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Chapter 621: Grand Opening

Grand Opening

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Big sister’s insight is amazing and her foresight is brilliant. Big sister is indeed wise beyond comprehension, and she has never made a bad decision before! No less than expected from big sister, someone whose name resounds throughout all of China and single handedly made the Gu family the ruler of the other families in the south!

When they thought about how they had doubted their big sister and grumbled about her decision, the 3 Heavenly Kings felt incredibly ashamed.

There was no need to even ask Yun Feng—from how red his face was, one could see how excited he was, and he would definitely be willing to move the Disillusion Alliance to Ling Tian City.

Li Xiao Xue looked at Ling Chen, who was silently sitting, as she smiled and asked, “Does the Lord of the City and the Lord of the City’s wife have anything to say?”

Upon being called the ‘Lord’s wife’, Xuanyuan Dia Wu instantly blushed. Ling Chen’s eyelids jumped a he lazily said, “The situation is much better than expected. However, I already said that my title as Vice-Lord is only a title—I won’t interfere at all in the management of the new city. 1 trillion gold… how is it possible to spend that amount of money.”

Although Ling Chen had said that he wouldn’t take part in the management of the new city, everyone present knew that anything he wanted would be immediately carried out. After all, he was the soul of Ling Tian City, and it was because of him that Ling Tian City still existed. Although he had been forced to take the title of ‘Vice-Lord’, no one would dare to disobey his commands.

“Meng Xin, I’m sure that your fame and fortune will exceed that of the Yun family financial group’s after the grand opening of the new city,” Ling Chen said as he looked at Yun Meng Xin and smiled. “The bet between you and your father has been won in advance. Now, I’m sure that there’s no reason for your father to force you into that marriage anymore.”

Yun Meng Xin looked up and bit her lip as she nodded, “Mm!”

“This is awesome, big sister Meng Xin!” Xiao Qi cheered.

“We really won.” Su’Er also looked incredibly happy.

Yun Meng Xin slowly shook her head as she looked at everyone gathered in the hall and softly said, “Back then, that bet was my final struggle because I was unwilling to give in. Although I’ve been doing my best, I never thought that I would win. What’s more, I never thought that winning was a possibility, nevertheless actually winning so quickly. I’m truly amazed. The people who did this are all of you here… without all of you, winning that bet by myself would have just been a dream… thank you all.”

“Today, I’ve clearly realised that in the face of the city we’ve built, my personal bet was very insignificant. The fortune that Ling Tian City has brought isn’t just so that my assets could exceed that of the Yun family financial group’s. This is because Ling Tian City belongs to everyone and contains all of our efforts and hopes. The title of Lady of the City isn’t so my fame could exceed that of the Yun family financial group’s, but to give me an opportunity to do my best to develop this city that belongs to everyone so that I can repay everyone… I, Yun Meng Xin, will not disappoint you all.”

Yun Meng Xin’s words made everyone feel quite touched, and they couldn’t help but admire this heavenly beauty even more. Everyone could tell that most of her words were directed to Ling Chen. After all, Ling Chen had changed her entire life.

Ling Chen did not say anything. He had perfectly fulfilled the promise he had made to Yun Feng, and it had gone much smoother than he had expected. However, he understood that half of this was because of him, and the other half was because of Yun Meng Xin’s hard work. All he had done was give Yun Meng Xin the City Creation Token and information on how to contact the Fairies and Dwarves. Following that, he had left everything to Yun Meng Xin and sealed himself off from the outside world.

It was Yun Meng Xin who had researched everything necessary to build a city, even spending many days and nights reading through the Forgotten Continent’s Chronicles. From that, she had learned much about the Fairy Clan and Dwarf Clan. It was Yun Meng Xin who had convinced the Fairies to leave the Fairy Realm. It was Yun Meng Xin who described to the Dwarf Clan the wonderful future they could have and brought them out of the Nameless Ridge using irresistible reasons. It was Yun Meng Xin who had chosen the best location for the new city, and it was Yun Meng Xin who had chosen Li Xiao Xue as a business partner…

Ling Chen had given her an incredible starting point, but it was Yun Meng Xin who had taken care of the city from the beginning to the end. She fully deserved the title of Lady of the City. As for the development of the new city, he didn’t have any intentions to step in—he trusted that Yun Meng Xin would do a good job. His goal was clear, and he didn’t want to be distracted by Ling Tian City.

In this small meeting, they once again confirmed the procedure for the grand opening of the new city as well as the plans for future development and expansion.

