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Chapter 640: Underworld Blood Lake (2)

Underworld Blood Lake (2)

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The shock and fear in the Undead Warrior’s eyes turned into a stunned look and then became one of excitement and passion. The intensity of its emotions rivalled those of a human’s, and he looked up at Ling Chen as if he was a god. “Oh heavens, what have I seen? There are still such mighty Undead in the Underworld! Your majesty surpasses even the great Underworld King!”

“Then can you tell me where the Underworld Blood Lake is?” Ling Chen calmly asked. The Feng Chen Curses worked on all humanoids whether they were alive or dead.

“Underworld Blood Lake… it’s about 2 kilometres north from here. I just came from the Underworld Blood Lake, and I was going back to the Underworld Royal City to complete the task that Lord Violet Darkness gave me,” the Undead Warrior said without hesitation.

“So you’re one of the warriors who guard the Underworld Blood Lake?” Ling Chen asked as he looked at his appearance.

“Indeed. This is a glorious yet dull task because no one dares to trespass into the Underworld Blood Lake, nor has anyone ever succeeded. With just the 3 Underworld Gods standing guard, the Underworld Blood Lake is a place where no one can enter. With the 3 Underworld Gods, we’re just decorations.”

“3 Underworld Gods?” Ling Chen frowned. He remembered that the elderly Undead in the small village had said that the Underworld King had 8 Generals, so he asked, “Are they 3 out of the 8 Generals?”

“That’s right! They are the 8 Underworld Gods, whose Underworld power is inferior to only that of Lord Underworld King’s, and they are his most powerful Generals. The 8 Underworld Gods take turns guarding the entrance to the Underworld Blood Lake, and there are always at least 3 standing guard,” the Underworld Warrior said with an expression of worship.

8 Underworld Gods… Undead that were only weaker than the Underworld King. According to what Qi Yue had said before, the Underworld King was the same grade as the 3 Moon Goddesses, who were Saint Destroyer Grade, and he was at the peak of the Saint Destroyer Grade. If those 8 Underworld Gods were only weaker than the Underworld King, they were definitely just as terrifying, and they wouldn’t be lower than Heaven’s End grade… in fact, it was possible that they were Mysterious God grade or higher!

With 3 of the 8 Underworld Gods guarding the entrance to the Underworld Blood Lake, wanting to break through by force was simply a pipe dream!

“Apart from the 3 Underworld Gods, are there any other obstructions in the way of reaching the Underworld Blood Lake?” Ling Chen stealthily unleashed his second [Deity Curse] as he asked.

If it was any other Undead asking these questions, this Undead Warrior would have been filled with suspicion. However, facing a ‘god’, it evidently did not hold itself back as it unhesitatingly answered, “The Underworld Blood Lake is in the innermost region of the Underworld, and after going down from the entrance, one will need to pass through the horrifying Path of Shadows, Path of Darkness, and the even more terrifying Ice Purgatory and Flames Purgatory.”

“Path of Shadows… Path of Darkness… Ice Purgatory… Flames Purgatory…” Ling Chen committed those names to memory and quickly asked, “What’s inside all of this?”

“Err I haven’t been inside before, but I’ve often heard Lord Violet Darkness say that the Path of Shadows is a soul-reaping formation laid down by the Lord Underworld King himself. After entering the Path of Shadows, no matter if it’s living creatures or the Undead, massive amounts of their life force and magic power will be sucked away every second, and passing through the Path of Shadows takes a few hours. Because the soul-reaping formation was laid down by Lord Underworld King himself, even high-level Undead will not be able to pass even 1% before dying. It is completely dark in the Path of Darkness, and there are many vampiric Undead in there. Once one enters, one will be torn into shreds by the vampiric Undead without having even a chance to struggle.

Comparatively speaking, the Ice Purgatory and Flames Purgatory are the truly terrifying places. I’ve heard that the Ice Purgatory is incredibly cold, but the temperature is not the worst thing – there are 3 giant Undead beasts raised by Lord Underworld King, and it's said that they’ve been there for thousands of years. Every one of them are incredibly powerful, and they’ve completely blocked off the exit of the Ice Purgatory. It’s said that only by killing all 3 of the giant Undead monsters will one be able to exit. The Flames Purgatory has flames that we Undead fear, and there’s a being that’s even more terrifying than the 3 Undead monsters in the Ice Purgatory. Back then when Lord Violet Darkness talked about it, even he seemed scared…

“As such, even without the 3 Underworld Gods standing guard there, it’s impossible to reach the Underworld Blood lake. There’s only one way to reach the Underworld Blood Lake, and that is to receive the approval of the Lord Underworld King and be sent there through the spatial tunnel that only he can open. However, those who can gain the Lord Underworld King’s favour and be sent to the Underworld Blood Lake to absorb the ancestors’ power might not even appear once in a thousand years.”

Ling Chen frowned. From what this Undead Warrior had said, reaching the Underworld Blood Lake would be as difficult as scaling the heavens!

However, since he had come here, he had to try to charge through even if it was as difficult as scaling the heavens!

The [Deity Curse] was about to end, so without saying anything Ling Chen immediately used [Vanishing Shadow] and disappeared from before the Undead Warrior. The Undead Warrior, who was no longer under the effects of the [Deity Curse], looked around in front of him, feeling incredibly confused and wondering if he was just hallucinating.

Ling Chen passed 2 kilometres to the north, and a dark, altar-like structure appeared in front of him. There seemed to be a strange, dark red light flickering on the altar, and there were many figures around it.

