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Chapter 605: Tian Tian, Sha Sha

Tian Tian, Sha Sha

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The girl in front of him was clearly Shadissika!

Ling Chen was completely dumbfounded… if there was nothing wrong with his eyes or mind, and if he wasn’t dreaming, he should be in the real world not the virtual world!

So how could Sha Sha be here?!

“Hehe, I win! I logged off with Ling Chen!” Shadissika raised her right hand in victory as she curiously looked around while blinking her large eyes. “Ling Chen, is this your home in this world? It has a very warm feel to it.”

“Sha… Sha… how are you… here…” Under immense shock and disbelief, Ling Chen’s tongue seemed to have become stiff. He reached out with his hand and placed it on Sha Sha’s shoulder… it was warm and soft... she was definitely real and not just some illusion. Ling Chen’s mouth twitched as he inwardly screamed… what’s going on?!

Has the world gone crazy?!

Back then, when he had been filled with despair, he suddenly heard Qi Yue’s voice – that had completely shocked Ling Chen. The shock he felt this time was much greater, because back then it was only Qi Yue’s voice, while now a character from the game was standing right in front of him.

This goes against all that was natural; it goes against science; it goes against common sense!!

Shadissika tilted her small head as she smiled and spoke in a deadly earnest tone, “Of course I came with Ling Chen. I said that as long as Ling Chen logs off while holding my hand I’ll be able to log off with Ling Chen and come to Ling Chen’s home.”

Ling Chen’s mouth opened, but he couldn’t utter a word.

The Mystic Moon world definitely wasn’t just a virtual game – Ling Chen was very clear about this. Qi Yue’s voice that night was proof of that. However, seeing this girl follow him from the virtual world into the real world gave him an enormous fright. Luckily, he had never thought of the Mystic Moon world purely as a game world, or he would probably have died from shock.

Tap tap tap…

The sounds of footsteps came closer. These footsteps belonged to Tian Tian – evidently, she had heard noise from the room, which meant that Ling Chen was awake, so she quickly hurried over Following Tian Tian’s footsteps were 2 incredibly light and synchronised pairs of feet, which belonged to Chao Ying and Chao Xi.

The door opened, revealing Tian Tian’s tender face. She immediately saw Ling Chen and her expression relaxed as she half-angrily asked, “Big brother, why did it take so l- ahhh!!”

Halfway through her sentence, she suddenly noticed that snow fairy-like girl, causing her mouth to drop open.

Behind Tian Tian, Chao Ying and Chao Xi also revealed expressions of shock. Because Ling Chen hadn’t logged out for a while and they had no way to contact him, they had stayed here to protect Tian Tian. Under their protection, no one was able to enter this place without their detection… so how did this little girl suddenly appear here?!

Moreover, her hair was completely snow-white as was her skin… she looked extremely cute.

She definitely wasn’t a real person, but rather an incredibly realistic doll! Otherwise, how could she have suddenly appeared here and have such a strange appearance?

“Hello, I’m called Sha Sha.” Just like when she had met Meng Xin and the others, Shadissika didn’t seem shy or afraid at all. Instead, she smiled as she looked up at Tian Tian and the sisters and greeted them.

This proved to them… that she was a real, living girl and not just a cute doll. Suddenly, this bedroom, which wasn’t very big, was filled with excitement.

Anyone could imagine that Tian Tian would immediately ask where this white-haired girl came from, why she was here, and how she got here.

However, even if Ling Chen had 8 more heads, he wouldn’t be able to answer those questions. Could he really say he had brought Sha Sha out from the game and that she was a special NPC from the game?

If he said such a thing, let alone Tian Tian, even Chao Ying and Chao Xi, who idolised him, wouldn’t believe such a thing. They would only cover their mouths and laugh, thinking that he was trying to joke around. However, apart from that, how else could he explain how this girl had suddenly appeared in his room?

She fell from the sky? She dug up from the ground? She jumped out from the TV? She’s a doll that gained sentience? What’s more, Sha Sha looked completely different compared to most girls. Although she was still quite young, her hair and eyelashes were completely snow-white. Even her skin was milky white…

Although Ling Chen was extremely intelligent and quick-witted, he was unable to think of how to explain Sha Sha’s presence. He tried to give a random explanation as he began to sweat. Luckily, Chao Ying and Chao Xi could see how flustered he was, and they started to help him make up a story… such as that when they went to swim, they saw a small figure flash by, which they thought was them imagining things… after rambling for a long time, they finally convinced Tian Tian.

However, the reason Tian Tian did not continue to ask about this girl’s origins wasn’t because they had given a perfect explanation but because… Tian Tian didn’t seem scared or fearful of this girl, but rather happy to see her! By looking into her sparkling eyes, they could see that she deeply liked Sha Sha!

