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Chapter 616: The Ling Tian City Is Opened

The Ling Tian City Is Opened

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Just as Ling Chen had estimated, 3 days after the attack on the new city, the construction of the city was finally completed. The new city was called [Ling Tian City], and because Ling Chen adamantly refused the title of Lord of the city, the title of Lady of the city fell on Yun Meng Xin. This was because Ling Chen knew that he wouldn’t be able to stay in the Ling Tian City for extended periods of time and because he didn’t have the time nor the skills to manage the city. As such, handing it to Yun Meng Xin was the best decision. After all, this city was something Ling Chen had originally gifted to Yun Meng Xin. However, under the insistence of the Dwarves, Fairies, and the players, he was given the title of ‘Vice-Lord’.

That day, the entirety of Ling Tian City became a sea of cheering.

Although it had been completed, that did not mean it would be immediately opened. After a day of joyous celebrations, the anxious preparations to open the city began. With the Dwarves’ immense talent, as well as abundant resources and the powerful Fairies working with them, the complicated preparations were completed with great efficiency. Ling Chen was able to successfully negotiate with the Azure Dragon’s Mayor to connect the Azure Dragon City and Ling Tian City with a permanent teleportation channel. One side was connected to the Ling Tian City’s Central Plaza, and the other was near the Azure Dragon City’s revival point. The Azure Dragon’s Mayor could find no reason to refuse Ling Chen’s request… Ling Chen had helped him greatly, and he was the War God’s successor. He simply couldn’t refuse.

During this period of time, the Disillusion Alliance, Battle Alliance, Snow Moon Loulan, and Skyfall Dynasty left their headquarters and prepared to move to the new city. This process wasn’t very complicated, and was completed within a few days. As they did this, they were not harassed or attacked by the Yan Huang Alliance or any other guilds. Evidently, they had suffered grievous losses during that battle and wouldn’t be able to do anything for quite a while.

“Moving from a main city to the player city Ling Tian City, as well as following all of the orders from the Ling Tian City… just what is big sister thinking? I’m simply unable to comprehend her actions. Ai.” Skyfall watched the Skyfall Dynasty’s players hurrying around as he sadly thought inwardly. No matter how well the Ling Tian City was developing, in the end, it was simply a player’s city. It would never be able to compete with a main city. The Skyfall Dynasty moving to the new city would be a great help to the new city… but Skyfall could not see how the Skyfall Dynasty would benefit.

Simply moving there was something that he could more or less accept. However, why did they need to unconditionally follow all orders from Ling Tian City? If it wasn’t Gu Qing Han, who had given this order, he would have started cursing on the spot and beaten up the person who said that to the point that their head exploded.

The 3 brothers had spent an incredible amount of mental and physical effort and money, and had suffered much to developed the Skyfall Dynasty... they had spent countless days and nights working hard to look after the Skyfall Dynasty. They had made countless alliances, gone to countless wars, and had made countless plans and plots… and now, their alliance had to completely follow the orders of someone else… this was essentially gifting the Skyfall Dynasty to the new city.

“Since it’s a command from big sister, we’ll have to follow it,” Against The Sky said sorrowfully.

“These years, many of big sister’s orders have seemed crazy and incomprehensible. However, from all the results we’ve seen, when has big sister ever made a bad decision? As such, we don’t need to think too much about it – the truth will come to light someday. Come to speak of it, I’m also looking forward to the Ling Tian City’s development. Because of that battle, Ling Tian City’s fame from the very beginning will be much greater than any other city’s in virtual gaming history.” Judging Sky seemed at ease and looked calm and unhurried, his eyes filled with expectation.

“That’s true.” Skyfall let out a long sigh as his gaze became serious. “Li Xiao Xue just sent a message saying that Ling Tian City will be opened in 10 days at the latest. The day before the opening will be a grand ceremony, so prepare for that.”

For Li Xiao Xue, who was the major stakeholder in the Ling Tian City, chief of finances, and Vice-Lady of the city, it was only natural for her Snow Moon Loulan to move to the new city. It was no problem either for the Disillusion Alliance because the Lady of the city was the little sister of their Alliance Master. As for the Battle Alliance, they were willing to move as well. If Xiao Qi requested it, it was possible that Xiao Qiu Feng would wrap up the entire Battle Alliance and hand it over to Ling Tian City.

Just like that, before the new city had even opened, it had more than 30,000 NPCs and over 4 million players! Moreover, Ling Tian City no longer had to worry about being attacked. This was because the Dwarves and Fairies were now officially residents of Ling Tian City. If the city was attacked, they could retaliate against the attackers. The Dwarves’ battle power was quite weak, but the Fairies… what a joke! Let alone the entire clan, a single Mysterious God grade greenwood was able to kill all attackers so that they wouldn’t even be able to touch the city.

