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Chapter 628: Guardian of the Ling Tian City

Guardian of the Ling Tian City

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The Forgotten Emperor’s face became more and more unsightly. The things that he was going to accuse Ling Tian City of now became things that slapped him in the face. When he saw how calm Ling Chen and Yun Meng Xin looked with a slight hint of mockery in their eyes, he felt like a clown when he looked at Greenwood and Dilo.

“Alright… indeed, we don’t have the right to interfere with the decisions of the Fairy Clan and Dwarf Clan. I was just worried that you had been deceived. Since you’re doing this willingly, we can rest at ease and won’t have to worry.” The Forgotten Emperor spoke quite stiffly, and everyone could hear the jealousy and reluctance in his voice. The power of the Fairies and the wisdom of the Dwarves were enough to drive the human Emperor crazy.

“However, there’s something concerning the lives of millions of people that you’ve neglected!” The Forgotten Emperor raised his hand, an expression of anger on his face, “Ling Tian City’s scale is extremely large, so large that it can be compared to the other 4 main cities. Section 6 of the Forgotten Continent’s Code requires that when a human city reaches a certain size, it must have a City Lifeline. It is not to be open before it has a City Lifeline nor are people allowed to enter it! This is clearly written in the Forgotten Continent’s Code. However, your Ling Tian City doesn’t have a City Lifeline! Without a City Lifeline, an Elemental Storm could break out at any moment, costing countless people their lives. Ling Tian City should be closed and everyone within it should be relocated!”

This was the last ‘crime’ that the Forgotten Emperor could accuse them of. However, anyone who knew even a bit about the Fairy Clan would be able to easily rebut this.

Yun Meng Xin smiled as she calmly replied, “The larger a city is, the more people will enter it. The more Mages there are, the more active the Elemental Essence within the city will be. After a long period of time, the Elemental Essence can cause Elemental Storms, which City Lifelines are used to suppress. This is the case for all human cities within the Forgotten continent. However, this is different for us here. This is because this is the territory of the Fairy Clan, and the city is close to the Fairy Forest.

“The Fairies’ Nature energy is calm and mild, and no matter how berserk the Elemental Essence is, it’ll become calm under the influence of the Nature energy from the Fairy Forest, preventing Elemental Storms. This is something that everyone who knows the Fairies understands. This is also recorded in the Forgotten Continent’s Chronicles. In other words, Ling Tian City will never experience an Elemental Storm, so we don’t need a City Lifeline.”

“Then what about a Guardian? Section 11 of the Forgotten Continent’s Code requires that a city that is larger than a certain size requires a Guardian who can protect it against disasters, and it needs to be at least Heaven’s End grade! Without a sufficiently-powerful Guardian, how can you keep this city standing, and how can you allow its residents to live peacefully?” The Forgotten Emperor asked. By now, he was grasping at straws.

There was indeed a law within the Forgotten Continent’s Code that required cities above a certain size to have a powerful Guardian. There were countless powerful beasts, demons, and devils in the Forgotten Continent, and if a large city didn’t have a powerful Guardian, countless residents would die if calamity struck. The Guardians of the 4 main cities and the Royal City were appointed by the Moon God Clan. The Azure Dragon City’s Guardian was the Azure Dragon, and the Vermillion Bird City’s Guardian was the deceased Vermillion Bird.

However, this was only a necessity for the Forgotten Continent’s cities! There had never been such a requirement for player’s cities. Asking players to find a Heaven’s End grade being to protect a player’s city was almost impossible.

An exasperated look appeared on Yun Meng Xin’s face, and just as she was about to speak, a thundering voice came from above.

“Who… said… Ling… Tian… City… had… no… Guardian!”

This voice sounded like an extremely large bell ringing right next to one’s ears, causing everyone’s organs to tremble and making them feel incredibly uneasy. At the same time, a pressure as heavy as a mountain descended from above, making it difficult for everyone to breathe.

“Who is it? Who’s talking?!”

Sensing a powerful enemy, the Forgotten City’s soldiers all looked around, feeling bewildered. They lifted their shields and raised their weapons, forming a protective circle around the Forgotten Emperor. The peaceful man in white also opened his eyes, staring at the ground far away.

The low voice caused Ling Chen to pause in surprise because it sounded quite familiar. His eyes stared… could this voice be… no way…


The ground shook and began to shake more and more as if it was bubbling. Suddenly, a long crevice appeared on the ground, and a mountain broke through it, rising higher and higher.

“What… What is that?!”

“Protect the Emperor!!”

This sudden abnormality caused everyone to gape in shock, staring at the strange mountain rising from the ground. When the mountain rose up nearly 50 metres, everyone’s pupils expanded and contracted many times.

The mountain was actually moving, and rocks dropped off it as it swayed as did some of the trees growing on it. The mountain became taller and taller, turning into a gigantic body that slowly stood up as everyone stared, dumbfounded.

“Lord guardian god! It’s lord guardian god!” Chief Dilo cheered happily, raising both of his hands as his body trembled with excitement.