The eyes she looked at Sha Sha with were like the eyes Leng’Er looked at dolls with!

Beautiful women were naturally enemies, and this applied to girls as well. Normally, if someone was to intrude on the 2 person-world that Tian Tian and Ling Chen shared, a girl would be quite unhappy and not welcome her. However, the emotions Tian Tian showed were the opposite… Ling Chen was surprised at just how much she liked Sha Sha.

“Sha Sha… is that your name? It’s just as cute as you.”

“Tian Tian’s very cute as well. No wonder Ling Chen says he likes you the most.”

Ling Chen was perplexed… Did I ever tell Sha Sha about Tian Tian?

“Eh? Did big brother really say that?” Tian Tian was quite surprised, but quickly recovered, “Heheh, but of course. I’m so cute and obedient that of course big brother likes me the most. Right, how did you meet big brother?”

“In the game,” Sha Sha replied. “Ling Chen saved me from a place and said that he would take me home. Since he took me out, he needs to take responsibility.”

“So it was in the game… Did big brother give you our address and you came here by yourself?” Tian Tian asked.

“Hehe, pretty much,” Sha Sha replied.

“But where are your mum and dad? Are they okay with this?” Tian Tian asked.

“My mum and dad… I don’t have a mum and dad. Before I met Ling Chen, I was always by myself.”

“Ahh! So… it’s like that. No wonder big brother brought you here. Big brother has always had a soft heart. I should tell you that I was also brought back by big brother, just like Sha Sha!” Tian Tian exclaimed.

“Ah? Really? I thought you were Ling Chen’s little sister,” Sha Sha replied.

“Of course not. By the way, Sha Sha, how old are you?”

“Umm… I don’t know. I just know I’m many, many years old.”

“Haha, we’re quite similar. I also forgot how old I was, but in the past big sister said I should be around 10 years old. Sha Sha should be around how old I am, around 10 years old… but Sha Sha’s a bit shorter than me, so I should be Sha Sha’s big sister.”

Standing next to Shadissika, Tian Tian slightly stood on her toes, seeming a tiny bit taller than Sha Sha. She smiled with a sense of victory.

“Big sister Tian Tian.” Shadissika didn’t reject this and sweetly called out.

“Wow…” Tian Tian’s heart leapt upon being called ‘big sister’ for the first time. She felt an immense sense of pride in becoming a big sister, and she remembered the love and protection Ling Shui Ruo had given her. The concept of a ‘big sister’ became something warm and sacred to her, and she held Shadissika’s hand as she earnestly said, “Sha Sha, from now on I’ll be your big sister. Big brother and I will take care of you, and we won’t let anyone bully you.”

“Mm!” Shadissika clearly and happily replied.

“Sha Sha, why is your hair completely white? It’s the first time I’ve seen a girl with completely white hair.”

“My hair was like this when I was born and I don’t know why… Ah? Tian Tian, what’s this? It looks so strange.”

“That’s a vacuum cleaner. Has Sha Sha never seen one before?”

“I’ve seen them before, but it looks different to the ones I’ve seen.”

“That’s normal; there are many different types of vacuum cleaners.”

“Then this… is that a TV?”

“That’s right; that’s a TV. This one here’s a PS8, which you can play games with. I always play with big brother, but big brother isn’t very smart, so I wreck him every time. In the future, I’ll play with Sha Sha.”

While Ling Chen sat in the bathroom, he heard all of Tian Tian’s words. He grumbled inwardly, “What do you mean you wreck me every time? I’m letting you win, alright? If I beat you every time, wouldn’t you just start crying?!”

From their discussion, one could tell how much Tian Tian liked Sha Sha. As her ‘big sister’, she had vowed to take care of Sha Sha and protect her. Perhaps it was because of how charming Sha Sha was – after all, even Ling Chen couldn’t resist that charm, so it could probably insta-kill any man or woman of any age. Tian Tian was very willing for Sha Sha to stay… just like how back then Shui Ruo, who had liked Tian Tian, wanted to keep her with them.

“Ah! I nearly forgot – big brother hasn’t logged off in 2 days and hasn’t eaten in all that time. I need to immediately make dinner. Sha Sha, you can play with him for now. I’ll be done soon. Before coming back, I couldn’t cook for Ling Chen, but now I can cook yummy food for him.”

“Alright! I’m also a bit hungry.”

The real world and the virtual world was completely aligned. This was Shadissika’s first day in the real world, but with her incredible charm, it was as if she had always belonged to this home. Her appearance had shocked Ling Chen, but in just a few hours, her existence here seemed extremely natural… it was as if she was always part of the family.