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Chapter 594: The World Fell Silent

The World Fell Silent

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Modlawls123

“Yola, let’s go.” In the distance, the woman in red turned around, revealing a seductive figure.

“Go? To where?” Yola asked.

“It’s time for us to go back. You should know that there’s a time limit when crossing World Boundaries. Plus, there isn’t much for us to watch anymore,” the woman in red replied.

“Go back? But you spent so much effort finding him; aren’t you even going to meet him?” Yola walked over as she asked in confusion.

The woman in red pursed up her lips as she leisurely replied, “Indeed, I was quite eager to meet that bastard, but it seems that now is not the right time. It’s already been 3 times, and if I lose to him again… you should know that the consequences will be severe.”

Yola’s beautiful eyebrows were raised as she said in surprise and amusement, “Does that mean you don’t possess the confidence to beat him? No way? You’re already so strong, and I’m quite certain that you haven’t even shown your full strength to us yet.”

“Before, I possessed absolute confidence in defeating him because I possess within my hands an invincible power.” The woman in red lifted up her sleek, snow-white right hand. On her index finger, middle finger, and ring finger were red, yellow and blue rings, respectively. “However, when he appeared, they reacted strangely, causing me to think of an interesting legend.”

“What legend?” Yola asked.

The woman in red’s expression became serious as she looked at the 3 rings and spoke slowly, “At the place where I obtained these rings, there were records stating that in the west and east of the Mystic Moon world, there were godly items left behind from the ancient times by True Gods. Because they were so powerful, although all of the True Gods disappeared and that era ended, they continued existing. The item in the west is my ‘Lachesis’, while the one in the east is called the ‘Lunar Scourge’.”

“Lunar Scourge?” Yola repeated.

“The Lachesis is incredibly arrogant, and I’m currently unable to wield even 10% of its true power. The only thing that could cause it to have such a reaction is something of the same level. The only thing in this world of the same level is another godly item.”

“You’re that... that item… is on him?” Yola asked in a low voice.

“That should be the case,” the woman in red wrapped her arms around her bountiful breasts as she said in frustration. “That’s why I don’t possess absolute certainty in beating him. While I’m unable to completely control this item’s power, he might have already completely controlled his item. Aiya, I really hate that bastard.”

“Maybe he really is your greatest rival,” Yola said as she looked at Ling Tian in the distance with amusement.

“I don’t want to lose that bet, so I’m going to wait until I can fully control Lachesis before confronting him.”

The woman in red spread apart her slim and long fingers. The yellow ring on her middle finger let out a warm yellow light, covering her and Yola. By the time the light had disappeared, the two of them were also gone.

The battle royale between the 25 leaders gradually drew to a close. The battle strength of the leaders was on a spectrum of 2 extremes: on one end of the spectrum, the leaders never participated in battle and only managed the guild. These sorts of leaders died after being hit a few times. The other type focused on their personal strength. With their status and resources, they had the best equipment and opportunities, making themselves much stronger than normal players. As such, those who did not have any battle power quickly died, leaving behind 10 or so experts who were covered with splendorous equipment and releasing magnificent skills…

“Ling Chen, why are they fighting amongst themselves?” Shadissika asked as she leaned against Ling Chen’s chest. Her incredibly cute face was filled with curiosity as she smiled.

“Hmm… it’s a bit complicated.” Ling Chen rubbed his nose as he pointed towards the people below them as he started to explain, “That man in yellow owed the man in black 30 cents from 28 years ago… and that man in green clothes thinks that the man in white has bad taste in clothes… that man in purple thinks the man in red is too ugly… the man in grey thinks the man in cyan’s name is too unpleasant… so they all started fighting… hmm the worst one is the one who said that Mars Gravity isn’t handsome! That guy deserves to die!”

“Hahaha…” Shadissika started laughing, her face looking like a blooming beautiful flower. She looked up as she suddenly spoke, “Ling Chen, can I ask you a question? You need to answer seriously, because the answer is very important to me.”

Another 5 or 6 people fell, and there were 6 people remaining. Their killing intent, savageness, rage, and roars were no weaker than before. Ling Chen met Shadissika’s eyes as he asked, “What is it?”

“I met Ling Chen in that snow-white world. From then until now, we’ve known each other for less than a day.” Shadissika looked into Ling Chen’s eyes and spoke slowly, looking incredibly earnest. Her eyes looked so bright that even the stars in the night sky would seem dim in comparison.

