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Chapter 654: Staking It All: Sky-Toppling Dance

Staking It All: Sky-Toppling Dance

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Modlawls123

A rare ripple appeared in the Undead War God’s gaze, and he slightly nodded while calmly saying, “Not bad, that’s the aura a War God should have. However, what use is aura without power? How can you kill me with such power?”

“How do you know that I can’t?!”

Ling Chen roared and grabbed the Chilling Star from the ground. He supported himself with his hand as he leapt onto Snow Cherry’s back again, and he equipped the Great Ravager to his left hand.

Snow Cherry seemed to know what Ling Chen wanted to do, and she raised her head. The gentle look in her eyes disappeared, and it was replaced by a profound and sharp gaze as she gathered the power of the divine fox clan. Her 6 tails parted and burned with 6 white flames.

“Snow Cherry, release all of your power. Even if this person is a True God, we’re going to kill a god today!!”

“Sky! Toppling! Dance!”

As Ling Chen roared, Snow Cherry raised her head softly cried out. Suddenly, a white light seemed to fill the space, drowning out everything. Even the War God had to close his eyes from the immensely intense white light. Within the light, Snow Cherry’s body slowly floated up, and her 6 tails released 6 rays of light, which flew towards different areas around the War God. They then stopped moving and formed snow-white orbs of light, which rapidly grew.


The boundless white light disappeared like fog, and around the War God there were no longer just one Ling Chen and Snow Cherry but 7!

In front, behind, to his sides, and above… there were 7 Ling Chens in total. They had the same equipment, held the same weapons, and had the same expressions and gazes… even their auras were the same, and the snow-white foxes they were riding on were also exactly the same.

The appearance of 7 Ling Chens didn’t cause any changes in the War God’s expression. With his thousands of years of experience, he had seen countless illusion and cloning skills. However, when he swept his senses across all 7 of the Ling Chens, a trace of dismay appeared within his eyes… if it was an illusion technique, then 6 of them should be fake. Although illusions could trick his eyes, ears, and mind, with his power, it wouldn’t be difficult to find the real one. If it was a cloning skill, his power should have been distributed across the clones, making them all significantly weaker. However, the War God’s senses told him that all 7 were the real one! All of their auras were not at all weaker than the real Ling Chen’s!

This wasn’t an illusion skill nor a cloning skill… within the white light, 6 perfect copies of Ling Chen had appeared!

Despite this, the War God was only surprised for an instant, and he said in his calm voice, “What’s the difference between 1 of you and 7 of you?”

To the War God, let alone 7 Ling Chens, even 100 of them would not make a difference. After all, it would take him a single attack to kill them all. Ling Chen’s attacks in his most powerful state dealt incredible damage and were not much weaker than the War God’s. However, his battle sense and experience were extremely lacking compared to the War God. The most crucial thing was that his lifeforce was too weak, and even the shockwaves from one of the War God’s attacks were enough to kill him tens or hundreds of times.

At this moment, Ling Chen calmed down, and the air of viciousness about him greatly died down. Right now, in his eyes, the Undead War God was no longer the Forgotten Continent’s legend nor was he the person who had given him the War God’s power. There was no longer any hesitation or reluctance in his gaze, only peace and determination. “War God, you should have disappeared from this world a thousand years ago, and no one knew that you actually became an Undead and resided here with your memories. With your pride as a War God, you would never have submitted to anyone even if that person was the Underworld King, someone more powerful than you. As such, you chose to remain in his peaceful place. Perhaps every moment of these thousand years was unbearable for you, so since it’s like this…” Ling Chen raised the Chilling Star in his right hand and Great Ravager in his left hand, the other 6 ‘Ling Chens’ also doing the same exact action. The 7 voices mixed together into one, “I’ll end this for you.”

Undead War God: “……”

“Soul Sacrifice, War God’s Fury, Broken Shadow!”

7 voices roared out as the 7 Ling Chens’ bodies simultaneously glowed with the light from Soul Sacrifice and War God’s Fury. They moved at the same time, and they looked like 7 bolts of lightning flying towards the War God from different directions. On their left hands, the War God’s power gathered crazily…

“Extinguishing the Heavens and Destroying The Earth Tempest!!””

7 maximum-damage [Extinguishing the Heavens and Destroying The Earth Tempest] were unleashed, and the combined energy twisted the space where they met. The War God’s clothes and hair was blown back by the wild gale caused by the skill, but even the 7 ultimate skills merging together was still unable to move him. The War God raised his jet-black sword, and even mightier War God power spiralled around his sword. In the next instant, he was about to unleash an [Extreme Eight Direction Annihilation] that would be able to destroy all of the ‘Ling Chens’.

