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Chapter 629: The Ling Tian City’s Revenge

The Ling Tian City’s Revenge

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Modlawls123

When Greenwood saw the Forgotten Emperor and his entourage leave in shame, he closed his eyes as he sighed and said, “Jealousy is the root of all sins. Even the Emperor of the humans is not immune from it.”

He could tell that if it wasn’t for the might that he and the Mountain Giant possessed, the furious Forgotten Emperor wouldn’t have left so easily.

“Ling Tian, we’re going to have to change the development plan for Ling Tian City. Currently, Ling Tian City has affected the Forgotten City greatly, so it was no surprise that the Forgotten Emperor personally came. If Ling Tian City continues to develop like this, the Forgotten City definitely won’t stay silent. The Forgotten Emperor’s last sentence was correct – this is the Forgotten Continent. Ling Tian City is only a player’s city that has not fully stabilised yet and doesn’t have the right to fight back against the Royal City,” Yun Meng Xin said worriedly.

After the Forgotten Emperor left, Ling Chen’s gaze became cold. He looked towards where the Forgotten Emperor had been and slowly shook his head, “Actually, Xiao Xue mentioned to me early in the morning today about slowing down the development of Ling Tian City. She is worried that the Forgotten City will retaliate. It’s simply too abnormal for a player’s city to surpass the system’s Royal City, and it’s not something that should happen. It’s possible that this could negatively affect the China Region. At the time I agreed, but now…”

Ling Chen coldly laughed, “Since the Forgotten Emperor personally came to provoke us and try to get us to slow down through threats, we’ll have to be even more extravagant!

“Meng Xin, tell Xiao Xue to open everything within 5 days and that all of our enterprises are to surpass the Forgotten City’s counterparts as their basic goals. Keep the Hidden Professions, but tell the 7 Elders to also do normal profession upgrades, which give players an extra 50 HP and 50 MP. This can be done through diluting some Fairy Fountain Water. Also, release lots of quests for players in the city. Make the quests easier than those from the Royal City, but make sure that they’re still challenging and exciting while giving much better rewards. Release special and hidden quests now and then as well.

“Also, the plan to expand Ling Tian City must be immediately carried out. We want to surpass the Forgotten City’s scale as soon as possible! Our current short-term goal is for players to forget the Forgotten City’s existence,” Ling Chen spoke so calmly that everyone couldn’t help but stare. “Even if it’s the Forgotten Continent’s human Emperor, he needs to pay a price for threatening Ling Tian City.”

Ling Chen’s words caused Yun Meng Xin, Greenwood, and Dilo to all stare in shock.

While Ling Tian City had just opened, the Forgotten City was the Royal City of the humans and had thousands of years of history. Could Ling Tian City truly compete with the Forgotten City?

The answer, of course, was yes!

This was because the Royal City was only targeted towards the humans of the Forgotten Continent. To players, it was just the Royal City of the game – they did not hold any allegiance to it or have any fond memories of it. After all, they had only known about it for less than a year. What they wanted was simply to upgrade their professions, buy better equipment, and obtain more EXP. They would go to whoever could give them these things. It had nothing to do with which city had a longer history.

As such, if Ling Tian City truly did as Ling Chen had just said, the Forgotten City would be the first Royal City surpassed by a player’s city in virtual world history. With the help of the Fairies and Dwarves, this was completely possible.

“Alright!” Yun Meng Xin nodded, “We’ll do as you say.”

Anyone who heard this would feel a bit uncertain. After all, if the Forgotten City was forced into a corner, they might retaliate in desperation. However, since Ling Chen had said this, no matter if it was Yun Meng Xin, Greenwood, or Dilo, none of them felt that this idea was implausible.


Ling Tian City and its beautiful Lady instantly became the discussion of the entire world and the headlines of many media organizations. Although it was a player’s city, it had completely turned upside-down everyone’s perceptions of a player’s city. Now, Ling Tian City was no longer just a city but also a milestone in virtual gaming history.

The beautiful lady’s name was known by almost everyone in the world. Putting aside her status as the Lady of the City, her stunningly beautiful looks were enough to make her world-famous. Upon seeing her face, countless people couldn’t believe that such beauty could exist in the world. Her beauty was shown in almost every corner of the world, and more and more people marvelled at how a woman could be so beautiful. In just a few days, her fan base grew to be larger than even those of first-rate celebrities.

