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Chapter 624: The Emperor Visits

The Emperor Visits

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“Your imperial majesty is completely right! However, please do not be angry. The Fairy Clan and Dwarf Clan recorded in the Chronicles are from over 10,000 years ago. After being separated from the rest of the world for so many years, the current clans are no longer the clans they were in the past. They’ve made the mistake of allying with the otherworlders, but this is not too surprising. It’s possible that the 2 clans thought that those otherworlders were humans from the Forgotten Continent,” The white-moustached elderly man said.

“That’s right! It must be like that!”

“The Left Chancellor is right!”

“That’s right! Otherwise, why would the 2 clans that have disappeared for so long help those otherworlders? They definitely thought that they were residents of the Forgotten Continent. After all, we look the same!”

“Those otherworlders are simply too shameless! And those Fairies and Dwarves are simply too stupid!”

The Ministers hurriedly agreed, feeling more and more certain that this was the correct answer.

“Hmph!” The Forgotten Emperor angrily harrumphed as he stood up and said, “Now, all of the otherworlders are flooding towards Ling tian City, and the Forgotten City has been completely abandoned. What can we do to change this? Left Chancellor, what ideas do you have?”

The white-moustached elderly man shook his head, looking embarrassed as he replied, “Replying to your imperial majesty, the Fairy Clan is the most beautiful and pure clan in the entire world, and they are protected by Nature. The potions they make have been purified by Nature energy, and we cannot compete with such things.”

“As for the Dwarf Clan, all of the Dwarves are natural engineers and gourmands. As long as they have enough ingredients and time, they can even create Heaven’s End grade and Mysterious God grade items. According to the Chronicles, back then, the Dwarves created a heaven-defying Saint Destroyer item—the Underworld God Cannon. Creating high-level equipment and Energy Crystal for them is as easy as reaching into a bag and pulling something out. We simply cannot compete against them in equipment or Energy Crystals either. As for food… ai, if your imperial majesty tried the Dwarves’ food, you would know what we couldn’t possibly compete in that either.

“There’s also entertainment items, transportation, everyday-living items, and housing… with the Dwarves’ talent and intelligence, we simply can’t compete…”

“What about upgrading professions?” The Forgotten Emperor roared. “Upgrading professions is a power that only main cities have. Why are there so few otherworlders coming to upgrade their professions?! Haven’t most of them reached LV50?”

“It’s because… because although there are not many Fairies, they contain the power of Nature, and every Fairy is born with incredible power. It is incredibly simple for them to upgrade the professions of otherworlders, who are far inferior to them. Moreover… I heard that within Ling Tian City, they’ve been helping otherworlders obtain Hidden Professions.”

The Forgotten Emperor’s body swayed, and he almost coughed up a mouthful of blood.

When the Left Chancellor saw how dark the Emperor’s face looked, he hurriedly said, “Please quell your anger, your imperial majesty. Perhaps the situation is not that bad. There’s something that we best Ling Tian City in, and countless players will come to us for it.”

“What is it?” The Forgotten Emperor asked, calming down slightly.

“The Pawn Shop,” The Left Chancellor said seriously. That’s right, the Forgotten City’s Pawn Shop was doing incredibly well.. because players had been going there to get rid of their ‘trash’ equipment.

This was because… Ling Tian City didn’t even have a Pawn Shop.

Pft… the mouthful of blood that the Forgotten Emperor was suppressing shot out of his mouth.

“Immediately tell all of the Pawn Shops to close… Close them all!!” The Forgotten Emperor screamed.


Just as the Forgotten Emperor angrily coughed up a mouthful of blood, a light armour-clad messenger rushed in in an untimely fashion. He half-knelt as he yelled, “Reporting to your imperial majesty! I’ve just received news that the White Tiger’s Mayor and the Vermillion Bird’s Mayor personally attended Ling Tian City’s grand opening, presented gifts, and declared their intentions to forever maintain friendly relations.”

“What?!” The Forgotten Emperor shot to his feet. The Ministers all looked horrified and glanced around at each other, wondering why they would do such a thing for a city created by otherworlders.

The Forgotten Emperor’s face was extremely unsightly. After trembling in anger for a moment, he said in a low voice, “Prepare a teleport scroll. I want to see this city for myself.”


By now, Ling Tian City’s grand opening had reached its conclusion.

The Arena’s screen lit up, displaying the China Region’s Player Level Rankings. After looking through the list, every player in the China Region gasped in shock.

Player Level Rankings (players with more EXP are ranked higher):

Number 1: Feng Xie Yu, LV59, Profession: Sword God, Affiliation: Ling Tian City

Number 2: Skyfall, LV57, Profession: Demon Summoner Representative, Affiliation: Ling Tian City

Number 3: Cute Qi Qi, LV57, Profession: Vermillion Bird’s Representative, Affiliation: Ling Tian City

Number 4: Xiao Qiu Feng: LV57, Profession: Berserker, Affiliation: Ling Tian City

Number 5: Mu Bing Yao, LV56, Profession: Assassin, Affiliation: Ling Tian City



Without exception, everyone in the top 10 belonged to Ling Tian City!

