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Chapter 635: 2 Pieces of Heaven’s End Grade Equipment

2 Pieces of Heaven’s End Grade Equipment

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News of the Fairy Tree being reborn was soon spread to all of the Fairies, causing the entire Fairy Clan to burst into a frenzy, and more than half of them cried tears of joy. The rebirth of the Fairy Tree not only meant that they were no longer at risk of going extinct, but it also meant that their power would become even stronger and even purer and that their lifespans would be longer.

Just as Ling Chen and Cai’Er returned to Ling Tian City, Shadissika hurriedly ran over and grabbed Ling Chen’s hand, refusing to let go. “Ling Chen, where did you go? I couldn’t find you anywhere.”

Ling Chen held Shadissika's hand and smiled before he brought her to the Administrative District and told Yun Meng Xin and the others that he was going to leave. They fell silent for a moment, and although they didn’t want him to go, none of them tried to make him stay. This was because they knew that staying in the Ling Tian City for the past month for him was already quite rare. In order to complete the thing that was ‘more important than his own life’, he had most likely been incredibly impatient for the past month.

“Leave Ling Tian City to us and go do what you need to do. Don’t worry about us here,” Yun Meng Xin calmly said as she looked at him.

“Do your best, big brother Ling Tian! Finish it soon and come back soon!” Xiao Qi was quite reluctant to see him go.

“Big brother Ling Tian…” Su’Er took a small step towards him and a look of hesitation flashed on her snow-white face as she swallowed the words she was about to say. Instead she said, “You’ll definitely succeed.”

“Do you need me to help?” Xuanyuan Dia Wu asked anxiously.

“No need,” Ling Chen shook his head. “Only I can do this.”

“Mm.” Xuanyuan Dia Wu did not persist, and she gently nodded her head. She had heard from Yun Meng Xin and the others that Ling Chen seemed to be looking for something important in the virtual world, but no one knew what it was. Since he didn’t say, she wouldn’t ask.

Ling Chen squatted down and put his hand on Shadissika’s shoulder as he said with a smile, “Sha Sha, I need to leave for a while, so make sure you listen to the big sisters, okay?”

“Eh? Leave? Aren’t you taking me?” Shadissika was quite surprised, but she heard that he was leaving without her, she became quite anxious.

During this period of time, Shadissika had stuck tightly to Ling Chen and almost never left his side. As such, Ling Chen wasn’t surprised that she would react like this. He shook his head and comforted her with a soft voice, “I can’t bring Sha Sha this time. It’s not because I don’t like Sha Sha, but it is because this is very important to me, and only I can do it. If I bring Sha Sha, I might not be able to do it anymore. As such… Sha Sha needs to be good and wait here for me, and when I’m back I’ll take Sha Sha out to play, okay?”

Shadissika raised her face, looking incredibly wronged as she looked at Ling Chen. She then looked down and fell silent for a while as if she was thinking about something. Finally, she reluctantly nodded, “Mm, I’ll listen to Ling Chen. When you’re not here, I’ll play with the big sisters.”

Just as Ling Chen was saying goodbye to everyone and preparing to leave, a stout and short figure hurriedly ran over while yelling out from the distance, “Brother Ling Tian! Wait, brother Ling Tian!”

Ling Chen put down the Spatial Orb that he was just about to crush and turned to see a Dwarf running towards him with sweat all over his face, “Elder Dita, what is it?”

“I finally… caught up… whew…” The Dwarves did not have any fighting power nor did they have the constitution of the Fairies. When Elder Dita arrived before Ling Chen, he was huffing and puffing, and he was only able to speak after resting for a short while. “I heard Greenwood say that you were going to leave and that you might not come back in a while. I thought that you’ll be going to a dangerous place… we were planning to use the Chilling Crystal Chalcedony to create a full set of equipment for you, but it looks like we don’t have the time. Luckily, the armour and weapon were completed during this month, and I’m sure they’ll be of use to you.

As Elder Dita spoke, a crystal armour giving off a chilling aura and a knife with an equally cold aura appeared in his hands. As soon as the 2 pieces of equipment appeared, the temperature in the entire hall fell by a few degrees, and everyone felt a trace of coldness flood through their bodies and souls, and they couldn’t help but shiver.

“What mighty airs!” Ling Chen said subconsciously. For equipment to give off such airs, they were definitely exceptionally powerful!

“Wow! What a pretty armour and knife! Are they made from ice?” Xiao Qi yelled out. No matter if it was the armour or the knife, they both looked as if they were carved from translucent crystals.

For the Dwarves, who have great forging abilities, to spend a whole month on these 2 pieces of equipment with the Chilling Crystal Chalcedony as the raw materials, they definitely were not ordinary equipment. Everyone impatiently looked at their stats:

[Chilling Crystal Battle Armour]: Type: Full Body Armour, Grade: Heaven’s End, Equipment Requirements: Any profession above LV60. A powerful battle armour forged by the Dwarves with Chilling Crystal Chalcedony, giving off a chilling aura. It has powerful water resistances and almost perfect physical defence.

Stats: Defence+1080, HP+900, Strength+50, Constitution+65, Spirit+50, Water Resistance+40%, immunity to Freeze, Silence, and Slow debuffs. When receiving damage, there is a 10% chance to completely negate the damage and a 5% chance to fully reflect the damage.

