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Chapter 595: Long-Awaited Reunion

Long-Awaited Reunion

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“This scene reminds me of what happened to that number 3 expert in the East Ocean Continent, Cruelty Ichinawa,” Li Xiao Xue said in a low voice. “Meng Xin, I guess that this is also one of those ‘Feng Chen Curses’ that you mentioned earlier.”

“It should be,” Yun Meng Xin replied as she nodded with a smile on her face. The crisis had been averted, and their hopeless situation had been completely turned upside down. Within her heart, she felt as if the dark clouds had been dispelled, revealing the beautiful sky. Looking at Ling Tian, who was flying towards them, her beautiful eyes became slightly moist as she muttered, “This is great… this is great…”

The Yan Huang Alliance and all of the other factions had left, but no one could accept how this had happened. Everyone on the platform felt as if their minds had taken a severe blow. After watching the 25 leaders fight like mad and then watching Mo Gu Lin run off like a frightened dog, they simply couldn’t believe their eyes… they would rather believe they were watching some kind of movie.

“Thank goodness… we didn’t become enemies with Ling Tian…” Skyfall said.

Against The Sky and Judging Sky rapidly nodded.

“Luckily, we listened to big sister and laid in wait this entire time, waiting for an opportunity. Otherwise…” Thinking to what had befallen even the Yan Huang Alliance, Skyfall felt cold sweat trickle down his body.

Against The Sky and Judging Sky once again rapidly nodded.

“Great! Great! Great!” At this moment, Yun Feng finally recovered and started cheering, and almost started jumping up and down in excitement, “3 uncles, Ol’ Xiao, Meng Xin, Qi Qi, big sister Bing Yao, big miss Li… and Winter and Hundred Miles, we won! We won!!”

“That’s right, we won; we created an unbelievable miracle.” Li Xiao Xue turned and smiled. Within her heart, this was truly a miraculous outcome. Moreover, this miracle wasn’t solely because of Ling Tian- they had somehow persisted until the saviour had arrived.

“Heh!” The 3 Heavenly Kings also smiled. Although the battle had been incredibly tough and harsh, losing all of their players, they couldn’t help but feel delighted at such an outcome. Moreover, their Skyfall Dynasty had made a great contribution to the survival of this new city.

“Big miss Li is correct, this was an unbelievable miracle.” Even Xiao Qiu Feng’s stony face relaxed.

“That Ling Tian is stupidly overpowered.” With Winter of That Year’s personality, everyone thought that he would start yelling and jumping. However, he had a complicated expression on his face as he continuously stared at Ling Chen.

Hundred Miles of Ice was also the same.

“Hmph! No he’s not; big brother Ling Tian has always been really strong! He’s the strongest person in the world!” Xiao Qi harrumphed in dissatisfaction before she ran to the edge of the platform as she jumped and waved at Ling Chen and Xi Ling, “Big brother Ling Tian! Big brother Ling Tian! Eh?”

Xiao Qi’s gave fell towards Ling Chen’s chest… after Ling Chen appeared, he had faced the vast attacking forces, so his back had been facing them the entire time. As such, none of them saw Shadissika. At this moment, as Ling Chen came closer, they found that there was a little girl sitting in front of Ling Chen… she was completely white as if she was made of snow.

“Who is that girl?” Li Xiao Xue asked Yun Meng Xin beside her.

Yun Meng Xin shook her head, “I don’t know; I’ve never seen her before either.”

A gentle wind blew over, and as Snow Cherry flew at her fastest speed, Ling Chen quickly arrived at the platform. Looking at the emotional and passionate gazes, he couldn’t help but smile. He hugged Shadissika as he jumped off from Snow Cherry’s back and landed on the platform.

“Big brother Ling Tian!” Xiao Qi leapt over with tears in her eyes.

“Welcome back, Ling Tian,” Yun Meng Xin smiled gently.

“Long time no see; you’ve finally remembered to come back?” Li Xiao Xue smiled, with a slight hint of blame.

“Ling Tian! You were so cool just then! How the hell did you do that?” Light seemed to shine out of Yun Feng’s eyes.

Xiao Qiu Feng nodded towards him and then looked at Xiao Qi.

Xiao Qi had leapt towards him and hugged him tightly. She couldn’t stop her tears of joy from flowing out. She happily jumped up and down as she hugged Ling Chen, “Great, great, I finally get to see big brother Ling Tian again. I thought… wuu… I thought I would never be able to see you again… wuu…”

“Haha!” Ling Chen smiled as he patted Xiao Qi’s shoulders. “Don’t be silly; we’ve only separated for a short while to do the things we need to do. How could we never see each other again?” He held Xiao QI’s arms as he looked at her tear-stained face and said softly, “I’m very happy… that you’ve returned safely.”

Xiao Qi vigorously wiped away her tears as she smiled. Seeing how cute she was, no one would think that she was the ‘Flame Empress’ who had annihilated 2 million players in a single attack. “I have such a good big brother and dad, as well as good sisters and my favourite big brother Ling Tian. Of course I’d return safely. In future, nothing will happen to me either.”

Ling Chen smiled. Back then, he had told Xiao Qi to go to the Lava Purgatory as he felt that there was a slight hope for her. And now, although Xiao Qi should have been dead by now, she was standing here, making him feel like a huge weight had been taken off his heart.

