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Chapter 634: Nature’s Song

Nature’s Song

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Modlawls123

[Nature’s Songs]: Cai’Er uses her nature power and her spirit to sing a song. Her sweet songs contain the hopes and desires of Cai’Er’s pure heart, and they have an inexplicable and mysterious power that can pass through all creatures’ spirits and affect their minds, beliefs, willpower, and even bodies. Some Nature’s Songs can be sung at will, while others can be only sung while in certain emotional states. Currently available Nature’s Songs: [Song of Healing], [Song of Passion], [Song of Redemption], [Song of Tranquility], [Song of Hope], [Song of Miracles], and [Song of Despair].

[Song of Healing – Drizzle At The Light Of Dawn]: Can be sung under any emotional state. While singing, all allies recover 20% HP and 20% MP every second. All debuffs are nullified and allies will be immune to any further debuffs. Costs 100 MP every second, and it can be cast and ended at will.

[Song of Passion – A Brave Heart]: Can be sung under any emotional state. While singing, all allies’ Physical Attack Power, Magic Attack Power, and HIT are increased by 30%. Costs 100 MP every second, and it can be cast and ended at will.

[Song of Redemption – Pure Heaven]: Can be sung under any emotional state. While singing, it greatly reduces the enemy’s hatred and battle spirit, and it can even cause them to stop fighting. Costs 200 MP per second, and it can be cast and ended at will.

[Song of Tranquility – Clear Dream In A Peaceful Night]: Can be sung under any emotional state. While singing, it causes the enemy to feel sleepy until they fall into a [Sleep] state. After the targets have fallen asleep, unless the song is ended or the targets are attacked, they will not wake up. Once attacked, they will immediately wake up, and they will not be affected by [Clear Dream In A Peaceful Night] for a long time. Costs 500 MP per second, and it can be cast and ended at will.

[Song of Hope – Rose On The Other Shore]: Can be sung when feeling joyful or excited. While singing, all allies’ Luck+20, and 3 stats are increased by 100%. All enemies’ Luck-20, and 3 stats are decreased by 50%. Costs 1200 MP per second, and if the requisite emotions are no longer present, the effects will immediately cease.

[Song of Miracles – Undying Stars]: Can be sung when feeling extremely hopeful and sincere. While singing, all allies become immune to any type of damage. Costs 24,000 MP per second, and if the requisite emotions are no longer present, the effects will immediately cease.

[Song of Despair – Shattered Heart]: Forbidden Nature’s Song. Can be sung when extremely sad, feeling despair, or furious. Unknown effects, and if the requisite emotions are no longer present, the effects will immediately cease.

The first time Ling Chen had entered the Fairy Realm, the first Fairy he had met was Cai’Er. Back then, he had received some of Cai’Er’s information through Xiao Hui. At that time, Cai’Er was LV43, and she was Celestial grade. She already possessed powerful Nature energy, and even if she became a pet, she should be Celestial grade. To normal players, possessing a Celestial grade pet would be cause for great rejoicing, but to Ling Chen, who possessed Heavens’ End grade and Mysterious God grade pets, Celestial grade was not much anymore.

As such, he didn’t have high expectations when looking at Cai’Er’s stats. However, when he saw that Cai’Er’s grade was ‘Mysterious God’, he was completely dumbfounded. When he saw her passive abilities, he was even more shocked. After looking through her Nature’s Songs, his jaw almost dropped to the ground.

This was the awakening that the woman in green had talked about?!

Cai’Er’s ridiculous power could only be expressed in 3 words:

Oh my goodness!

Cai’Er’s stats were not at all inferior to Snow Cherry’s, who was also Mysterious God grade. Her passive ability that increased her master and all other pets’ HP and MP by 60% almost caused Ling Chen to cry out on the spot, and he had instantly thought that this was the most overpowered aspect about Cai’Er… if there was anything even more powerful, it would simply be too heaven-defying. However, after seeing her Nature’s Songs, he knew that this new little Cai’Er was truly heaven-defying!

Cai’Er’s strengths were similar to Xiao Hui’s – they were both support-types! However, the way they supported was different. Xiao Hui could increase his skills and provide him with information while searching for treasure and give him other warnings. On the other hand, Cai’Er gave healing, buffs to allies, and debuffs to enemies. What’s more, the effects were all AOE, so the more people there were, the more effective her buffs and debuffs would be. Her supporting ability was no less effective than Xiao Hui’s. Moreover, while Xiao Hui had no attack power at all, Cai’Er at least had some forms of attacking. The [Nature’s Arrow] wasn’t an extremely powerful attacking skill, but at least Cai’Er could attack.

“What a strange feeling.” Cai’Er looked at her hands and her body, then spun in a circle as she flew towards Ling Chen, “Big brother, can I really go out and play with you like that big sister said?”

“That’s right!” Granny Witherwood walked over, a look of deep emotion on her face, “There’s a Nature Contract between you and him. With this contract, you’ll need to stay right by his side for the next 3 years. Within these 3 years, wherever he goes, you need to go as well. Even if you don’t want to, you’ll still need to go with him.”

