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Chapter 620: Big Sister Is Brilliant!

Big Sister Is Brilliant!

Translator: Mr Voltaire

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“1 trillion gold… in 1 day… am I dreaming?” Yun Meng Xin muttered. She simply couldn’t believe that this was true.

“No, it’s not in 1 day; it’s in 15 hours. At this rate, it’s likely that our revenue for the first 24 hours will break through 1.5 trillion.” Li Xiao Xue sat down next to Yun Meng Xin as she smiled, a red glow of excitement on her face. “Although it’s incredibly shocking, if you think about it, it’s actually quite reasonable. After all, the best way to make money in this world is through monopolisation! The things that we’ve monopolised will never go out-of-date or out-of-fashion; after all, they’re the most important things in this game.

“Moreover, even if the other main cities know what we’re selling, they’re unable to do the same thing because our Ling Tian City has the Dwarves who have disappeared for over 10,000 years and the Fairies who have disappeared for thousands of years – the Dwarves and the Fairy Clan are in our Ling Tian City. The equipment and potions that they can create are things that the humans of the Forgotten Continent will never be able to compete with, and they can’t even copy them. What’s even more important is that the Dwarves and Fairies are incredibly grateful to Ling Tian City, and they have thrown all of their passion into the city and will never betray it.

“Taking into consideration that we have a monopoly on all of these goods, it’s completely normal to be able to reap these profits. Moreover, as time goes on, these profits won’t decrease, but will rather instead increase.” Li Xiao Xue’s eyes sparkled with light as she spread out her hand and explained to Yun Meng Xin, “The equipment at the Forgotten City are split into LV50, LV55, LV60, LV65… all of the equipment sold by main cities are in 5 level intervals, but our Ling Tian City has equipment of every level.”

“When players level up, do you think they will still use their old, under-levelled equipment when faced with such cheap Gold grade equipment? As for the Potion Shop, I’m sure that doesn’t need much explanation. After using the Fairy Clan’s potions, the players will definitely develop a dependence on them. Do you think they’d be willing to buy potions from main cities anymore? Plus, even the normal potions at the main cities are twice as expensive! Apart from Ling Tian City, they won’t be able to buy potions that can greatly increase their maximum stats from anywhere else… the only thing that is affected by the effluxion of time is the Crystal Shop. After all, Crystals can be used forever, and a Super Crystal can last one until they are max level – unless they obtain even higher grade Crystals from monsters. As such, the sale of Crystals will gradually plateau, but Crystals are only one small part of the revenue generated by Ling Tian City.

“Our Ling Tian City’s teleport scrolls are also very expensive – 50 gold, which is 100 times that of the main cities. However, because of the monopolies we have, this price will not affect the flow of players into the city at all, and will instead continuously bring great benefits. Furthermore, the Gourmet Plaza has not been officially opened yet; with the Dwarves’ talent in cooking, it’ll be difficult to stop the Gourmet Plaza from becoming a massive success. There’s also the Entertainment District and Relaxation District. The facilities created by the Dwarves combined with the aura of Nature from the Fairy Forest will be more than enough to satisfy people.

“Also, the places that we’re leasing players in the Guild District and Business District naturally have high prices. With the number of players entering Ling Tian City, people would be suspicious if we didn’t charge 2-3 times more than main cities. There’s also the Residential District… real estate in the virtual world will always give the greatest profit margins. Even I want to immediately live in the houses that the Dwarves constructed, and I’m not at all worried that they won’t be sold out. Those with money are usually willing to spend as much as we ask for on things that can allow them to live comfortably and give them a sense of prestige and nobility.… Lady of the City, how should we price the houses? Don’t make it too low.”

“You can be in charge of that. I’m sure you’re much more experienced in that regard than myself,” Yun Meng Xin said as she rubbed her forehead, still wondering whether she was dreaming. She knew that Ling Chen had given her the entirety of ‘Ling Tian City’, including the Dwarves and Fairies, so that she could win her bet with her father. However, on the first day that the city was open, she was completely shocked. Only now did she realise what a massive present Ling Chen had given her.

No! Although I’m the ‘Lady of the City’, this city belongs to everyone and not just myself. This title only means that I have the responsibility of further developing Ling Tian City.

“Xiao Xue, I think we should expand the new city as quickly as possible,” Yun Meng Xin stood up as she announced her thoughts.

“Expand the new city?” Li Xiao Xue’s eyes lit up. “Meng Xin, I was thinking the exact same thing. Yesterday, Ling Tian City looked extremely large, but now it seems far too small.”

“That’s right, it’s too small. I underestimated the abilities of our Dwarf and Fairy friends as well as the impact that our city would have. Currently, our size is the greatest limiting factor for the development of the new city… this is all because I was too short-sighted before,” Yun Meng Xin said in pity.

“No! It’s not just you,” Li Xiao Xue smiled as she shook her head. “I was the same. I’m sure that anyone, before today, wouldn’t have felt that Ling Tian City was too small. After today, they would all find that Ling Tian City seemed much smaller than they had originally thought.”

Yun Meng Xin looked up as an idea surfaced in her mind. “Expanding to the north isn’t possible because the land five kilometres to the north no longer belongs to the Fairies but to the Forgotten City. However, this is not an issue for the east, west, and south. We can expand 50 kilometres or so to the east and about 60 kilometres to the west. Chief Greenwood said that these regions all belong to the Fairies and that they can affect some rules. They can use the Fairy Fountain’s water to purify territories belonging to monsters, making it so that monsters will no longer appear there. As for the south…” Yun Meng Xin paused as she said, “We can directly extend Ling Tian City into the Fairy Forest.”

