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Chapter 627: Measure For Measure

Measure For Measure

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“Is that so?” The Forgotten Emperor gave a contemptuous smile as he said with a cold voice, “Then can you explain where all of your advantages came from? Everyone knows that Ling Tian City was built because the ancient Fairy Clan and Dwarf Clan, who had hidden away for a long time, suddenly appeared and joined Ling Tian City. Haha… the Fairy Clan and Dwarf Clan were both super powers of the ancient world. The Fairy Clan’s strength greatly exceeds that of humans, and the Dwarf Clan’s wisdom and talent is not something that humans can compare to. With their help Ling Tian City’s development is something no one can match.

“However, the Fairy Clan and Dwarf Clan were both great friends of the humans of the Forgotten Continent in the past. It’s quite evident why they would help you otherworlders after reappearing again.” A hint of rage appeared in the Forgotten Emperor’s voice, “Because you tricked the Fairy Clan and Dwarf Clan into believing that you were humans of the Forgotten Continent, which was why they unconditionally helped you! Otherwise, why would such noble existences help you otherworlders when you possess such little strength and have no connection to them?”

The Forgotten Emperor became angrier as he spoke, and he looked as if he was rebuking a shameless liar who had deceived the hearts of the Fairies and Dwarves. All of the soldiers looked furious as well. To them, what the Forgotten Emperor said was definitely the truth—otherwise, why would the Fairies and Dwarves, who had possessed such good relations with the humans of the Forgotten Continent, desert the Royal City and help these otherworlders?

Ling Chen smirked and almost laughed out loud. Yun Meng Xin raised her beautiful eyebrows, also wanting to laugh. Just as she was about to reply, a clear voice sounded from above, “Emperor of the humans, I think you’re worrying too much. We Fairies most certainly have the ability to distinguish between you.”

“We are also the same.” A deep and resounding voice sounded out, “We Dwarves know how to differentiate between favours and grudges, and we have our morals. Helping these otherworlders is what we want—no, it’s our glory to. More accurately speaking, we’re helping each other.

Hearing these voices, Yun Meng Xin and Ling Chen simultaneously turned around and said in surprise, “Chief Greenwood, Chief Dilo, why are you here?”

The 2 voices belonged to Greenwood and Dita. Greenwood was wearing green clothes, and he slowly descended from above as warmly smiled, “When these people came I was already here. Because there are incredibly strong people in their ranks and they seemed to have hostile intentions, I came here just in case.”

Greenwood was a Fairy as well as one of Ling Tian City’s strongest experts, so he was naturally one of the strongest shields of the city. When he felt a threat from these people of course he would stay close in case he was needed.

“I also happened to pass by,” Chief Dilo smiled. “I couldn’t help but jump out when I heard that.”

“Very well,” Yun Meng Xin smiled, “it would be perfect for you to explain.”

“Fairy? Dwarf?” The Forgotten Emperor stared at Greenwood and Dilo. When Greenwood approached he could clearly feel the surrounding air becoming warmer and purer, and even his vision cleared. It was stated in the records that only the most powerful Fairies could cleanse the environment around them. Dilo, on the other hand, was quite stout with dark skin and muscular limbs. Combined with his wise-looking face, he looked exactly like the Dwarves described in the records!

This was the Forgotten Emperor’s first time meeting a Fairy and a Dwarf, and he immediately guessed what they were.

“Greenwood, the current Chief of the Fairies,” Greenwood calmly spoke.

“Dilo, the current Chief of the Dwarves,” Dilo followed.

No matter if it was Greenwood or Dilo, their expressions were incredibly calm when facing the Forgotten Emperor, as if they were facing a normal human. This was indeed how they felt—in their eyes, this Emperor was the same as any other human, and he didn’t give them any pressure.

The man in white next to the Forgotten Emperor opened his eyes, his gaze resting on Greenwood’s body for 3 seconds before lowering his head and speaking in a voice that only the Forgotten Emperor could hear, “Mysterious God.”

These 2 words caused the Forgotten Emperor’s eyelids to jump, and his aura seemed to die down a little. The Mysterious God grade was the highest point humans had ever reached, and there were no more than 5 humans in the Forgotten Continent who had reached the Mysterious God grade. Any one of them could sweep across the lands unhindered, completely invincible.