Finally, Ling Chen gave everyone a massive surprise—he presented everyone with a bottle of Fairy Fountain Water, which could raise their HP and MP by 1000 as well as increase their overall stats by 40 points, and a Chilling Crystal Chalcedony, which could instantly increase their level by 3. When each person received these 2 gifts, they couldn’t help but cry out.

The 3 Heavenly Kings, Xiao Qiu Feng, Winter of That Year, and the others felt more and more that joining Ling Tian City was their blessing.

Following this, the grand opening arrived.

The flow of players into the new city was much greater on the second day, and every inch of the new city was packed with players. The Business Street was completely flooded, and what was even more shocking was the line in front of the Residential District… the line almost extended through half of Ling Tian City. Some lined up for themselves, while others were paid high prices to line up for others—and this was before the sales officially began and before the prices were even announced.

As for the Forgotten City, it was completely cast aside by players. Upgrading professions? Ling Tian City had Hidden Professions. Equipment? The Ling Tian City sold Gold grade equipment for cheap prices. Quests? Fudge! Those crappy quests from the Forgotten Continent only gave Silver grade equipment at best, so who would waste their time on those?

The name ‘Ling Tian City’, in just a single day, shook the entire world. This was because Ling Tian City completely turned people’s conceptions of player’s cities upside-down. The attention given to Ling Tian City skyrocketed overnight.

The grand opening of Ling Tian City became the focus of media all over the world. This was because all players were asking the same questions—how could Ling Tian City have unlimited quantities of Gold grade equipment and super potions and sell them for such a cheap price? How could they have the ability to give Hidden Professions? Which grandmaster designed and built this city? What was the story behind Ling Tian City… etc.

At 9am in the morning, a system announcement sounded across the entire Forgotten Continent, signalling that the grand opening was about to take place at Ling Tian City’s Arena. The Arena, which could accommodate millions of players, was packed to the brim. There were no empty seats, and there were countless players, who had not been able to secure a ticket, wailing outside. Media from countries all around the world were broadcasting the grand opening. It was no exaggeration to say that it was possible to watch Ling Tian City’s grand opening from any place in the world.

This grand opening was suggested and planned by Li Xiao Xue. The reason for this grand opening was to declare the establishment of Ling Tian City to the entire world as well as display the might of Ling Tian City. Of course, the main goal was to attract even more players to Ling Tian City, increasing Ling Tian City’s power and influence step by step.

There were countless first-rate stars singing at the grand opening. With Li Xiao Xue’s wealth and power, inviting world-famous bands and stars was an incredibly easy task. Following this, Li Xiao Xue stepped onto the stage to give a speech. It was incredibly rare for her to give a public speech, and all eyes were fixed on her attentively as everyone listened to her every word.

Li Xiao Xue introduced Ling Tian City’s history and how long it took to construct. Following this, as all players stared, dumbstruck, she talked about the Fairy Clan and Dwarf Clan and how and why they joined the Ling Tian City. She discussed the Dwarf Clan’s talent and intelligence as well as the power of the Fairies. Hearing this, the players were completely flabbergasted, and they felt as if they were listening to a fairy tale.

Telling the public about the Dwarf Clan and Fairy Clan was necessary because it would explain many of the unbelievable things about the new city. Otherwise, as the questions became larger and larger, they could negatively impact the new city.

Li Xiao Xue talked for a long time, but she was not today’s main character. After saying what needed to be said, she took a step back as she lifted her hand towards the back, “Next, we’ll have our Ling Tian City’s esteemed Lady of the City talk.”


The entire crowd was sent into a frenzy. All of the players stared with their eyes wide open as countless cameras and video recording devices were lifted high into the air. The Lady of the City, who had created countless miracles, was finally going to appear. However, everyone felt quite confused—given the name of the new city, why was the title ‘Lady of the City’?

When Yun Meng Xin walked onto the stage, the entire Arena fell silent. There were millions of people in the Arena, and yet it was so silent that even a whisper could be heard. Every player stared with their eyes and mouths wide open as they looked at the goddess in front of them, feeling as if their souls had left their bodies.

This was because Yun Meng Xin… was not wearing the veil that she normally wore. She displayed her face to the public.

She was a goddess-level beauty, and her looks could topple countries and cities. She looked like a celestial beauty who was untainted by the world, and any man who looked at her felt as if their souls had been stolen from them. Her brilliant, star-like eyes looked as still as an ocean, and just by gently blinking, she could dazzle countless people. A simple smile from her could cause the heavens and earth to lose their colour in comparison.

Her appearance greatly shocked the entire crowd.