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Chapter 609: A Different Night

A Different Night

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With 2 extra people in the house, even the feeling that the evening brought was different. An extra demoness-like beauty, who continuously acted flirtatiously, was something that any man would want. However, if this sort of woman could only be looked at and not touched, after satisfying their eyes, one would feel immense torture. This was the first time Ling Chen had experienced this.

When Qi Yue walked out of the bath with only a towel covering her breasts and bottom, Ling Chen lost control of his eyes… that messy and damp hair, those thin eyebrows, the partially opened lips, the crystal-like skin, slim and long legs, and perfectly round ankles… even a goddess from the Nine Heavens would be completely outclassed by her. Moreover, Qi Yue did not seem embarrassed at all to be exposed like this in front of a man. Her watery eyes were narrowed, looking incredibly bewitching as she smiled. Her hand travelled down from her hips, moving over her body, as if she was enjoying feeling how soft and supple her body was.

Upon seeing Ling Chen’s stare, Qi Yue seductively raised her hand and tucked some hair behind her ear as she teasingly looked at Ling Chen, speaking in a tempting voice, “Little master, do you like looking at my body?”

Ling Chen’s body temperature skyrocketed as his entire face became red. The instant Qi Yue’s voice sounded out, he felt something slide out of his nose, and he subconsciously lifted his hand…

“Ahhh! Big brother, you’re bleeding from your nose!”

Before Tian Tian could bring over tissues, Ling Chen had run off as the demoness’s charming laugh sounded out from behind him.

After taking care of his nosebleed, Ling Chen almost felt like crying… he had seen many different types of women in his life, but this was the first time he had a nosebleed in front of a woman! He felt incredibly embarrassed.

The only comfort he had was that Tian Tian and Sha Sha didn’t know what it meant for a man to have a nosebleed in front of a woman. At least, that was what he thought.

Qi Yue was sleeping in the room to the left of his. It was her first night on earth, and Ling Chen wondered what her state of mind and emotions would be like. As for Shadissika, when she hesitantly asked Ling Chen if she could sleep together with him with a look of hope in her eyes, Ling Chen and Tian Tian had been insta-killed. Tian Tian remembered the first night she had joined Ling Chen and Shui Ruo, and she had also used this sort of pleading look to ask Shui Ruo something similar… as such, she unhesitatingly asked Ling Chen to allow Shadissika to sleep with them. She took on Shui Ruo’s role from back then, and she did her best to be as warm and gentle as Shui Ruo had been.

Even now, Tian Tian would sometimes call out ‘big sister’ in her dreams, which was often accompanied by 2 streams of tears.

When they slept, Ling Chen was in the middle, Tian Tian was on the outside, and Shadissika was on the inside. They both stuck closely to Ling Chen, sleeping peacefully. Ling Chen silently lay there as he stared at the ceiling through the dim moonlight from outside, unable to fall asleep. His mind replayed everything that had happened today: the future of the new city, what he should do about Shadissika, and the things Qi Yue had said… even when it was nearly dawn, he still was not sleepy, so he closed his eyes and entered the virtual world.

At that moment, Shadissika, who had been sleeping, quietly opened her eyes. She looked at the sleeping Ling Chen as well as Tian Tian and arose from the bed. She put on her slippers and silently opened the door as she walked out.

After walking out to the living room, she immediately saw a figure standing on the balcony. Shadissika gave a soft “eeh” as she hesitantly called out, “Is that big sister Qi Yue?”

“Little Sha Sha, why aren’t you asleep yet?” Qi Yue turned around as she smiled and asked.

“I’m going to the bathroom… why is big sister Qi Yue here? Aren’t you going to sleep?” Shadissika walked over and stood next to Qi Yue, looking up at the full moon hanging in the night sky.

Qi Yue also looked up towards the full moon. “Because you can see the moon here at night, and it’s a full moon, so I wanted to look for a bit longer.”

“That’s right, it’s very pretty…” Shadissika looked up at the round moon in the sky, looking slightly infatuated. A strange light danced in her eyes as she said in a small voice, “So this is the moon.”

“That’s right, there’s no moon in the other world,” Qi Yue said as she smiled.

Shadissika turned to look at Qi Yue as she asked in curiosity, “Big sister, you were brought out from the game by Ling Chen, just like me, right?”


“Then how did you meet Ling Chen?” Shadissika asked.

Qi Yue’s eyes narrowed as she said slowly, “I’ve known little master for a long time, much longer than Sha Sha. Precisely speaking, little master saved me from a dark place, and I’ve been with little master until now.”

“Wow!” Shadissika said. “So big sister was also someone like me who Ling Chen saved. Then is big sister staying by Ling Chen’s side to repay him?”

“Of course,” Qi Yue smiled while replying.

