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Chapter 660: An Unprecedented Crisis

An Unprecedented Crisis

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In just those few minutes, Leng’Er’s overall stats had skyrocketed by more than 10 times, and she was now comparable to even Xi Ling in terms of magic stats. Most of her skills had become vastly more powerful, and she had even unlocked some even more powerful darkness skills. Ling Chen never thought that there would be such immense changes. This also made him realise that Leng’Er most likely had some sort of special relationship with the Underworld Blood Lake. At the very least, just like she had said, she most likely had come here before and was familiar with this place.

After a long period of silence, Leng’Er still did not come out from the Underworld Blood lake. Just as Ling Chen was about to start searching for the Orb again, a thundering voice boomed in his ears, “Who dares to intrude into the Underworld Blood Lake?”

The Underworld Blood Lake suddenly started to surge, causing large waves of blood-red water to ripple. The dark ground around him trembled, and even the entire space seemed to shake from the thunderous voice. Ling Chen felt as if his ears were going to explode, and his head buzzed, making him feel incredibly dizzy.

Ling Chen quickly turned around, preparing to move to a safer space… suddenly, just as he moved, his body froze as a look of shock appeared within his eyes… his entire body had been tightly locked down by an irresistible force, and no matter how much he struggled, he couldn’t budge an inch.

Ling Chen looked up and saw an orb of black light descend, revealing a tall and muscular figure. This person was more than 2 metres tall, and he had powerful-looking limbs. He was wearing a jet-black robe, and the muscles that were exposed bulged outwards, giving off a sense of explosive strength. His skin was white with a hint of green, and he had a savage and fierce looking face like that of a beast’s. His furious eyes were completely black without any white at all. What was most striking was the jet-black crescent moon on his forehead, which gave off a dark light.

The instant he appeared, the entire space fell silent as Ling Chen terrifyingly started suffocating. Ling Chen stared at the Undead giant in front of him as he thought of a name that even the 3 Moon Goddesses were wary of, the person he wanted to meet least in the Underworld…

The Underworld King!!!


Ling Tian City.

After Xuanyuan Dia Wu logged on, she immediately went to the Administrative District’s meeting hall and found that many of the elders of Ling Tian City, apart from Ling Chen, were all present. She immediately asked worriedly, “Could it be that something big has happened?”

“That’s right! And it’s something very bad… the situation is even worse than that battle when Ling Tian City was about to be completed,” Li Xiao Xue replied with a frown on her face. Everyone present looked incredibly serious, and there was a hint of worry and anger on their faces.

“What happened?” Seeing everyone’s expressions, Xuanyuan Dia Wu had a bad feeling.

Yun Meng Xin sighed before slowly speaking, “Although we expected this, they came too quickly… at around 9am, a teleportation channel appeared about 30 kilometres west of the city. Large numbers of the Forgotten City’s soldiers started to arrive, with the lowest level being LV70. More than half of them are at least LV80, and some of them are even above LV90. An hour after the teleportation channel appeared, at least 50,000 soldiers were gathered. Followed by this, the Silver Corps and Gold Corps arrived as well as their incredibly powerful leaders… at 12pm, the Forgotten City’s Forgotten Emperor personally came as well!

“By noon, there were more than 100,000 soldiers from the Forgotten City, and they keep arriving.”

“Could it be…” A hint of killing intent appeared within Xuanyuan Dia Wu’s beautiful eyes.

“Although they haven’t moved out from their original position, the situation is quite clear. Ling Tian City has been doing too well and has suppressed the Forgotten City in every way, causing everyone to desert the Forgotten City, resulting in them losing face. Before, the Forgotten Emperor couldn’t take it anymore and personally came here. Although he had left after being shamed, his words were very threatening,” Li Xiao Xue said in a low voice as she looked towards the west, “However, he tried to threaten Ling Tian, and you know what his personality is like. The Forgotten Emperor achieved the opposite of what he wanted. Under Ling Tian’s instructions, not only did Ling Tian City not act reservedly, but Ling Tian City also became more oppressive… this time, the Forgotten City finally couldn’t take it anymore.”

“We can only say that greed and envy are terrifying sins,” Yun Meng Xin said anxiously.

“But aren’t there rules preventing them from attacking players and player’s cities without reason? Won’t they be punished by the system?” Xiao Qi asked with her fists clenched.

