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Chapter 647: Massive Benefits

Massive Benefits

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After killing 3 high-levelled Heaven’s End grade Bosses, Ling Chen’s level jumped from LV57 to LV60. Xiao Hui’s Holy Spirit’s Gift levelled up to LV4, and all of Ling Chen’s skills that weren’t max level had also levelled up.

[Eye of the Holy Spirit]: Current Level: LV5, max level. Uses the Holy Spirit’s energy to create a pair of eyes that can see through all hidden things. The higher the level, the more information that can be seen and the greater the range. Effects: Can view detailed information and weaknesses about any target. The information can be transferred to the master. Has a range of 200 metres, and it can discover any hidden areas, items, or creatures.

[Holy Spirit’s Aura]: Current Level: LV13, Highest Level: LV20, Level required to upgrade to LV14: LV65. Using its Holy Spirit Aura, which is devoid of evil and impurity, to seek the protection of mother nature, it upgrades the innate gifts of itself and all companions. Effect: Luck+13 and Comprehension+13 of itself along with the master and all pet companions. Effect exists even while not summoned.

[Holy Spirit’s Pearl]: Current Level: LV2, Highest Level: LV3, Level required to upgrade to LV3: LV70. The Holy Spirit Beast uses its unique Holy Spirit power to create a special pearl, containing boundless auspiciousness and Nature’s blessings. Can create 1 pearl every level this skill is raised. When the Holy Spirit’s Pearl is used on a skill, it can increase the maximum level of the skill by 20% (subject to rounding), and it can instantly raise the skill to the new maximum level.

[Holy Spirit’s Shield]: Current Level: LV4, Highest Level: LV5, Level required to upgrade to LV4: LV80. An invisible shield that is always protecting the surroundings of the Holy Spirit Beast’s body, forcibly decreasing all damage received by 60%. When HP is higher than 40%, the user will not die after receiving a lethal blow, and HP will be reserved at 1. HP recovers 10% every second, and after death the user can directly revive on the spot. When revived, HP will recover to max, there will be no losses, and can revive 3 times a day.

[Holy Spirit’s Gift]: Current Level: LV4, Highest Level: LV5, Level required to upgrade to LV5: LV80. Using Holy Spirit Force to bless the master increases the level of all of his/her skills. Effect: Level of all skills of master+4 (Ineffective towards skills that are already max level, directly takes effect towards new skills that appear later). Effect exists even while not summoned.

Not only did the range increase after Xiao Hui’s [Eye of the Holy Spirit] had been raised to max level, but there were also no longer any restrictions on the target. This meant that they would be able to receive full information on targets of any level or grade! Levelling up [Holy Spirit’s Shield] meant that Xiao Hui’s survivability once again increased, and levelling up [Holy Spirit’s Pearl] and [Holy Spirit’s Gift] brought Ling Chen massive benefits. The [War God’s Technique] had been levelled up to LV11, [Broken Shadow] and [Vanishing Shadow] had been levelled up to LV9, and the skills that Ling Chen had for the longest time, [Heaven Wind Technique] and [Item Manipulation Technique], had been levelled up to max level. The super stealing skill from the Lucky Cat, [True Lucky Hand], had also been raised to max level.

[Heaven Wind Technique]: Current Level: LV10, max level. An ancient battle technique that can greatly increase the ability to control any weapon after practice. Effect: When using any weapon, damage dealt is increased by 50%. Effect does not stack with other weapon proficiency skills.

The max level [Heaven Wind Technique] gave him an extra 50% damage stat when using any type of weapon. No matter if it was the fact that it applied to any weapon or how powerful the effects were, it was far superior to ordinary weapon proficiency skills. This ancient battle technique from the god beast Tao Tie had become one of the most important skills to Ling Chen in combat. Ling Chen then looked down towards the [Item Manipulation Technique], which was also from Tao Tie. Based on past experience, the max level [Item Manipulation Technique] should allow Ling Chen to ignore 10 levels for equipment requirements. Now that Ling Chen was LV60, it was expected that he could equip the LV70 [Slasher] and [Stone of Resentment]. However, after Ling Chen read the LV10 [Item Manipulation Technique]’s description, his eyes widened.

[Item Manipulation Technique]: Current Level: LV10, max level. An ancient battle technique that allows you to equip equipment that surpasses your current level after practice. Effect: Ignores all level restrictions on all equipment.