Moreover, this didn’t include the ‘Emotionless Swordsman’, someone who was once sixth on the Heaven Rankings, Winter of that Year, ‘China’s Number 1 Archer’, the terrifying Deathgod of the Dark Night, or Ling Tian!

Before, it was always the Yan Huang Alliance and Skyfall Dynasty who monopolised the top 10 spots in the Player Level Rankings.

And now, Ling Tian City had taken all of those positions.

Of course, this was because of the Chilling Crystal Chalcedony that Ling Chen had obtained from the Godchild Peak. He had taken them out before the grand opening so that they could shock everyone with the Player Level Rankings at the grand opening.

They had completely achieved their desired effect—the players who looked at the Player Level Rankings were completely dumbfounded. There was not a single player from the Yan Huang Alliance or any of the other attacking factions in the top 10.

“We’re displaying the Player Level Rankings to show all players our strength. However, as everyone knows, levels do not necessarily represent strength. As such, after the new city is fully opened, we’ll use this Arena to establish the Heaven Rankings and Earth Rankings again. I believe that only we have the right to hold the Heaven Rankings and Earth Rankings.”

“The day that the World Boundaries open is coming soon, and it is after most players have reached their second profession upgrade. Countless other countries will be eyeing our country, and once the World Boundaries are opened, battles will be inevitable. I’m confident that Ling Tian City has the right to represent Chinese players and organize them. Ling Tian City also has the power to be the gathering place for players.”

“Our goal for the International Mock Battles is number 1. With Ling Tian City, it’s impossible that we won’t reach the top 3!”

“To look down on the Mystic Moon world and dominate everything under the heavens! That’s the true aim of Ling Tian City.”

“If you have similar goals and have blood filled with passion, then join Ling Tian City.”

With their shocking strength displayed to all of the players, these incredibly arrogant words caused countless Chinese players’ blood to boil as they were filled with hope and expectation.

After the grand opening concluded, the players in the Arena did not leave. There were thousands of application points, and the masses of players rushed towards them.

“I want to join! I’m a LV51 Shield Bearer! I have a full set of Gold grade equipment, and all of my second profession upgrade’s skills are LV2!”

“Who cares if you have a full set of Gold grade equipment now? I’m a LV53 Marksman! I also have a full set of Gold grade equipment. My dad’s the Chairman of the K9 Group. If you take me, I’ll bring in large amounts of financial support for Ling tian City!”

“I’m the Horizontal Cloud Guild’s Guildmaster, Unrestrained, and I’m willing to bring my guild to join!”

“… Although I used to be part of the Yan Huang Alliance, I didn’t participate in the attack! And I’ve left them already, so please take me… please take me…”

The ruckus coming from the Arena could be heard from almost 3 miles away, and it took Ling Chen and the others a great deal of effort to leave the Arena and return to the Administrative District. Ling Chen rubbed his ears and let out a long breath, “We finally escaped… Meng Xin, that was a stunning performance. You were able to remain so calm despite facing so many people.”

“And you were so awe-inspiring as well! You were completely like a high and mighty Lady of the City!” Xiao Qi said as she laughed.

Yun Meng Xin shook her head as she smiled, “Actually, I was quite nervous, and most of the things I said were prepared by Xiao Xue. Now that that’s finally over… it’s just that big brother and the others will be busy for quite a while.”

Xiao Qiu Feng and Yun Feng were responsible for recruitment and applications. Because Ling Tian City’s opening was so amazing and even suppressed the Royal City, people would definitely fight to join.

“Don’t worry, your big brother’s very capable, and I don’t need to say anything about the Cold Magistrate. They’ve both managed entire guilds, and I’m sure they know exactly what sorts of people they should and shouldn’t take,” Li Xiao Xue said as she smiled. It’s just that as the beautiful Lady of the City, your name will resound throughout the world, and your face is plastered all over the media. You’ll need to make preparations.”

Yun Meng Xin smiled but didn’t say anything. She turned to look at Su’Er, who had a blank expression on her face as she looked ahead of her, and asked, “Su Su, what’s wrong?”

Su’Er blinked and came back to her senses, but she did not immediately reply to Yun Meng Xin. She took out the Heavenly Star Horsetail Whisk and drew a semicircle in front of her.

“The aura of an Emperor,” Su’Er said in a small voice. She turned as she said anxiously, “I’m not sure if I detected incorrectly, but there seems to be an Emperor outside the southern gate… and… and… he gives me a fiendish feeling.”

“An Emperor?” Li Xiao Xue frowned. “What do you mean?”


Ling Chen and Yun Meng Xin’s communication devices sounded out as the guards at the southern gate spoke, “Reporting to the Lady of the City! There… A large crowd of NPCs suddenly appeared! The person at the head...” The player gulped as he said, “Seems to be the Emperor of the Forgotten City! He wants the Lady of the City to immediately go and receive him!”

The player’s voice trembled. No one would be able to remain calm after an Emperor of the virtual world appeared before them.