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Chapter 608: The Truth

The Truth

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What Ling Chen was worried about the most had happened. When Qi Yue sat down with a look that said she wasn’t going to go back, Ling Chen nearly jumped up and down in frustration.

Bringing a character from the virtual world into the real world was something that defied all logic, reason, and science. It was simply a heaven-defying act. When this sort of thing happens right in front of him, it causes an unimaginable chain reaction. If he had only brought Sha Sha here, after recovering from his shock, he would have been quite happy because Sha Sha was simply too likable. Moreover, apart from him, she had no one to rely on and wouldn’t make things complicated. If it was just Cai’Er, he would have accepted it too – Cai’Er was a pure-hearted fairy, and although her presence in the real world would be quite shocking, she wouldn’t cause any trouble for him.

However, Qi Yue was completely different.

She was an item’s soul in the virtual world, and if she entered into his life in the real world… Ling Chen was certain that it was only a matter of time until his current life would be completely messed up.

Ling Chen definitely couldn’t allow this!

“No! You need to immediately return; this isn’t somewhere you should stay!” Ling Chen said.

Qi Yue didn’t seem to mind Ling Chen’s reaction at all. Instead, she looked at him bewitchingly. “Little master, don’t be so shy. Just like in the game, I’ll be obedient to little master and won’t bother little master when he makes love with his lovers~”

“!@#$%... Alright, if you’re so obedient then go back to the game with me,” Ling Chen coldly said as he stretched out his hand.

Qi Yue looked quite hurt as she gazed at Ling Chen, her eyes looking extremely wronged. “I’ve been with little master for so long that I thought that little master’s feelings towards me had grown. Who would have thought that little master would despise me and chase me away…”

Ling Chen was expressionless… Like hell I’d believe you felt so pitiful!

“Since little master is in a hurry to chase me away, I won’t be so thick-skinned as to stay here,” Qi Yue said as she extended her snow-white hand towards Ling Chen. This action caused Ling Chen to stare in shock… from what he knew about Qi Yue’s personality, if she decided to stay here, even a god would be able to do nothing about it. She shouldn’t have given in so easily. Ling Chen suspiciously took her hand as she continued to talk, “Before, I wanted to tell little master the truth about poor little sister Shui Ruo, but since little master hates me so much, I’ll just leave as soon as possible…”

Ling Chen’s body froze as his pupils expanded and contracted. He then suddenly took a step back as he stared into Qi Yue’s eyes, his breathing becoming increasingly ragged. “The truth about… Ruo Ruo? What truth? What do you mean?!”

Qi Yue waved her hand in front of Ling Chen as she said, “Little master always thought that poor little sister Shui Ruo was killed by the Long family’s people; however, that’s not the case. Her body was taken away by me, so I naturally know how she lost her life… in actuality, it had nothing to do with the Long family – they were just at the wrong place at the wrong time. Could it be that little master has never had his suspicions in the past? Shui Ruo died in little master’s arms, so you should be able to remember her condition. If it was because of the Long family, why did she have no injuries on her body at all?”

“It wasn’t the Long family?” Qi Yue’s words banged on Ling Chen’s heart, causing it to wildly tremble as his vision became distorted… just like Qi Yue had said, he had been suspicious about Shui Ruo’s death because she had indeed seemed uninjured; even her clothes were perfectly fine. However, the shock of losing Shui Ruo made him go mad, and he unleashed all of his rage on the Long family. Afterwards, he tried not to think about Shui Ruo’s death.”

“If it wasn’t the Long family, why would Shui Ruo just leave like that? She had been completely fine before that!” Although Ling Chen tried to stay calm, his voice became incredibly emotional; he was unable to remain calm when talking about Shui Ruo. “Then tell me, if it wasn’t the Long family, how did Shui Ruo die? Why didn’t you tell me before?”

“Because little master never asked.” Qi Yue said in a small voice.

“… Then I’m asking you now!”

Qi Yue didn’t reply. She straightened her back, causing her ample chest to bounce up and down as her bewitching eyes looked at Ling Chen and smiled. “If you allow me to stay here and serve little master, and you don’t chase me away… I’ll tell little master after 1 month.”


Qi Yue smiled incredibly charmingly and casually cut Ling Chen off, “If little master is determined to chase me away, then I’ll forget everything I know about this out of sadness. I might not be able to remember it during my lifetime… oh, right! I forgot to tell little master – if little master doesn’t know why little sister Shui Ruo died that night, even if little master revives her… she could die at any time after that.”

Ling Chen’s expression froze as he stared at Qi Yue, unable to say anything. His heart and mind were filled with only one question…

It wasn’t the Long family… not the Long family… then what was the reason?!

What was the reason?!?!

Could it be that something or someone else had caused Shui Ruo’s death?

