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Chapter 591: Slaughter (2)

Slaughter (2)

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In terms of individual fighting and self-protection abilities, Ling Chen was superior to Xi Ling. However, in terms of crowd fighting, even 10 Ling Chens would not be able to compare to Xi Ling.

The reborn Xi Ling’s [Heaven-Burning Flames] is much stronger than before. The instant it was cast, the entire sky was dyed a crimson red colour. The firestorm enveloped an area with a diameter of 400 metres, devouring nearly 50,000 attacking players.

The crimson red flames elegantly burned while the 50,000 attacking players screamed in pain. However, they could only let out a single scream before they fell, becoming charred corpses.

Outside of the Heaven-Burning Flames, the other players were scared witless. They continuously tried to scramble away from the flames, regardless of which way they were supposed to be attacking. Their eyes widened as they stared dumbly at the corpses of their comrades burning. Suddenly, a bird’s cry sounded out from above as more flames of despair descended from the sky.

After Xi Ling’s [Wild Flames] were upgraded to [Heaven-Burning Flames], no matter if it was the strength or AOE, it was now comparable to all of Ling Chen’s ultimate skills, and yet it had a cooldown time of merely 5 seconds. On this battlefield, in which the players were gathered incredibly densely, the [Heaven-Burning Flames] was like a terrifying meat-grinder. Every time it was released, it would sweep thousands if not tens of thousands of players into the sea of flames. Xi Ling was so powerful that she could insta-kill Lord Bosses of a similar level, much less these normal players. Without a doubt, any players that so much as touched Xi Ling’s flames were instantly killed without having the opportunity to even struggle.

Heaven-Burning Flames, Phoenix Arrow, and Vermillion Judgment were the 3 main attacks that Xi Ling continuously used, turning the area in front of the new city into an ever-burning sea of flames. The sky remained a deep red colour, and the attacking players continuously screamed and howled, the attackers suffering countless casualties every second.

Since Ling Tian had attacked… no, more precisely, since Xi Ling had started attacking, it was a one-sided slaughter. Many of the players who were far away were suddenly killed by flames that had descended from the sky without even knowing what had happened or how they had died. After Ling Tian had released a [Extinguishing The Heavens and Destroying The Earth Tempest] at the beginning to attract everyone’s attention and then used 2 [Boundless Desolations], he had not attacked since… this was because before he could even attack, the enemies in front had already been annihilated by Xi Ling… he had rushed forwards towards more enemies, but before he had even come close, Xi Ling’s Heaven-Burning Flames had annihilated the 50 metres of players in front of him. Phoenix Arrows even caused players who were 200 metres away to cry out as they died.

With Xi Ling’s attack efficacy, unless she stopped, it would be impossible for Ling Chen to kill even a single player.

As such, Ling Chen could only stop attacking and grin as he watched Xi Ling’s stunning performance. He couldn’t help but think back… back then, he never had to kill monsters to gain EXP because as soon as Xi Ling attacked, she would kill all of the monsters in the area, not giving him a chance to even attack. Now that Xi Ling was back… it seemed that history would repeat itself.

“Wow! Xi Ling is indeed Xi Ling. Even though she has become a pet, she is still so powerful!” Xiao Qi excitedly jumped up and down. She knew about Xi Ling’s background, and had seen Xi Ling being reborn by the Vermillion Bird’s flames.

“This is no goddamn pet… even as a final boss, it would be too OP.” Judging Sky and Against the Sky’s mouths fell wide open as they stared.

“Ling Tian, Xi Ling, we’ll leave everything to you. Please do your best.” Yun Meng Xin softly said as she clasped her hands together.

Elsewhere, the leaders and bosses of the large guilds felt as if their eyes were going to pop out, and their mouths and stomachs felt as if they were filled with cold air. That ridiculously beautiful bird was an insane killing machine. In less than half a minute, it had killed tens of thousands of players. What’s more, it was flying 50 metres above the ground, so even Archer professions were unable to hit it. However, if they tried to use flying-type pets to approach it… they would definitely be incinerated before they even came close.

