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Chapter 596: The Departed Sword Emperor

The Departed Sword Emperor

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Modlawls123

“Ling Tian after not seeing you for a while, you’ve become so strong! Strong to the point of incredulity! We had so many people, yet we couldn’t stop them. We all fell into despair. When you came back, you scared them witless and sent them packing in an instant. You’re even more overpowered than a legendary Mysterious God grade Boss! If you didn’t come back in time, the new city would have been destroyed by now!” Yun Feng said emotionally. Before, everyone had thought that in those last moments, even if Ling Tian returned, he wouldn’t be able to change the result. After all, the other side had a whole 4 million players… in the end, Ling Tian really had appeared, and the conclusion was truly shocking. Without expending much effort, he had killed many, scared off others, and had even caused the leaders to completely lose all of their face.

None of them could have thought that despite being a player, Ling Tian could have done such a thing. This had completely exceeded the capabilities of players.

“That’s not the whole story.” Before Ling Chen could reply, Li Xiao Xue spoke first, “If Yun Feng hadn’t brought the Disillusion Alliance, we wouldn’t have been able to stop the Yan Huang Alliance’s initial wave. If it wasn’t for Qi Qi returning and the Disillusion Alliance and Snow Moon Loulan being wiped out, the new city still would have fallen. If it wasn’t for Alliance Master Xiao bringing the entire Battle Alliance, the attacking forces would have long since charged to the city. If it wasn’t for the 3 Heavenly Kings bringing the Skyfall Dynasty to help, we wouldn’t have been able to contend with those attacking forces at all.

“Also, if it wasn’t for little Su Su, we definitely couldn’t have lasted for so long. And there was also Winter of That Year and Hundred Miles of Ice – if you hadn’t stood guard in front of the Azure Forest Village for so long and chased away all of the players who went there, the new city would have been discovered long ago. Without any of the people here, the new city would not have been able to survive.”

Following this, Li Xiao Xue told Ling Chen everything that had happened in detail – all of the fear and shock, all of the brutal battles, all of the twists, as well as all of the despair and hope. She told him about Xiao Qi’s amazing attack, Su’Er’s miraculous formation, the Battle Alliance’s arrival, and the Skyfall Dynasty’s surprising reinforcement… hearing about all of this, Ling Chen was quite surprised. When he had arrived, he faced 4 million players, but he had never thought that in total, more than 20 million players had attacked the new city! This number caused even him to break out into a cold sweat.

And yet, they had persisted until he had arrived with just the Disillusion Alliance, the Snow Moon Loulan, the Battle Alliance, and the Skyfall Dynasty. This was indeed a miracle.

Li Xiao Xue charmingly rolled her eyes at Ling Chen as she continued, “Finally, the role of the saviour was snatched by the man who arrived late. I know you’ve been busy with something important and didn’t have any time for the new city. In fact, the only connection you have with it is the City Creation Token that you provided to help Meng Xin. However, in the end, the new city came from the City Creation Token that you provided, so you count as one of the parents of the new city. As such, you still have some responsibility to protect the new city. The crisis of the new city this time was when you were needed the most, and yet you took such a long time to come. If all of these ‘outsiders’ hadn’t paid such a price, can you imagine what the result would have been?”

Li Xiao Xue’s words turned Ling Chen, this ‘saviour’ who should have been thanked, into a irresponsible latecomer who should feel guilty. Thinking to how they couldn’t contact Ling Chen no matter what they tried and that he had only arrived at the last moment, a slight look of displeasure appeared on Yun Meng Xin and Xiao Qi’s faces. Ling Chen gave a courteous laugh as he quickly said, “Indeed, it’s my fault that I didn’t come as soon as I was needed. Everyone, I’ll remember the favour you’ve done for us today.”

Ling Chen wasn’t surprised that Yun Feng had come. Yun Feng’s temperament was hot-blooded, and he deeply loved Meng Xin. As long as Yun Meng Xin said the word, he would move out the entire Disillusion Alliance without even a trace of hesitation. Xiao Qiu Feng was the same, although if Xiao Qi hadn’t come back, notwithstanding his friendship with Yun Feng, he wouldn’t have come. However, Ling Chen simply couldn’t understand why the Skyfall Dynasty had come to help. With the scale of the attacking forces, even if the Skyfall Dynasty helped, they would only be able to stall for a short while and definitely wouldn’t have been able to save the new city.

Moreover, their forces being wiped out would cause the overall strength of the Skyfall Dynasty to plunge downwards. Furthermore, if the Yan Huang Alliance took the opportunity to attack them, it would be possible that the Skyfall Dynasty would never be able to recover… the Skyfall Dynasty had broken off its partnership with Li Xiao Xue, and they didn’t have any relationship with Yun Meng Xin or himself, so why had they helped protect the new city without any hesitation?