Every time the [Item Manipulation Technique] was levelled up from LV1 to LV9, it allowed Ling Chen to ignore another level for equipment restrictions. However, the max level [Item Manipulation Technique] didn’t merely allow him to ignore 10 levels… but allowed him to ignore all level restrictions!!

This meant that the max level [Item Manipulation Technique] not only allowed Ling Chen to equip LV70 equipment but also LV80 or even LV100 equipment! Moreover, even if his level dropped to LV0, he would still be able to equip LV100 equipment with the [Item Manipulation Technique]!

Ling Chen sighed in amazement – this effect was simply too heaven-defying!

He happily equipped the [Slasher] Gauntlets and hung the [Stone of Resentment] around his neck before looking at the max level [True Lucky Hand] in anticipation.

[True Lucky Hand]: Current Level: LV5, max level. The evolved version of [Lucky Hand], a godly skill that comes from the treasure creature Lucky Cat. Anyone who obtains this skill will receive world-dominating theft skills that will cause people to shudder at the sound of their name. Upon use, the user can use an unseen hand to steal any item from the target. Legends say that a pinnacle True Lucky Hand can instantly steal everything a target has. However, it is said that training to the pinnacle is as difficult as reaching the heavens, and even the Lucky Cat has not been able to unleash such power. Within range, the user can steal up to 5 items of their choice from the target. The success rate is affected by the target’s level, grade, and luck. Base success rate for stealing is (Luck x 5)%. Success rate is increased by 50% for an item that is known. The ability to steal without being detected is also affected by the target’s level, grade, and luck. Base success rate for not being detected is (Luck x 5)%. Consumes 10 MP, cooldown time: 5 seconds. [Note: This skill was from the treasure spirit beast ‘Lucky Cat’, and LV5 is only the level of skill that the ‘Lucky Cat’ reached. It is not necessarily the maximum level of True Lucky Hand. The Lucky Cat’s True Lucky Hand has been at LV5 since 6000 years ago, and it has not been able to level it up ever since. It is possible that LV5 is the True Lucky Hand’s final level, so the ‘extreme power’ of the legends might not actually exist.]

The ‘max level’ True Lucky Hand had quite a strange description. After looking through it a few times, Ling Chen then looked at [Broken Shadow], [Vanishing Shadow], and Xi Ling’s 2 upgraded skills, memorizing their new stats. By now, Xiao Hui had collected everything from the Ice Soul Undead Wolf and had created a new Holy Spirit’s Pearl, which had all been moved to Ling Chen’s bag.

The Holy Spirit’s pearl was a ridiculously overpowered item that could increase the maximum level of a skill. Ling Chen had used the first Holy Spirit’s Pearl on [Soul Demise], turning it into Ling Chen’s most monstrous skill. When used on Bosses, it became an absolutely game-breaking skill. What should he use this second Holy Spirit’s Pearl on?

Ling Chen looked through his skills, and after thinking for a while, he decided not to immediately use it. Instead, he put it away and started to go through the spoils of war he had received from the Ice Soul Undead Wolf. The Demon Skeleton Dragon had dropped a Mysterious God grade Ring, and the Eighth Fiend had dropped a Heaven’s End grade necklace. The Ice Soul Undead Wolf’s spoils of war wouldn’t be too shabby either.

Ling Chen found that he had obtained 4000 Underworld Coins, 19 Ice element Wolf Fangs, 2 single-use skill scrolls for the Ice Soul Undead Wolf’s ultimate skill [Extreme Blue Radiance], and 7 pieces of equipment: 1 Silver grade, 4 Gold grade, and 2 Celestial grade. One of the Celestial grade equipment was a pair of boots, and the other was a rare cloak. However, what made Ling Chen feel quite depressed was that there was no equipment above Celestial grade!

[Ice Soul Cloud Boots]: Type: Boots, Grade: Celestial, Equipment Requirements: Any profession above LV70. A beautiful pair of boots made from unknown materials. They are as clear as diamonds, and they contain a noble and cold, faint blue light. They look like they’ve been instilled with a mysterious energy, and they are unexpectedly light.

Stats: Defence+260, Constitution+35, Agility+70, Movement Speed+25, Water Resistance+8%, provides immunity to slipping while walking on ice and snow.