Additional Skills:

[Chilling Crystal Absolute Defence]: Greatly increases the Chilling Crystal Battle Armour’s Defence for a certain period of time, and it greatly reduces all Physical Damage received. Effects: Chilling Crystal Battle Armour’s Defence + 160%, lasting for 100 seconds. Costs 60 MP, Cooldown time: 10 minutes.

[Chilling Crystal Hell]: Releases the boundless freezing air within the Chilling Crystal Battle Armour to send the surrounding enemies into a cold, icy hell. Effects: All targets within 10 metres have a 60% chance to be [Frozen] for 5 seconds, and they will lose 20,000 HP per second while Frozen. Costs 60 MP, Cooldown time: 10 minutes.

[Chilling Star]: Type: Knife, Grade: Heaven’s End, Equipment Requirements: Any profession above LV60. An ice-type Knife forged by the Dwarves using the Chilling Crystal Chalcedony. It is small and light, and it gives off a bone-piercing cold aura. When fighting with enemies, it can cause enemies to be slowly devoured by the cold, but when holding it, the user will not feel any coldness.

Stats: Physical Attack Power+1000, Strength+50, Constitution+10, Agility+120, Critical Chance+25%, Pierce Chance+5%, Attack Speed+20, has a 5% chance to apply a 3 second [Frozen] status when attacking.

Bonus Stats: Parry Level: 3, when attacking an enemy at close range, the enemy will be affected by the cold aura.

Additional Skills:

[Icy Elegance]: Releases the chilling aura within the Chilling Star, turning all attacks into Ice-type attacks and greatly increasing the chances of attacks applying a [Frozen] status. Can be turned on and off at will.

[Chilling Star Cosmos]: Completely releases the chilling energy within the Chilling Crystal Chalcedony, releasing icy light that flies towards enemies like meteors. The light releases massive damage upon touching enemies, and it instantly releases a thick layer of ice, freezing enemies completely. Effects: Launches a single target attack within 30 metres, dealing 1000% damage after hitting the target and applying a [Frozen] status for 5 seconds. Costs 150 MP, Cooldown time: 300 seconds.

“Wow!!” The girls cried out. These were both Heaven’s End grade equipment!

Even Ling Chen was completely shocked… to all players, 2 pieces of Heaven’s End grade equipment was simply heaven-defying equipment! Even Ling Chen, who already had excellent equipment, only had 2 pieces of Heaven’s End grade equipment so far. One was the Twilight Spear from the Mountain Giant, and the other was the Evil God’s Mask from Xiao Feng Chen. And right now, Dita had actually given him 2 pieces of LV60 Heaven’s End grade equipment!

Just then, Ling Chen had slightly doubted the Dwarves’ talent – why did it take them a whole month to forge 2 pieces of equipment? Now that he that they were both Heaven’s End grade equipment, he couldn’t help but marvel… to be able to create 2 pieces of Heaven’s End grade equipment in merely a month, who else would be able to do it apart from the Dwarves?

Ling Chen equipped the [Chilling Crystal Battle Armour] and took off the [Titan’s Embrace], and he held the [Chilling Star] in his hands. When others approached, they would feel a bone-piercing coldness, but in his hands, he didn’t feel cold at all. This was the first Knife Ling Chen had used in the Mystic Moon world, and it was the weapon he was most proficient with. Back at ‘Hell’, he had been extremely proficient with killing people using knives, and he had taken countless lives using them.

“Thank you, Elder Dita,” Ling Chen said with gratitude. He understood that even for the Dwarves with Chilling Crystal Chalcedony, taking them a month to complete 2 pieces of Heaven’s End grade equipment must have required great amounts of time and effort.

“Compared to what you’ve given us, this is nothing,” Elder Dita said sincerely.

Ling Chen came a bit closer to Elder Dita as he asked in a softer voice, “Then the Underworld God Cannon… how has progress been going?”

Elder Dita’s expression became slightly grim as he said in shame, “Our ancestors’ wisdom makes us blush with shame. Although we have the blueprint, the Underworld God Mysterious Blood Metal, the White Tiger’s Heart, the Vermillion Bird’s Heart, and energy cores that people don’t even dare to dream of, we’re still investigating the profoundness of the Underworld God Cannon… perhaps if we see the real Underworld God Cannon, we’ll be able to greatly deepen our understanding. However, this is evidently impossible… as such, we just need more time. I’m sure that since our ancestors were able to build it, so will we.”

“Mm, do your best,” Ling Chen replied in a low voice. He didn’t say anything like ‘don’t worry’ or ‘take your time’, but he instead said ‘do your best’. This is because he remembered the dangerous look in the Forgotten Emperor’s eyes when he had left.

Moreover, Ling Tian City’s continuous development will definitely enrage the Forgotten City even more. If the Forgotten City truly retaliated, how could a player’s city defend against a Royal City?

The reason Ling Chen had acted so arrogantly in response to the Forgotten Emperor’s threats was because of the blueprint he had given to the Dwarves…

The Underworld God Cannon!

Even Qi Yue had called it a ‘God-killing Cannon’, and it was an ultimate weapon that even the Moon God Clan feared!