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Chapter 600: Not The Right Time Or Place

Not The Right Time Or Place

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Modlawls123

Ling Chen hugged Xuanyuan Dia Wu and laughed warmly, “I knew that the heavens would bless such a kind girl like Dia Wu with beauty and happiness. Everything before was only a shattered bubble of ugliness. Haha… the reason is quite simple. Look at me, I was almost killed twice at the Long family’s residence and suffered hundreds, if not thousands of wounds. I even had tens on my face, but now, none of them remain. This was because after many years of special training, my body’s constitution changed, and the wounds quickly healed. Since Dia Wu has learned sword manipulation, your sword intent has definitely reached an amazing level. Perhaps after reaching this level, your body’s constitution changed as well, healing your body’s wounds… if that was possible for me, it’s definitely possible for Dia Wu too.”

Of course, what Ling Chen said wasn’t what he was inwardly thinking. Indeed, his wounds had healed extremely quickly because of his body’s constitution; however, his body’s constitution didn’t come from training, but from being bathed in the medicinal baths prepared by the Mad Scientist in ‘Heaven’ for 3 years. Did Xuanyuan Dia Wu’s wounds really disappear without a trace because of her accomplishments in the way of the sword? Ling Chen didn’t know, but thought that the chances were unlikely. However, this was the only thing he could think of that could convince both himself and Dia Wu. He himself was the best example of what he had just talked about.

“Wuu… wuu….” Lying in Ling Chen’s embrace, Xuanyuan Dia Wu once again started to cry. Just like that, the mighty and awe-inspiring Sword Emperor openly wept. However, this time her tears were not filled with sadness, but deep shock and joy. She wiped her tears away and confirmed that all of this was real and not just a dream.

Ling Chen let out a long breath and looked up as he smiled, feeling that the entire sky had brightened.

There were only vast grassy plains beneath them, and there was no one to disturb them. After separating for 13 years, they each talked about what they went through over the past 13 years. Although much time had passed, they were still the same people, and their feelings for each other were still the same as well. Although they were both now 13 years older, they didn’t feel like strangers around each other and only felt happiness and bliss together.

“This is just like a dream,” Xuanyuan Dia Wu mumbled. She held Ling Chen’s hand as she felt an ache in her heart. “You’ve suffered too much over the years.”

“No, you’ve suffered more, and it’s all my fault… back then if I had believed that you hadn’t died, I would have been able to find you 6 years ago,” Ling Chen said in self-blame. He had told Xuanyuan Dia Wu about everything, including Heaven, Hell, the Reapers, Shui Ruo, Tian Tian, Heart’s Dream... to this girl, who had not left him even in the face of death and hadn’t given up after thinking he had died, what was there for him to hide?

“But if it wasn’t for that, you wouldn’t have met Ruo Ruo,” Xuanyuan Dia Wu said somewhat mischievously. In front of Ling Chen, she still acted like the girl from 13 years ago.

If he hadn’t met Ruo Ruo… that was something Ling Chen could not imagine or accept. He shook his head, changing the topic as he asked, “Dia Wu, how did your sword intent progress so quickly? Even your father must have been left behind by you, right?”

“I don’t know either,” Xuanyuan Dia Wu looked perplexed. “Back then, because my heart had died, I desperately trained like a puppet without any stray thoughts. Maybe that’s why. Back then, there was still some distance between myself and father, and sword manipulation seemed like just a dream. However, that time at the Long family, I realised that the intruder was you, and after rescuing you, I didn’t return to the Long family and the Xuanyuan family. I secretly looked for you, wanting to protect you in secret, but I never found you. After hearing that you were safe, I hid away.

“After hearing that you were safe, I was so happy that I wasn’t able to sleep for a few days. When I couldn’t sleep, I would train with my sword. Whenever I trained, I would think about you; that’s all I could think of… in fact, sometimes I even forgot that I was training with my sword… when I came back to my senses, I realised that I was still using my sword, but the sword was no longer in my hands but in the air dancing around.”

“Could this be the ‘attaining enlightenment through passion’ of the legends?” Ling Chen sighed in amazement. “As one’s emotions fuse with their sword intent, the deeper their emotions, the deeper their sword intent will be. The way of the sword is truly remarkable.”

“Perhaps it’s like that.” Xuanyuan Dia Wu’s face was slightly red as she continued to speak in an affectionate tone, “Afterwards, I continued to train like this… actually, even if I didn’t want to, that’s all I could do because I spent every second thinking about you. That’s something I would not be able to stop doing. Just like that, my sword intent continued to grow, and now I can simultaneously control 5 swords.”

“My Dia Wu is not only a good wife, but a true genius as well,” Ling Chen said in amazement.

“Hehe…” Xuanyuan Dia Wu happily laughed. Without a doubt, this was the happiest day in these recent years. Moreover, this sort of happiness would continue on forever.