Bonus Skill: [Blue Blessing]: Releases a watery blue light that covers one’s body, causing the user’s Water Resistance to increase by 40% for 30 seconds and provides immunity to [Frozen] status during that time. Costs 40 MP, cooldown time: 100 seconds.

[Ice Soul Crystal Cloak]: Type: Cloak, Grade: Celestial, Equipment Requirements: Any profession above LV70. A crystalline yet soft and light cloak. When blowing in the breeze, it gives off a starlike light, containing an unbelievable lightness.

Stats: Defence+160, HP+600, Agility+230, Movement Speed+20, Water Resistance+5%, provides immunity to Movement Speed and Magic Attack Power debuffs.

Bonus Skill: [Ice Crystal Snow Dance]: Causes the cloak to flutter, letting out large amounts of snow and ice to restrict enemies, causing all targets within 10 metres to lose 30% HIT and Evasion for 20 seconds. Costs 30 MP, cooldown time: 100 seconds.

Compared to the Demon Skeleton Dragon and the Eighth Fiend, this Ice Soul Undead Wolf was much stingier. Luckily, both of these Celestial grade equipment were useful to Ling Chen, and he equipped both of them immediately. With 4 pieces of Ice type equipment on his body, he gave off a cold, piercing glow.

Facing 3 high-level Heaven’s End grade Bosses had seemed like an incredibly intense and dangerous ordeal to Ling Chen at first, but he had completely underestimated how powerful he was. None of the 3 Heaven’s End grade Bosses were able to threaten him at all, and instead they had given him large amounts of EXP, SP, and equipment. What’s more, they had all dropped high-grade equipment that were useful to him, allowing him to change almost all of his equipment. Now, apart from the [Fairy’s Blessing] Earrings, the lowest grade equipment on him was Celestial grade. He had 5 Heaven’s End grade equipment as well as a Mysterious God grade Ring, which had fairly lacklustre stats.

Ling Chen took a close look through all of the equipment on him before focusing his attention on the [Lachesis’ Tear], trying to see if there were any hidden special effects. After looking at its description, Ling Chen’s eyes fell on its Equipment Requirements, and a look of confusion flashed in his eyes.

Equipment Requirements: Unknown.

And yet, he was able to wear it on his hand and have the stats apply to him.

Could it be that ‘unknown’ meant that there were no equipment requirements? Or was there some other meaning…

After feeling confused for a while, Ling Chen stopped thinking about it. After looking at his SP, which was now more than 100,000, he casually raised [Broken Shadow] and [Vanishing Shadow] to their max level. With the Heaven’s Jealousy debuff, Ling Chen required twice as much SP to level up his skills, and because of how powerful his skills were, they already required an insane amount of SP to level up. As such, even with Xiao Hui’s Holy Spirit’s Gift, he needed SP more than anyone else. SP was mainly obtained from killing Bosses, and now that Ling Chen could easily kill Celestial and Heaven’s End grade Bosses, he was no longer in short supply of SP. Adding on Xiao Hui’s LV4 Holy Spirit Gift, Ling Chen no longer had to worry about levelling up his skills. From now on, he probably wouldn’t even be able to finish spending all of his SP.

[Broken Shadow]: Current level: LV10, max level. One of the Feng Chen Sect’s ultimate escaping techniques. After activating, the user’s body becomes like an illusory shadow, and the user will be almost impossible to stop or capture. Effects: Movement Speed+900%, Evasion+900%, effects last for 30 seconds. Can be used seven times per day.

[Vanishing Shadow]: Current Level: LV10, max level. One of the most advanced concealment techniques of the Feng Chen Sect. After casting, the user’s body disappears without even a trace, and even the Ghost God wouldn’t be able to discover him or her. Effects: Conceals the user’s body. While concealed, the user cannot attack or counterattack. The concealment is cancelled upon receiving damage. Costs 5 MP per second and can be maintained for an unlimited amount of time. After cancelling the concealment, this skill cannot be used within 30 seconds.

The max level Broken Shadow not only lasted for 30 seconds each time, but it could also be used 7 times per day! That meant Ling Chen would be able to activate Broken Shadow for a total of 210 seconds every day. What’s more, the max level Vanishing Shadow didn’t have any time limits, and once it was activated, it would not deactivate unless he was hit or he cancelled the skill. It was a perfect stealth skill! The only downside to it was that once he cancelled the skill, he would not be able to use it again within 30 seconds.