xiao Qi’s words were incredibly earnest.

“I believe in him too.” Li Xiao Xue said as she smiled.

“Just wait and see,” Xiao Qiu Feng calmly said as he walked over to stand beside Skyfall.

Very few people could face a thousand players by themselves, and a single person facing millions of players… this was simply impossible. Who could face millions of players by themselves? Who would even try to stop millions of players by themselves? And yet, this sort of scene was unfolding in front of the new city. Watching the attackers come closer and closer, Ling Chen’s eyes narrowed as he muttered, “Xi Ling, burn them to your heart’s delight!”

Ling Chen’s body flashed as he seemed to turn into a streak of light and dove into the army. He was simply too fast, and the attacking players only saw a blur as a deathly wind blew towards them.

Boundless Desolation!

Within the pitiful cries, more than a hundred players were blasted into the air, and 2 empty areas appeared within the densely-packed ranks of the attacking forces. At the same time, a piercing bird’s cry sounded out from above as boundless flames descended from the sky, forming a sea of flames.