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Chapter 658: [Soulkilling Curse]

[Soulkilling Curse]

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The Underworld Blood Lake was extraordinarily quiet, and apart from the bubbling from the lake, there were no other sounds. This meant that he was temporarily safe here – even if the collapse of the Fire Purgatory had alerted the Underworld Gods outside, it would take them quite some time to reach here… however, it was impossible to stall until Xiao Hui woke up. Ling Chen looked at the large lake, feeling at his wit’s end. He could only walk around the edge of the Underworld Blood Lake while looking at the Lunar Scourge to see if there was any reaction. He started to pray that the Orb would be around the edge of the lake as opposed to within it.

The lake definitely had the densest aura of death in the world after devouring countless powerful Undead’s bodies and power, and it was to the point that even Undead couldn’t handle it. In that case, there shouldn’t be any living things around. However, after taking a few steps, Ling Chen suddenly found a dark-red leaf growing to the side of the Underworld Blood Lake. The leaf was quite small, and one would not notice it if they were not paying attention. It looked like a young sprout that had just grown.

This sort of impossible existence couldn’t help but attract Ling Chen’s attention. He squatted down and looked at it:

[Young Comprehension Flower]: The juvenile form of a strange flower that grows next to the Underworld Blood Lake at the bottom of the Underworld. It gives off light that looks like water ripples in the darkness. It doesn’t have a set colour, but rather its colour changes depending on the emotions of creatures close to it. The more positive the emotions are, the brighter the colour will be; the more negative the emotions are, the darker the colour will be. After consuming, Comprehension+1 permanently. Although its effects cannot compare to that of a matured Psychic Flower’s, its effects can be stacked.

Ling Chen remembered that when he had met Qian Gun Gun for the second time, he had spent a massive amount of money to buy a Psychic Flower. After consuming it, it had shockingly increased his Comprehension by 3 points. Looking at this young Psychic Flower, he remembered that in the description it had said that these flowers grew next to the Underworld Blood Lake, which was where he was right now.

However, the Comprehension Flower’s effects could not be stacked, while this Young Psychic Flower’s description had stated that its effects could be stacked. As such, Ling Chen did not hesitate and immediately plucked it, throwing it into his mouth. He had come here with great difficulty, and he most likely would not be able to come again. It would be a waste not to take free benefits like this, and it would be impossible for him to wait until it matured.

“Ding… you have consumed a [Young Psychic Flower], Comprehension+1.”

After consuming the [Young Psychic Flower], its effects immediately manifested, increasing Ling Chen’s Comprehension by 1 permanently. Adding on the gift from the War God before, his Comprehension was now an astounding 30 points. At this moment, another system announcement sounded out:

“Ding… your Comprehension has reached 30 points. The Feng Chen Murdering Heart Curses’ [Soulkilling Curse] of the 3 Forbidden Curses has been unlocked.

This system announcement surprised Ling Chen, and he opened his skills page as quickly as he could… the second Feng Chen Forbidden Curse had actually been unlocked at this time, surprising Ling Chen. All of the Feng Chen Curses’ effects were incredibly powerful as well as incredibly shocking and terrifying. When he had used the weakest of the 3 Forbidden Curses, the [Soulstealing Curse], he had caused the Moon God Representative Snow Cherry to submit to him, becoming his loyal mount. To be honest, that skill was so powerful that it made Ling Chen feel uncomfortable. Xiao Feng Chen had told him in the past that there were 3 Forbidden Curses in total: the [Soulstealing Curse], the [Soulkilling curse] and the [Yama Curse]. The effects of each of them in succession were more and more heaven-defying, so if this new curse was even more powerful than the [Soulstealing Curse], just what sort of effects would it have…

[Soulkilling Curse]: One of the 3 Forbidden Feng Chen Murdering Heart Curses, cannot be levelled up. When cast towards a single target within the user’s field of vision, the user’s mental energy severs and destroys the target’s connection to their soul and their control over their soul. The target’s soul will no longer belong to them, and it will be completely controlled by the user. The user can read all of the target’s memories and control their thoughts, actions, and memories. Upon success, the effects will last forever. Upon failure, the user’s Comprehension will be permanently reduced by 30%, and their mental energy will enter an exhausted state. Consumes 12,500 MP, can only be used once per day. Maximum number of uses in total = [Current Level/20] (rounded down), number of uses left: 3/3.

Although Ling Chen had heard about the [Soulkilling Curse] from Xiao Feng Chen, Ling Chen couldn’t help but breathe in a breath of cold air after seeing it personally,

The [Soulstealing Curse] was already incomparably fearsome – upon success, no matter how powerful the target was or how noble their status was, they would submit to the user forever. However, at least with the [Soulstealing Curse], the user would merely leave a mark on the target’s soul, but the target’s soul would still belong to them. On the other hand, however, the [Soulkilling Curse] was much more frightening. Once someone was affected by it, their soul would no longer belong to themselves – their thoughts, actions, expressions, voice… even memories, would be completely controlled by the user of the curse, causing them to become a puppet. Let alone resist, even if they wanted to die they wouldn’t be able to die unless the user of the curse gave their permission.

