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Chapter 645: Lachesis“ Tear?

Lachesis' Tear?

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From the experience he had in fighting Heaven’s End grade Bosses from the past, Ling Chen thought that it would have been an incredibly cruel and bitter battle. He never expected that he would slice this scary-looking Demon Skeleton Dragon up like lettuce.

The War God’s profession was completely focused on damage, and all of its skills dealt massive amounts of damage. Moreover, the Lunar Scourge was an undeniably heaven-defying item – it allowed him to ignore all Defence, gave him absolute HIT and absolute Critical Hits, and after his second profession upgrade, Ling Chen’s stats were far superior to that of normal player’s. Moreover, his damage had long surpassed the limit for players, and in his most powerful state, his damage could be said to be on the level of Mysterious God grade existences… or even higher. Furthermore, his second profession and the Lunar Scourge’s various skills allowed him to easily survive even in the most desperate situations.

As such, Ling Chen hadn’t realised just how terrifying his attacks were before today.

When Cai’Er saw the Demon Skeleton Dragon fall, her eyes glittered in excitement as she waved her hands around, but she did not dare to stop singing, keeping the Eighth Fiend and Ice Soul Undead Wolf in their sleeping states.

Xiao Hui happily ran over and collected all of the spoils of war dropped by the Demon Skeleton Dragon. He then ran around the corpse a few times before opening his mouth and releasing a faint grey light, and then he started to devour the Demon Skeleton Dragon’s corpse.

The Demon Skeleton Dragon had dropped 7 pieces of equipment: 1 Silver grade, 4 Gold grade, 1 Celestial grade Helmet… and a ring that flowed with the colours of the rainbow. When Ling Chen looked at the ring’s grade, his pupils dilated and his body almost started to tremble.

This was because the ring’s grade wasn’t Celestial… nor was it Heaven’s End… but…

Mysterious God!!

Although he had killed a Heaven’s End grade Boss, that did not necessarily mean that Ling Chen would receive Heaven’s End grade equipment. Based on his experience with virtual games, there was only a 20% chance of a Heaven’s End grade Boss dropping a piece of Heaven’s End grade equipment even after countless players had spent incredible amounts of resources killing it. However, Ling Chen was different. With Ling Chen’s Luck and the fact that he had singlehandedly killed a Boss that was much higher level than him, the chances of Heaven’s End grade equipment dropping was almost 100%! Even receiving Heaven’s End grade jewellery wouldn’t be so strange.

However, after killing a Heaven’s End grade Boss, a Mysterious God grade equipment had dropped…

This was never heard of and should be completely impossible!

Apart from ‘Saint Destroyer’, the words ‘Mysterious God’ essentially represented the apex of power, and the number of Mysterious God grade equipment in the Forgotten Continent could be counted on a single hand. Anyone who obtained a piece of Mysterious God grade equipment would be able to sweep across the land unhindered. In the history of virtual games, there had never been more than 2 pieces of Mysterious God grade equipment in a single Region in the late stages of virtual games – this was true for the entire world. It was evident how rare they were.

And yet, after easily killing a Heaven’s End grade Boss, Ling Chen had obtained a Mysterious God grade equipment. This made him delirious with joy.

He had 9 Mysterious God grade Orbs of the Lunar Scourge, so he knew just how powerful the words ‘Mysterious God’ were. Moreover, the Mysterious God grade Orbs were attached to the Lunar Scourge, while most other Mysterious God grade equipment were separate equipment. Although they were the same grade, the concept was completely different. As such, obtaining this Mysterious God grade equipment greatly increased his strength.

Ling Chen was so excited that he only casually glanced at the Silver and Gold grade equipment before putting them away and looking at the remaining 2 pieces of equipment in detail.

[Demon Dragon Darkness Crown]: Type: Headpiece, Grade: Celestial, Equipment Requirements: Any profession above LV65. Cannot be traded and will disappear after being thrown away. A battle helmet made from the Evil Dragon’s skull. It contains remnants of the Demon Dragon’s power and consciousness, and it gives off a might and murderous air that causes people to tremble.

Stats: Defence+390, +30 to each of the 4 Basic Attributes, Critical Chance+12%, Darkness Resistance+10%.

Bonus Skills:

[Demon Dragon Roar]: When suffering damage to the head, there is a 15% chance of activating the Demon Dragon’s remnant soul’s anger, eliciting a furious roar that completely reflects the damage.

This battle helmet was a dark grey colour, and its exterior looked like a dragon’s skull. Although it was a skull, it looked completely terrifying. The mouth was wide open, and the rows of dragon teeth glinted like sharp knives. A black light flowed in the 2 eye sockets as if it was looking around, making murderous air coming from it almost felt corporeal. As a LV65 Celestial grade equipment, its stats were naturally not weak. Although its appearance was quite horrifying, Ling Chen equipped it without hesitation, and his stats rocketed up.

Following this, Ling Chen took in a deep breath as he looked at the Mysterious God grade ring’s stats in expectation:

[Lachesis’ Tear]: Type: Ring, Grade: Mysterious God, Equipment Requirements: Unknown. A ring with unknown origins that was somehow devoured by the Overlord War Dragon and brought to the Forgotten Continent.