“Same with me!” Shadissika nodded before looking up at the moon, her small hands in front of her chest as she said earnestly, “Ling Chen saved me and big sister; he’s a very, very good person. When he looks at me, his gaze is always very warm and gentle, and being near him makes me feel at ease and very warm. Although I’ve only been with him for a short period of time, when he was in danger, he brought the danger to himself to keep me safe. To be able to meet Ling Chen after I woke up, I feel extremely blessed.”

Qi Yue looked at her strangely and suddenly smiled as she said with a meaningful tone, “Legends say that although the White Phoenix Clan’s people live in extremely cold and harsh environments, they have an incredibly fiery and passionate heart. They fall in love easily, and once they fall in love, their feelings will not change even in death. Looks like this is completely true.”

“White Phoenix Clan? Fall in love?” Shadissika blinked as she looked at Qi Yue curiously. “Big sister, what are you talking about? I don’t understand.”

“I’m just talking to myself; little Sha Sha doesn’t need to understand.”

Shadissika continued to look up at the moon as her gaze seemed to become hazy and said softly, “A good person like Ling Chen should be rewarded with the best things and should always possess luck and happiness. He should also have good people around him. Those who harm him, use him, or bear ill-will towards him should all receive the cruellest punishments.”

Qi Yue: “……”

“Those who do good will receive good, and those who do evil will receive evil. This is a divine rule that no one can go against,” Shadissika said as she looked up at the moon. “That way, there will be more and more good people and less and less bad people, because the good people will be rewarded and the bad people will be punished. As such, we can’t be bad people, or we’ll be punished. Some bad people can never be forgiven… what do you think, big sister Qi Yue?”

“……” After lapsing into silence, Qi Yue smiled bewitchingly, but the smile seemed somewhat forced. “Of course Sha Sha is correct. Mm, it’s quite late, so Sha Sha should go and sleep. Big sister is also going to sleep.”

“Mm, okay, good night big sister.” After taking a final glance at the moon, Shadissika cutely smiled towards Qi Yue and quietly walked into the bathroom and closed the door.

Qi Yue did not immediately return to her room. She looked up at the moon, but under the moonlight, her eyes seemed quite dim. After a while, her lips moved as she softly spoke, “I’m… destined… to be a bad person… I have no choice…”

In the bathroom, Shadissika’s small frame leaned against the door, her small and tender finger tapping against her lips. The innocent and cute look in her eyes was gone, and was replaced by an incredibly deep look.

“If you dare to harm him…”


After entering the game, Ling Chen was called over by the women. He immediately summoned Snow Cherry and flew towards the new city.

“Ling Tian!”

“Ah! Little bro Ling Tian!”

“Tian Ya…”

After arriving at the northern gate of the new city, many voices called out. Ling Chen looked around… Xuanyuan Dia Wu, Yun Meng Xin, Li Xiao Xue, Xiao Qi, Su’Er, Winter of That Year, Hundred Miles of Ice, Chief Dilo, and Chief Greenwood.

They seemed to be gathering for a banquet!

“Big brother Ling Tian, try this! It’s a dessert made by the Dwarves, and it tastes so good!” Xiao Qi rushed over and pulled Ling Chen to sit down. There were tens of plates on the wooden table, filled with a plethora of foods and desserts. Just the sight alone was able to make one feel incredibly joyful and make their saliva to overflow to the ground.

“Wuu… Wuu… I’ve never even heard of such delicious food. Heavens, this is simply outrageously good!” Winter of That Year completely disregarded his image as he hungrily devoured the food. Before he even swallowed what was in his mouth, he would stuff his mouth with something else… that’s right, he would force it in. He looked like he was a ghost who had been starved to death.

“Of course.” Ling Chen picked up a cherry flat cake as he smiled and said, “Dwarves are not only great architects and engineers, but they are also natural gourmets as well. They love eating delicious food, but they love to cook delicious food more. As long as they have the ingredients, they can make the most delicious food in the world.” As Ling Chen spoke, he suddenly remembered something. He looked at Winter of That Year… hold on! Didn’t that guy say that he lost his smell and taste? Why was he looking like this?

“That’s right!” Upon being praised like that, Elder Dita’s face glowed red. “All of us Dwarves have remarkable talent towards food. That’s right, we designed a large gourmet plaza so that all humans can taste the gourmet meals made by us Dwarves… ah! Just thinking about it makes my heart become so excited that it’s going to jump out. None of our ancestors would have thought such a thing was possible, and that Handsome Pan was something that countless ancestors had dreamed of possessing.”

Dita became extremely emotional as he looked at Ling Chen and spoke with immense gratitude, “All of this was given to us by you. We will remember your deeds for all the generations to come. If you have any requests, we will do our best to fulfil them. Your enemies will be our entire clan’s enemies!”