Long Tian Yun’s eyes looked as if they were shooting out flames. Ling Chen was already terrifying enough, now he had to deal with his pets who were even more overpowered than he was. This caused Long Tian Yun to immediately feel scared as well as jealous. With this sort of situation, no matter how many people they had, they would be unable to kill Ling Tian. Long Tian Yun held up his communication device as he roared, “All teams disperse; extend the attack line to 3 kilometres! Ignore Ling Tian and that bird! Attack the new city at full force!”

After Long Tian Yun gave the order, the densely packed ranks of the attacking forces started to spread out, soon forming a square-looking formation. This change caused the faces of Li Xiao Xue and the others to fall.

“Crap,” Yun Feng’s face darkened. “Before, dispersing like this while fighting against the Skyfall Dynasty would have been incredibly stupid. However, right now… the Skyfall Dynasty and Battle Alliance have been cleared out, and only Ling Tian is there to defend. Adding on us, there are less than 10 people defending. How can we stop them in such a formation?”

“The army dispersing will reduce the efficiency of Xi Ling’s attacks. With them spread out like this, even with the range and AOE of Xi Ling’s attacks… unless there are 30 or so Xi Lings, it’ll be impossible to stop them. No matter how tough a stone is, it’ll only be able to stop a narrow flow of water; it’s impossible for a stone to stop a flow of water as wide as a river,” Li Xiao Xue said as she frowned. “However, we can only wait and see what Ling Tian will do… I’m sure he won’t disappoint us.”

“Defend? How is he going to defend? Can he make thousands or tens of thousands of clones of himself?” Skyfall anxiously asked.

Ling Chen also noticed the change immediately and frowned.

Currently, out of his attack skills, the skill with the largest AOE was [Moon Sacrifice] and then [Extinguishing The Heavens and Destroying The Earth Tempest]. However, even with Moon Sacrifice, he could only cover 500 metres. Facing the attacking force that was continuously spreading out, he would only be able to stop them for a short while. Moreover, if he defended against the middle, he would have to give up on the 2 sides; if he defended against one side, he would be giving up on the middle and the other side. If he blocked one place, the players elsewhere would quickly break through the wall of vines and reach the new city. Once that happened, there would be nothing that he could do… because Xi Ling’s Rootless Flames contained a Destruction effect. If she used them recklessly, she would not only incinerate the attacking players, but also the new city!

Given enough time, Ling Chen was 100% certain that he could kill all of these attacking players without being harmed at all. However, this was completely different to stopping these people from attacking the new city.

The easiest way out of this situation would be to ask Xi Ling to use the Heavenly Wrath of the Nine Suns, which would kill everyone here. However, Xi Ling had severe restrictions, and although using it wouldn’t kill her like before, it would reduce her maximum HP and level.

In that case…

“Snow Cherry, take me up!”

Snow Cherry rose into the air as high as she could go. The attacking forces continuously spread out until the attack line was 3 kilometres wide. They then started to charge towards the new city. The only thing that could stop them was Xi Ling in front of them. Not a single player could approach the 200 metres around Xi Ling and survive. However, that was only 200 metres, which was less than one tenth of their attack line. Although Xi Ling’s attacks had a large range and AOE, she definitely couldn’t stop an attack line that was 3 kilometres long.

The attacking forces came closer and closer, and very soon, they were less than 20-30 metres away from the wall of vines. In a few seconds, they would start attacking the wall of vines. Once that was destroyed, there would be essentially nothing standing in their way. Long Tian Yun’s wild laughter sounded out from the back of the army, “Hahahaha, Ling Tian, prepare to watch this new city be crushed to dust!”

Ling Chen hovered in the air for a while as he watched the attacking forces come closer and closer. He could hear Long Tian Yun’s arrogant laughter as well as Yun Meng Xin’s anxious cries.

You forced me to do this…

Just as the attacking players were about to reach the wall of vines, Ling Chen’s narrowed eyes fully opened as he raised his right hand, his palm facing the sky as a purple light erupted around his body.

