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Chapter 642: Path of Darkness

Path of Darkness

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If there was just a large crowd of vampiric Undead, Ling Chen wouldn’t have to be worried. With his powerful attacks, survival skills, and peerless battle sense, what he was least worried about was obstruction from monsters… even max level normal monsters would be no problem for him. Even if he couldn’t beat them, he’d just use a Broken Shadow to get past them. Getting past monsters was much easier than getting past things like the Underworld Soul-Reaping Formation.

This was what Ling Chen thought as he equipped his weapons and entered the Path of Darkness.

The place indeed lived up to its name – the instant Ling Chen entered, the dark region became even darker until it became an almost solid wall of blackness. It was also incredibly silent here, and there wasn’t even a trace of sound… however, this silence only lasted for half a second when countless dangerous auras approached accompanied by the sounds of things rushing at him. At the same time, tens of pieces of information flooded into Ling Chen’s mind from Xiao Hui…

[Demon Bats]: Type: Undead, Level: LV62, HP: 11,000. A type of terrifying bat that loves darkness and deathly aura. They are quite small, but they are as fast as lightning and have a berserk thirst for blood. They target both living creatures and Undead for blood.

Passive Abilities: Incredibly fast and have high Evasion, Darkness Resistance: 80%.

Attack Skills:

[Vampiric Fang]: Uses its sharp and icy fangs to bite its target, dealing damage while also recovering that amount of damage.

[Demon Soundwave]: Unleashes a terrifying soundwave, dealing damage to all targets within 5 metres. Deals a small amount of damage but has a 15% chance of causing a 3 second stun.

Weaknesses: Light Resistance: -100%, Fire Resistance: -50%, has a weak life force, and when hit by an Arrow-type attack, the chance of dealing a Critical Hit is doubled.

[Undead Slicer]: Type: Undead, Level: LV65, HP: 21,050. Uses a gigantic darkness scythe and hovers around in dark regions. Its hobby is to cut a complete body into countless fragments.

Passive Abilities: Negates 60% of Physical Attack Damage, Darkness Resistance: 80%.

Attack Skills:

[Soul-Crushing Crucifix]: Uses the darkness scythe to instantly attack a target vertically and horizontally, dealing a massive amount of damage, and it has a 15% to deal a Critical Hit.

Weaknesses: Light Resistance: -100%, Fire Resistance: -50%, Attack Speed is fairly slow.

[Soul-Devouring Imp]: ……

[Headless Horseman]: ……

30 or so types of Undead’s information appeared in Ling Chen’s mind, and he had almost no time to process this information because those dangerous auras were now just inches away from him. He swung the Twilight Spear and Chilling Star, quickly sending out 2 [Boundless Desolation].

Bang bang bang bang bang…

2 massive arcs of energy swept out from Ling Chen, and from the number of impacts that there were, it was almost impossible for Ling Chen to tell how many targets those 2 attacks had hit. However, what he could confirm was that after Ling Tian Burst was upgraded into Boundless Desolation, he had never hit so many targets with it before.

When launching the 2 Boundless Desolations towards opposite directions, the 2 arcs completely cleared out the space to Ling Chen’s left and right. However, it didn’t include above him. After attacking with the Boundless Desolations, cold auras slammed into his body before Ling Chen could attack again, bringing about piercing pain.

-1980, -2042, -1999, -1874, -2002…

10 or so damage figures rose above Ling Chen’s head, causing his HP to instantly fall by around half. At the same time, Cai’Er cried out beside him. Within the darkness, the large red figures were incredibly eye-catching. Because Xiao Hui did not draw any aggro from monsters, he was not attacked. Ling Chen did not hesitate and waved his right hand, activating [Moon Shadow]. The instant the silver light shone out, everything around him was fixed in place.

With the light from Moon Shadow, Ling Chen was able to see everything around him. In the next second, all of the hairs on his body stood on end.

In front of him were countless Undead monsters that looked like they were being blown away by his Boundless Desolations, while 10 metres away the sheer number of dark figures looked like there was a massive wave coming towards him. They were shaped in all sorts of ways, and they all had savage expressions, giving off bloodthirsty auras. They were pressed incredibly close to each other without even a gap between them. At a glance, he simply couldn’t see where this sea of monsters ended. In the air, there was a massive, dark blanket of Demon Bats – they were simply innumerable. Just right above Ling Chen’s head, there were tens of Demon Bats poised to dive at him, their mouths wide open.

Cai’Er cried out in fear and hid behind Ling Chen with a ‘whoosh’, her small face completely pale. Cold sweat broke out on Ling Chen’s forehead. He was completely certain that a normal player would have wet their pants from such a sight.

He knew that there would be many vampiric Undead here… but this was too goddamn much!! Ling Chen had never seen so many monsters gathered so closely together in his life.

