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Chapter 607: The Woman Who Wouldn’t Leave

The Woman Who Wouldn’t Leave

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Modlawls123

Qi Yue’s beauty could be described as extreme, and to Ling Chen, only Sha Sha’s looks were superior. Apart from Sha Sha, there was no one else who could even compare to Qi Yue. Not even Meng Xin, Ying Xue, or Dia Wu, who are peerless beauties, could compare to her. Moreover, the witch-like seductiveness that came from her was something that not even all of the other women Ling Chen had ever met added together could compare to.

She definitely didn’t possess the elegant and dignified beauty that Meng Xin had, nor that cold, inviolable beauty that Ying Xue possessed, nor was it the incredibly tender and cute beauty that Sha Sha possessed. When looking at Qi Yue, any man would immediately think of a bed! They would want to push her down on a bed and ferociously conquer her… without any foreplay.

Just like before, Ling Chen exerted incredible willpower to drag his gaze away from Qi Yue and gritted his teeth as he tried to settle his heart, “Didn’t I tell you many times before that without my permission you’re not to come out?”

Every time Qi Yue came out was a disaster to Ling Chen. He needed to use all of his self-control to resist the flood-like madness within him. Although she existed as a ‘soul’, that was only to other people. To Ling Chen, she was incredibly real! He could see her and touch her just like with Leng’Er.

Seeing how flustered Ling Chen looked, Qi Yue smiled bewitchingly as she looked at him with her misty, upturned eyes. Her gaze was incredibly sultry, looking extremely flirtatious. Her pink lips gently parted as she spoke softly, “I’ve always been very obedient to little master, and I have never come out casually. It’s just that something so incomprehensible has happened to little master, and I want to help little master solve it… could it be that little master doesn’t want this?”

“… What do you want to do?” Ling Chen deeply breathed in, regulating his breathing… images of him ripping apart Qi Yue’s clothes as well as dominating her repeatedly flashed within his mind… in that regard, Ling Chen wasn’t a gentleman at all. Even he couldn’t keep count of how many women he had slept with before. However, even if it was just Qi Yue, he couldn’t sleep with her. With his powerful mental energy as well as the senses he had honed from walking along the boundaries of death countless times, he not only felt a sense of seductiveness and beauty from Qi Yue, but also a sense of danger… the more time he spent with her, the deeper this feeling became.

Although Qi Yue had been with him all this time and helped him, called him ‘little master’, and even occasionally tried to seduce him… he had never let down his guard towards her. He felt that if he truly gave in to her charms, he might never be able to extricate himself from her.

Ling Chen never doubted his intuition.

“It’s very simple.” Qi Yue smiled as she slowly walked towards Ling Chen, her hips swaying as a faint fragrance wafted off of her body. Her pink, glossy hand stretched out towards Ling Chen as she lightly laughed, “As long as little master holds my hand and logs off, if you succeed, I’ll be able to see if I can find a reason. If it’s because of the Lunar Scourge, as the soul possessing it, I’ll be able to detect something. Isn’t that a good idea?”

“… Could it be that you’ve forgotten that you’re a soul without a body?” Ling Chen asked.

“That’s not the same,” Qi Yue smiled. “In front of little master aren’t I a perfectly whole woman? Moreover, the Lunar Scourge’s power might surpass what you expect. If it can bring characters from this virtual world into your world, what can’t it do?”


What if they actually succeeded? Bringing this incredibly strange and dangerous woman into the real world… what if something with unimaginable consequences happened? Such as…

Terrible thoughts flashed through Ling Chen’s mind when his hand was suddenly gripped by an incredibly soft and smooth hand. Qi Yue had taken the initiative to hold his hand as her eyes narrowed while she smiled. “Could it be that little master doesn’t want to know the truth? Taking someone from the virtual world into your own world – how incredible is that? If I can try it out, maybe we can really get to the bottom of this.”

This was the first time Ling Chen had touched Qi Yue’s hand, and by just having his hand held by hers, Ling Chen’s heart trembled, and his ability to think was greatly affected. Slowly, his desire to find the answer took control as he spoke with great difficulty, “Alright.”

He held onto Qi Yue’s hand as he logged off.

The world in front of them changed, and Ling Chen immediately opened his eyes. When he saw the seductive figure next to him, he stood up from the sofa with a ‘whoosh’ as he stared at her in a daze.

As he logged off, he had hoped that it would fail… after all, Qi Yue wasn’t a physical being but rather a soul that possessed the Lunar Scourge! She only seemed corporeal to him.

However, this shocking scene once again presented itself. When he returned to the real world, he immediately saw Qi Yue. She was standing in front of him, wearing that black muslin dress. She gave off a fragrant smell and looked incredibly sexy. Compared to Ling Chen, she was incredibly calm, and she didn’t seem nervous at all in Ling Chen’s home. After all, she had been here with her a part of her soul before and experienced this world with Ling Chen’s senses.

Bringing Sha Sha into the real world… then Cai’Er… and now even Qi Yue, who was a soul in the Lunar Scourge, was here!!