However, just as he started to activate [Extreme Eight Direction Annihilation], the War God’s body suddenly froze. His extremely calm eyes widened, and his breathing and heartbeat simultaneously stopped.

The light in the space suddenly dimmed as if the light had been devoured by darkness, and the War God could not see anything anymore.

Pressure… an incredibly terrifying power to the point that the War God didn’t know how to describe it was covering every inch of the space. It covered his body, devouring all of the War God power that he had gathered. Under this sort of pressure, the War God felt as if his body was being grinded down and sliced into pieces. He had gone through countless life and death experiences and had received countless wounds, but nothing had ever made him feel fearful or terrified. And yet, he now felt fear. He could even feel that the surrounding space seemingly tremble as if it would crumble at any moment.

What… was this power?!

How could such monstrous power exist in this world?

The War God, whose mental state was solid as a rock and had stilled his heart for a thousand years, felt fear. He had encountered a power that exceeded his imagination, and in front of this fearsome power, he, the invincible War God, felt as small as a grain of sand. It would only take an instant for this power to destroy him… in his ears, an incredibly ruthless and savage voice, like one from hell, roared out…

“Shura’s… Death… Domain!!!”

A wild gale blew, and the suppressed air became incredibly berserk. An indescribable sense of mercilessness and ruthlessness filled the air, and the Underworld Fire gathered on the two sides of the space as if it was trying to escape from this terrifying power. A striking scent of blood and gore filled the region accompanied by a sense of death that could only exist in hell.

The instant the Shura’s Death Domain was activated, Ling Chen’s mind went blank. His vision drastically changed and everything turned crimson-red as if his world had been dyed by blood. An incredible berserk feeling rushed out from within his heart and filled his mind and body, making him feel as if he had been possessed by a devil. Even he was shocked at his desire to kill and destroy. This sort of madness tried to devour his mind in order to destroy his rationality. Ling Chen gritted his teeth, widened his blood-red eyes, raised the Chilling Star and Great Ravager, allowing that boundless and mighty power to fill his body. He locked on to his only target, smashing all of that frightening power towards the War God…

Every time Ling Chen activated the War God profession’s ultimate skill, [Extinguishing the Heavens and Destroying The Earth Tempest], he would have to wait 3 days before using it again unless the Libra Orb’s effects were activated. As for the Shura’s Death Domain, he could only ever use it twice. He had used it the first time to destroy the Fairy Realm’s barrier, and today he had used it the second time – the final time.

However, this time there were 7 [Extinguishing the Heavens and Destroying The Earth Tempest] as well as 7 [Shura’s Death Domain].

Ling Chen’s 6 clones were completely under the control of his true body, and apart from not being able to use items or command pets, they were completely the same as his true body. No matter if it was stats, profession, skills, or equipment, they were all exactly the same. This meant that the 6 clones could use [Extinguishing the Heavens and Destroying The Earth Tempest] as well as the final [Shura’s Death Domain]. What’s more, all of them were separate attacks, and they were not restricted by the cooldown times.

The [Shura’s Death Domain]’s might was simply incredible – it had destroyed the barrier that the Fairy Clan had been unable to damage for 1,000 years in a single hit. Although his [Shura’s Death Domain] was unable to insta-kill the War God, what about 7 [Shura’s Death Domains]?

Under the might of 7 [Extinguishing the Heavens and Destroying The Earth Tempest] and 7 [Shura Death Domain], the War God could not move at all. 14 weapons simultaneously landed on the War God’s body, and the Stone of Resentment, which had been peaceful this entire time, started to glow with a dark light.


A bloody light exploded from the 7 Ling Chens’ bodies, making it seem as if the 7 Ling Chens were bathed in a bloody ocean, and the Chilling Star and Great Ravager also looked like they were pure red. An incredibly fearsome, extreme energy mercilessly swept outwards, devouring all of the light from the Underworld Fire. Finally, all of the light was gone, and the entire space fell into darkness.

Within the heaven-rumbling, earth-shaking explosion, the ground shook as the space violently trembled. No matter if it was the ground or the boundaries of the Fire Purgatory, long cracks appeared, spread, and intersected at an astonishing rate. In the blink of an eye, they filled the entirety of the Fire Purgatory, and following this, the entire Fire Purgatory shattered like a glass ball…