“Come to think of it, there’s someone important who I almost forgot,” Li Xiao Xue said. “If it wasn’t for her causing the collapse of the Yan Huang Alliance’s cavalry at the beginning, the Snow Moon Loulan and Disillusion Alliance definitely couldn’t have held back the Yan Huang Alliance’s first wave for so long…”

At that moment, a wild gale burst forth as a grey shadow flew out from under the platform into the distance. The Lightning Falcon was simply too fast, and in the blink of an eye, it was already nearly 100 metres away.

“Oh?” Li Xiao Xue paused as she looked at Ling Chen and said in a low voice, “It looks like she’s not interested in meeting up with us.”

The Sword Emperor departed without any hesitation. Up until she had appeared to now, she had not uttered a single sentence, nor had she even looked at one of them in the eyes. The entire time, she had focused on killing the attacking players and resting. The number of players she had killed… was simply innumerable. It was as if she didn’t want the new city to be destroyed and possessed a desire stronger than anyone else to protect it.

She had fallen unconscious for a short period of time, and after she had woken up, she had left unhesitatingly without saying any goodbyes. Seeing her suddenly leave, Ling Chen’s mind and heart tightened as an inexpressible emotion crazily spread throughout his entire body as he yelled, “Wait!! Don’t go!!!”

The departing figure didn’t seem to hear him and continued to fly even further away.

Ling Chen did not hesitate as he rushed to the edge of the platform. Just as he moved, a small hand grabbed his arm as Shadissika’s anxious voice sounded out, “Ling Chen are you going to chase after her? I want to come with you.”

Ling Chen didn’t have time to think. He wrapped an arm around Shadissika and jumped off the platform, landing on Snow Cherry’s back. Snow Cherry instantly flew at her fastest speed, turning into a white shadow and speeding off.

The remaining people on the platform looked at each other, not knowing why the Sword Emperor’s departure had evoked such a big reaction from Ling Chen. Only Li Xiao Xue slightly frowned before she lightly sighed to herself, “If I was her… what would I do…”

Snow Cherry’s speed when mounted was incredibly fast, and there was almost nothing in the Mystic Moon world that could outrun her. However, the Lightning Falcon was also extremely fast – after all, as something with ‘Lightning’ in its name, speed was its specialty. Although it was carrying someone on its back, its speed was still as fast as lightning. Although Snow Cherry flew at her fastest speed, she was still unable to close the gap between them.

Ling Chen had already used up his 5 Broken Shadows for the day and could only rely on Snow Cherry to desperately give chase. He held Shadissika against him as he yelled, “Don’t go! I want to talk to you! Hurry up and stop!!”

The Sword Emperor did not look back, as if she had not heard Ling Chen’s voice, nor did the Lightning Falcon slow down. Instead, it cried out, as if it was trying to speed up. As they flew at their fastest speeds, they had flown quite a distance away where there were no humans and only high-levelled monsters.

“Dia Wu! DIa Wu! I know it’s you… I’m Tian Ya!”

In this place where there were no other people, Ling Chen finally yelled out the 2 names he had suppressed within his memories.

He was certain that the Sword Emperor was Xuanyuan Dia Wu… the ‘Heaven’s Edge, Butterfly’s Dance’ that only he and Xuanyuan Dia Wu knew. That night, she had saved him at the Long family’s residence, her betrayal of the Long family and the Xuanyuan family, as well as her defence of the new city… apart from Xuanyuan Dia Wu, who could she be? If she wasn’t Dia Wu, why would she do all of this?

Evidently, Dia Wu recognised him but… after she left the Long family and the Yan Huang Alliance, she hadn’t come to find him and seemed to be avoiding him. Now that they could be reunited, why did she suddenly leave? Moreover, she \left so suddenly and decisively without saying a word to him.

“Dia Wu! I’m Tian Ya!!”

“You’re Dia Wu, and I’m Tian Ya. We were born on the same day, in the same month, in the same year… we met when we were 5 years old… we celebrated our 6th birthdays together… we ate cake together under the peach blossom tree and there were many pretty peach blossom petals on it… at that time, we both cried… do you remember all of this… Dia Wu!!”

“You taught me how to read, how to do maths, and how to play the violin… for me, you desperately trained with your sword… whenever you learned a new move, you would show it to me… we even created a beautiful style that belonged on to us called Heaven’s Edge, Butterfly’s Dance…

“I’ll never forget any of this, and I know you’ll never forget it either… Dia Wu!!”

“Dia Wu! Please stop! Why do you have to go?!”

Ling Chen yelled out with all of his strength, and he was sure that Dia Wu could hear him. However, the figure in front of him continued to speed away without stopping.

“Dia Wu, why…” Ling Chen wondered. Did she hate him? But if she hated him, why did she save him on that night? Why would she leave the Long family and Xuanyuan family for him and protect the new city… but if she didn’t hate him, why was she desperately running…

“Snow Cherry, go faster if you can… Xi Ling, help me lock onto her and don’t let her leave our sight.” Ling Chen said in a daze. Xi Ling’s attack range was 200 metres, which meant that she could lock onto targets within 200 metres of her. Once locked on to, the Sword Emperor would be unable to use teleport scrolls or log off.