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Chapter 614: Delicious Delicacies

Delicious Delicacies

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Gaming device issuing point:

“Greetings sir, please give me your DNA sample.” The attendant slightly leaned forwards while smiling professionally. The Mystic Moon world had been opened for nearly 8 months, and there were now very few people who didn’t have a gaming device. However, this issuing point was still there, but now it was mostly for giving players replacement gaming devices when they lost or broke theirs.

Ling Chen gave Sha Sha’s white hair to the attendant. Seeing the colour of the hair, the attendant was slightly surprised, but still placed it into a special machine with practised ease.

“Thank you for waiting, the DNA analysis has been completed. What sort of device would you like… a bracelet or a pendant?”

“Bracelet,” Ling Chen replied.

“What colour would you like?”

“White.” Only white suited Shadissika because she was essentially a pure white fairy.

After the data was entered, the gaming device was quickly completed. The attendant brought over a white game bracelet and handed it to Ling Chen, “This is your gaming device. Please keep it safe, and we hope you enjoy your time in the game. If you have any further inquiries, you can call our customer service hotline at any time.”

Success? It succeeded just like that? Ling Chen hesitantly received the game bracelet and absent-mindedly looked over it… so could Sha Sha really use this gaming device? After all, she was someone who he had brought out from the game.

By the time Li Xiao Xue brought Ling Chen back to Bamboo Sea Wonderland, it was already dusk. After driving out from Bamboo Sea Wonderland, she parked the car and called Gu Qing Han.

“Aunty Gu, although I can understand your emotions, you acted too rashly… he seems to have sensed something. However, as you saw, he doesn’t want to turn his suspicions into reality. Right now it’s not yet time for you to be reunited. However, that’s good. Perhaps if he’s given enough time, he’ll be able to gradually accept it and will seek out this matter himself.

“Also, Aunty Gu, there’s another matter that has been weighing on my heart that I would like an answer to: back then, why did you leave Beijing? And as for him, he was that person’s son, so why was he treated in such a way? Despite thinking about it for a long time, I’m still unable to think of a reason.”

Gu Qing Han fell silent for a while before she finally spoke, “Xiao Xue, come to my place.”

The car started and quickly sped towards the Gu family’s residence.


Ling Chen put on the game bracelet for Shadissika and taught her how to use it. Following this, Shadissika leaned back on her chaise lounge, closed her eyes, and entered the virtual game.

Sha Sha instantly fell silent, and after a long while, she opened her eyes with a look of confusion on her face.

“Sha Sha, did it work? Did you return to the virtual world?” Ling Chen asked.

“It’s so strange,” Shadissika got up and looked at Ling Chen in confusion. “The place where Ling Chen and I had been before we left was a pretty forest, but I was in a dark place where a voice was telling me… mm, that’s right, to create a character. It asked me a lot of questions, and I suddenly came to a place called ‘Novice Village’.”

Ling Chen was speechless… Sha Sha, who he had brought out from the game, had used a gaming device to re-enter the game and was now a player. It was quite… logical.

“Novice Village? Why would it be Novice Village?” Tian Tian asked in surprise. “Didn’t you meet big brother in the game? Big brother left Novice Village a long time ago. How are you still in Novice Village? Oh right, Sha Sha, what level are you now? And what’s your profession?”

“LV0, profession… I seem to have chosen Summoner because I heard Summoners can summon many things, which sounds very fun,” Sha Sha replied as she smiled.

“Eh? LV0?” Tian Tian blinked in surprise. “How can you be LV0? And you created a new character… why would it be like this? Ah, right!” An idea came to Tian Tian’s mind, “Could it be that you lost your gaming device, and after getting a new one, you had to start from the beginning again?”

“It’s… something like that.” Shadissika continued to smile sweetly. No one knew if she understood Tian Tian’s question.

Ling Chen let out a small breath… he was worried about how to explain this, but Tian Tian had explained it herself. Mm, no less than expected from my Tian Tian, so smart!

“It’s a pity that you have to start from LV0 and that all of your previous effort went to waste,” Tian Tian said sympathetically. As she spoke, she protectively put her hand over her game bracelet, seeming to fear that she would lose it or break it.

“It’s okay,” Shadissika comforted Tian Tian. “Novice Village is very pretty, and I’ll have a lot of fun there.”

“Haha! I was worried that you would be sad, but it turns out Sha Sha is so optimistic! So amazing! Big brother and I will wait for Sha Sha to leave the Novice Village so we can go adventuring together. That’s right, what does Sha Sha want to eat tonight?” Tian Tian rubbed her hands together. It was nearly dinnertime, and as she became better and better at cooking, she started to like it more and more. She enjoyed the feeling that came from looking after Ling Chen.

“I’ll make dinner tonight.” Shadissika raised her hands.

“Sha Sha, you know how to cook?” Ling Chen and Tian Tian were both quite surprised.

