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Chapter 619: A Number That Could Shock People To Death

A Number That Could Shock People To Death

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Modlawls123

As the players’ average level passed LV50, the number of people in Azure Dragon City gradually fell. Today, the numbers at Azure Dragon City reached an all-time high… because 99.99999% of these players were all there for the teleportation channel to Ling Tian City.

On the very first day it was opened, the number of people entering Ling Tian City was a monstrous figure.

Currently, when players met each other, the standard greeting was, “Did you buy any? How many did you buy?”

Some were delirious with joy, and others were depressed, such as…

“Hello, what sort of equipment… oh? You’re a player from the Yan Huang Alliance? Sorry, but we won’t be selling any equipment to you!”

“You’re not selling? Why not?”

“Why not? You have the face to ask why not?” The manager of the Equipment Shop, Kaidi, was furious, “Who was it that wanted to destroy our Ling Tian City for no reason?! Huh? Who was it? Who was it?! Tell me why I should goddamn sell to you!”

The players nearby smirked as they looked over… that’s right! Back then, it was the Yan Huang Alliance who had led the attacks against the yet-to-be-completed Ling Tian City. If it wasn’t for Ling Tian City’s incredible defence, it would have been completely obliterated. It was not an exaggeration to say that the Yan Huang Alliance and the other guilds that had attacked were irreconcilable enemies with Ling Tian City – why should they sell exquisite equipment to their enemies? It was already good enough for them not to immediately kick the Yan Huang Alliance players out.

The Yan Huang Alliance player could only walk away dejectedly.

Potion Shop:

“Eh? Aren’t you from the Golden Age Alliance? I’m sorry, but we’d rather throw out all of our stock than sell to you. Please get out of my sight.”

Crystal Shop:

“Oh, you’re from the Black Flames Alliance? The door’s over there; you can show yourself out.”

Tailor Shop:


Gourmet Plaza:

“Dogs and all players who participated in the attack aren’t allowed in… although if the dog is cute enough and friendly enough, we might let it in.”


Yan Huang Alliance Headquarters.

Long Tian Yun’s face was as black as the bottom of a pot, suppressing his rage as he coldly listened to the report from Flame Shadow.

“… Right now, almost no players are interested in the Forgotten City anymore; they’re all rushing to Ling Tian City. Everything in the report I just gave about Ling Tian City was completely true - none of it was false or embellished. I don’t know how they did it, but they have information on all of the players in all of the guilds. They’re refusing to sell to any player belonging to a guild that attacked the new city, and they immediately chase them away,” Flame Shadow spoke as he wiped the cold sweat off his forehead. He could already feel Long Tian Yun’s rage. Long Tian Yun had been venting all this time about the loss and humiliation he had suffered. Now that this had happened, he could only imagine how furious Long Tian Yun would be.

“Where did they get all of those things? This is impossible!” Long Tian Yun roared as he gnashed his teeth. “You can’t even buy those things at the Royal City! How could they have so much Gold grade equipment? What a joke! What a joke!!”

“At first I also thought that it was a joke… but it’s the truth,” Flame Shadow said fearfully. “Now, there are more and more players who are equipping Gold grade equipment, have Super Crystals,and have those high-grade potions… but our Yan Huang Alliance was unable to buy anything. If this goes on…”

“Are you all idiots?” Long Tian Yun’s face darkened as he yelled, “Haven’t you asked some players to buy some for you?!”

“Of course we thought of that, but… but…” Flame Shadow lowered his head, “No matter if it’s the equipment sold at Ling Tian City, the Crystals, or the potions… they can only be used by the buyer at the store or the seller at the Pawn Shop, so it cannot be transferred or traded with another player. However, if someone is determined to transfer or sell it to someone else, they need to go to the Potion Shop and buy an ‘Unsealing Potion’, which unlocks the seal on the item or equipment. A single drop can unlock the seal on a single item or equipment, and a single drop of Unsealing Water costs… costs… 10 million gold.”

Long Tian Yun’s body shook and almost vomited out blood.

This discussion happened within all of the guilds that had attacked the new city. From that instant, they tasted the bitter fruit of their greed.

By night time, there were players all over China who were covered with Gold grade equipment. It was so common in fact that Gold grade equipment seemed as common as cabbages. Those who did not have gold equipment on them were looked at with condescending glares… as if they were looking at scum. If a person didn’t have any gold equipment, it was evident that they were part of a guild that had attacked the new city.

No matter if it was the Yan Huang Alliance or the 30 guilds that had allied together to attack the new city, they were all incredibly powerful. The players that belonged to these guilds were all proud and haughty. If they saw a training spot they liked, they would take it for themselves. However, now they wished they could cover their faces when walking around, and they picked training spots as far away as possible from other people. The glory they once had was now a massive humiliation. However, this was the opposite for normal players – before, they would always tremble when they saw players from powerful guilds. It was normal for their training spots to be taken, and they didn’t even dare to resist.