A giant, which seemed to be made out of a mountain, appeared before everyone. It was covered with rocks and stones, and every part of its body, including its head, limbs, body, and ‘muscles’, were all formed from rocks. The only exception was the gigantic eye at the centre of its head. It was 100 metres wide horizontally, but this would not have been much if not for the face that it stood so tall vertically, looking absolutely terrifying. The Forgotten City’s soldiers tilted their heads as far back as possible in order to fully look at it. There were cries of shock from Ling Tian City, and everyone within stared at the rocky giant.

Everyone’s mouths were wide open, and they were unable to close them. This was definitely the largest creature that they had ever seen in their lives, and it was bigger than anything they could imagine. Comparatively, they were smaller than even its pinky finger. When facing this rocky giant, just seeing how big it was could cause someone to have difficulty breathing, let alone the pressure it was giving off, completely shocking the wits out of them.

“Mountain Giant!” Ling Chen yelled out its name as an expression of shock surfaced on his face, his mind almost exploding… why would this creature, which was sleeping at the Nameless Ridge, appear here?

“Isn’t this the Mountain Giant who was protecting the Dwarves?” Yun Meng Xin asked with a soft voice, her face extremely pale. Even if she was 10 times as brave, she would still feel scared when facing such a large creature.

“Mm,” Ling Chen nodded, “but I don’t know why it appeared here. However, it’s definitely not an enemy.”

Chief Dilo excitedly took a few steps forward as he yelled as loudly as he could, “Lord guardian god, why are you here? Are you here to see us?”

“Hahahaha,” the Mountain Giant gently laughed. Although it was quite gentle, its voice was so loud and booming that it felt like there were hammers smashing on everyone’s eardrums. “I’m incredibly glad that you’ve rejoined the world and escaped disaster, so my greatest wish has been fulfilled. I was planning on sleeping there for a long time and protecting the last remnants of the Titan’s existence, but after being with the Dwarves for over 10,000 years, I couldn’t let you go and followed you all here. Having a large body impeded my progress, and it took me a few months to move here underground. I’ve been watching you all from underground ever since I arrived.

“It seems like these humans are complaining that there is no Guardian for Ling Tian City. In that case, how about I become the Guardian of Ling Tian City? As long as the earth exists, I will not die. I will bury all those who wish to harm Ling Tian City.”

The Mountain Giant’s words reached the Forgotten Emperor and the soldiers’ ears as well as everyone in Ling Tian City, causing everyone’s vision and minds to tremble.

Such a large and terrifying giant wanted to be Ling Tian City’s Guardian?!

A player’s city was going to have a Guardian that could rival those of main cities?!

All of the players were once again deeply shocked.

“That’s great! This is a great honour for Ling Tian City.” Chief Dilo’s face glowed red with excitement. However, his expression froze as he hurriedly turned to Ling Chen and Yun Meng Xin, “Ah, you should be the ones to make a decision…”

Yun Meng Xin turned to Ling Chen, seeking his opinion. Since Ling Chen had known it for a while and had even fought about it, he unhesitatingly nodded.

Yun Meng Xin understood and raised her head as she said, “As the Lady of Ling Tian City, I give you the title of Guardian of Ling Tian City and ask you to defend Ling Tian City when it faces danger. I will announce this to the whole world within 3 days!”

“Hahahaha!” The Mountain Giant laughed and suddenly squatted down. A yellow light flashed when he turned into a mountain and sank back down into the earth amid rumbling.

When everything became quiet again, the place where the Mountain Giant had appeared was restored to its former state. Even the long crevice was completely gone, leaving not even a trace that it had been there.

“It is a Heaven’s End grade being, but because of its ability to control the earth, not even 3 Mysterious God grade beings would be able to contend with it,” The man in white said to the Forgotten Emperor.

Forgotten Emperor: “……”

“Looks like there’s no need for the Forgotten Emperor to worry about us not having a Guardian,” Yun Meng Xin said. “It seems like the Forgotten Emperor cares about Ling Tian City deeply and has given many suggestions. However, it seems like the Forgotten Emperor was worrying unnecessarily. I wonder what other suggestions you have.”

The Forgotten Emperor’s face was extremely unsightly. Just the Mysterious God grade Fairy and the Heaven’s End grade Mountain Giant was enough to make him fear Ling Tian City. He felt like he had eaten 100 dead flies when he heard Yun Meng Xin’s words.He dryly laughed and replied, “Looks like I was worrying unnecessarily. In that case, I’ll take my leave now… let’s go.”

Feeling incredibly angry and humiliated, the Forgotten Emperor did not want to stay for even an extra second, so he directly turned to leave. Yun Meng Xin’s eyes glimmered as she asked, “Since the Forgotten Emperor has come all this way, don’t you want to take a look around the city?”

“No need,” The Forgotten Emperor’s face was dark as he coldly replied, “When I want to take a look, I’ll come again. Also, there’s something that you should remember—do everything in moderation. After all, this is the Forgotten Continent!”

After saying this, the Forgotten Emperor flicked his hand and a teleportation channel appeared beneath the feet of the people from the Forgotten City. A white light flashed as they disappeared.

They had come in an overbearing and aggressive manner, but they had left in shame and humiliation.