“There was actually such a scary Feng Chen Curse… this is simply outrageous!” Ling Chen read through the [Soulkilling Curse]’s effects again and again, and he imagined if he was affected by such a curse… this caused him to shiver as he almost broke into a cold sweat.

Ling Chen closed his stats page and threw the Forbidden Feng Chen Curses to the back of his mind. This was because no matter how evil one was, the Forbidden Feng Chen Curses were much too cruel; they were much crueller than even slicing someone with ten thousand blades, and they were so cruel that they shouldn’t even exist. Ling Chen felt that he most likely wouldn’t use this skill in his lifetime.

In order to pick more [Young Psychic Flowers], Ling Chen walked around the edge of the Underworld Blood Lake. He squatted down, and if he moved his right hand a bit further, he would touch the Underworld Blood Lake’s water. Looking at the terrifying water nearby, Ling Chen hesitated before taking off his gauntlets and curiously stretching out a finger…



An extremely scorching pain blazed through Ling Chen’s finger. The pain caused Ling Chen to grit his teeth, and he pulled his hand back as fast as lightning. The damage was countered by the Evil God’s Mask, causing a gigantic damage figure to rise up.

This damage figure caused Ling Chen to feel incredibly shocked, and he hurriedly stumbled back a few steps, trying to stay as far away from the lake as possible. The Underworld Blood Lake had refined countless high-tier Undead’s bodies and energy, and the amount of energy of death that it contained was simply astounding. However, Ling Chen hadn’t expected it to be to such a degree – by merely touching it with a single finger for an instant, it had dealt 420,000 damage. If he fell in, he would be destroyed in an instant, and even his bones wouldn’t be left.

Ling Chen then took out one of the Gold grade equipment that the Demon Skeleton Dragon had dropped and threw it into the Underworld Blood Lake. The instant it came into contact with the water, a sizzling sound could be heard as the durable Gold grad equipment disappeared into a puff of smoke, completely gone.

Ling Chen deeply gulped and subconsciously took a few steps back, instantly feeling even more depressed. If the Orb really was in the Underworld Blood Lake, how could he take it out… did he really have to ask the Underworld King? As for the Orb, could it have been corroded by the lake already? Ling Chen couldn’t help but worry. The Underworld Blood Lake contained immense power, but surely it wasn’t more powerful than a heaven-defying item like the Lunar Scourge’s Orbs. Back then, even the 3 Moon Goddesses were unable to cause any damage to the Orbs, and they could only split them up and take them away from the Lunar Scourge.

Ling Chen frowned as he continued to walk around the Underworld Blood Lake. After walking for a while, he suddenly sensed something and he hurriedly turned around. He found that Leng’Er wasn’t by his side, but that she was instead still where they had been initially. She was staring at the water with a blank gaze, and she had not followed him this entire time.

“Leng’Er!” Ling Chen immediately returned to Leng’Er’s side and looked at her abnormal state with surprise, “What’s wrong? Did you find something strange?”

A hazy look appeared within Leng’Er’s eyes. After Ling Chen returned to her side and spoke to her, she acted as if her soul had been stolen, and she did not even hug the doll in her arms very tightly. She dumbly stared at the Underworld Blood Lake, and only after a long time did she finally respond to Ling Chen. She gently moved her lips as she spoke incredibly softly, “What a familiar feeling… I haven’t come here with master before… so why do I feel like it’s so familiar…”

“Familiar?” Ling Chen felt quite surprised, “You feel as if you’ve come here before?”

“Mm…” Leng’Er nodded.

Ling Chen frowned and thought for a while before smiling and replying, “Maybe Leng’Er really has come here before in the past, which is why this place feels familiar. Maybe it’ll help Leng’Er remember many of her forgotten memories.”

Leng’Er did not reply, and she continued to stare at the Underworld Blood Lake’s water, lost in her own thoughts.

“Let’s go and see more places. Maybe those places will help Leng’Er think of something.”

After Ling Chen spoke, Leng’Er still did not turn to him. Just as Ling Chen was about to reach for her hand, her body suddenly floated up and drifted towards the bubbling Underworld Blood Lake.

“Leng’Er, don’t touch the lake; it’s very dangerous!”

As Ling Chen called out, he rushed over to stop Leng’Er. They were now right above the Underworld Blood Lake, and below them was the bubbling, blood-red water.

After being stopped by Ling Chen, Leng’Er did not go any further, but she instead quickly descended. As Ling Chen stared in shock, she stopped when her feet were right above the lake as she bent down and touched the water with a finger.

“Don’t touch it!!” Ling Chen cried out with worry, and he hurriedly tried to stop her. However, he was too late, and by the time he caught Leng’Er’s arm, her finger had already dipped into the water, causing his pupils to dilate.