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Chapter 598: If…


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“Although we’ve been apart for 13 years, my feelings towards Dia Wu have never changed. I’ll use the rest of my life to pay back what I owe you, so… even if you hate me and want to punish me… that’s completely fine; just don’t leave me again. I’ve already lost Ruo Ruo, and I don’t want to lose you as well.” Ling Chen hugged the Sword Emperor tighter and tighter as he spoke.

The Sword Emperor was Xuanyuan Dia Wu – this was something that he was certain about. Ling Chen thought that Xuanyuan Dia Wu had avoided him every time they had met and had left so decisively today because he had broken her heart… After all, for her, who had given up everything for him, seeing him with another girl would have crushed her passionate heart. It would not have been surprising for her love to turn into hatred.

When the new city had fallen into crisis, Xuanyuan Dia Wu had come immediately and did her best to protect the city, which meant that she did not completely hate him. Ling Chen had thought that after hearing these words from him, Xuanyuan Dia Wu’s heart would soften, and she would no longer be so determined to leave. However, she began to struggle even more so than before.

“I’m not Xuanyuan Dia Wu… She’s dead… I’m not her!”

She desperately struggled as she screamed. The voice still sounded incredibly hoarse, but it now contained a sense of broken-heartedness and despair that could not be covered up.

Shadissika silently watched them from Ling Chen’s side. From the things Ling Chen had said, she had guessed the relationship between them. Ling Chen’s words were warm and sincere, and were enough to make any girl’s heart melt. She had thought that the Sword Emperor would give in, but she began to unexpectedly struggle even more. Shadissika raised her face in curiosity, looking at that struggling figure… suddenly, her eyebrows jumped as a look of deep shock appeared on her face. Her eyes remained fixed on the Sword Emperor for a long time…

“Dia Wu! How could I not recognise you?!”

“I’m not her… She already died… 13 years ago, she already died… I’m called Feng Xie Yu, not Xuanyuan Dia Wu!”

“Dia Wu…” the Sword Emperor’s resistance made Ling Chen feel at a loss as to what to do. Xuanyuan Dia Wu loved him deeply, and even if she resented him, after being apart for 13 years, she shouldn’t be like this! Ling Chen continued to hug onto the Sword Emperor, not allowing her to escape as he said sorrowfully, “I know I let you down, and I understand that you must hate me, but…”

“She doesn’t hate you!” The Sword Emperor vigorously shook her head as the cloth covering her face became wetter, “Back then, hearing about your death was the cruellest thing that could happen to her, while finding out that you hadn’t died was the happiest thing for her. Regaining what she lost; seeing someone ‘dead’ come back to life, apart from thanking the heavens, what would she hate you for? She only feels endless gratitude towards that girl called Ruo Ruo because she has been with you this entire time. Seeing you and her live happily together, she only feels peace and happiness… she gave up everything for you, and even if she hates the whole world, she would never be able to hate you. But… I’m not Xuanyuan Dia Wu, she’s really… dead… I’m not her!!”

Ling Chen felt shocked, and gradually lost the strength in his arms.

Dia Wu didn’t hate him… indeed, it had just been him feeling guilty this entire time. With Dia Wu’s gentle personality, no matter what he did, she would not blame him or hate him.

Even if she hates the whole world, she would never be able to hate you…

Was she really not Dia Wu…

No! She was definitely Dia Wu – he was completely sure about this. So why… why…

“Are you really not… Dia Wu?” Ling Chen’s arms fell powerlessly by his side as he looked at the Sword Emperor.

After finally escaping Ling Chen’s embrace, the Sword Emperor did not try to leave again and instead resolutely shook her head, “I’m not…”

“Then who… are you?”

“I’m called… Feng Xie Yu.” The Sword Emperor tried to suppress the trembling in her voice.

“Then do you know who Dia Wu is to me?” Ling Chen softly asked her.


“She’s my wife.” Ling Chen spoke incredibly softly and slowly, his eyes filled with warmness.

The Sword Emperor’s body trembled as her tears fell like rain.

Ling Chen looked up, his eyes distant, as if he was speaking to the sky, “13 years ago, Dia Wu hugged me as we were bathed in the moonlight. We sat by the small creek for a long time. She kept comforting me, telling me that I couldn’t lose hope in myself and that she would do her best to save my life… in fact, although I was doomed to die, she took out a red string and bound one end to my right hand’s pinky finger and the other to her left hand’s pinky finger.”

Ling Chen’s gaze became hazy. He could still remember everything that happened that night clearly… he would never forget until the day he died.

“This piece of red string is a symbol that the god of marriage has bound us together. One end is attached to you, and the other end is attached to me. Big brother Tian Ya, do you know what this means? Hehe… it means that from now on, I, Xuanyuan Dia Wu, has become big brother Tian Ya’s wife, from now till forever. Big brother Tian Ya is my husband, and we’ll always be together. No matter what happens, we’ll never be separated.”

“I, Xuanyuan Dia Wu, am willing to become big brother Tian Ya’s wife. We were born on the same date in the same month and year, and I’m willing to die with him on the same date in the same month and year. My entire life will only belong to big brother Tian Ya. Heavens, please be the witness of everything I’ve said. If I go back on any of my words, let me suffer eternal punishment. Please bless big brother Tian Ya and myself so that no matter what happens, we can always be together.”

Ling Chen repeated the words that Xuanyuan Dia Wu had said. Although 13 years had passed, he still remembered every single world. This was because they were the most beautiful words he had ever heard in his life, and were memories that could never be destroyed. They were what supported him in surviving his time in ‘Heaven’ and ‘Hell’.

The Sword Emperor’s arms violently trembled, desperately trying not to cry out loud.