There were still a few teardrops left on her face, and her snow-white skin looked extremely glossy. What was even more moving were her clear and watery eyes, looking like 2 stars bathed in water. They were extremely bright, and simply blinking could cause one to feel ripples in their heart. Being reunited with her most loved one made Xuanyuan Dia Wu seem even more beautiful, and every smile she gave was an enchanting scene.

With this sort of atmosphere and in this sort of place, if Ling Chen didn’t know what to do, he would have lived for nothing for the past 20 or so years. He dampened his lips and leaned forward, bringing his face closer to Xuanyuan Dia Wu’s. The approaching manly scent caused Xuanyuan Dia Wu’s heartbeat to become wild, and before she could think of what to do, her soft lips had already been kissed by Ling Chen.

Xuanyuan Dia Wu’s body slightly trembled, her cheeks turning extremely red. She opened her mouth, allowing Ling Chen’s tongue to delve deeper in her mouth as she shyly avoided his tongue with hers.

Xuanyuan Dia Wu’s eyes became extremely misty as her long eyelashes trembled, looking extremely alluring. This was not their first-time kissing – when they were younger, they would often kiss and touch each other in places when no one else was around, and they were familiar with each other’s smell. Very soon, their kiss became more and more passionate. As their tongues intertwined, they felt each other’s body temperature rising.

“Big brother Tian Ya… g-gentler…” Soon, Xuanyuan Dia Wu was unable to bear it anymore and moaned.

This voice sounded heavenly, and was able to awaken any man’s bestial side. Ling Chen’s lips left Xuanyuan Dia Wu’s lips and slid downwards, kissing her jade-like neck. As Ling Chen kissed and licked his way downwards, Xuanyuan Dia Wu felt her body grow weak as her breathing became more erratic. Her eyelashes trembled as she closed her eyes. Her cheeks felt like they were burning, and her ice-cold skin became hotter and hotter.

There was no one else here, and this place was quite remote. It was unlikely anyone would pass by, and was a perfect place for them to rekindle their love for each other. Moreover, they had just reunited… it was the perfect time and place.

Moreover, they weren’t restricted to just expressing their love in mere words. However, the problem was that…

“Ling Chen, does this pretty big sister smell nice?” Shadissika blinked as she asked in a clear voice.

Ling Chen, who was just about to go further, suddenly froze as he inwardly screamed, “Crap! I forgot about Sha Sha! She was beside us this whole time!!!!”

While the 2 of them were stuck together, Sha Sha had been silently standing next to them and watching, making them forget about her existence. Upon realising that she was right there, the 2 people shot apart like lightning.

“You… You… You’re bullying me.” Xuanyuan Dia Wu said with her head lowered, her face extremely red as she embarrassedly looked at Ling Chen. She seemed angry, yet not angry at all, giving her an extremely moving look.

“Ahem.” Ling Chen also felt quite awkward and squeezed Xuanyuan Dia Wu’s small hand as he smiled at Shadissika, “That’s right, that’s right, your big sister Dia Wu smells very nice.”

“Oh, no wonder Ling Chen likes smelling her so much and even secretly licked her.” Shadissika nodded. Her eyes then lit up as she yelled in a cute voice, “I smell nice as well; Ling Chen can come and smell me and lick me if he wants. Don’t just smell that pretty big sister.”

“Hahaha…” Xuanyuan Dia Wu couldn’t help but laugh.

“Err… ah, of course Sha Sha smells the best.” Ling Chen walked over and picked up Sha Sha, giving her a light kiss on her cheeks before bringing her over to Snow Cherry’s back. He held Xuanyuan Dia Wu’s hand and said, “Let’s go, we should go back now. After leaving for so long, they’re probably worried about us.”

With Shadissika as a third wheel, they simply couldn’t get a good atmosphere going. And going further… was even more impossible.

“Go back? Go back… to where?” Xuanyuan Dia Wu suddenly felt quite complicated, and those beautiful figures appeared in her mind… Yun Meng Xin, Xiao Qi, Su’Er, Li Xiao Xue, Mu Bing Yao… all of the women by Ling Chen’s side were outstanding beauties, and he seemed to possess good relationships with all of them. That was partially why she had left in a hurry earlier.

“Of course, I want to introduce my Dia Wu to my friends.” Ling Chen wrapped his arms around Xuanyuan Dia Wu and placed her on Snow Cherry’s back. After going into her mount form, it was no problem for Snow Cherry to carry 3 people. Ling Chen hugged Xuanyuan Dia Wu’s slim waist and looked forwards, “In the future, Dia Wu can just be Dia Wu, not Feng Xie Yu. In the future, don’t wear these clothes anymore; with how beautiful my Dia Wu is, she should be making all women feel jealous and making all men lose their souls, hahaha!”

Ling Chen loudly laughed as Snow Cherry beat her wings and sped off.