2 days later, a large crowd of people from White Tiger City arrived at Ling Tian City, requesting to see the ‘White Tiger’s Representative’. When Ling Chen appeared with confusion written all over his face, the White Tiger’s Mayor almost knelt down… to him, kneeling to the White Tiger’s Representative was not something shameful, but rather something completely normal. After the White Tiger had perished, White Tiger City had descended into chaos. There were rumours flying around that White Tiger City’s City Lifeline was about to be destroyed, and that the end of White Tiger City was nigh, causing the residents to become extremely worried and fearful. Before the White Tiger had perished, it had left him a message, telling him the truth about its death. It had emphasised that Ling Tian had saved it, and had received its inheritance, becoming the White Tiger’s Representative. Only the White Tiger’s Representative could calm this situation.

As such, Ling Chen went with the White Tiger’s Mayor and entered White Tiger City, a place that normally only LV70 and above players could enter…

7 days later…

“Ding… China Region Announcement! Because more than 40% of players in the China Region have completed their second profession upgrade, the Forgotten Continent’s Royal City, the Forgotten City, has been unlocked. All players can now freely enter and exit the Forgotten City. As the Royal City of the Forgotten Continent, the Forgotten City holds the most power and authority in the Forgotten Continent, and it will be a new starting point for players.”

A loud system announcement rang out, telling everyone that the Royal City had been unlocked. The early stages of the game had now progressed into mid-game, indicating that the main city for players would no longer be the Azure Dragon City but the Forgotten City.

Countless players, who had been unable to enter the Forgotten City because of their level, loudly cheered. Some businesspeople, who had long since been waiting, rushed into the Forgotten City to obtain the best resources and positions to gain an advantage over the others.

Just as players were about to rush into the Forgotten City, another loud system announcement rang out.

“Ding… China Region Announcement! China Region’s only player city, ‘Ling Tian City’, has officially been opened today. All players can reach Ling Tian City through the teleportation channel at the Central Plaza of Azure Dragon City. Ling Tian City welcomes all players and friends to come. Although Ling Tian City is relatively new, its management and rules system is complete, so please follow the rules when entering Ling Tian City or receive punishment. Punishments include being temporarily banned or permanently banned from the city.”

This system announcement once again sent the players into a frenzy. This city, which had miraculously survived under the attack from the onslaught of more than 10 million players, the first city that wasn’t owned by the Yan Huang Alliance, was opened today, and the name of this city clearly pointed out its owner – Ling Tian!

What surprised people was that they had chosen to release Ling Tian City right when the Royal City was unlocked. The opening of the Royal City was something that countless players had looked forwards to, and was symbolic of their entire region progressing. This enlarged the scope of activities for the China Region, allowing players to obtain better equipment and making China stronger as a whole. As such, when the Royal City was opened, it was always given great attention and masses of people would rush to it.

Ling Tian City instantly became the centre of attention. However, no matter how big of a miracle Ling Tian City had created, it was just a player’s city. It could be said that it was simply a private city and had nothing to do with outsiders. Therefore, it could not be compared to the system’s Royal City. At most, it could raise the curiosity of some players and give a fresh feeling… but that was all. And yet, they had arrogantly decided to open the city on the same day that the Royal City was unlocked… Even if you beat back 10 million troops – or even 100 million troops – what makes you think you could stand up against the Royal City? Now that the Royal City has opened, who would bother going to your player’s city?

What’s more, apart from telling players the method to reach the new city, it did not say anything to attract players or even introduce the new city. In previous games, when the Yan Huang Alliance completed a city, they would use extremely enticing words and descriptions to promote their city. Even something that was extremely insignificant would be praised to no end. Even if Ling Tian City didn’t promote itself, that would have been fine. And yet, it emphasised its strict rules, which included banning! Fudge! The new city was dependant on players and should have been begging players to come, not the other way around.

Without a doubt, most players naturally disregarded the second system announcement and bought teleport scrolls to the Royal City from those who had already been and then swarmed towards the Royal City. As for the new city… did it have the masses of new quests that the Royal City had? Could they do their second profession upgrade at Ling Tian City? Did Ling Tian City have high level equipment, crystals, and potions? Going to Ling Tian City was akin to going on a sightseeing trip; they could do that anytime. As such, going to the Royal City was much more important.

Although, comparatively, it was a much smaller figure, there were still some people who went to the Azure Dragon City’s Central Plaza, preparing to have a look at the new city. These people had long since reached LV50, and they had all been to the Royal City before. When they reached the teleportation channel, unexpectedly, nothing happened. After waiting for a while, they started to curse loudly.

This was because while standing at the teleportation channel, they received a notification… if they wanted to go through the teleportation channel, they would have to first pay 50 gold coins.


“Xiao Xue, are you sure this is the right thing to do? Over the course of history, all player’s cities have done all they could to make things as easy as possible for players to come. We have the advantage of this teleportation channel, but we’re imposing such a high ‘teleportation fee’. Are you sure this will be alright?” Yun Meng Xin asked worriedly.

“At the beginning, there’ll be some slight problems.” Li Xiao Xue smiled as she played with her nails, a light of brilliance in her eyes, “But within half an hour, even if we raise the teleportation fee by 10 times, there’ll be people crying and screaming to enter.”