“Ling Chen saved me and took me out from that place, so it should be me repaying Ling Chen and doing things for Ling Chen… but, but… I haven’t done anything for Ling Chen… on that mountain, when we encountered that scary leopard, why did you tell the little fox to escape with me while you stayed back by yourself? And when you finally avoided it, why did you attract its attention when it was going to attack us… why would you protect me? You evidently couldn’t beat it, so wasn’t that just committing suicide? After you saved me, it should be me repaying you, so why do you treat me so well to the point that you would give up your own life?”

Shadissika’s words caused Ling Chen to pause in surprise. As a man, protecting a delicate girl was something that he subconsciously felt that he should do. As a young girl, being protected by a man was something normal, and yet Shadissika was asking this question about something that everyone would think was extremely normal.

Ling Chen stroked Shadissika’s arm as he smiled and replied, “Because I brought Sha Sha out from that mysterious world, so it’s my responsibility to protect Sha Sha. Moreover, Sha Sha’s a girl while I’m a man. It’s a man’s duty to protect girls. Is that answer good enough?”

Shadissika’s eyes stared at him, looking like there was something trembling within them. She then relaxed and rested her head against Ling Chen’s chest as she softly spoke, “Ling Chen will you continue to protect me like you did today? I mean… until… a long time… a long, long time…”

Shadissika’s voice became as soft as the wind, containing some sort of hidden meaning that Ling Chen couldn’t decipher. These words made Ling Chen think of the words Shui Ruo had spoken into his ears the first time they had kissed. As those memories flashed in his mind, he couldn’t help but reply, “of course… until the day I die…”

Shadissika happily closed her eyes as she continued to lean against his chest, a gentle and satisfied smile on her face. Wouldn’t it be great if this sort of heart-warming feeling and blissful feeling would last forever…

However, all of this was temporary, like a bubble. Although it was beautiful, it wouldn’t last forever… it would soon disappear without a trace.

I’ve chosen you… what… should I do…


As cries sounded out, Long Tian Yun and Black Flames Wild Gale fell. Although they lay on the ground, their eyes were still filled with flames of fury, as if they were unreconciled with their deaths. Finally, only a single person was left – the Alliance Master of the Golden Age Alliance, Mo Gu Lin. He was in the top 5 in the Earth Rankings and was the strongest out of all the leaders.

By now, the Irreconcilable Hatred Curse’s effects had ended. Mo Gu Lin regained his normal state of mind, and his entire body trembled. Seeing the corpses around him, his face became incredibly pale as his entire body erupted into cold sweat. His pupils rapidly dilated and contracted as if he had just experienced a terrifying nightmare. He looked up as his body trembled and he stumbled backwards, “Ling Tian… you… you…”

Thinking to the shameful display from before, his mind buzzed. He felt like he was going to faint.

“Congratulations Alliance Master of the Golden Age Alliance, you’ve won this dogfight. You’re truly invincible and awe-inspiring. However, after watching that interesting performance, I don’t want to see your ugly faces anymore…” Ling Chen’s tone suddenly became cold, “So it’s time you also piss off.”

Ling Chen had never had any conflict with the Golden Age Alliance before, but because they had attacked the new city out of greed, he didn’t show any courtesy to Mo Gu Lin. He looked down and squeezed Shadissika’s small hand as he said, “Sha Sha, do you want to see what it’s like when a cat meets something it’s scared of?”

“Sure, sure!” Shadissika became quite excited.

Ling Chen smirked as he looked to Mo Gu Lin and released a [Scaredy Cat Curse].

“Ling… Ling Tian, what did you do to us… ahh!!”

Mo Gu Lin, who had stretched out his hand to point at Ling Chen, suddenly cried out in shock as his face twitched and trembled. Following this, his entire body, including his hands and the weapon held within them, started to shake. His eyes widened as he was filled with extreme fear… as if he had seen the most terrifying thing in the world.

“Hmm? What did you just say?” Ling Chen sinisterly asked as his eyes narrowed.

Mo Gu Lin reacted as if he had heard the devil’s voice. He screamed in fear as he scrambled backwards, even losing his balance and falling on his bottom. The weapon in his hands fell to the ground with a loud clang. Mo Gu Lin stared at Ling Chen in terror and couldn’t even get up. He didn’t even bother to pick up the Gold grade weapon, which he viewed to be as precious as his life, as he did his best to move backwards as he trembled. His eyes looked as if they were going to burst from their sockets when he screamed hysterically, “Don’t… Don’t come over here… Don’t come over here!!!”

Mo Gu Lin’s screams were filled with utter terror, and he somehow mustered up enough strength to crawl away… he looked like a dog as he scrambled away.

The world finally fell silent.