Stats: HP+50%, negates all damage and negative effects from [Lachesis]

The ring was in the shape of a beautiful tear, was completely transparent, and had a rainbow light around it. It looked like it had been crafted from a flawless diamond. From its appearance, it seemed like a ring suitable for females. However, its stats caused Ling Chen to feel quite surprised.

Increasing one’s HP by 50% was quite a powerful stat, but it also negated ‘all damage and negative effects from [Lachesis]. This stat was quite strange, and Ling Chen couldn’t see the use of it.

An increase of HP by 50% was quite powerful on other equipment, but as the only stat on a Mysterious God grade equipment, it didn’t seem like much… the Virgo Orb, which was also Mysterious God grade, gave 150% HP and 150% MP! It was much better than just +50%.

This sort of stat shouldn’t qualify as Mysterious God grade, which meant that its most important stat wasn’t the HP buff, but the fact that it negated all damage and negative effects from [Lachesis]. However, this stat… felt unintelligible to Ling Chen.

What was Lachesis? A person? A weapon? Some sort of attacking item? Ling Chen had never heard of this name before. Moreover, if negating all damage from Lachesis qualified this ring to be Mysterious God grade, Lachesis was definitely something extraordinary. However… from this ring’s short description, the only thing he could tell was that it was from a western continent, while Lachesis was evidently a western name. Perhaps Lachesis existed on a western continent, which meant that it wouldn’t have much to do with the Forgotten Continent, an eastern continent.

In other words, this stat was not very useful to Ling Chen. To be blunt… the main stat was a completely trash stat to him. Although it was a Mysterious God grade ring, it only gave a bonus of 50% HP.

Ling Chen felt quite displeased and cheated, but a bonus 50% HP was something that would at least appear on Celestial grade equipment. It was better than any of the rings Ling Chen currently had, so although he wasn’t quite satisfied with it, he still equipped it on his left hand. After opening his stats page, he found that his HP had rocketed to 50,400.

After killing the Demon Skeleton Dragon, he had also received large amounts of SP. Ling Chen did not hoard them, and he instead spent them on upgrading the [Heaven Wind Technique] and [Item Manipulation Technique]. After all, he was about to hit LV60, and when that happened, Xiao Hui’s [Holy Spirit’s Gift] would bring them both to max level.

[Heaven Wind Technique]: Current Level: LV9, Highest Level: LV10. SP to Upgrade to LV10: 15,000. An ancient battle technique that can greatly increase the ability to control any weapon after practice. Effect: When using any weapon, damage dealt is increased by 45%. Effect does not stack with other weapon proficiency skills.

[Item Manipulation Technique]: Current Level: LV9, Highest Level: LV10. SP to Upgrade to LV10: 15,000. An ancient battle technique that allows you to equip equipment that surpasses your current level after practice. Effect: Ignores any piece of equipment’s level requirement by 9 levels.

Apart from these pieces of equipment, the Demon Skeleton Dragon had also dropped 6000 Underworld Coins, 30 or so pieces of Dark Dragon Bones, and a profession change scroll for the special Summoner profession [Dark Dragonrider].

Cai’Er continued to sing. She loved singing, and even if she had to sing for a long time, she wouldn’t feel tired or bored. So, she continued to sing elegantly and gracefully. Xiao Hui had finished devouring the Demon Skeleton Dragon, leaving nothing behind from the gigantic skeleton. Before, Xiao Hui would never devour Undead beings, especially those low-level Zombies – he wouldn’t even look at them. However, he simply couldn’t control himself when faced with a Heaven’s End grade Undead Skeleton Dragon.

“Ding… your pet ‘Xiao Hui’ has successfully consumed the [Demon Skeleton Dragon], HP+1300, Defence+90.”

After devouring the Demon Skeleton Dragon, Xiao Hui burped before swaying and spitting out a dark-coloured pearl.

[Dragon Soul Pearl]: A pearl that contains the Overworld War Dragon’s soul and life, which is found in the core of the dragon’s head. It contains powerful War Dragon energy. Even if the War Dragon dies, the energy within it will not naturally dissipate.

The dark pearl was quite heavy and felt icy cold. Ling Chen could not see any uses for it. As such, he threw it into his bag… the Dwarves would probably be quite interested in it.

After dealing with the Demon Skeleton Dragon, Ling Chen’s gaze locked onto the loudly sleeping Eighth Fiend’s spiky back. The Eighth Fiend was higher level than the Demon Skeleton Dragon, had nearly 30 million more HP than it, and had higher Attack Power. However, in Ling Chen’s eyes, it was much less of a threat than the Demon Skeleton Dragon. The reason was quite simple – the Eighth Fiend had only Physical Attacks and did not have any long-range attacks or attacks with large AOEs that Ling Chen could not avoid. From the attack it had launched before, its agility didn’t seem too great either. With his abilities, this sort of enemy was the type that he could defeat most easily… based on his estimations, for the Eighth Fiend to hit him within 10 seconds… was essentially impossible!!