The last sentence that Qi Yue said evidently hit Ling Chen hard… if he didn’t know the reason for her death, even if he brought her back, she could die at any moment again… although Ling Chen desperately did not want Qi Yue to stay, he had no way to refuse. After settling the internal conflict within himself, he deeply breathed in as he slowly spoke, “Alright, if you want to stay, you can stay. I just hope that you won’t do anything out of order… after a month, you must tell me everything you know about Shui Ruo’s situation!”

“I’ve never broken a promise to little master.” Qi Yue, whose wish had been fulfilled, grinned as she looked at him, looking quite coquettish and amorous, making Ling Chen’s temperature rise. She stood up as she spoke in a soft and gentle tone, “Don’t worry, I’ve always been little master’s obedient little slave. I will only serve little master. I definitely won’t do anything little master doesn’t want me to do.”

“I’m going to clean my room, the one to the left of little master’s room. I’ll do it myself.”

Ling Chen was completely speechless as he watched Qi Yue walk while swaying her hips towards that room. Ling Chen was not surprised at all that she had chosen that room. From what she said, she had experienced this world through Ling Chen’s senses, therefore she had long since become acquainted with this house.

Moreover, all of these rooms were already furnished and cleaned and didn’t need any cleaning at all.

The moment Qi Yue turned around, Shadissika’s gaze fell onto her back as she stared at her. Deep within her eyes, a white light flashed.

Ling Chen sat down, his mind filled with the exchange he just had with Qi Yue… evidently, Qi Yue had known the truth from the start, but she did not tell him. Even if he revived Shui Ruo, she would die again. However, despite the fact that such a long time had passed, she had said nothing to him, only to use it as a condition for her staying… moreover, she didn’t tell him everything; not even half.

Just how many plots and secrets was this woman hiding… Ling Chen had no idea.

“Ling Chen,” Shadissika looked away from Qi Yue and called out Ling Chen’s name. She walked to his side as she said in a small voice, “That pretty big sister seems to like you a lot.”

Ling Chen looked up at the pure girl as he asked, “Why do you say that?”

“Because she was very determined to stay by your side and said that she would be obedient,” Shadissika replied as she looked at him with her pure eyes.

Ling Chen stroked Shadissika’s snow-white face as he smiled in amusement. “She’ll like Sha Sha more. Who told Sha Sha to be so cute and likable?”

“Hehe.” Shadissika happily laughed.

At that moment, the kitchen door, which had been tightly closed, was opened. Tian Tian poked her head out as she happily called out, “Big brother, Sha Sha, you can eat now. Come and help… eh?”

Apart from Ling Chen and Shadissika, she saw an unfamiliar face. That person was smiling at her and was the manifestation of what it meant to ‘charm’ someone. Her figure was the manifestation of a real woman, and her face was the manifestation of perfect beauty.

“So pretty!” Tian Tian spaced out as she spoke, almost forgetting what she was doing.

Ling Chen didn’t feel surprised upon seeing Tian Tian’s reaction – this was something that made him feel quite frustrated. No matter if it was Qi Yue’s appearance, figure, or the enchanting air around her, even a girl like Tian Tian was completely mesmerized by her. If it was a man, one could only imagine the consequences.

“Is little sister complimenting me?” Qi Yue, who was going to her room, smiled as she walked back, giving off a seductive fragrance.

“Mm!” Tian Tian nodded her head as she stared at Qi Yue – the prettiest woman she had ever seen in her entire life. “Big sister’s so pretty… but why are you here? Are you big brother’s guest?”

“You’re also very pretty. After you grow up, you’ll definitely be prettier than big sister.” Qi Yue came over to Tian Tian and bent down. As she did this, her large, snow-white chest swayed as her slim waist formed a perfect figure. “You must be little Tian Tian. I’m called Qi Yue, your big brother’s little slave. I came from the same place as little sister Sha Sha.”

“Little slave?” Tian Tian repeated this, feeling quite confused before smiling brilliantly. “So you also met big brother in the game? Did he also tell you to come here?”

“That’s right,” Qi Yue smiled as she replied.

“Oh…” Tian Tian nodded her head and looked at Ling Chen before looking at Qi Yue unblinkingly. “Looks like big brother likes you a lot, otherwise he wouldn’t have told you to come find us here. It’s no wonder – since big sister is so pretty, big brother definitely loves you to death… by the way, is big sister going to stay here for a while?”

“That’s right, am I welcome?” Qi Yue’s smile became more affectionate.

“As long as big brother is willing, of course I’d welcome you,” Tian Tian replied as she smiled.

Just like that, Tian Tian was also won over by Qi Yue. This demoness, who contained countless secrets, had successfully entered Ling Chen’s world. This allowed her to take a step closer to her ultimate goal.