However, revealing her appearance in public also brought some negative impacts. Of course, those negative impacts were not towards the Ling Tian City. It was said that countless lovers in China broke up and that countless men screamed Yun Meng Xin’s name day and night after the grand opening. There were also countless men rushing to Beijing from various countries, wanting to see Yun Meng Xin with their own eyes… However, no one had succeeded yet. Now, Yun Meng Xin was the most commonly-discussed topic among men. It was said that if the beautiful Lady found a boyfriend, countless Chinese men would commit suicide.

There were now countless players who wanted to join Ling Tian City. This was especially after players personally saw Ling Tian City’s Guardian – once the news spread even more players wanted to join.

Moreover, Ling Tian City’s development did not slow at all. Instead, many new facilities and events were opened – it was as if they wanted to surpass the Royal City in every way. No matter if they were Profession-related things, shopping, dining, entertainment, relaxation, Alliance-related things, or housing… everything completely eclipsed the Forgotten City. Now, anyone who went to the Forgotten City to upgrade their profession or buy things was viewed as an idiot.

The explosively popular real estate had also just been released. The Dwarves’ constructions were all beautiful and elegant, and they surpassed anything that the humans had ever made. Apart from the ones that were reserved, all of the houses were immediately snatched up by players, and the prices of the ones in better locations were sold for more than 1 billion gold. Despite this, houses were still desperately fought over by the bosses and leaders of guilds, which eventually resulted in battles between guilds. Some people, despite having the money, didn’t have the opportunity to buy the house of their dreams, and they could only howl in pain…

There were more and more guilds moving to and joining Ling Tian City. Although they had to pass through very strict requirements, Ling Tian City’s Alliance District was completely filled in just 2 weeks with more than 30 million players. At this point, the Yan Huang Alliance couldn’t even be compared to it.

With so many impressive guilds joining Ling Tian City, the Skyfall Dynasty, who was in charge of all these guilds, was bursting with pride. Even the lowest-ranked players in the Skyfall Dynasty were viewed with admiration wherever they went. Although the 3 Heavenly Kings worked early in the morning to late at night, they were incredibly happy. As the guild that had participated in the defence of the city, they were naturally treated much better than those who had joined afterwards. Thinking back to how they had almost protested against joining the Ling Tian City, they almost smacked themselves… they must have been kicked in the head by a donkey and then had a door smashed into their faces.

Of course, not all players could enjoy everything that the Ling Tian City had. Even now, those who were part of the guilds that had participated in the attacks against the new city were unable to buy anything within Ling Tian City. Moreover, they were easily recognisable… those who did not have a full set of Gold grade equipment were the evildoers who had attacked Ling Tian City! Whenever people saw these players, they looked at them with contempt and disgust… you were so greedy as to attack the city? Serves you right! That’s karma for you! What goes around comes around!

Before, these players, who belonged to various powerful guilds, were all high and mighty. Now, they felt completely inferior to everyone around them… including those belonging to the Yan Huang Alliance. Adding on to the disparity in their equipment, they were now at the lowest rung of Chinese players. Their guilds were now far, far weaker than other normal guilds.

The consequences of this was evident. Players started to withdraw from these guilds en masse, and there were more and more of them. When the players who had left bought a full set of Gold grade equipment and began proudly walking around, even those who were extremely loyal couldn't help but feel shaken and start to leave. Even if the bosses of the guilds wanted to, they wouldn’t be able to stop them from leaving.

With so many of their players leaving, these once world-famous, large guilds were on the verge of collapse. The bosses and leaders frowned day and night, regretting their greed to their bones. Recently, they had repeatedly gone to Ling Tian City to lower their heads to Yun Meng Xin and beg for forgiveness. However, before they could even see Yun Meng Xin, they had been rudely chased away.

From the very first day of its opening, Ling Tian City had silently taken its cruel revenge against these guilds. Without mobilising even a single soldier, they had forced these guilds to the verge of collapse.

However, with Ling Chen’s personality, how could that be all there was to his revenge? After the new city was able to stably stand on its feet, the Dark Night finally moved out, mercilessly assassinating the high-ranking players of the Yan Huang Alliance and other guilds that had participated in the attack.

This was the first time the entire Dark Night had operated together. Players once again witnessed how terrifying the Dark Night was through this large-scale assassination operation.

Most of the high-ranking players in large guilds were experts among experts, and whenever they went out, they would be surrounded by many other experts as well. It could be said that assassinating them was extremely difficult.