The first Fairy he had encountered at Ling Tian City was actually Mysterious God grade, completely shocking the Forgotten Emperor.

“You are the Fairy Clan’s Chief?” The Forgotten Emperor looked at Greenwood as his heart quivered. While the Fairy Clan’s Chief stood there, he seemed like an incredibly peaceful ancient tree, giving off a mysterious aura. Under his gaze, the Forgotten Emperor felt as if he could completely see through him. His Emperor’s aura was unable to compete with that aura, and his Emperor’s might seemed to be wrapped in something warm and was erased.

The Emperor of humans and the Emperor of Fairies were on totally different levels!

This sort of feeling completely shocked the Forgotten Emperor, and it made him feel extremely uncomfortable. He struggled to maintain his airs of an Emperor as he said seriously, “Who would have thought that the Fairy Clan and Dwarf Clan recorded in the Chronicles hadn’t truly disappeared. Being able to meet the Fairy Clan and Dwarf Clan is my honour. If I knew earlier that your Clans had reappeared, I would have immediately come to visit instead of only coming now. After all, the Fairies and Dwarves were best friends with us humans in ancient times. However, I have a few questions that I would like to ask the 2 Chiefs.”

“We already know what you want to ask,” Greenwood calmly said, his gaze as still as water. “I want to tell you that we Fairies can clearly tell the difference between humans of the Forgotten Continent and otherworlders. We joined Ling Tian City because our otherworlder friends saved our Clan, allowing us to escape and return to the Forgotten Continent by dispelling the calamity of our Clan. As such, no matter if it’s to repay them or for our future prospects, we decided to stay in Ling Tian City and make it our new home, doing our best to strengthen it. Moreover, this place belongs to the Fairy Clan, and these otherworlders have our consent to build their city here, so there are no conflicts with the Forgotten Continent’s laws.”

The Forgotten Emperor stared in surprise before saying emotionally, “Chief Greenwood, even if those otherworlders coincidentally saved you, you should know that since ancient times the Fairy Clan had been best friends with the humans! And now you’ve helped these otherworlders, and their Ling Tian City has caused detrimental impacts to the humans’ Royal City… isn’t this violating the wishes of your ancestors and harming the relations between our people?”

Greenwood calmly smiled before he said, “The Forgotten Emperor’s words are not quite correct. Back then, our Clan hid away because we felt guilty that we were not able to save the Dwarf Clan. The other reason was that we wholeheartedly treated the humans as our friends, but the humans’ actions caused our ancestors to completely lose hope in them and fall into despair. The ‘friendship’ that we had no longer existed at that point. I’m sure you, as the Emperor of the humans, should understand all of this.”

The Forgotten Emperor was speechless.

“All of that is in the past, and there’s no need to bring all of that up again thousands of years later. The current Fairy Clan is a new Clan, and what we want to do now depends only on what we want to do. What we do has nothing to do with the Fairies from thousands of years ago.”

“Us Dwarves are the same,” Chief Dilo continued. “Back then when our Dwarf Clan was going through troubling times, the humans, who we viewed as friends, chose to stay silent… finally, in order to protect the Dwarf Clan’s lineage, we could only give up on everything and chose to separate ourselves from the rest of the world, making it impossible for anyone to find us. 10,000 years later we also almost went extinct, but it was these otherworlders who saved our Clan. This city is the new home that we’ve built with these otherworlders, so why shouldn’t we invest everything in it?”

While Greenwood’s words were as calm as a breeze, Dilo’s words were much more passionate. Their allegiance towards Ling Tian City could not be shaken.

The Forgotten Emperor did not expect this at all, causing him to stare in shock, unable to say anything.

He had thought that the Dwarf Clan and Fairy Clan had been tricked into helping Ling Tian City, otherwise why would they help these mere players? He had even wanted to bring these 2 Clans to the Forgotten City, using their power and wisdom to bring the Forgotten City to new heights.

However, he suddenly realised how laughable his thinking had been. Not only had they not been deceived, but they were also filled with gratitude towards the players and treated Ling Tian City as their home! Their words expressed how determined they were to stay.

The Fairy Clan was kind, gentle, and loved peace, while the Dwarf Clan was kind, stubborn, and had intense personalities. It was essentially impossible for them to betray these otherworlders.