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Chapter 633: A New Companion

A New Companion

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Although Granny Witherwood and Greenwood were in shock, what happened next caused them to become even more dumbfounded.

In front of the Fairy Tree, a jade-green image slowly appeared. As this image became clearer, they could tell that it was that of a woman. Her body was tall and slim, and she was wearing a long, jade-green dress. Her lengthy green hair floated behind her, and the green motes of light surrounding the Fairy Tree were attracted to her, dancing around her.

Under the green light, it was difficult to see her facial features, but everyone felt a sense of holiness and purity from her, tugging at their heartstrings.

“N-Nature Goddess!!” Granny Witherwood and Greenwood simultaneously cried out.

Green clothes, green hair, and a pure aura that made the Fairies feel intoxicated… within their records, only the Nature Goddess could give off such a feeling!

Cai’Er’s eyes regained their clarity, and she blinked as she stared at the woman in front of her, asking with a hazy look, “Who are you, big sister? Was it you who was talking to me just then? How do you know my name and so many things about me?"

The woman’s image looked at Cai’Er as if she hadn’t noticed anyone else’s presence, and she spoke with a voice as gentle as the wind, “Because I am you, and you are me.”

“I am you, and you are me?” Cai’Er repeated this, looking quite confused.

“You are the new me, and I am the old you. Do you understand?” The woman in green gently smiled.

Cai’Er shook her head, still looking quite perplexed. With her pure and simple nature, she couldn’t understand such deep and complex words. However, Granny Witherwood and Greenwood lapsed into deep shock after hearing this exchange.

“No matter, the current you won’t understand.” The woman in green continued to speak softly, “When you’ve grown up, you’ll naturally understand. I thought that I would never be able to appear again, which is why you were born, but I thought that you would never be awakened. However, fate is something that no one can predict. After being afflicted by the Demon Beast Curse for 10,000 years, the curse has finally been nullified. The Fairy Tree has been reborn, and your power, which was made dormant by the curse, has been awakened. Your dormant spirit will one day completely awaken.”

It was impossible for Cai’Er to understand these words, but Granny Witherwood and Greenwood knew exactly what she was talking about.

Curse… The Demon Beast Curse! So, the Nature Goddess had disappeared and the Fairy Tree had withered and didn’t grow for 10,000 years because of a curse from the Demon Beast Clan! If the curse was not nullified, even until the Fairy Clan perished, the Fairy Tree would not have grown again.

However, why would the curse suddenly be nullified today? Could it be that after 10,000 years, the Demon Beast Curse had finally become ineffective?

And Cai’Er… she was born from the Fairy Fountain, and she had an extremely high affinity with Nature. Could she be…

“Cai’Er, although your Nature power has formally awakened, you’re still too young and can’t use that power to change much in the Fairy Clan. My remnant spirit from back then suddenly awoke, and it will soon disappear. However, I saw something that I normally would not be able to see – soon, a calamity will descend on the Mystic Moon world. This calamity will be even worse than the Shura’s Devastation and the battle with the Demon Beast Clan. When the time comes, countless lives will perish and tens of thousands of clans will be annihilated…”

The woman in green suddenly saying such things caused Greenwood and Granny Witherwood to stare in shock and feel a chill within their hearts. It was said that when a person died, they would be free from the heaven’s bindings and would be able to see heaven-defying scenes. What’s more, the person saying this was the person they worshipped most – the Nature Goddess! The Nature Goddess would never lie about such things.

However, a calamity worse than the Shura’s Devastation and the battle with the Demon Beast Clan was about to descend not only on the Forgotten Continent, but the entire Mystic Moon… if that was true, how terrifying would that be? Could it be that the sky was going to fall and that the world was going to explode…?

“… The Fairy Clan will also be caught up in this calamity. There’s only one thing that can be done to save the Fairy Clan from this calamity.” The woman in green looked away from Cai’Er, and her gaze rested on Ling Chen, “And that… is to forever follow this human who nullified the Demon Beast Curse.”

Cai’Er, Granny Witherwood, and Greenwood all stared at Ling Chen, “Ling Tian, it was you who nullified the curse?”

Ling Chen froze in shock as he hazily shook his head… I nullified the curse? Are you joking? How come I didn’t know? I didn’t do anything after coming here… eh? That tear? Are you saying that tear broke the Demon Beast Curse that persisted for more than 10,000 years? Are you kidding me? Plus, I really didn’t touch anything!

Alright, that’s not the most important part. This woman in green says that they can avoid the calamity by following me? You’re joking, right?