“Of course!” Shadissika jumped down from the chaise lounge chair and then ran to the kitchen. “Although I don’t know how good it’ll be, I’ll do my best. This is the first dinner I’ve made for Ling Chen and Tian Tian, and I’m going to do my best, so please don’t come in.”

Shadissika closed the door and locked it. Evidently, little Sha Sha was determined to make dinner by herself. After a while, the sounds of cooking could be heard. Ling Chen and Tian Tian turned to look at each other.

“Will she be okay? Sha Sha’s so little, and she doesn’t look like she can cook,” Tian Tian said worriedly.

“You only look a bit older than Sha Sha, but don’t you know how to cook? Plus, your cooking is getting better and better,” Ling Chen said as he looked at Tian Tian. He could help but marvel at Tian Tian’s intelligence – perhaps she was a genius at cooking. In just a short period of time, she, a young girl, had taken her cooking to the point that the look, aroma, and taste were all perfect. Even some people who had studied cooking for decades couldn’t cook as well as her.

“That’s because big sister taught me well and because I’m really smart, so it’s only natural that my cooking would become better and better.” Tian Tian proudly raised her very slightly-developed chest.

Half an hour later, the kitchen door was opened as a fragrant aroma filled the living room.

Shadissika made 6 dishes in total… with her small body... in just half an hour she made 6 dishes! What’s more, each of the dishes had big servings.

When the 6 dishes were carefully brought out by Shadissika and placed on the table, Ling Chen and Tian Tian, who had just walked out of the bedroom, were completely dumbfounded.

This was because the aroma from these dishes was simply too wonderful. When Ling Chen and Tian Tian smelled it, their hunger level, which was quite low, suddenly skyrocketed as their bodies walked uncontrollably towards the table filled with delicious-smelling food.

“It smells so good! These dishes smell so good… ahhh!!! I want to eat! I want to eat!”

Tian Tian rushed over to the table and stared at the 6 dishes, saliva flowing out from her mouth. Ling Chen came over not in a much better state than Tian Tian, continuously gulping down his saliva as he stood in front of the food… the smell coming from the food was ridiculously good, and all of the cells in his body were screaming for it. Even if his willpower was 10 times as strong, he wouldn’t have been able to control this natural reaction.

“Dinner’s ready, hurry and give it a taste!” Shadissika was wearing the apron that Tian Tian normally used, and she smiled as she portioned out food for Ling Chen and Tian Tian.

Tian Tian and Ling Chen, who could barely control themselves already, couldn’t even reply before they quickly picked up their chopsticks and started to eat the food. Closest to Ling Chen was stone pot fish. Tian Tian could make this dish as well, and she could do it quite well. It was one of the dishes Shui Ruo had spent the most time teaching her. He picked up a piece of fish meat and placed it in his mouth… his body instantly trembled and the hand holding the chopsticks froze, forgetting to bring it out from his mouth. In that instant, he felt all of the pores on his body open up as all of his cells jumped in joy…

The fish meat was extremely tender to the point that it was simply unbelievable. The instant the meat touched Ling Chen’s tongue, it almost melted. The rich flavour of fish also spread throughout his mouth, spreading to every nook and cranny.

He could tell that this was carp.

However… how could such delicious carp exist in this world!!

It was difficult to imagine that ordinary carp could release such a taste. A taste so good that the person eating could feel intoxicated.

“It’s too delicious… heavens! It’s simply too delicious! There were actually such delicious mushrooms in the world!”

Tian Tian was eating a meat and mushroom stew. It was an ordinary dish made from ordinary ingredients, but Tian Tian couldn’t help but cry out. Her mouth was madly chewing as her crystal-like eyes almost radiated with light, her little face glowing red… she started to rapidly devour the food, her chopsticks stuffing her mouth with food as she continuously cried out and cheered.

Ling Chen tried each of the 6 dishes. Every time he tried one, his tastebuds became more excited. The stone pot fish was only the beginning, and each of the dishes was delicious to an incomprehensible level. He had tried countless delicacies in his lifetime, but none of them could compare to the dishes he was currently eating. In the morning, he had tried the Dwarves’ dessert… the Dwarves were extremely talented in cooking. As long as they had the ingredients, whatever they made would always be delicious delicacies. However, in front of the dishes in front of him, all of the Dwarves’ food seemed extremely lacklustre.

Eating these dishes, Ling Chen felt that this was not reality. This sort of food was only fit for gods and shouldn’t appear in the world.

Shadissika filled a bowl with rice and placed it in front of Ling Chen. It was indeed a bowl of rice, an incredibly ordinary staple food, but the rice he saw was completely different to the rice he normally ate. These grains of rice were incredibly smooth, and they looked more like pearls in the bowl. He hesitantly ate a spoonful, and his tastebuds and heart were greatly shaken…

Heavens!! Even the rice was so delicious that one could accidentally swallow their tongue!!

Was this really the rice from the kitchen??