Moon Shadow’s effects were about to end, and the instant it ended, the Demon Bats above him were enough to end his life. His attacks could clear out everything to his sides, but then he would be vulnerable from above. If he defended those coming from above, then he would be overwhelmed from the sides. This was so even for the War God profession’s ultimate skill, [Eight Direction Annihilation].

“Xi Ling!!”

Just as Moon Shadow was about to vanish, Ling Chen summoned Xi Ling. This was because Xi Ling was too susceptible to dying, so Ling Chen didn’t want to summon her in an environment that he knew nothing about. If he had summoned Xi Ling in the Path of Shadows before, the HP the formation absorbed every second would be enough to insta-kill Xi Ling. Even if Cai’Er’s healing abilities were 100 times more powerful, it would be useless. However, facing these incredibly densely-packed monsters, Xi Ling would be perfect for dealing with them.

A red light flashed, and the instant Xi Ling appeared, Moon Shadow’s effects ended. Waves of crimson flames descended as a bird’s cry sounded out. No matter if it was the vampiric Undead on the ground or the Demon Bats in the air, all of them were enveloped by the Heaven-Burning Flames.

-482,400, -482,400, -482,400…

Xi Ling’s flames were already monstrous enough, and adding on the fact that they were the weakness of the Undead, the flames dealt 6 figure damage figures to the Undead monsters. They were enough to kill the LV60 monsters 10 times over. All monsters within 50 metres were instantly cleared out, and countless Underworld Coins fell from the Demon Bats, noisily falling onto the ground. Xiao Hui rushed up and busily collected them.

“Wow! Xi Ling’s so strong!” Cai’Er poked her head out from behind Ling Chen and looked at Xi Ling in the air before she cried out, “Ahhh!! They’re coming again!!”

The area that Xi Ling’s Heaven-Burning Flames covered became a vacuum. However, another dark mass of vampiric Undead charged over in just the blink of an eye. This was especially for the Demon bats – they were truly as fast as lightning and travelled 50 metres in just the blink of an eye, biting towards Ling Chen and Xi Ling.

If Xi Ling’s Heaven-Burning Flames could be continuously released, there would be no danger to them at all even if there were twice as many monsters. However, Xi Ling’s Heaven-Burning Flames had a 5 second cooldown time. The other AOE skills also had relatively long cooldown times: Vermillion Judgment had a cooldown time of 30 seconds, while Burning Fire Array had a cooldown time of 2 hours. Normal flames could only cover an area of 10 metres… this sort of AOE wasn’t small at all, but considering how many monsters there were and how quickly they rushed up, it simply wasn’t enough.

Xi Ling spread her wings and unleashed a [Vermillion Judgment], causing countless fireballs to rain down like a storm, turning the surrounding region into a sea of flames. All Undead that went into the sea of flames were instantly incinerated.

It seemed like there was no end to these vampiric Undead. However, Ling Chen’s goal wasn’t to kill them, but to pass through the Path of Darkness. He simply couldn’t afford to keep fighting with them here. He frowned and made a decision as he yelled, “Xi Ling, let’s go!”

As he spoke, Snow Cherry turned into a white blur and shot forwards, passing through the area that Vermillion Judgment covered. Countless Undead monsters sprang towards him, and without looking, Ling Chen raised his hand and a New Moon rose, followed by [Moon Sacrifice].

The light of destruction fell, completely annihilating the innumerable Undead within 300 metres of Ling Chen. However, before Ling Chen could break out, countless vampiric Undead once again swarmed at him with numbers no fewer than before.

Ling Chen and Xi Ling alternated in using their AOE skills – this was the only thing they could do against such overwhelming numbers. Every second countless vampiric Undead would fall, but they would immediately be replaced by more Undead monsters, making it so that the pressure on Ling Chen and Xi Ling did not decrease but instead increase. At first, Ling Chen could continue charging, but he began to slow down more and more, and in the end, it became difficult to even move forwards. A single vampiric Undead was nothing to him, 10 were negligible, and even with hundreds of thousands they still wouldn’t be able to make him feel much pressure… but there were simply too many of them, and they simply did not stop coming.

It was just like how a single drop of water would quickly evaporate, but an entire basin of water could make the ground wet… while massive waves could destroy mountains. Ling Chen was currently being assaulted on all sides by gigantic waves, and he could barely advance. However, if he or Xi Ling made a single mistake in their attacks, they would be done for.

“Ding… your pet ‘Cai’Er’ has levelled up to LV46, HP+1000, MP+1000, Physical Attack Power+10, Magic Attack Power+200.”

There were simply too many vampiric Undead, and they were killing them so quickly that Cai’Er had levelled up in just a few minutes. Ling Chen was now furious. He raised his head and lowered his weapons as a layer of purple lightning appeared around his body.