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Chapter 613: A Shocking Turn Of Events

A Shocking Turn Of Events

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“Aunty Gu, you…?” Seeing Gu Qing Han like this, Ling Chen felt quite perplexed… he had just been casually speaking, and yet the famous and mighty Gu family’s leader had started crying… what was going on?

Li Xiao Xue sighed as she spoke, “When Aunty Gu was younger, she also had a son. It was just that the third day after her son was born, she was separated from him, and she didn’t see him for the next 20 years. Many years ago, she had even heard that her child had died. Because of this, Aunty Gu became cheerless and hasn’t smiled in the past few years. What happened to you most likely reminded Aunty Gu of her past.”

“So it’s like that…” Ling Chen instantly understood. No matter how strong and domineering Gu Qing Han was, as a mother, she would still display the same emotions as other mothers. As such, he tried to comfort her by saying, “Aunty Gu, don’t feel sad. Just like you said, it doesn’t mean it’s the truth just because you were told that. Perhaps your son is still alive and is looking for you.”

“Yes… you’re right.” Gu Qing Han gently wiped away her tears as she smiled warmly but at the same time mournfully, “I believe that he’s still alive and that we’ll be reunited one day… it’s just that when he was born, I left him and didn’t fulfil my duties as a mother. Moreover, he suffered immensely… even if I find him, I don’t know if I’ll have the boldness to face him, much less have the right to be his mother.”

“Absolutely not,” Ling Chen shook his head as he reassured her. “Although I don’t have a mother, I’m certain that mothers are the greatest and warmest symbols in the world. Apart from a few twisted monsters, all mothers love their children… to the point that their love for their children surpasses their own lives. I’m sure that back then Aunty Gu had her reasons for leaving her child. Otherwise, even if there was a faint hope, you would have still held onto it and not been willing to be separated from your child. I’m sure that if your child is still living and has grown up, he would think the same thing as me. If you feel like you owe your child, these tears are enough to make up for it.”

Gu Qing Han stared at Ling Chen dumbly, and the tears that had just stopped once again rushed out, unable to be stopped. Li Xiao Xue deeply looked at Ling Chen silently, but she seemed to relax a bit.

“Is… that what you really think?” Gu Qing Han’s body and voice slightly trembled, and she was sobbing so much that she almost couldn’t speak, “If… If your mother was still alive… would you… forgive her and want to reunite with her?”

Ling Chen paused in shock, and after thinking for a moment, he slowly shook his head, “I’ve never thought about this, so I’m unable to reply. In the future, I won’t think about it either… my experiences are far too different from normal people’s, so I can’t answer this question like a normal person. Haha, it seems like there’s no need for me to think about it either.”

A strange feeling came over Ling Chen, making him change the topic, “Aunty Gu, your time is more precious than anyone else’s, and I wouldn’t dare to waste too much of it. Let’s talk about the main topic for today. I want to know why you would risk everything to help the new city… as well as what you would like me to do for your Skyfall Dynasty.”

The atmosphere was broken by Ling Chen’s words, and Gu Qing Han could feel a slight sense of impatience from Ling Chen. She quickly calmed her emotions… Gu Qing Han was indeed Gu Qing Han, and she regained her composure in the blink of an eye. Although there were still traces of tears on her face, her gaze was just as cold and awake as it had been before, “Apologies, I’ve allowed my emotions to get the better of me. Please don’t take it to heart. As for the answer to your question, it’s very simple: because I saw the potential of the new city.”

“Potential?” Ling Chen frowned.

“That’s right, for example, all of the money and effort that Xiao Xue has poured into the new city is one of those factors. From a few days ago to the battle yesterday, if we joined the attackers, there was a slight chance that we could obtain the City Creation Token. However, with all of those wolves, as well as the ferocious tiger that is the Yan Huang Alliance, even if the Skyfall Dynasty gave all it had, it would have been unlikely for us to obtain the City Creation Token. As such, I would rather that the Skyfall Dynasty do the opposite to all those other alliances by not only not attacking the new city, but defending it.” As Gu Qing Han spoke, her gaze and tone became calmer and calmer.

Ling Chen’s eyebrows remained furrowed as he replied, “I still don’t understand. You should have been very clear about the scale of the attacking forces. With your Skyfall Dynasty’s power, how could you stop those attacking forces? If nothing out of the ordinary happened, the Skyfall Dynasty would have been completely obliterated by the attacking forces. Following this, the Skyfall Dynasty could have been completely suppressed by the Yan Huang Alliance, and might have never been able to recover. With all those considerations in mind, making that decision was essentially sending the Skyfall Dynasty on a suicide mission with almost no benefits! I want to know where your confidence came from.”

Gu Qing Han sighed… Confidence? What confidence? When I made that decision, I was already prepared for the entire Skyfall Dynasty to be annihilated. My decision was solely because…

“Of course it came from you.” A calm smile appeared on Gu Qing Han’s face, “I heard all about the great things you did, and even about some of the things other people don’t know about. Those things made me understand why the prideful Xiao Xue, who never put other people in her eyes, would blindly trust you so much. If Xiao Xue dared to bet on you, I would also naturally dare to bet on you. From how things turned out, it seemed that I bet correctly. Although the Skyfall Dynasty’s forces were wiped out, we saved the new city. As for the Yan Huang Alliance and the other alliances, their losses were even more severe, and even if they wanted to take revenge, they do not have the strength to do so. Because of that, not only did we gain you as a powerful ally, we’ll also be able to move to the new city.”