However, if the assassins were from the Dark Night…

In just a week, every one of the high-ranking players in the 30 or so guilds had been assassinated at least 10 times. None of them had been able to escape a single time. Although they were constantly surrounded by other experts and always had their equipment and defences ready, as soon as they walked out of their guild’s territory, there would always be a deathgod’s sickle at their throats. Most of the time, they didn’t even know how they had died. The guards around them were unable to react in time at all, and they could only see a black figure flash past and the target’s corpse falling to the ground.

All of the high-ranking players in those guilds were struck with fear. From the second day of the Dark Night’s assassinations, they started to live in deep fear, turtling up within their guilds’ headquarters. Whenever they had to leave their headquarters, death would always descend upon them quickly. The one who suffered the most was the Black Flames Alliance’s Black Flames Wild Gale. The Alliance Master of the Black Flames Alliance had once been on the Earth Rankings, but he had been killed more than 30 times over the past 7 days, and he was now a pitiful LV20 player. The set of equipment that he had worked so hard to obtain had been completely dropped… from that day onwards, he stayed within his guild’s territory, refusing to come out.

The Dark Night’s revenge caused the people within those guilds to become even more terrified, and more and more people began to leave these guilds for Ling Tian City.

Now, even if the leaders and bosses of these guilds were begged by someone on their knees, they definitely wouldn’t have repeated the decision to attack Ling Tian City. In the end, the Golden Age Alliance’s Mo Gu Lin couldn’t take it anymore and brought all of the executives of the alliance to Ling Tian City, begging to see Yun Meng Xin and offering to apologise and provide compensation to Ling Tian City.

After begging in front of the city gates for more than an hour, Yun Meng Xin finally replied: the Golden Age Alliance was to compensate the Ling Tian City with one-off payment of 12 billion gold, and it has to give 20% of its earnings in the virtual world to Ling Tian City each year. When Ling Tian City required it, it would have the right to command the Golden Age Alliance once every year! If the Golden Age Alliance agreed to these terms, then Ling Tian City would forgive the Golden Age Alliance and stop sending the Dark Night after them. They would also get rid of the restrictions, allowing the Golden Age Alliance to join Ling Tian City… this was non negotiable.

Yun Meng Xin’s response was brilliant. Although it effectively gave Ling Tian City control over the Golden Age Alliance, the Golden Age Alliance was ecstatic.

Mo Gu Lin hadn’t expected things to go so smoothly, and the entire Golden Age Alliance was excited to agree. Although they had to pay a large amount of compensation, give a tribute every year, and lose much face, they could at least avoid complete destruction.

The Golden Age Alliance immediately agreed, and they provided the compensation the very next day. Once the restrictions were cancelled, the Golden Age Alliance’s million players happily entered Ling Tian City, buying new equipment immediately. Although they had surrendered under humiliating terms, they were able to revive their guild in a single day, making them incredibly grateful towards Yun Meng Xin.

With the Golden Age Alliance setting the precedent, the other guilds who had attacked also came to Ling Tian City, expressing their willingness to provide compensation, tribute, etc… Yun Meng Xin ‘compassionately’ accepted, setting different terms for different guilds based on their size. After they complied, she cancelled their restrictions and the assassinations on them.

Just like that, the guilds became delirious with joy, while Ling Tian City made many unbelievable deals.

After all, if the situation had persisted for those guilds, they would have definitely crumbled sooner or later. However, even if this happened, there would be no benefit for Ling Tian City at all. Instead, it was possible that they could retaliate in desperation. Not only had Ling Tian City received massive amounts of compensation, but they could use also these guilds as they wished once per year. It had also reduced the number of guilds that would retaliate against them, while also developing a reputation of benevolence.

However, none of this affected the Yan Huang Alliance. The Dark Night did not carry out assassinations against the Yan Huang Alliance, nor did Ling Tian City remove the restrictions against the Yan Huang Alliance. It was as if everyone had forgotten about the Yan Huang Alliance. Moreover, with Long Tian Yun’s personality, it was impossible for him to lower his head and ask for forgiveness.

As Ling Tian City developed more and more, the Yan Huang Alliance’s overall power drastically dropped. Even the Yan Huang Alliance at its peak would not at all be a threat to the current Ling Tian City.

The Yan Huang Alliance fell silent, and Long Tian Yun had not appeared at all. No one knew what this person was thinking or plotting.