“Really?” Hearing this, Cai’Er became quite excited as she happily danced around, “This is great, great, great! Big brother will finally take me out to play, great, great…”

Cai’Er’s reaction made Granny Witherwood and Greenwood want to both laugh and cry. They knew that Cai’Er was filled with curiosity and desire towards the outside world, and that she wanted to go out to play every day. However, the Fairy Clan had only just returned to the Forgotten Continent, and there were far too many things that they did not know about it. Adding on the fact that there were very few Fairies left and Cai’Er possessed a special status, they wouldn’t risk allowing any harm to come to Cai’Er. As such, they wouldn’t allow her to leave the Fairy Forest and Ling Tian City. However, because of these changes, she could now finally realise her dream.

“Ling Tian, tell me truthfully how you broke the Demon Beast Curse. Over all these years, our clan didn’t even know about the curse, otherwise we would have done all we could to nullify it,” Granny Witherwood said emotionally as she looked at Ling Chen.

Ling Chen once again shook his head as he said earnestly, “I really don’t know! Even I’m confused about this. After I came here, I only looked down at the Fairy Fountain and didn’t do anything. Cai’Er was by my side the whole time, and she can confirm this.”

“Mhmm!” Little Cai’Er immediately nodded and stretched out her finger and pointed, “Big brother isn’t lying. He was just looking down and didn’t move at all. I was looking at him the whole time, and he really didn’t do anything.”

“Then why…” Granny Witherwood was completely confused. She was completely sure that the image just then was the Nature Goddess, and she definitely wouldn’t lie. Granny Witherwood once again looked at the Fairy Tree and said excitedly, “Forget it, the reason for this isn’t important. The Fairy Tree being reborn is something my clan has been looking forward to for 10,000 years! Ling Tian, even if you don’t know what happened, since the Nature Goddess said it was you, there’s no doubt about it. Perhaps one of your actions unknowingly nullified the curse, and so you’ve once again rescued our Fairy Clan!”

“You’re indeed our Fairy Clan’s great benefactor. Our Fairy Clan will forever remember what you’ve done for us,” Greenwood said as he smiled at Ling Chen. Every one of his words were filled with immense gratitude.

Ling Chen could only smile helplessly, “I feel very embarrassed to hear you say that. However, does that mean Cai’Er is…”

Greenwood gave the excited Cai’Er a deep look as he sent a voice transmission to Ling Chen, “When you first entered the Fairy Realm, you probably knew that she wasn’t my daughter, but she instead has a special identity. She wasn’t born by any of the Fairies. The year I became the Chief, a small lotus flower grew in the Fairy Fountain. The lotus flower blossomed in a month, and it had rainbow-coloured petals. When the petals completely opened up, we found Cai’Er sleeping within it.”

Ling Chen: “……”

“Because Cai’Er was born within that rainbow-coloured lotus flower, we called her ‘Cai’Er’ [TLN: ‘Cai’ means colour]. After she was born, she possessed immense talent and great affinity with Nature. We thought that she was a Spirit born from the Fairy Fountain’s energy, so we weren’t surprised to see her talent and incredibly pure power. We even viewed her as the hope that the heavens gave to us, and as the Chief, I decided to take her as my daughter.” Speaking to there, Greenwood let out a long breath and his voice slightly trembled, “Only today did I realise that she’s… the new Nature Goddess!”

This was something that everyone had inferred from the woman in green’s words.

Ling Chen fell silent for a while before looking over at Cai’Er and saying to Greenwood in a soft voice, “If Cai’Er really is the new Nature Goddess, will there be any impacts on the Fairy Clan if I bring her away?”

Greenwood shook his head and smiled, “You’re our Fairy Clan’s benefactor, and we won’t mind what you do if you take away. Moreover, this is something decided on by the Nature Goddess herself. We also can’t just ignore what she said right before disappearing. After all, the Nature Goddess has a pure heart, and she would never lie. Perhaps the scene she saw wasn’t just an illusion, but a prediction of the future. If that truly happened…

Greenwood did not say anything else and stared at Ling Chen. The Nature Goddess said that if the calamity happened, the Fairy Clan would only survive if Cai’Er followed Ling Chen… Greenwood didn’t know how to interpret this – he definitely didn’t believe that Ling Chen could dispel this calamity because how could a mere player dispel a calamity that was worse than the Shura’s Devastation and the battle with the Demon Beast Clan?

However, he did not dare to doubt the Nature Goddess’ words.

“Cai’Er, you need to be good and listen to big brother when you follow him, alright?” Granny Witherwood said in a warm tone to Cai’Er.

Cai’Er vigorously nodded and gave a pure smile, “Okay, granny. I’ll definitely be good.”

No one knew if the woman in green’s words would come true in the future. However, Ling Chen needing to take Cai’Er wherever he went became an unchangeable reality.