What was going on?!

Was the entire universe mad?!

“Looks like you’ve succeeded,” Qi Yue said in a soft voice as her eyes swept around her surroundings. “The world little master lives in is quite worrisome – not only is the Elemental Essence here not very active or dense, but there are also masses of germs, viruses, and suspended matter in the air. There are more than 3,000 viruses and 150,000 types of germs; in such an environment, living to become 100 years old can be considered a miracle.

The lifespan of those in the Mystic Moon world were quite long, and they ordinarily lived for 300-400 years. For people like Xiao Feng Chen and Daoist Tian Qing, who far surpassed everyone else, they could live for a few millennia. Comparatively speaking, humans on earth only lived for 80 or so years, which was much less.

Qi Yue was standing right in front of him, and adding on how thin and tight her clothes were, if Ling Chen slightly looked down, he would be able to see her deep, snow-white cleavage. If he looked, he would instantly think of the marvellous feeling of grabbing onto them – they were incredibly soft, bouncy, and simply just wonderful. Ling Chen’s heart rate sped up as his mouth dried up, and even his breathing became rough. Very soon, his lower body reacted as well.

This demoness!! Ling Chen gritted his teeth as he desperately looked away, almost biting his tongue.

Qi Yue’s body moved as she elegantly sat on the sofa beside Ling Chen. As she bent over, she revealed an extremely bewitching figure, enough to make anyone to cough up blood. Her long and slim fingers picked up a strawberry on the coffee table and gently bit into it as the sweet juice filled her mouth. “Earth’s fruits aren’t bad. As for the reason we were talking about… I already said that for something so strange to happen, the Lunar Scourge is the only explanation. If even I can appear here, there are no other possibilities.”

Qi Yue’s answer was extremely vague and almost didn’t count as an answer. Ling Chen didn’t pursue this matter further and lowered his head as he muttered to himself, “Could it really be because of the Lunar Scourge?”

However, this meant that the Mystic Moon world wasn’t simply a virtual game… it was an actual world!

If it wasn’t an actual world, how could he bring people from the Mystic Moon world here?!

However, the Mystic Moon world was clearly a virtual game – it had the settings of a game, the rules of a game, the professions of a game, and the residents of a game, as well as different types of characters, monsters, quests and maps… everything was for the players, so how could it be a real world?

Just what was going on?!

“Ling Chen… eh? Wow!! What a pretty big sister!!”

Shadissika ran over from the kitchen, her large, crystal-like eyes fixed on Qi Yue. Although she was a young girl, she was deeply attracted by Qi Yue’s beauty and seductiveness. She smiled as she spoke to Qi Yue, “Hello, pretty big sister. I’m called Sha Sha. Were you also brought out by Ling Chen from that world?”

Ling Chen: “……”

“So you’re called Sha Sha! What an incredibly likeable and angelic girl. I’m called Qi Yue, though you can call me big sister Beauty.” Qi Yue stretched out her hand and held Shadissika’s small hand. Anyone who saw Shadissika would feel a sense of shock and affection, and Qi Yue was no exception. This was her first time seeing and speaking to Shadissika, and there was no way to fake the trembling in her eyes.

“Wait!” Ling Chen suddenly realised something as he spoke. “Sha Sha, you can see her?”

Qi Yue was a soul and therefore didn’t have her own body. She was just an image! The only one who could see her and touch her was the master of the Lunar Scourge! However, Sha Sha had evidently seen her and greeted her.

“Eh? Big sister beauty is right here. Of course I can see her.” Shadissika looked at Ling Chen with confusion.

“But…” Ling Chen looked at Qi Yue with confusion. Qi Yue laughed as she picked up another strawberry and placed it in Sha Sha’s hands as she smiled. “Hasn’t little master realised that after bringing me to this world I’m not just an incorporeal being anymore?”

“… What’s going on?” Ling Chen asked.

“I don’t know,” Qi Yue shook her head. “If I knew that, I would’ve regained a physical body a long time ago. However, I can roughly guess… this is a miracle that little master and the Lunar Scourge have created for me!” Qi Yue’s smile bloomed like a flower, her ample and perky chest rippling as she breathed. Her snow-white body, as well as her seductive figure, looked incomparably enchanting. As her lips opened and closed, they gave off a light fragrance.

Miracle? Miracle my ass! Looking at how calm and composed you look, I would rather believe that a sow could rape a dragon!

Ling Chen knew that this incredibly devious woman wouldn’t tell him the true reason even if he kneeled down and kowtowed to her. He could only inwardly curse as he stretched out his hand towards her. “Alright, since we’ve found the reason I should take you back.”

“Go back? Hehe…” Qi Yue’s eyes looked around as she laughed mischievously. She didn’t take Ling Chen’s hand but instead wrapped her arms around her proud chest. “This is the first time I’ve come to be a guest at little master’s home. Can little master really bear to chase me away so soon?”

“Doesn’t little master feel that in such a big home little master is missing a female slave to serve little master? I’m sure I can take that role!”