“Nirvana Lightning!”


Ling Chen’s roar seemed to break through the heavens, and as the lightning appeared around him, the sound of lightning sounded out from the sky. Everyone subconsciously looked up and found that the sky, which had been dyed red by Xi Ling’s flames, had suddenly become a dark purple colour as countless purple bolts of lightning shot down!

Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack…

Lightning was often seen in the real world, and there were also countless Lightning Mages within the virtual world. However, no one had ever seen such monstrous lightning before. The lightning seemed to cover the sky, and was extremely bright. It furiously descended towards different areas in the battlefield, and each lightning bolt brought about an explosion, killing hundreds of players.

The lightning fell at random intervals and at random places, but the range that they covered was simply terrifying. With Ling Chen at the centre, the lightning bolts spread out for 4 kilometres, continuously descending. Since the first bolt of lightning had descended to when the last explosion had sounded out, less than 5 seconds had passed. And yet, thousands of lightning bolts had descended, killing nearly 100,000 players.

This was the first time Ling Chen had used the power of the Thunder God’s Bulwark. The Thunder God’s Bulwark could absorb Lightning and allow him to use it freely. Back then, when the White Tiger had given him the Thunder God’s Bulwark, he had also given him part of the White Tiger’s source energy. Moreover, Ling Chen had absorbed quite a lot of lightning within the Thunder God Barrier. However, he hadn’t expected the effects to be so powerful.

The lightning that he had just released had used up less than 5% of the lightning stored within the Thunder God’s Bulwark!

Ling Chen smirked as his body was once again covered with purple light. The sound of lightning once again sounded out as thousands of lightning bolts descended again.

Crack! Crack! Crack! Boom! Boom!

After a pause of a few seconds, the second wave of lightning descended. It was even more ferocious than the first wave. The sky was filled with countless lightning maelstroms that mercilessly shot down purple lightning. The explosions caused by the lightning were simply deafening, drowning out the cries of terror and pain from countless players. Under the might of the god of nature, they could only run around in terror and howl, sounding like millions of wolves.

After the second wave was the third wave, followed by a fourth wave, then a fifth wave… a sixth wave…

The grassy plains in front of the new city was turned into a lightning purgatory. Every second, the light from the lightning of destruction would flash, looking like countless ferocious beasts that mercilessly devoured masses of lives. As Ling Chen continuously released the [Nirvana Lightning], the lightning within the Thunder God’s Bulwark was quickly depleted. After the ninth wave, only about half of the lightning was remaining, and the lightning finally stopped descending.

After the ninth wave of [Nirvana Lightning] that spanned a whole 4 kilometres, there were less than 20% of players remaining within the 4 kilometres in front of the new city. The survivors were so terrified that they couldn’t even walk anymore, and those who had reached the wall of vines with great difficulty had forgotten how to even attack. Their lips were ashen and their faces were paled as they trembled on the ground, not daring to even move. Their eyes were wide as they stared up at the sky, afraid that a bolt of lightning would descend and strike their heads.

After the lightning stopped, a terrifying silence filled the land. No matter if it was the attackers or the defenders, everyone held the breathes, staring at Ling Chen as if they had become stone… in their eyes, although he was a human on the outside and was a player, he could not be called a human anymore… he was a demon, a demon god!

Below, Long Tian Yun’s face was incredibly red, his entire body filled with fury. He felt a surging within his chest that made him feel like vomiting up blood, and he was unable to speak a full sentence. His hands continuously trembled, as if he was having a convulsion, and he looked as if he had just been violated by 10 burly men. There was no doubt as to why he was like this – that terrifying lightning had just annihilated 1 million players… a whole 1 million players!!

The overwhelming numbers advantage they had had filled him with immense confidence. He didn’t doubt that Ling Tian was powerful, but he was confident that even if there were 1,000 Ling Tians, they would not be able to kill these 4 million players before they destroyed the new city.

However, even if they had twice their numbers, they could afford to lose 1 million players.