However, now… Hoh? Isn’t that person from the so-and-so guild? Luckily I’m not from that guild, otherwise I’d still have a set of crappy equipment, how embarrassing. Hm? You want to take our training spot? You think we’d be afraid of you? Those in Copper grade equipment can abuse those in Iron grade equipment; those in Silver grade equipment can abuse those in Copper grade equipment. This elder has a full set of Gold equipment, Super Crystals, clothes that give bonus stats, and potions that make me invincible. It’d be incredibly easy to beat you down!

When all of the other players had changed into a full set of Gold grade equipment with Super Crystals and their bags filled with high-grade potions, the players from the Yan Huang Alliance, Golden Age Alliance, Black Flames Alliance, Savage Wolves Gang, etc, could only stare in envy. Wherever they went, they were looked down upon condescendingly… it was a horrible feeling.

In just an instant, the hearts of these players who were in the large guilds trembled, and they started to quietly leave their guilds. There were more and more of them, and the guilds simply couldn’t do anything to stop them.

As for Ling Tian City, it had become the focus of the entire world. All of the countries were making the same complaint – that Ling Tian City was destroying the balance of the game!!

The reason was very simple – Ling Tian City was endlessly manufacturing Gold grade equipment and selling them for such a cheap price! This made Gold grade equipment almost a commodity in the China Region! What’s more, there were also the high-grade potions and the Super Crystals. In the future when there were international battles, almost the entirety of China would be dressed in Gold grade equipment with Super Crystals, and everyone would possess potions that made them near-invincible… how were the other countries supposed to keep playing?

It would be strange if they could remain calm!

However, Ling Tian City completely ignored these objections. The Fairies and Dwarves were preparing for the grand opening, and the leaders of the city had a very simple, but important job…

Counting money.

“Up until now, Ling Tian City has been opened for 15 hours. During these 15 hours, more than 350 million players have visited the city… what’s more, there were countless players who were unable to come in because of the population limit, otherwise this number would be much higher. We earned 17.5 billion gold from teleportation fees, and we sold 980 million pieces of Gold grade equipment. Perhaps I should explain this – although trading in the virtual world is incredibly fast, it’s not as fast as the speed of light. More than half of the people were not able to buy anything, otherwise this number also would have been much higher. We earned 774.2 billion gold from selling equipment, 86 billion gold from the Potion Shop, 165 billion gold from the Crystal Shop, 9.5 billion gold from the Smithy, 66.9 billion gold from the Tailor Shop, 9.4 billion gold from the Class Change Hall, and everything in the Gourmet Plaza is free, so we did not earn anything from that.

“Right now, the total amount we’ve earned so far is: 1.119 trillion gold. According to our agreement, you can decide how to split the money for this first day. Congratulations, Lady of the City, on the first day alone you’ve earned half of what my Li family financial group possesses, more than half of what the Yun family financial group possesses, and almost 7 times more than what your father possesses. Rest assured, I’ve checked over every single number countless times, and I definitely didn’t mistakenly add 0s or remove decimal points.”

After saying this, Li Xiao Xue saw Yun Meng Xin’s entire body freeze.

Even as the big miss of the Li family financial group, someone who possessed an immense fortune and did not have much interest in money anymore, she almost fainted when she saw those numbers.

The Li family financial group had developed for over 100 years, and it was acknowledged to be the biggest financial group in all of China with more than $2 trillion in assets!

And yet, the new city… on the day it had opened… had earned more than 1 trillion gold!!!

As for the costs… they were ridiculously low. The potions were made from the Fairies’ Dew of Dawn, Dew of Dusk, and Fountain Water… a single drop could produce one massive vat. A single vat could produce thousands, if not thousands of bottles, and each bottle contained 100 drops… costs? What costs?

Moreover, the materials required to make the Gold grade equipment could be found all over the Forgotten Continent. What was difficult was creating the equipment. All of the materials had been brought from the Nameless Ridge and the Fairy Forest, so they did not have to purchase any of it. After finding a mountain containing a large mine, the Dwarves could smelt the entire mountain, producing tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of equipment every minute… as for the Advanced and Super Crystals, it was as easy as making candy for the Dwarves.

In total, the costs were less than 20 billion gold.

Taking away the costs…

On the first day it had opened, Ling Tian City had made a profit of over 1 trillion gold!

On the very first day!

Even the incredibly confident Ling Chen and Li Xiao Xue hadn’t expected such a thing. They had so much money… that they could pave roads with it!