This was the excuse Gu Qing Han made up on the spot. Although it seemed quite reasonable, if one thought about it, they would find that it was quite forced. Ling Chen quietly listened without saying anything.

“There’s another reason, and this was the most important reason.” Gu Qing Han’s chest rose and fell. Evidently, she was thinking about something that she could not remain calm about. “You completely hate the Long family, and from your actions, it seems like you wish that the Long family would disappear from this world. As for me, I also utterly hate the Long family!”

Ling Chen did not doubt this reason, for when Gu Qing Han spoke, the hatred and iciness within her eyes were bone-piercing. It was to the point that he felt his heart tremble… this sort of hatred wasn’t a mere hatred of life and death. This hatred had been engraved on her heart over many decades!

Ling Chen did not indicate whether he accepted these reasons, and instead he asked, “All in all, we owe the Skyfall Dynasty a great favour. Aunty Gu, what would you like in return?”

“We simply wish for the Skyfall Dynasty to move to the new city, that’s all,” Gu Qing Han replied without hesitating, “Moreover, if the new city has any uses for the Skyfall Dynasty, you can use them as you please. Skyfall, Against The Sky, and Judging Sky will also follow orders from the new city.”

Ling Chen’s eyebrows jumped… was Gu Qing Han telling him that the Skyfall Dynasty would work for them? This was… This was giving the Skyfall Dynasty, which the Gu family had invested all of their resources and effort into, over to the new city!

To be able to rank in the top 3 guilds, the Gu family had invested extremely large amounts of time, money, and effort. It was the Gu family’s and the esper families of the south’s largest virtual asset! And now, with a single sentence, Gu Qing Han was essentially gifting it over to the new city!

Even Ling Chen was unable to stay calm. He emotionally shot to his feet, his eyes trembling; however, he did not say anything. Finally, he only managed to say a single word, “Reason?”

“Because I feel that in the new city, the Skyfall Dynasty will be able to develop even more,” Gu Qing Han slowly said. She also knew that this reason was quite tenuous… and even laughable. However, since the new city was about to be opened, what they needed most was ‘new blood’. It needed players to support and protect it while it developed, which the Skyfall Dynasty could do.

Ling Chen stared at Gu Qing Han for a long time, and his expression changed more than 10 times as the hall became strangely silent. No one said anything, each person waiting for someone else to speak.

Finally, Ling Chen looked away and looked up, silently looking at the high ceiling. When he lowered his head, his gaze was calm again. He nodded at Gu Qing Han and said, “I’m sure you won’t regret the decision you made today… since it’s like this, I won’t take up any more of Aunty Gu’s time. Xiao Xue, let’s go.”

Without waiting for Gu Qing Han’s reply, Ling Chen grabbed Li Xiao Xue’s hand and marched to the doors of the hall. His footsteps were strangely hurried, as if he was running away from something.

Ling Chen’s sudden actions caught Li Xiao Xue by surprise. She managed to say a farewell to Gu Qing Han before she was dragged out by Ling Chen. Gu Qing Han stood up and silently watched Ling Chen and Li Xiao Xue leave, but she did not move or say anything, nor did she try to stop them. She only stared as she watched them leave…

After leaving the Gu family’s residence, Ling Chen and Li Xiao Xue got into the car and shot off, Li Xiao Xue driving wildly. Driving on the not-so-crowded roads, they drove further and further away from the Gu family’s residence.

After driving for about 15 minutes, the 2 of them hadn’t said anything yet. Li Xiao Xue silently drove while Ling Chen sat with his eyes closed as if he had fallen asleep. Finally, Li Xiao Xue could hold back and broke the silence, “You…”

“Don’t say anything!” Ling Chen cut her off, his voice frantic. “Don’t tell me anything; I don’t know anything.”

Li Xiao Xue did not say anything, but her gaze became complicated.

Aunty Gu, your wisdom and intelligence is unmatched, and you have the entire southside of China under your feet… but when facing him, you were unable to keep your cool. You were too emotional and anxious… your strange expressions, the overly warm and longing looks in your eyes, the strange questions, the uncontrollable tears, the awkward reasoning, and giving him the entire Skyfall Dynasty…

He’s not an idiot, and he will be able to connect all these together… and reach a conclusion.

The car slowed down and the sunroof opened, allowing a cool breeze to flow in.

“Where are we going now?” Li Xiao Xue asked, feeling that Ling Chen’s breathing had calmed down.

“The Mystic Moon gaming device issuing point,” Ling Chen replied with his eyes closed. He hadn’t forgotten that Tian Tian had asked him to pick up a gaming device for Sha Sha. He also wanted to know if Sha Sha, who was from the game, could use a gaming device to return to the virtual world in a different way.