“Eh? Forever follow big brother? So be with him forever?” Of course Cai’Er understood this part, and her eyes lit up as she said in a soft voice, “Of course I want to go out and play with big brother. It’s so boring staying in the same place every day, but daddy and granny don’t let me go out, and big brother isn’t willing to take me out to play. Even if I want to, they definitely won’t agree.”

The woman in green smiled and stretched out her right arm. An orb of jade-green light appeared and flew towards Cai’Er, “Goodbye, Cai’Er. When you grow up, you’ll realise that I am you. Remember my words and make sure you follow him.”

After speaking, the green image disappeared like a wisp of smoke. The orb of light touched Cai’Er’s body and then shot towards Ling Chen almost 10 times faster than before and covered his body, creating a jade-green, glowing connection between him and Cai’Er.

“This is?” Ling Chen stared at the green light in shock, feeling at a loss as to what to do. At this moment, a system announcement sounded out.

“Ding… under the influence of an unknown power, the Nature Spirit ‘Cai’Er’ has formed a ‘Nature Contract’ with you and has become your companion and pet. The Nature Contract has coercive properties, and it cannot be cancelled by either side within 3 years, and it also has the same characteristics as a master-pet relationship. Would you like to give ‘Nature Spirit’ Cai’Er a new name?”

Ling Chen: “!@#$%...”

Without any prior indication or asking for his permission, he had suddenly gained a new pet… and this new pet and companion was the little Fairy Cai’Er!

Although it felt quite weird having this Fairy girl become his pet, it wasn’t something that Ling Chen couldn’t accept. After all, he already had Leng’Er, who was also a humanoid pet. Plus, Xi Ling could take human form, and Snow Cherry was a Moon God Representative before. Moreover, it wasn’t bad to have an extra pet… although he would definitely have to take care of this little Fairy more than she took care of him. However, what made Ling Chen feel quite frustrated was that… he hadn’t even been asked about his thoughts! He had been forcefully given this pet, and he couldn’t even cancel this relationship! He felt as if he was a defenceless woman who was forced upon by a tyrant king!

He had always been the dominant one, and being forced into something like this made him feel quite displeased. However, Cai’Er was indeed Cai’Er, and even though she was his ‘pet’, he definitely couldn’t treat her as a pet. Otherwise, he might have to become her caretaker!

“Nature Contract!” Granny Witherwood and Greenwood evidently understood the meaning behind those words, and the light indicated that this was no ordinary contract. It was a contract where Ling Chen was the master, and Cai’Er was the pet. After seeing this, their gazes became incredibly complicated.

“… No,” Ling Chen replied to the system announcement. Following this, Cai’Er’s stats appeared before him:

[Cai’Er]: Type: Nature Spirit, Level: LV45, Grade: Mysterious God, Owner: Ling Tian. The second daughter of the current Chief of the Fairy Clan. She is incredibly pure and innocent, and she has a pure heart, great talent, and immense curiosity. Out of the entire Clan, she has the highest affinity with Nature, and is this generation’s “Maiden of Nature”. As such, she is seen as the Fairy Clan’s hope. Under the baptism of the Fairy Tree’s power, another spirit within her as been awoken.

Stats: HP: 55,000, MP: 55,0000, Physical Attack Damage: 550, Magic Attack Power: 11,000, Physical Defence: 500, Movement Speed: 160. Elemental Resistances: Water: 90%, Fire: 90%, Wind: 90%, Lightning: 90%, Earth: 90%, Light: 200%, Darkness: -100%.

Passive Abilities

Can fly at low altitudes, and her flying speed is equivalent to her Movement Speed.
[Nature’s Protection]: Recovers 90% HP and 90% MP every second, immunity to all abnormal statuses apart from [Poison] and immunity to all debuffs.
[Nature’s Gift]: When using ‘Arrow’ type attacks, HIT+360%, Arrow Speed+120%, Range+90%. When using healing and support Magic, effectiveness+50%.
[Nature’s Heart]: A special ability obtained by Cai’Er after becoming a pet. Her master and fellow pets’ HP and MP are increased by 60%.

[Nature’s Arrow]: Current Level: LV10, max level. A Light-element attack that condenses Nature energy into an arrow and attacks a single target within 50 metres, causing 500% Magic Attack Power and a 5% chance of instant death for Darkness-type targets. Costs 3 MP, no Cooldown Time.

[Nature’s Light]: Current Level: LV5, max level. Uses her benevolent heart to condense Nature energy and radiate pure Nature light 2 metres around her, restoring all targets’ HP by (Magic Attack Power x 3), and causing 300% Light damage to all Darkness-type monsters nearby. Costs 5 MP, Cooldown time: 1 second.