“Back then, Dia Wu was still a child, but she spoke with sincerity that far surpassed her age. She made a promise towards me, who was fated to die. She bound her life, which had just started, to me, someone who could die at any moment. I will never be able to fully return her feelings in my lifetime. To have a wife like this, even if I suffer ten times more pain and suffering, I’ll still thank the heavens.”

Ling Chen lowered his head as he looked at the Sword Emperor affectionately, a slight smile on his face, “‘Please bless big brother Tian Ya and myself so that no matter what happens, we can always be together’ – those were the words Dia Wu had said and promised. She’ll definitely keep that promise, right?”

“But… I…” the Sword Emperor held her right hand against her chest, sobbing so much that she could barely speak.

“Dia Wu and I have even faced each other’s death,” Ling Chen continued to smile as he stretched out his hand and gently hugged the Sword Emperor. “Even death was unable to keep us apart; what can stop us from being together? I’m not dead, and Dia Wu hasn’t died. However, Dia Wu keeps trying to avoid me. I’m sure that being such a kind girl, Dia Wu must have a reason for avoiding me. She must be facing some sort of trouble, or something has happened to her and she’s afraid of burdening me… is that right?”

“N-No…” the Sword Emperor shook her head as she weakly tried to stumble away.

“Then, is it that Dia Wu isn’t willing to be my wife and be with me?”

“No! It’s not like that!” the Sword Emperor’s voice became more frantic, sounding even more heartbroken.

“If whatever happened to you happened to me, would you want me to leave you or face it together with you? Would me leaving hurt you more, or me facing it together with you hurt you more?” Ling Chen asked.

“I… I…” the Sword Emperor didn’t know what to say and couldn’t help but sob.

“Even death was not able to separate us; do you really think that this thing, which might be incredibly small, can separate us again? Is that really what you want? Do you want both of us to live in sorrow for the rest of our lives?” Ling Chen asked gently. He slowly released the Sword Emperor and faced her, “If you’re determined to say that you’re not my Dia Wu and that you’re not willing to be my wife, you can turn around… but if you are my wife, my Dia Wu… come back to my side.”

The air seemed to freeze and was filled with a sense of sadness. The Sword Emperor’s shoulders continuously trembled, and the grey cloth covering her face was completely wet… finally, under Ling Chen’s gentle and longing gaze, the defences in her heart finally crumbled. To her, it seemed like only this figure that she had yearned for day and night remained.

“Big brother… Ling Tian!”

This cry was filled with lament as well as countless complex emotions, causing Ling Chen’s heart to almost shatter… however, this voice was one of a young woman’s – it was no longer the fake voice from before. She leapt towards Ling Chen, grabbing onto him as she sobbed emotionally as if her heart had crumbled.

Who could understand just how much pain and despair she had felt when she thought that Tian Ya had died? Who could have known just what she had gone through? Who could sympathise with just how joyful, pained and complicated she felt when she learned that he was still alive…

Ling Chen gently placed his hands on her back as he closed his dampened eyes and smiled peacefully. His Dia Wu was finally back. No matter what happened to her, as long as she was willing to come back to him, he didn’t care at all.

Shadissika also gently smiled and seemed even happier than Ling Chen.

Xuanyuan Dia Wu’s sobs seemed as if they could shock the heavens and move the earth, as if all of the emotions she had stored within her for 13 years had been released altogether. After crying for a few minutes to the point her voice became hoarse, Ling Chen’s clothes became completely wet. Ling Chen continued to gently hug her without speaking or moving, allowing her to let out those feelings… to be able to hug Dia Wu like this again, Ling Chen felt as if he was living in a dream.

Finally, Xuanyuan Dia Wu, tired from crying, gradually calmed down. She leaned against Ling Chen’s chest as she listened to his heartbeat, putting her weight against his body… to her, this was something that could only happen in dreams.

“Cried enough now?” Ling Chen patted her back as he lowered his head and smiled. He stretched out his hand and stretched out his hand to touch the cloth covering her face… 13 years... a whole 13 years had passed. He wanted to see just how beautiful Dia Wu would be after 13 years had gone by.

Just as he touched the edge, his hand was grabbed by her cloth-wrapped hand in terror.

“Dia Wu, can I look at you?” Ling Chen held her hand as he spoke in a soft voice.

Xuanyuan Dia Wu did not get up off his chest and spoke in an airy voice, “Big brother Ling Tian, after not seeing you for so many years… you’ve become even more attractive. No wonder there are so many pretty girls by your side. But… But… if I became an ugly monster, would you… still want me?”

“Haha!” Ling Chen laughed, and asked, “If I became an ugly monster, would Dia Wu still be willing to be my wife?”

Xuanyuan Dia Wu immediately nodded, “Of course I would be willing, I… I…”

“Exactly, my answer is the same as Dia Wu’s.” Ling Chen held Xuanyuan Dia Wu’s small hand and said, “We’re husband and wife – for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health, till death do us part. Even if my Dia Wu became an ugly monster, beggar, quadriplegic, or an unforgivable evildoer, she’ll still be my Dia Wu, my wife. No one will be able to replace her within my heart.”

Xuanyuan Dia Wu’s shoulders began to heave again as the tears that had finally stopped once again poured out again.

“Moreover, my Dia Wu was so pretty when she was younger; after growing up, I’m sure she’s become a beauty who can topple countries and not an ugly monster,” Ling Chen said as he smiled. After he said this, he felt Xuanyuan Dia Wu’s body suddenly shake as a wave of sadness erupted from her body.

Ling Chen’s heart thumped as a terrifying thought emerged in his mind…

Could it be that Dia Wu… she…

Could it be that she was avoiding him… because…