Ling Chen stopped advancing and frowned as he looked ahead… that should be where the Underworld Blood Lake was!

After descending from the sky, Ling Chen called back Snow Cherry and walked softly as he gradually approached. With 3 powerful Underworld Gods standing guard, it would be incredibly easy to be noticed from the air.

Ling Chen was an expert among experts at concealing his presence. As he stealthily advanced, he gradually came within 100 metres of the altar and stopped. He hid behind a large rock and poked his head out, looking towards the altar.

The altar wasn’t very large, and its perimeter was about 30 to 40 meters long. There were 30 Undead Warriors wearing old and rusty armour standing in a circle around it, looking in different directions with serious expressions. There were also 3 tall men wearing large capes standing around the altar. As soon as Ling Chen’s gaze fell on them, he felt an incredible pressure from them.

With Ling Chen’s current strength, Celestial grade Bosses were no longer able to threaten him, and even normal Heaven’s End Grade Bosses couldn’t make him feel much pressure. Yet, each of these 3 people made Ling Chen’s heart feel heavy, making it difficult for him to breathe. There were very few beings in the Mystic Moon world that could make him feel such a way… the ones he had met in the past were the War Demon Beast, Darkness Demon Beast, Ice Demon Beast, Vermillion Bird…

In other words, all 3 of these men were Mysterious God grade! Any one of them was an existence that Ling Chen couldn’t hope to defeat!

These 3 men were evidently 3 out of the 8 Underworld Gods!

Just the Path of Shadows, Path of Darkness, Ice Purgatory, and Flames Purgatory were enough to make reaching the Underworld Blood Lake as difficult as scaling the heavens, yet the Underworld King had ordered 3 of the 8 Underworld Gods to take turns standing guard. It was evident just how important the Underworld Blood Lake was, and he simply wouldn’t allow anything to happen to it. Although nobody had ever trespassed into the Underworld Blood Lake, these 3 Underworld Gods didn’t seem complacent at all. They stood at equal distances from each other, giving off vicious airs. Although Ling Chen was tens of metres away from them, his entire body felt cold, and his breathing became ragged.

Ling Chen silently summoned Xiao Hui and obtained information from far away.

[Red Darkness]: Type: Undead, Level: ???, Grade: Mysterious God, HP: ???. One of the 8 Underworld Gods, unable to obtain any other information.

[Violet Darkness]: Type: Undead, Level: ???, Grade: Mysterious God, HP: ???. One of the 8 Underworld Gods, unable to obtain any other information.

[Black Darkness]: Type: Undead, Level: ???, Grade: Mysterious God, HP: ???. One of the 8 Underworld Gods, unable to obtain any other information.

The 3 Underworld Gods’ levels were too high, and with Xiao Hui’s Eye of the Holy Spirit, Ling Chen only found out their names and grades. Just like Ling Chen had expected, all 3 of them were Mysterious God grade!

Wanting to charge through 3 Mysterious God grade Underworld Gods was simply a pipe dream. Since he couldn’t force his way through, he had to use some tricks, such as…

Ling Chen suppressed his aura and soundlessly advanced until he was about 50 metres away from the platform. After stabilising his emotions, he turned to the altar and looked at the 3 silent Underworld Gods as his eyes flashed, casting a [Irreconcilable Hatred Curse] towards them.

Back at the East Ocean Continent when Ling Chen was only around LV30, even the low-tier Feng Chen Curses were effective on the Cherry Blossom God Representative. Ling Chen was now much more powerful, and he released an intermediate-tier Feng Chen Curse on the unsuspecting Underworld Gods, so there was no reason for it to fail.

Ling Chen was not disappointed, and a second later, the silent Underworld Gods opened their eyes and turned around, looking at each other with burning gazes.

“Black Darkness, what are you looking at? You dare to look at me? I’ll kill you!”

“You’ll kill me? I’ll kill you! Even 3,000 years ago I wanted to send you to the 18th layer of hell!”

“Red Darkness, you bastard! You dare to wear a red cape? I’ll kill you today!”


The originally-silent Underworld Gods suddenly started to roar at each other, and a cold and berserk gust of wind started to blow as their terrifying killing intent billowed out. The Undead Warriors, who had no idea what was happening, stared in horror, looking at the Underworld Gods who had been incredibly peaceful just a second ago and were now threatening to kill each other.

“Today, either you or I will die!”

Roars of rage sounded out as the eyes of the 3 Underworld Gods became blood-red and rushed towards each other as they emitted murderous airs… they were completely under the influence of the Irreconcilable Hatred Curse, but they had not completely lost their rationality. They were merely incredibly vengeful towards each other, but they wouldn’t forget their duty to protect the Underworld Blood Lake. With their Mysterious God grade power, they would inevitably damage the entrance to the Underworld Blood Lake if they started fighting here. As such, they rose into the air and shot like 3 arrows towards the distance, the air from their ascension knocking the Undead Warriors to the ground. Following this, thunder-like booms sounded out from the distance.

The Undead Warriors on the ground stared into the distance, all of them in a daze. None of them noticed a transparent figure stealthily creeping towards the entrance they were supposed to be guarding.

The 3 Underworld Gods were too powerful, and Ling Chen wasn’t completely confident that even he could pass unnoticed with Vanishing Shadow. However, he was certain he could get past these Undead Warriors. He swaggered onto the altar until he reached the centre, and then he saw a hole that was about 1 metre wide. Without even thinking about it, he jumped in.