“If it was anyone else, that would naturally be the case. However, this is the Forgotten Emperor,” Li Xiao Xue said as she frowned. “He’s the emperor of the Forgotten Continent’s human world, and he controls some of the power that decides certain rules. Moreover, with his status and authority, he can throw many crimes on our heads… such as that we’ve constructed a city against the rules, or that the development of Ling Tian City has brought disaster to the Forgotten Continent’s residents. With his authority, he can find an abundance of ‘witnesses’. He could also say that we’ve broken many of the rules and disturbed the order between the Forgotten Continent’s human world and the player’s world.”

Xiao Qi gnashed her teeth as she angrily said, “How can they do that? Ling Tian City has developed based on our own efforts, and we didn’t break any rules or do anything bad. Instead, we’ve given players and NPCs a higher standard of living, so what reason do they have to attack us? That’s right! Isn’t there a Moon God Representative who oversees the peace and order of the continent? Won’t she do anything about this?”

“Qi Qi, your thinking is too naïve,” Xiao Qiu Feng said with a cold expression as he shook his head. “The Forgotten Continent’s Moon God Representative can’t always be familiar with the happenings of the Forgotten Continent. After everything's said and done, whose side do you think she will stand on when she finds out about this: the Forgotten City’s or a player’s city? Moreover, even if she knew who was in the right and who was in the wrong, would she truly punish the Forgotten City?”

The atmosphere in the meeting hall chilled as everyone deeply frowned. This was because the crisis that Ling Tian City faced this time was simply too great, and it was much greater than even the previous crisis by many times. This was because those attacking Ling Tian City were not players, but rather the Forgotten Continent’s NPCs! They had the Forgotten Emperor personally leading them, making this an attack from the Forgotten Continent’s central royal city! Their power was on a completely different level to players, and it was something that players could not defend against.

By now, more than 50 guilds with at least 100,000 players had joined the city, and adding on the small to medium-sized guilds, Ling Tian City had around 20,000,000 players. As Ling Tian City’s guilds expand, this number will greatly increase. However, putting aside the fact that they would not be able to command even half of these players, even if they could command them at will, they would not be able to defend against the 100,000 soldiers from the Forgotten City. This was because even the weakest of these soldiers would be like a powerful Boss to the players, and with those powerful leaders, they could cause mass destruction with the flick of a wrist… if they wanted to kill tens of thousands of players in a single strike, it would take an incredibly small amount of effort. With the players’ strength, facing off against the Forgotten City’s army of elites was like smashing an egg against a boulder.

“Everyone, don’t be too pessimistic. I think that the Forgotten Emperor wouldn’t attack Ling Tian City unless the situation was absolutely dire for him. When he does this, he at least risks being punished by the Moon God Representative. For his army to have arrived so long without moving, his intent is very clear – he wants to force us to negotiate and then sign an agreement that is detrimental to us,” Li Xiao Xue said steadily as she looked around the meeting hall. All of Ling Tian City’s leaders were present except for Ling Chen. However, when facing such a big crisis, he would not be able to change much even if he was here. This was because once the battle started, it was not something that could be changed by players.

“Perhaps…” Li Xiao Xue lightly breathed in as she spoke seriously, “And this is just perhaps, but if our negotiations with the Forgotten Emperor break down, Chief Greenwood, we’ll be relying on your power to defend the city.”

The players simply did not have enough strength to contend against the army, and if they really did start fighting, they would be relying on the powerful Fairies… it was just that the other side had at least 100,000 soldiers as well as many peak-level experts that they didn’t know about. Although the Fairy Clan was incredibly powerful, there were only a measly 2,000 of them. Although they were far stronger individually, they were still at a great disadvantage.

“If it really comes to that, we won’t allow the Ling Tian City to be destroyed even if we have to kill!” Greenwood said darkly, his eyes as piercing as swords. For a Fairy who loved peace and hated conflict to say such words, it was evident how furious he was toward the Forgotten City for attacking Ling Tian City.

“Why would they do this? We used our own hands and sweat to build our home, so why would they attack us?!” Chief Dilo was extremely emotional. His eyes were red, and his voice was filled with fury and disbelief, “They’re also humans, so why are their hearts like those of demons!”

Li Xiao Xue closed her eyes and said in a low voice, “Not all humans are like this. It’s our misfortune to have offended the humans’ Emperor like this.”


Li Xiao Xue’s communication device sounded out. She listened for a while and her expression became serious. After hanging up, she said to everyone else, “They’re coming closer… we should go meet them. No matter what the other side says or does, everyone needs to remain calm. Meng Xin and I will talk with them.”