“Aiya, can’t you two be lovey-dovey another time? You’re ignoring all of this,” Li Xiao Xue said with an expression of mock-sadness.

Xiao Qi’s face became red and she let go of Ling Chen and returned to Yun Meng Xin’s side. Ling Chen’s gaze fell on each person as he spoke, “I’m sorry I came late. Meng Xin, Xiao Xue, you must have gone through a lot. Yun Feng, Alliance Master Xiao, thank you for your assistance.”

“No need to thank me, no need at all. Meng Xin’s my little sister, after all,” Yun Feng hurriedly said.

“Same goes for me,” Xiao Qiu Feng said.

“And these 3 people should be the Skyfall Dynasty’s 3 Heavenly Kings, right? Who are these 2 people?” After looking at the 3 Heavenly Kings, Ling Chen’s gaze fell on Winter of That Year and Hundred Miles of Ice. Ling Chen was quite surprised that the 3 Heavenly Kings would be here- their presence here meant that they had helped defend the new city, but after thinking about it, Ling Chen simply couldn’t think of why they would do that.

“Haha, Ling Tian this should be the second time we’ve met and the first time we’ve spoken.” Skyfall said as he laughed. “I’m Skyfall, you can directly call me by my name. These two are my little brothers, Against The Sky and Judging Sky.”

“I’m called Winter of That Year and this is my boss, Hundred Miles of Ice.” Winter of That Year spoke, a strangeness in his voice as he continued to stare at Ling Chen.

Ling Chen’s gaze lingered on Winter of That Year and Hundred Miles of Ice for a while longer before nodding.

“Qi Qi’s back, Su Su’s back, and now you’re back as well.” Yun Meng Xin spoke in a soft voice, her gaze joyful, “I hope that now that all of you are back… you won’t leave again. Especially you, Ling Tian. Although Heart’s Dream has been destroyed, as long as we’re still here, Heart’s Dream still exists. Moreover, you’ve always been the soul of Heart’s Dream… unless one day you’re unwilling to stay with us.”

“We can talk about all of this later, and you can talk about it for as long as you want,” Li Xiao Xue smiled as she cut off Yun Meng Xin. Her gaze fell downwards as she looked at the white-haired girl in Ling Chen’s embrace, “Ling Tian, you still haven’t introduced this little sister. Where did you find her?”

Ling Chen looked down at Shadissika as he smiled, saying, “She’s called Sha Sha, and I… met her at the top of a tall mountain before I brought her here.”

“Hehe hi everyone, I’m called Sha Sha!” Shadissika waved her little hand at everyone, a look of joy and delight on her cute face. She didn’t look scared or nervous at all unlike most young girls.

“Wow! She’s so cute! I’m going to die from cuteness!” Xiao Qi’s eyes shone… the girl’s hair was white as snow, and her skin was waxy and smooth. Her face was cute and perfect, looking thousands of times cuter than even the most exquisite doll. This made her simply irresistible to girls who loved cute things, and Xiao Qi couldn’t resist as she sprang over and hugged Shadissika, enjoying how soft she felt. This gave Sha Sha a small fright, but she didn’t resist. She instead began to smile even happier as she said in a soft voice, “Big sister is very cute as well.”

Ling Chen knew that as soon as Xiao Qi saw Sha Sha, she wouldn’t be able to resist hugging her. Just as he was about to say something, he suddenly noticed something, feeling incredibly confused.

He clearly remembered that when he had first seen Sha Sha… he felt as if his consciousness had been hit by something, to the point that his mind went blank. Within that white world, he forgot to breathe and couldn’t feel his heartbeat; it was as if he was separated from the world… within his eyes, heart, mind and soul, there was only Sha Sha’s snow-white face…

And that feeling had persisted for a long time.

The first time he had seen her, he had almost lost his mind and self-control. It was as if the instant he saw her, his soul had been stolen by her beauty. She was so cute and beautiful that no matter how much he thought, he couldn’t think of words sufficient to describe her. This was because no matter how beautiful and elegant words were, they would be a sacrilege to her beauty. If Qi Yue’s beauty was to the point that it couldn’t exist in the real world, Sha Sha’s beauty… was something that could not even be imagined.

But… But…

When Li Xiao Xue, Yun Meng Xin, Yun Feng, Xiao Qiu Feng Mu Bing Yao, and the others looked at Sha Sha, their eyes were filled with appreciation and liking, but they didn’t seem overly emotional, much less show the emotions he had felt when he had first met Sha Sha.

Ling Chen’s mind was much more powerful than normal people’s minds, and he was certain it was much stronger than those of everyone present. However, their reactions when looking at Sha Sha were so normal… if he had been so moved by her beauty, they should have been even more so!

“Meng Xin, Xiao Xue… don’t you think Sha Sha is very cute?” Ling Chen asked.

“Of course she’s very cute,” Li Xiao Xue looked at him in amusement, “It’s no wonder you brought her back with you. If it was me, if I saw such a cute girl all by herself, I’d want to take her home… and enjoy keeping a cute loli all to myself.”

Ling Chen: “……”

What was going on.

Perhaps everyone’s perception of beauty was different. Maybe Sha Sha’s appearance perfectly fit his definition of beauty which was why he had reacted in such a way… but evidently, this didn’t apply to all people.

That was most likely why.

That was the only reason Ling Chen could find.