Li Xiao Xue froze in surprise, and after thinking for a moment, her eyes lit up, “A city within a forest?”

“It’s impossible in the real world to combine a flourishing city with the refreshing aura of Nature. However, in the virtual world with the Dwarves’ talent and wisdom, we can definitely achieve it!” Li Xiao Xue started to become excited. “Just thinking about it makes me impatient to see it completed. If even I’m like this,it will be much more so for other people. Meng Xin, what a brilliant idea! I can’t wait at all… let’s go and talk to the Dwarves and Fairies immediately!”

“This matter isn’t that urgent,” Yun Meng Xin grabbed Li Xiao Xue, who was just about to rush off. “Let’s first prepare for the city’s grand opening. Tomorrow morning is the grand opening and I don’t know if everyone has finished preparing yet. This is especially so for the Skyfall Dynasty – they seemed quite reluctant the other day, and I don’t know if they’ve changed their mind.”

“The Skyfall Dynasty won’t be an issue at all,” Li Xiao Xue smiled widely. “Before today, it was possible that they would change their mind. However, after seeing the Ling Tian City’s performance… I’m sure that even if you try to chase them away with a broom, they’ll beg you to stay.

“In 2 hours, everyone will be gathered at the Central Meeting Hall. Beautiful and blessed Lady of the City, please don’t be late.”


It was nearly dawn, but the new city was just as crowded. No matter where one went, there were seas of people everywhere. It was almost to the point where Ling Tian City, which was not small at all, nearly exploded.

“What?!?! 1 trillion gold?!?!?!”

This was the first time Ling Tian City had used its Central Meeting Hall, and it was filled with roars of shock.

Everyone present, apart from Winter of That Year and Hundred Miles of Ice, was incredibly rich. However, 1 trillion gold… that was 1 trillion gold!! What was even scarier was that this was just from the first day!!

“That was the figure from 2 hours ago. Now, it’s much more than that. Moreover, less than half of the new city’s enterprises have been opened. If they were all opened, it’s possible to earn even 3 or 4 trillion in a single day,” Li Xiao Xue calmly said.

Everyone’s faces were completely comical. Some were frozen and some were completely twisted, but everyone’s hearts rapidly pounded… 1 trillion gold in less than 1 day… was there anything more ridiculous in the world?

“1 trillion gold in 1 day… then 10 days… 100 days… 1 year… oh heavens, oh heavens!” Xiao Qi covered her mouth, completely dumbfounded by the numbers.

“So much…” Su’Er’s cute and lovely eyes were wide open as she muttered softly.

“That… That…” Winter of That Year tightly grabbed his clothes, his face red from excitement as he trembled and said, “Beautiful and novel Lady Yun, who is also our Chief Financial Officer, although we didn’t participate in the construction of the city, we did protect it for a long time… I wonder if the boss and I can… can… can… have even a little bit of that, even just a little, little bit!”

Everyone looked over in condescension.

Yun Meng Xin smiled elegantly as she slowly spoke with an expression of gratitude, “If it weren’t for Winter and Hundred Miles, it’s possible that the city wouldn’t even exist. As such, you are Ling Tian City’s esteemed guests, and we can never thank you enough. We know that you need some gold, so Xiao Xue and I have decided to give Winter and Hundred Miles 100 million gold.”

“One… One hundred million gold?” Winter of That Year’s mouth fell open as his eyes rolled back and fell backwards as he fainted. Beside him, Hundred Miles of Ice lowered his head in embarrassment… it was simply too shameful sitting with that guy.

Yun Meng Xin smiled as she turned to look at Xiao Qiu Feng, “Big brother Xiao, have the preparations for the Battle Alliance to move into the Ling Tian City tomorrow been completed?”

Xiao Qiu Feng nodded, “We’ve finished.”

Yun Meng Xin turned to look at Skyfall, Against The Sky, and Judging Sky, “Then, Skyfall Dynasty’s 3 Heavenly Kings…”

“No problem! No problem at all!!” Before Yun Meng Xin had finished speaking, Against The Sky had already cried out emotionally. There was a solemn expression on his face as he vigorously beat his chest, saying, “Rest assured Lady Yun, there’ll be no issues at all. As long as Lady Yun gives the order, we’ll immediately move to Ling Tian City with not a single person less! In the future, with a single command from Lady Yun, we’ll go up mountains of knives and go down pots of oil without even frowning!”

“Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes!” Judging Sky hurriedly nodded.

“Mm… ah… yes, it’s like that… tomorrow, we’ll move into the new city per your instructions,” Skyfall awkwardly said.

Before, they were extremely unwilling to move into the new city, and they had only agreed because of Gu Qing Han’s order. However, after seeing the potential of Ling Tian City and how they had completely eclipsed even the system’s Royal City, they felt as if everything they knew was crumbling… with the overall figures of Ling Tian City, whether it was the flow of players or the speed at which money came in, they were extremely willing to move to this heaven-defying city and become an elder-level pillar guild. Without even thinking, they could imagine the future prospects of the Skyfall Dynasty – they might even be able to surpass the Yan Huang Alliance!!

What’s more, Lady Yun promised that upon moving into the Ling Tian City, the entire alliance’s equipment and potions would all be provided free of charge! Moreover, each of the leaders would be given a massive gift for free as well as one of those villas that countless rich people were desperate for!

This wasn’t them making a sacrifice for the new city, but the new city providing them with countless blessings.

At this moment, there was only one thought in their minds:

Big sister is brilliant!